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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

General Comments


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First, some general comments...

STUART: A disasterous year for U.S. wrestling thanks to the "boom" as well
as Vince Russo which dragged down the WWF and WCW. WWF showed promise at
the start of the year with a strong Royal Rumble PPV but it was downhill
with poor, watered down wrestling and dry angles so the *sports* and
*entertainment* weren't fun. WCW was just bad aside from those two or so
weeks with Ace and Taylor in control. ECW was also plagued by a bad TNN
show with half of the blame on TNN. It did maintain a consistently good
PPV standard though, easily the best in the U.S. this year. Since leaving
TNN, ECW has become the best product in the U.S. by a stretch since
leaving TNN and using it's syndicated show without restrictions. Sadly, a
TV deal is needed or the company may lose all it's talent.

The major Japanese leagues, AJPW and NJPW, suffered hard times especially AJ when Misawa split and took most of the roster, forming Pro Wrestling NOAH. NJPW's hard times weren't financially, since they are #2 in the world in that department, but rather product-wise, becoming the worst league in Japan with only junior matches making the product slightly watchable. The burial of Shinya Hashimoto early this year was depressing. An excellent array of indies carried the puroresu scene in 2000. Toryumon and Michinoku Pro (using Toryumon talent along with it's own) were and still are the best pound for pound leagues on earth. Big Japan Pro-Wrestling continued to redefine hardcore wrestling, serving us the match of the year between the awesome Honma and Yamakawa. However in April when CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) arrived from America to work with Big Japan, it went downhill. Other promotions such as FMW, Osaka Pro and even Onita Pro provided us with some great wrestling, making 2000 not completely disasterous for the business. JOE KLEMM: This year, WCW went way downhill. From bringing back Vince Russo as booker, to giving David Arquette the title (somewhere David's grandpa, Charlie Weaver, is rolling in his grave), all theway to a heel Duggan, WCW has become even worse than it was last year. DON DEL GRANDE: Some awards are hard to vote on based just on a line of text in the nominations - for example, some of us can't remember what the highlights (and lowlights) were in most of the major shows (awards 37, 46). How about a little more description, even if it means splitting the nomimations into two posts next year? RICHARD BEAUBIEN: Oh what a difference a year makes in terms of voting in the RSPW awards. From a North American stand point (My Puro knowledge not being up to snuff to vote for them in most categories) last year was pretty even in awards, even with WCW's free fall in quality. They still had Benoit, Guerrero, and so many other tools to put on a quality product and factor into the awards. This year it isn't even close, with all of the good stuff coming mostly from the WWF, and all of the crap coming from WCW. With the departure of the Radicals to the WWF to the booking of Vince Russo (it's a shoot baby), never has the awards process been so simple and easy to follow. Which in many ways may be a bad sign for the business, as the WWF starts to fall into the rut that lead to there first collapse... M. PALUMBO: A very dismal year for wrestling in general, many poor nominees for catagories. TORREY SPEARS: 2000 Was the year for Triple H. No doubt about it. Triple H came on this year and really established himself as one of the best wrestlers/workers in the business. Some question his willingness to job, and he occasionally overbooks himself, but anyone who can wrestle a Hell in a Cell match, and follow it up with an iron man match, never skipping a night in between, deserves all the accolades in the world. Give it up for Right To Censor... taking perennial midcarders Bull Buchanan and Godfather and giving them an angle w/ purpose... now if only Val would dress like the rest of them... Kurt Angle exploded onto the scene, and has been golden this year. Right now, he's current booking sucks, but I still look for big things from the Olympic hero in the future! The Rock, in attempting to make his moveset for variable, just looks out of control and sloppy in the ring. What happend to the Rock? He used to be original, witty, funny, and fresh... now he's stale and boring, and only appeals to the marks. I miss "Rocky Sucks!".... .... The thought of Booker T. as WCW champion seemed almost perfect... he's an outstanding worker with great talent, and okay mic skills. What happend? They tried to make him into another "Rock", and it failed... now you have this 'guy' out there who's holding the belt... WCW in itself is in such disarray, it's a shame to see such a proud franchise in turmoil. Vince Russo has ruined WCW beyond repair. Trying to turn it into the WWF2 was a BIG mistake... the shock value was cool for all of 2 weeks, but the WCW prides itself on in-ring work, not backstage gimmicks. The best Nitroes of the past year were the Johnny Ace and Co. booked technical fests... gone are those days I know, but WCW needs to set itself apart from WWF in order to gain back viewers, not play 'Can You Top This?' ... All in all, the megapush that brought wrestling out of his backwoods hick phase, is ultimately what's going to do it in... there's too much of it, it's all over the place, and trying to cater to everybody, the result, a poor product that die hard wrestling fans will soon turn off in favor of videotape classics from days past... and the fickle fairweather fan that the WWF and WCW are trying so hard to capture will soon pass on, and WHO (n.N.) will be watching wrestling then?... ... ... CHRIS BIRD: Hoo-boy, it's been a wild year, hasn't it? WCW collapsing, the long-awaited jump of Chris Benoit, ECW going bankrupt, Vince McMahon putting together the XFL, Mitsuhara Misawa splitting from AJPW to form NOAH, the rise to prominence of Triple H, CRZ finally getting rid of the Best Jobber categories, and the WWF doing gangbusters business without the presence of Steve Austin. Plus, this was the year that brought us the return of the Conquistadors, Ken the Box, and Vince Russo running a company into the ground not once but twice. I stand agog - this has been a largely exciting year for wrestling, despite the recent tedium, and this year's awards will likely reflect that. WILL GEDDES: Scott Keith said last lear - rule one of the WWF is Vince loves big talentless lugs... Vince signs some of the best damn wrestlers in the world and repeatedly uses them to put over The Rock, who gets staler by the day and no talent goofs like DX and Rikishi. On a brighter note, Kurt Angle is the greatest find in recent wrestling history - best Angle is Kurt! Meanwhile Atlanta falls apart, just cos the other Vince hates wrestling and non-americans, and likes goofy angles, stupid characters and loves himself. But at least we shall never need to speak the name of the Orange Goblin again (I hope). ECW continues to provide good quality wrestling on a budget of $2.50 - even if that involves not paying anyone. SAMUEL SKLAROFF: I've watched barely any WCW this year, so I may be biased. JOEY CREIGHTON: Sorry, but I couldn't vote for everything, due to lack of knowledge. All my votes come from what is available to me, therefore no international wrestlers or organizations. MATTHEW HEMING: WCW is so bad, I don't even watch it anymore, I just read the Nitro recaps, and even those are painful. TOMSTONE: The WWF had a truly outstanding year. They gave the ball to people like The Rock, Triple H, and Chris Benoit, and none disappointed. WCW and ECW had horrible years, thanks to horrible bookers, horrible talent, blatant ripoffs, and a decreasing budget. Still, this was an improvement over last year. BEN WEINER: WCW further flushes itself down the toilet while the WWF could air still shots of Rikishi's ass dimples and get 6.0 QH's. JASON MEAD: This year, 2000, included many great moments from the main company in the business, especially in North America, the WWF. Sure, they made some mistakes, but this year was generally solid for them, both wrestling and entertainment wise. The rise of Triple H, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle will be remembered for a long time. All in all, however, this year sucked. WCW, ECW, and any Japanese tapes I've seen haven't been so good. HAWKER JOHN S. WILCOX: For fans who never heard of XPW. XPW is basically a West Coast version of ECW but without any good wrestling created by Porno King Rob Black. They sometimes show Lucha and Chris Daniels matches, but it's mostly shitty "Hardcore" matches with ECW retreads Sabu, Big Dick Dudley, Axl Rotten, and a fatter John Kronus. And their "original" wrestlers are rip-offs of Sandman, Raven, the Gangtaz, and Steve Corino. They don't even show wrestling anymore. It's just stupid viginettes of Rob Black talking to a damn doll, White Trash Johnny something looking for a "Homeless Jimmy". and twins holding Rob Black's wife captive for a car, and their announcer Kris Kloss is so damn annoying with his screaming i'd beat this guy to death. The only saving grace is the announcer Larry Rivera, with his sterotypical cuban immigrant gimmick. Avoid watching this Indy sleaze smarts. HHH greatly improved from an average wrestler with a weak moveset, to carrying most of the WWF's PPV's this year. Chris Jericho's mic skills really deteriorated when he entered the WWF last year, now it's just catchphrases and calling Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley a whore. Curry Man: Hot, spicy, OTAKI!!! EDC: General comments: Tough year for wrestling, My thanks go to CRZ for actually remembering to do this again this year. BRANDON BOLLOM: I didn't vote for most of the "worst" categories, and I skipped a few of the others too. These are my votes! DUDICALY2K: Sorry I didn't fill out every ballot position. Inherintly, I don't believe in voting for "the worst this and the worst that." Also, some positions were hard to chose from because of how bad and blurred American wrestling has become. But here are my comments nonetheless. SCOTT W.: Hey Chris, do you think the Florida voters will get confused? I wonder if Mike Samuda can understand this easy ballot? Maybe you should have said "All Florida Votes will not be counted." If my choices for #1 are not number 1, then I want a hand recount again. :-) BRINK: Sorry for the Overly WWF bias of this. WCW is really painful to watch now and I get ill just reading the re-capps of the PPV's. ECW got worse as the year went on but hasn't hot the new lows that WCW come sup with and look like a gem in comparison. DONNIE VOMIT: It was a great year to be a WWF fan. However, it was a bad year to be a fan of wrestling in general. RICHARD SHAW-WRIGHT: This year just felt strange. Benoit proved himself as the best worker in the world, and why didn't WCW let him on the mic more often! Angle was hillarious, a deserving World Champ, Arquette, however, was not! Roll on 2001! BEANS: A best and worst cruiserweight pair of categories might be a good addition. Also, please use 'Beans' if you happen to quote one of my comments. JOHN C.: The year 2000 was a good year for the wrestling in that the WWF had tremendous success. The addition of the Radicals helped them out greatly as they improved their workrate, creating more coherent storylines and developing a lot of their younger stars without relying on people like Steve Austin, Vince McMahon or the Undertaker like they did in years past. Meanwhile, the gap between the WWF and the competition widened with the continued failures of WCW and the loss of a TV deal forcing ECW to scratch and crawl their way to survive. The wrestling business is no longer a two horse race and because of that the WWF product could become stale again although with the roster they currently have that sort of thing would be extremely hard to do. People like Mick Foley and Bret Hart, who racked up several RSPW Awards during their careers, called it a career although they left under entirely different circumstances. While Foley's departure was met with a lot of fanfare, Hart left in utter silence as his legacy faded away thanks to an errant kick from a green monster named Goldberg. This was a great year for the WWF although for me what I will remember most is the retirement of two legends who helped make wrestling what it is today. DAVEN HOWARD: David Arquette -- he was horrible when we were supposed to like him, he was horrible when we were supposed to hate him, and may we never have to speak of him related to wrestling ever again. GABY McMAHON: I hate Stephanie as a heel JIZZAY: 1. Lance Storm's finisher, the Maple Leaf, is the sweetest move when it's done in the rolling fashion. Otherwise it sucks. So, I can't put it on the list. 2. The "worst babyfaces" on my list are that way because they belong as heels, not because they suck. 3. Where's Mick Foley on the "Most Deteriorated Wrestler" question? 4. Since we're all smarks here, I think there should be a "biggest mark-out moment" category. (I'm going with Big Show doing the "Showster" rip-off) 5. No rookie of the year category? Not that we need it this year with Kurt Angle, but I'm just dying to know who's in 2nd and 3rd! 6. How bout a "Most sick of" cat.? I'm dying to put Rocky in the Worst Wrestler, but that's not actually true. Like you care. ANDREW CURRY: Both major North American companies put their championship belts around the waists of relative newcomers. The WWF chose Kurt Angle. WCW chose David Arquette. And nothing better typifies the differences between the two organizations. Never has Vince MacMahon's ultimate power and genius been more evident than during the WCW run of Vince Russo, who insulted us with one misbegotten notion after another--Powers That Be, pinata on a pole, Oklahoma, Arquette, Hogan/Kidman, the new nWo, janitor Hacksaw, Amway Chavo, GI Bro, Hugh G. Rection, That 70's Guy, Cruiserweight champions Daffney and Madusa, Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow (twice)...the list goes on and on. And on. And on. Clearly Vinnie Mac was giving the red and green lights to Vinnie Ru in New York. If only I could have selected ten candidates for Worst Promotional move or Worst Angle. WCW brightspots were few and far between, but in fairness, there were some worth mentioning. Booker T as champ. Jeff Jarrett in the main event picture. Banishing Hogan and Bischoff. Ummm...Okay, well, that's a thin list to be sure. WWF not only went on without Russo, it thrived. Never has a line-up had so many people that were over. From the usual suspects like the Rock and HHH to the pleasant surprises like Benoit and Edge and Christian to the downright mystifying successes like Steve Blackman, the WWF seemed to succeed effortlessly in getting their talent over with the crowds. And if a certain complacency has set in over the last few weeks, who can blame them? I hope that it won't last too long (in short, no more Kane/Undertaker). At this point, being signed to a WWF contract must almost seem to be a mixed blessing. While you are a part of the hottest organization in the world, you have to fight like hell to make an impression. Talents like Raven and Tazz (superstars in former days) have discovered this during the past year. I've gone from watching Nitro, Thunder, Raw, Smackdown and Heat every week to completely eliminating Thunder, cutting Nitro back to once a month or so, and remaining loyal to the WWF product. And now that my illegal sattelite hook-up is gone, I haven't seen a WCW ppv in months (New Blood Rising taught me my lesson). But I still faithfully chip in my $30.00 to WWF's ppv product each and every month. Call me a mark. Call me biased. Call me whatever you choose. But anyone that denies that there are fundamental and serious differences between WWF and WCW is delusional. I'm hardly the first to note this obvious discrepancy. Let's just hope that my opinion, tossed on the mountain of similar opinions, might make WCW sit up and take notice. Things may have to get worse before they get better. I just won't be watching in the meantime. AHW44: The worst thing I have ever seen on TV was the smackdown where Steph slapped Linda for the main event. That is the lowest point in wrestling. Joe C and Kid Rock was just as bad AL RITCHIE: I resisted the temptation to vote: Best Angle: Kurt, Worst Angle: Eric. Do I win a prize? ANDY P. GOSS: Wow. What a wild, strange trip it's been in 2000. As a fan of wrestling, and not just one of these critics, I've enjoyed every minute of it. And now, let's look for the best. JONATHAN MUGGLETON: I realize Foley is retired, but I couldn't think of good babyfaces. As you can see, I'm a total WWF mark, but I do like ECW. The only contact I have with WCW is your recaps. MOSES GATES: My only general comment is that I don't have cable, and therefor watch only Jakked and Smackdown on a regular basis, and only occasionaly catch Raw/Nitro/or ECW (although I try to catch ECW whenever possible). My votes are probably biased accordingly. TATEWKIKNO: I didn't vote for some of the "worst" categories, because who am I to say who the worst promotion in the world is? LON GRAHAM: As you can see, I am a WWF "mark" all the way baby! Although if they don't gets their head out of their rearends then next year could be different. ADAM BLODGETT: I guess I'm just not obsessed with wrestling enough to answer every category.... I rather not vote at all in a category instead of making stupid choice. DAVID COHEN: Triple H should win the Triple H award...Don't ask me what it is, but he certainly deserves it! EDDIE BURKETT: In general, I tried to disregard WCW as much as possible. I don't watch much of their programming, so I decided to be "fair". KEVIN RICHARDSON: I think this was the best year for the WWF as the signing of the Radicalz brought wrestling back. The year hasn't ended too strongly though, and I can't believe the IC strap has been put on Billy Gunn! MIKE: That's my opinion. Hope you appreciate it as I spent over an hour on it. If your RAW/Nitro recaps weren't so fucking funny, I never would have done this. Peace. SHAUN THOMAS: 1. All of the best wrestlers (Benoit Jericho and Storm) are Canadian. 2. What the hell does "Don't hate the playa, hate the game" mean? 3. If he goes singles, I see Jeff Hardy as the future. DAVE B: I am so frickin sick of the frickin rock and his frickin ridiculous antics and stupid obnoxious personality. When he was a bad guy, I lapped it up. But it's sickening and so god damn annoying to see this idiot go out there day and night to talk about shoving things up people's asses, piles of monkey dung and buffalo chips, and proclaiming triumphantly his return to (insert city here). What's next? "Ladies and gentlemen... the rock has left the building?" How about shutting his mouth and revising his role? JASON KNUDSON: I pretty much just picked three WCW shows for the worst shows of the year. They've all pretty well sucked. As for the best angle, I'm sorry, but the Al Snow/Steve Blackman angle made me die laughing. Especially "The Comedy Stylings of Steve Blackman." That one was hilarious. They weren't a bad tag team, either. Oh, and one more thing, MIKE AWESOME SHOULD GO BACK TO ECW WHERE HE WILL BE APPRECIATED AND FINALLY USED PROPERLY INSTEAD OF BEING THE BUTT OF EVERY WCW JOKE THEY CAN COME UP WITH. There, I feel better. NICOLáS D. SCHAPIRA: 1. worst matches/shows are inordinantly more difficult to remember, for good reason, they sucked so badly we put it in the back of our minds. 2. I don't get much japan or indie stuff, hence why I can't rate them. 3. I'm obviously a WWF mark, but for good reason, they were the best promotion this year, and thus made me care more about their wrestlers. 4. Jeff jarret is one of the few reasons to watch WCW. JOHN WEILENMANN: All votes cast on what I have personally seen, thus no Japanese votes (no access to tv or tapes). -A monstrous year for the WWF, with little or no competition from WCW or ECW (except in some of the "worst" catagories). Triple H was, hands down, the most valuable wrestler in the business. It was also good to see the infusion of some new faces into the fed, though most came at the expense of the WWF's competitors (with the notable exception of Kurt Angle). However, there is legitimate concern that by the end of the year, Vince and company were resting on their laurels. If they don't start booking aggressively again, as at the beginning of the year, they could lose the attention of the casual viewer who has built the WWF's high ratings. -WCW's stumbling, bumbling and fumbling continue, with a poor year by almost any standards. There were few bright spots at any point, though some faint glimmers of hope have emerged of late (Jeff Jarrett, Crowbar, Big Vito, and some of the Power Plant grads). The occasional good match or effort aside, WCW was simply hard to watch this year. -ECW, though producing consistently good effort, has yet to return to the strong storylines that brought them to the dance in the mid-90's. At times, it seems Paul E. is trying to piss off his core fans with his booking rather than pleasing them. This, combined with bush league production values for television, the lack of a weekly show, and on-going financial issues make me fear for ECW's future. -All in all, what began as a strong year for the business has limped to an end, with warning signs abundant that the wave of support that carried wrestling through the past 3 years has subsided. It makes for a nervous beginning for the 2001 RSPW awards year. BOB MORRIS: General comments: If there was a Y2K bug, it certainly affected wrestling this year. As 1999 came to an end, we had Vince Russo signing with WCW and some optimism that the company might turn itself around, but then Bret Hart suffered a concussion, Russo's booking was panned by many, then he got ousted and replaced by Sullivan...only a few months later, Sullivan is out, Russo is back in only with Bischoff working wit him...only just a couple months later, the two no longer are working with each other. With everything that happened to WCW this year, it just sent the company further and further into a tailspin. And the fact that WCW is losing money like crazy makes their situation only worse as the company kept looking for ways to cut costs. In ECW, the company had a national TV deal with TNN late in 1999, and one year later, the company has no such deal. Reports continue to circulate that wrestlers are getting paychecks late, and that some talent is rumored to be looking for work elsewhere. The TV deal ECW got last year appeared to be what might turn its fortunes around, but that never happened, and the company remains in a bad position. The WWF did have a strong start for the year 2000, with Triple H rising to prominence after many doubted he could be a main eventer, plus its acquistion of new talent gave the company a promising outlook for the future. But as we approach year's end, WWF has gotten stuck in a creative rut and there are vocal complaints about certain wrestlers not getting elevated. Kurt Angle was one of those younger stars that was able to break through to the top, but there's a perception that wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero aren't truly being allowed to move up the ranks. While the WWF remained profitable throughout 2000, the signs are pointing to the company possibly sliding downhill if they aren't able to shake off the creative rut the company is in. The year 2001 will tell us if the WWF can maintain its current level of success, or if it will start to slide downhill. CLAUDIA FOGL: For the tag team award I'd like to say that Jindrak and O'Hare and Lt. Loco and Corp. Cajun, although they aren't quite as good as the 3 I've named are still downright fantastic. Also on the heels, RTC are also good. I was sent here by John C. from RICH HUMPHREYS: If this is Hogan's last year as an active wrestler, the most deteriorated category should be named after him in tribute. RYAN SLADE: 1. I'd like to note that I didn't vote in the Major Show categories, simply because I can not afford pay-per-view, and the cable company only brought them back in August after mysteriously doing away with pay-per-view for two years. Why? I don't know. 2. I flipped a coin and gave Edge the vote for third Most Favourite Wrestler. Honourary mentioning should go out to Christian. I would have like to put him on, but I couldn't bring myself to remove Kurt Angle from the list. Perhaps if Hardcore Holly was still injured I'd have forgotten about him, seeing as wrestling companies don't think we remember anything. For example, the other night when Benoit fought Austin, J.R. and Jerry Lawler were marvelling at the fact that Austin was actually wrestling. I couldn't believe it myself, but not because I have a short-attention span, but because I haven't seen him perform a wrestling match without the same punch-kick 5 minute brawl sequence into the crowd for the last 2 years. Doesn't anyone remmber the Ringmaster? Anyhow, back to the point at hand, Christian is just as worthy as Edge for thrid Most Favourite. 3. What's the deal with people voting for Hulk Hogan as the Most Deteriorated Wrestler over and over and over and over again? Though he had good wrestling matches in the eighties, he was usually being carried through them by guys like "Macho Man", except for that match against the Warrior. Man, was Hogan proving his worth at WM 6. Anyhow, fuzzy memories aside, he was never more than an average wrestler where as technical ability is concerned, and I can't help asking myself how an average worker at best could lose more talent than anyone else for most of the 90's! I brought this point up last year, but yet, Hogan still won. Therefore, until guys like Hogan and Jake Roberts, who went through the deterioration process many years ago haven't got enough skill to lose anymore. 4. I hope this comment isn't stupid, for I know not how the results will turn out, but I'm going to assume that relatively very few people are going to vote for Taka Michinoku as the Most Underrated Wrestler in wrestling! If this happens, it just goes to show you how Underappreciated he is as well. Does anybody remember Taka vs. HHH? I know I do. Sure, HHH was a super-over heel, and maybe Taka was helped by some of that underdog babyface heat, but if it was Grandmaster Sexay, would people have been popping like mad and chanting for him? Well, yeah, I guess they would.... which brings me to my next quesiton: Why are people suckers for goofy looking wannabe hip-hop gangstas that dance? 5. Man, when Hardcore Holly suffered a broken arm I thought wrestling was going to enter another recession the size of 1995 or 1996. Another dismal year? Nope, it wasn't a return to the dark ages of wrestling, but still 5 monthes without Hardcore is 5 monthes too many, that is why his injury was the most disappointing news item of the past year. 6. Also, on the Disappointing News Item front, people ought to stop voting for peoples' deathes to win this award. Say whatever you want to about me, but I'm not trying to be rude. I just think that when a guy as old as Gorilla Monsoon dies, as much of a fan of his I was, people have to accept it for as it is. It's sad that people die, but death is all around us, and old people die all of the time. I'm not too sympathetic about drug-overdose or related deathes, but they too are just as unpleasant to hear about. I would vote the death of a wrestler as the most disappointing news item during the year if it were to happen while in the ring, or maybe if it was like a car wreck or something, things that otherwise shouldn't have happened. The taking of drugs will lead to death, and therefore the taking should have otherwise not have happened, not the death. Am I confussing? 7. Finally, I want to talk about all of the wrestling moves that Hardcore Holly performs better than anyone in wrestling. I didn't vote for them as Best Wrestling JO$HUA LUTZ: I should have made macros for "Hulk Hogan" and "Mick Foley," since they popped up a lot... A Rookie of the Year catergory is needed so Kurt Angle can win something, too... "WCW" should be a viable answer to questions like Worst Promotional Move and Worst TV Show... JEREMY SORIA: I really liked the wrestling this year from both WCW and WWF, but of course, the WWF is leaps and bounds ahead of WCW. WCW continues to throw things at the wall to see what sticks, but they can't seem to know which ideas to go with. WCW's got a lot of young talent, even seasoned young talent. They are the keys to keeping WCW alive. WCW must finally move on and start pushing the young talent, recognize their perpetually improving skill, and make them the next big superstars. The WWF is doing a great job with its roster as well, creating an improvement in the in-ring product across the board at the WWF. I can only hope that the nonsensical angles that they started pulling off in the beginning of the 2001 voting period don't begin to disrupt and dismantle all the positive work the WWF has done over the past year to undo the damage done by Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera. Once again, in the WWF, they're about wrestling. Two men wrestling in nothing but their underwear is most definitely not boring! JOE KAZMER: Steve Blackman would be 5 on my favorite wrestlers. Blackman... 4 Life. PAUL JACOBUS: Man, I hate forgetting these things until the last minute. TROY OLSON: My overall comment to the voting is that I found I unfortunately didn't know who most of the foreign wrestlers were nor did I know any of the angles that were going on in any of the Japanese and Mexican federations. This left me limited, as I assume most people are, to voting for American wrestling down the board. I'm pretty confident that the second best worker in the world isn't HHH, but then I've never seen Kawada, Akiyama, or Super Delfin work, so how could I vote for any of them? Same is true for the rest of categories 1-7, in particular. Maybe the voting should go back to North American and non-North American categories to accommodate this. None the less, I know I'll be ordering some tapes and paying more attention to the foreign scene to get a more rounded appreciation of wrestling and to see who really is the best for next year. BILL LEHECKA: For the sake of refraining from overexposure, I will not make any parallels or jokes about this ballot compared to the Florida ballot, and I will not demand a recount. Anyway, this race wasn't even close. Even though the WWF, throughout the year, started to step down in quality and unpredictability, they still destroyed WCW in terms of coherent storylines, in-ring work, and overall appeal. Before I give my blow-by-blow, the TNN move was dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb... Dumb and ANNOYING. One more thing, was Vince Russo trying to swerve us every week, then, to royally swerve us, have a clean ending without any hijinks? I just want to know. NATE PATRIN: Obviously I'm biased for the WWF and against the WCW- but simply because at this stage... well, think of it as being a baseball fan in New York City back in the days. In the late '50s you had the juggernaut Yankees (WWF), always-competitive Giants (WCW) and likeable underdog Dodgers (ECW). But now it's 1962, the Dodgers as we know them are no more, and instead of the Giants, the WCW is acting more like the Mets. And not the Tom Seaver Mets. The Marv Throneberry Mets. (OK, that may be over some wrestling fans' heads, but you should see baseball enthusiasts when I tell 'em that Frank Thomas is the Chris Benoit of the American League.) LADEBAQ: Lousy year for pro wrestling= little to discuss. SHAWN COLTON: I don't like voting for worst anything so I didn't, though my choices of best are probably the worst choices in the eyes of the smarky community. Oddly, I don't care. BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: Maybe I'm biased, but I honestly think Y2K turned out to be one of the best years for wrestling in recent memory... for the WWF, anyway. Good matches weekly, multiple MOTY contenders almost every PPV, hot crowds (well, sometimes...), booming business... everything really. WCW, meanwhile, stopped simply sliding into mediocrity, and just plunged in headfirst, while the bottom fell out of ECW. I think it should surprise nobody that all of my "Best of" votes in these awards seem to have gone to the WWF. Their top card certainly seems to be in the best shape it's been for years, since 95-96 when Shawn Michaels was carrying everyone and their brother to great matches at the drop of a hat, and the undercard's far better than it's ever been. Sports Entertainment is still the order of the day, unfortunately, but longer and better matches mean I'm a happy camper. WCW? Not much to say, really. All of the ongoing chaos backstage hardly gave them the time to put together a great wrestling product... but I'm not sure that's an excuse for some of the crap they've made us suffer through this year. It's not as bad as it has been in years past, actually, but it's pretty close. As for ECW, I unfortunately think that it's only a matter of time before its gone. It's almost tragic, cause they were just amazing in the middle part of the decade. DRUNKERPELICAN: This is my first year voting. I had fun putting my choices together, hope I didn't mess anything up. LAWRENCE BENEDETTO: Sure I'm a WWF mark, but come on, this is just too easy. JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: 2000 has been a down year for most all the wrestling companies except the WWF. While WCW was destructed between skirmishes between Sullivan and Russo, while Paul E. got his talent stolen and couldn't pay the bills...the WWF signed four great wrestlers and suddenly switched gears from the fed that had lesser wrestling in the US to the fed that had the best wrestling. With everyone else in decline and the WWF putting out a great product, it's really no surprise or that they dominate this year's winners. This year, Scaia's WWF marks won't make a difference... ROB "R2K" EVANS: Thanks once again, CRZ, for devoting your time and energy to organize these awards year after year. JBELL55146: WE STILL MISS YOU OWEN!!!!

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