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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Best Tag Team

Best Tag Team                           

Award Description:

To be given to the tag team who were the best overall team of the year.  This
includes all facets of wrestling: workrate, technical ability, interviews,
charisma, hot team moves, value to their promotion, etc. In 1994, this award
was split into three: North American, Non-North American, and overall. In 
1998, it was recombined into one.

Previous Winners:

  1990: The Steiners: Rick & Scott
  1991: The Steiners: Rick & Scott
  1992: Terry Gordy & Steve Williams
  1993: The Hollywood Blonds: Brian Pillman & Steve Austin
  1994: (overall/non-NA) The Steiners: Rick & Scott
  1994: (NA)             Eddy Guerrero & Love Machine
  1995: (overall/NA)     Public Enemy: Flyboy Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge
  1995: (non-NA)         Mitsuhara Misawa & Kenta Kobashi
  1996: (overall/NA)     Harlem Heat: Booker T & Stevie Ray
  1996: (non-NA)         Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat
  1997: (overall/NA)     The Eliminators: John Kronus & Perry Saturn
  1997: (non-NA)         NWO: Masahiro Chono & Great Muta
  1998: New Age Outlaws: Road Dogg Jesse James & Badd Ass Billy Gunn
  1999: Hardy Boyz: Matt & Jeff

**2000**: Edge & Christian

573 first place votes
564 second place votes
551 third place votes

368 110  38 2246   Edge & Christian
120 249  92 1531   Hardy Boyz - Matt & Jeff
 19  74 184  685   Dudley Boyz - Buh Buh Ray & D-Von
 16  33  47  273   Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck
  5  13  22  108   Acolytes - Faarooq & Bradshaw
  2   8  14   62   Al Snow & Steve Blackman
  3   6  12   57   Filthy Animals - Rey Mysterio Jr. & Juventud Guerrera
  2  11   7   57   Full Blooded Italians - Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke
  0   7  13   47   Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire
  2   6   8   44   Los Conquistadors - 1 & 2
  0   4  14   40   Too Cool - Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty
  3   1  10   38   3 Count - Evan Karagias & Shane Helms & Shannon Moore
  1   7   6   38   Danny Doring & Roadkill
  4   1   6   35   Jung Dragons - Kaz & Yang & Jamie-san
  3   4   3   33   Ryuji Yamakawa & Tomoaki Honma
  2   4   3   28   Cima & Suwa
  0   4   7   26   T & A - Test & Albert
  1   0  10   25   Los Fabulosos - Silver King & El Dandy
  0   2   9   24   Kai En Tai - Taka Michinoku & Funaki
  2   1   5   23   Lo Down - D'Lo Brown & Chaz
  3   0   0   15   Chikayo Nagashima & Sugar Sato
  2   1   0   13   Susumu Mochizuki & Yasushi Kanda
  2   1   0   13   Las Cachorrus Orientales - Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita
  1   2   1   13   Ayako Hamada & Akino
  0   2   3   12   Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Shinjiro Ohtani
  0   2   3   12   Mamalukes - Big Vito & Johnny the Bull
  0   2   3   12   Impact Players - Lance Storm & Justin Credible
  1   0   3   11   Boogie Knights - Alex Wright & Disqo
  0   1   3    9   Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan
  0   2   1    8   Great Sasuke & Chapparita Asari
  1   0   1    7   Gran Hamada & Ayako Hamada
  1   0   1    7   Backseat Boyz - Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid
  0   2   0    6   Gedo & Jado
  0   0   3    6   Radicalz
  1   0   0    5   Toshiaki Kawada & Masa Fuchi
  1   0   0    5   Simon Diamond & Swinger
  1   0   0    5   Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa
  1   0   0    5   M2K
  1   0   0    5   Koji Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka
  1   0   0    5   Kenta Kobaski & Akira Taue
  1   0   0    5   Hideki Hosaka & Mammoth Sasaki
  1   0   0    5   Hayabusa & Mr. Gannosuke
  1   0   0    5   Great Sasuke & Magnum Tokyo
  0   0   2    4   Tiger Mask IV & Hiromi Yaginuma
  0   0   2    4   Perfect Event - Perfectshawn Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo
  0   0   2    4   Filthy Animals - Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr.
  0   1   0    3   X-Pac & Kane
  0   1   0    3   Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue
  0   1   0    3   Mean Street Posse - Rodney & Pete Gas
  0   1   0    3   Barry Windham & Kendall Windham
  0   0   1    2   Vampiro & Great Muta
  0   0   1    2   Shane Douglas & Chris Candido
  0   0   1    2   Re-enforcers - Mike Sanders & Allan Funk
  0   0   1    2   Raven & Tommy Dreamer
  0   0   1    2   Raven & Tazz
  0   0   1    2   Outsiders - Scott Hall & Kevin Nash
  0   0   1    2   Nova & Chris Chetti
  0   0   1    2   New Age Outlaws - Road Dogg & Mr. Ass
  0   0   1    2   Mr. Gannosuke & Kintaro Kanemura
  0   0   1    2   Minoru Tanaka & Yumi Fukawa
  0   0   1    2   Kronik - Brian Adams & Bryan Clark
  0   0   1    2   Ichiro Yaguchi & Nise Ichiro Yaguchi
  0   0   1    2   Crash & Hardcore Holly
  0   0   1        "Tie" votes

RICHARD BEAUBIEN: The best Tag team is a three team race between the
Dudley's, the Hardyz, and Edge and Chrisitan. All three deserve the award,
and would of easily won it if not for the other teams. They helped
ressurct the stagnant world of Tag Team wrestling, and inject new blood
into it. But alas, only one could win the award, and for me the team of
the year was the Hardyz. Edge and Christian are second, with the Dudley's

HIRO: These three teams were in two of the best matches this year, namely
the Wrestlemania Tag Team Ladder Match and that TLC (Oh My!) spotfest on
Summerslam, so they get my nod, since I haven't seen any of the Japanese
puroresu stuff to judge these three against.

DEAN RASMUSSEN: Chikayo Nagashima and Sugar Sato are the best- looking
great against the GAEA Bridgeclub and against the insanely angry youngster
contingent alike. Sugar is great and truly came into her own as a real
redneck ass-kicker this year. Ryuji Yamakawa and Tomiaki Honma can carry
ANYBODY including CZW shmoes to a good match. And they did this year.
Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck had the coolest matches in the US
this year that I saw. Weird chemistry that works like a charm.

CHRIS BIRD: Edge and Christian will probably take it, and they certainly
are deserving - they're hilarious on the mic, they've had more than a few
crazy-ass matches of high caliber this year, and they consistently
entertain. However, the Hardy Boyz are my number one pick, simply because
they've done the one thing Edge and Christian haven't - have numerous good
matches with crappy wrestlers. (See: T and A. See also: Acolytes. See
also: Road Dogg and X-Pac.) Third place goes to the brilliantly inspired
team of Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck, who, if they weren't in a
bush-league environment with no TV deal, would be reinventing tag
wrestling for the masses.

MARK POLISHUK: Edge and Christian are maybe the best tag team not just
this year, but EVER.  And Russo didn't let these guys talk...that reeks of
heinosity.  Hey, this year the only team worthy of being called "the best"
really ARE the Conquistadors.

MATTHEW HEMING: Edge and Christian are so TOTALLY awesome, there is no
chance of them reeking of stinktitude!!!

J3R CR0WE: Edge and Christian can't be tested. They have the complete
package! If the Hardyz were good on the mic, then they would definately be
closer to number 1.

ROBERT STRUPP: Edge & Christian have been some of the most entertaining
personalities in wrestling all year. Their workrate and interview skills
are both among the best in American Wrestling right now. The Hardyz and
Dudleyz are right below them. The Dudleyz may be the most over tag team
right now, and for most of the year, and the Hardyz ring work has been,
for the most part, outstanding no matter who was in the ring with them.

BEN WEINER: Hardyz fo the sheer amount of holy shit moments. Gotta love
Head Cheese.

DEVON: This seems like a no-brainer to me.  There were many great tag
teams in the WWF this year, but Edge and Christian just outshined them
all.  No other team was as consistently entertaining as they were, and no
other team consistently put on great matches.  Head Cheese gets an
honorable mention because of the brilliance of the angle.

CHRIS OSTER: No doubt as to which three teams get the votes, but in what
order?  Edge and Christian proved themselves to be the total package this
year...good skills, a great gimmick, and nearly unsurpassed mic work make
them the team most TOTALLY REEKING OF COOLNESS! this year.  Hardy Boyz get
second, and I hope they're still able to collect votes at this time next
year, and not disability insurance.  And learn how to talk, for God's
sake.  Which leaves Those Damn Dudleys in third, as they kinda dropped off
toward the end of the year and became confined to their one-dimensional
table gimmick.  Still, though, being involved in three MOTYCs gives you
high marks.

EDC: Funny, the Jung Dragons were the closest thing to a true Lucha tag
team, yet they were all non-mexican. Great High Flyers being kept down by
the WCW "braintrust". Hardyz are still the best american team. Mamaluke
makes the FBI fun to watch as he is not above dying for your pleasure.

ANDREW BAYER: Edge and Christian - What more do I have to say?

DUDICALY2K: TAG TEAM: Edge and Christian's airhead routine is pure gold.
On top of it, they're pretty good wrestlers. Not the best, but they aren't
bad either. The Hardyz are great wrestlers who are being used as
daredevils. Watch them while you can, because one of them is going to die
soon. Tajiri and Mikey had a good series of matches and were really fun.

DANIEL HERMAN: I'm surprised that Taijiri and Mikey gelled so well, Edge &
Christian were allowed to put on a few good wrestling matches and I'm a
Hardy mark.

SCOTT W.: Edge and Christian are the best tag team. They have the work
rate and mic skills.  No team is funnier. I put the Dudley Boyz and Hardy
Boyz as 2 and 3 cause of the 3 way rivalry.

CHANCE50JR: After a year where tag team wrestling was weighed down by the
likes of the Rock & Sock Connection and the New Age Outlaws, Edge and
Christian were simultaneously refreshing and made the whole thing fun
again.  Even though they were heels, I was a fan of theirs.  They made
being cowardly heels cool again.  Number two goes to Los Conquistadors, an
angle that will get killed waaay too soon.

DONNIE VOMIT: I'm not going to make a mimbo play on words, I'll leave that
to the lamers.  Truth is, Edge and Christian are the longest running tag
team in the WWF and have been in need of a push for a while now.  Their
ringwork and interviews proved they deserved it.  Yoshi and Mikey are my
favorite non-WWF team right now, even though they're stuck in traction in
ECW.  And Los Fabulosos had such a bright future ahead of them until Russo
decided to kill all the Mexicans.  El diablo con dinero.

JOHN C.: My fellow Canadians Edge & Christian were the greatest WWF tag
team this year with the Hardy Boyz coming in a close second followed by
the Dudley's.  Even though E&C are great in the ring, they will be
remembered mostly for their interviews and vignettes where they developed
several humorous phrases that "reeked of awesomeness." The Hardy's and
Dudley's had a great year as they helped give the WWF their best tag team
division ever.

JOSEPH MICELI: see above, minus the Benoit comment

REISMARK: The Hardys and Edge & Christian are equals in the ring. But the
Maple Leaf Blondes one-up the Extreme Boyz to infinity on the mike. Thank
God the WWF decided to let these two talk.

TONY LING: The WWF went from having the New Age Outlaws as champs to four
viable tag teams that could have been champions. But I really wish Too
Cool had had a longer tag title reign.

ANDY P. GOSS: Picking the tag teams is tough, simply because wrestling
ability can't summarize it all.  Teams like the Hardys, Dudleyz, and E&C
Joke Factory are, I'm sure, going to compete for first-place votes, but
each one is a spot machine that has trouble wrestling a normal match.  
The TNN Raw ladder match showed just how painfully reliant they are on
spots.  My picks, meanwhile, could work, had chemistry, and each person
individually brings something to the table -- Faarooq's power, Bradshaw's
size, Guido's technical expertise, Mamaluke's selling capabilities, Snow's
weirder edge, and Blackman's true martial arts.  Hence, my votes were, in
order, Acolytes, FBI, and Snow/Blackman.

CHRIS BURKE: The WWF finally let Edge and Christian have the mics, and
they took flight with them.  Their interviews and in-ring match intros
were among the best in the business, and while the Hardys and Dudleys may
get more attention for high-flying and table-breaking, their best matches
are always against the Dynamic Duo.  The run as Los Conquistadors was
great!  Hopefully, the WWF keeps this team together, even though there
might be temptation to break them into singles competition.

JON WALTON: Edge and Christian were the only logical choice in this
category.  Whether it was their hillarious interviews, the resurrection of
the Conquistadors or their commentary rife with insider terms.  
Edge/Christian defined tag team wrestling this year.

SCOTT CRAWFORD: It was DAMN hard to resist voting for Los Fabulosos here!

JONAH ROSCH: I don't think I've ever seen a tag team dominate a federation
both in interviews and in match quality like Edge and Christian have done.
Yes, the Hardy Boyz are a more impressive team in the ring, but Edge and
Christian have dominated the year. Ever since they started to tease their
heel turn prior to WrestleMania, upto their recent teaming with Kurt
Angle, they have been dominant.

LOSIFER: Close call between the Hardyz and the Blondes -- I gave it to the
Hardyz perhaps underservingly, because I'm a sucker for highspots.  E&C
developed great characters this year, and deserve at LEAST 2nd place.

EDDIE BURKETT: Edge and Christian so totally rule.  The Hardy Boyz are
still awesome, and I'm somewhat partial to Head Cheese.  'nuff said.

JAMES HOWARD: Between the nuts, the Avalanche losing, the missed field
goal, the fat Elvis, the *really* fat Elvis, the choking, the streamer,
the kazoo, the sunglasses, and the boots that say "Edge" on them, the last
several months of the WWF have not had a Tag Team division. They have had
the Edge and Christian show. :) Also outstanding during the year were the
Hardyz, who are *finally* recognized as a major team, and the team of
Tajiri and Whipwreck, who have managed to leave me absolutely breathless
despite having only had about eight televised matches as a team. Now
*that*'s quality. :)

GEORGE JOHNSON: Edge and Christian have become the most entertaining combo
since Flair, Mr. Perfect, and Heenan back in '92.

JOE GAGNE: Edge and Christian were the total package this year, being
highly entertaining in the ring and on the mic. The Hardys may still be a
little spotty, but had another year of excellent matches.  The Dudleys
definitely stepped up their game, and would have been higher had they not
been bogged down in poor feuds against T&A and D-X.

BOB MORRIS: This was the breakthrough year for Edge and
Christian...letting these two work the mic instead of being silent proved
to work wonders for these two and help them rise to prominence. We knew
from their past matches that the two were good workers, but throw in the
mic skills and they were just that much better as a tag team. While the
rumors of the team splitting up have yet to be proven true, I would be
interested to see how they fare as singles competitors.

C READ: Was hard for all 3 (4) spots, Edge/Christian and II Cool both have
re-invented themselves highly- but E&C have been involved in more main
event angles than II Cool. Also very close for 4th between the Dudleys and
the Hardyz but using the same mentality, the Hardyz get it

SCOTT ZUCKER: The Hardy Boyz, in my opinion are without a doubt the best
tag team. I don't think any other tag team can really be compared to them.

JPM38: The Maple Leaf Blondes so TOTALLY ruled this year. Their 3-ways for
the titles with the other 2 contenders were awesome motyc's, but they get
the nod over the other two pairs of Boyz for cracking me up on a regular
basis, especially with the kazoos and the theme music.

JEREMY SORIA: I think the same three tag teams we've seen throughout the
last year in the same matches have got to get the nod here. Frankly, I've
gotten tired of seeing the same six wrestlers in the same match every
time. It's too bad no WCW tag teams made the survey this high. I like the
Natural Born Thrillers very much, and they could become a nice stable of
wrestlers over the next year.

RICK SCAIA: Edge/Christian, Dudleys, Hardys....  it doesn't really matter
what order you put 'em in, I guess, but those are my three choices for
2000's best tag teams.  By combining various amounts of humorous promos,
trademark spots, and death-defying ring work, these three duos blow away
the competition.  It helps that they worked with each other at so many key
points along the way this year, too.

TROY OLSON: Special mention to Los Fabulosos.  They were two very sexy

NATHAN LONEY: Tajiri and Whipwreck are two shining beacons in ECW (IMO),
and I can't be the only person who gets a real kick out of the Sinister
Minister.  Edge and Christian are the cream of the crop in the overstocked
tag team pool of the WWF.  Great in the ring, great on the microphone.  
The Hardy Boyz still remain the future of the WWF, and they let their
talent shine through this year.

BILL LEHECKA: If Edge & Christian never got near a microphone, they'd be
2nd or 3rd here.  These guys "so totally reek of awesomeness and lack
heinousity."  Along with their smark references, they're an easy #1 choice
for the best tag team of all the land.

BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: It goes without saying that Edge and Christian are the
best tag team in the world. They've literally got everything--talent,
charisma, interviewing ability, a great gimmick... They're certainly the
most entertaining duo since the early days of the NAO, as well as the
funniest. That said, my top vote goes to the Hardy Boyz, since I like both
teams about equally, and E&C hardly need my help to get a landslide win in
these awards. The Dudleys round out the list, largely due to a great run
from January to March of the year.

THE TALBOTS: Last year, the Hardyz were the top tag team but that was
before either team had said more than 5 words. Now, Edge and Christian
that they have the longer shelf life. They've gone through several shows
without having to wrestle, yet they remain over because of their
hilariously insulting interviews.

OCTAVIAN: Edge and Christian, Dudleyz, and Hardyz were easily the top
three tag teams in any promotion this year.  The only thing to contest is
their order.

LAWRENCE BENEDETTO: Probably the only vote for Kai En Tai..but they RULE!

TANVIR RAQUIB: Alex Wright carried Disqo in his return back to the ring -
with both guys bringing out all the great fundamental moves I've always

ALEX CARNEVALE: In a weak year for tag teams, the WWF put on the show with
two ****1/2 matches at WM and Summerslam.  Edge and Christian get the top
nod for their hilarious characters, and the Hardyz second for their insane
spots.  Best year the Duds have had yet.

TOM CRUZ: Edge and Christian so TOTALLY ruled the WWF this year. The thing
that made their run completely awesome was that they had an equally
talented team to go against. Thus, the Hardyz find their way in here.
Despite the Dudleyz reliance on one or two spots to get them through most
matches (GET THE TABLE and the headbutt to the groin are so annoying now),
they do step up when the situation calls for it. Thus, they find their way
into the top 3 as well.

NICK RANGEL: Edge and Christian improved immensely, becoming the most
entertaining tag team in either of the big two.  Their interviews and
skits were consistently hilarious with rings skills to match.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: Edge & Christian take this spot due to sheer hilarity
and the fact that no tag team really stood out this year.  Hardyz check in
at number 2 only because Jeff Hardy is a couple steps slower due to
nagging injuries.  Mamalukes are in the Show position because they
overcame a bad Russo gimmick to rapidly improve and get over.

PHIL PRZYBYLO: This category's unfair because there are just too many damn
good teams...  in the WWF.  Edge & Christian are basically "above" the
division and the titles; that's how good they are.  The Dudley Boyz come
in second as they are probably one of the biggest success stories of the
year.  Hardy Boyz stay exciting at number 3, but stay way too complacent.

ROB "R2K" EVANS: Best Tag Team - How to choose between the Hardyz,
Dudleyz, and Edge & Christian.  So many great matches between all of these
teams all year long. Got to give the (sic) Edge to E&C for their totally
improved mic work.  It reaked of awesomeness.  Second goes to the Hardyz
for all of their high-flying feats o' death.  Third to the Duds.  There's
something about seeing women powerbombed through tables that gets me all

C McMURTRY: Edge & Christian not only had good match after good match this
year, they were able to do something few teams can do. They transended the
tag division, routinely working in main events. With their backstage
vignettes, no team over the course of 2000 entertained like E&C. Kojima &
Tenzan, quite simply, are one of the few reasons to still watch New Japan,
and are doing a tremendous job of keeping the IWGP Tag straps on the mind.
And what needs to be said about The Hardys? One of the most over babyfaces
teams in years.

THE CUBS FAN: Okay, we've got two young kids, let's call them Mike and
Allan.  Or maybe Alan.  Or even Allen. Doesn't really matter much. What
does really matter is that these two kids were just out of the Power
Plant, with just a little indy experience, so they were really green.  
Just to get them out in front of 'live' crowds (or whatever they were this
year), they get thrown together as a tag team.  Someone, maybe them, maybe
somone in the back who had nothing better to do, gave them a little
gimmick - the Re-Enforcers.  They'd call out the top teams they could
think off, some who didn't even wrestle anymore, and put down Arn
Anderson.  It wasn't high concept stuff, but it had an early New Age
Outlaws feel to it (down to the repeated spiel before the match started.)  
After five weeks, WCW can tell that these two have talent and they're
still green. The smart move would have been to keep them together and
pushed at a low level until they got a lot more experience time under
them.  The WCW idea was to push Mike to the moon without the credibilty
for the fans to buy it, and to change Allan into ambiguously gay wardrope
person.  WCW didn't suck this year because of instability behind the
scenes.  It sucked because no matter who was leading the thing, they were
really stuipd.

JBELL55146: Last year was the Hardyz year to break out, this year, Edge
and Christian were clearly the best tag team in North America. Their
interviews are always instant classics, and their matches with the Hardyz
have become stuff of legends. The Hardyz had another great year wrestling
great matches against the Dudlyz and Edge/Christian. And the Dudlyz have
improved 100% over their time in ECW. 4 Little Words 'D-Von, Get A Table'
have made them more over and more popular then any other tag team.

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