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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Best Second

Best Second                            

Award Description:

To be given to the manager who outperformed their peers at ringside and behind
the microphone in interviews. 

Previous Winners:

  1990: Jim Cornette 
  1991: Bobby Heenan 
  1992: Mr. Perfect
  1993: Jim Cornette 
  1994: Jim Cornette 
  1995: Jim Cornette
  1996: Sunny
  1997: Chyna
  1998: Chyna
  1999: Dawn Marie

**2000**: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

529 first place votes
494 second place votes
475 third place votes

146 74 65 1082   Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
125 86 58  999   Lita
 77 82 93  817   Trish Stratus
 46 73 52  553   Steven Richards
 35 49 46  414   Shane McMahon
 31 28 28  295   Sinister Minister
 11 20 26  167   Dawn Marie
 10  8 13  100   Cyrus
  5 11 18   94   Terri
  6 11  8   79   Chyna
  7  5 14   78   Francine
  5  4  7   51   Disqo
  4  8  3   50   Torrie Wilson
  2  5  4   33   Bill Alfonso
  5  1  2   32   Shane
  1  4  4   25   Daffney
  2  2  4   24   Ivory
  3  0  2   19   Leia Meow
  1  1  4   16   Elizabeth
  1  2  1   13   Major Gunns
  1  2  0   11   Ms. Hancock
  1  1  1   10   Paisley
  0  2  2   10   Midajah
  1  1  0    8   Miss Elizabeth
  0  2  1    8   Paul Bearer
  0  1  2    7   Kat
  0  2  0    6   Sal E. Graziano
  1  0  0    5   Jack Victory
  1  0  0    5   Howard Finkle (?)
  1  0  0    5   Big Dick 296
  1  0  0    5   Akiko
  0  1  1    5   Vince Russo
  0  1  1    5   Vince McMahon
  0  1  1    5   Tygress
  0  1  1    5   Papaya
  0  1  1    5   Kevin Nash
  0  1  0    3   Kimberly
  0  1  0    3   Head
  0  1  0    3   Edge & Christian 
  0  1  0    3   Debra
  0  1  0    3   Al Snow's Blow-Up Dolls
  0  0  1    2   Tori
  0  0  1    2   Tony Marinara
  0  0  1    2   Tank Abbott
  0  0  1    2   Tammy Sytch
  0  0  1    2   Ms. Jones
  0  0  1    2   Mike Sanders
  0  0  1    2   Linda McMahon
  0  0  1    2   Jimmy Hart
  0  0  1    2   Bob Backlund


  0  0  2    4   Molly Holly (ineligible, time)
  0  0  1    2   "Tie" votes

HIRO: Lita's copycat act when she was with Essa Rios was great. Lita with
the Hardy Boyz was even better, especially during the TLC (Oh My!) match,
it's like she was infected with Jeff Hardy's suicidal tendencies. Trish
Stratus wasn't like most pretty faces who ended up as managers, she
somehow takes this wrestling stuff seriously unlike others who wouldn't
even take bumps. I guess this is the perfect role for Steven Richards
since he's too injury-prone to wrestle properly.

MICHAEL BANKER: Cyrus was a close #4.  Steven and Chyna got the nod over
him because they are more dangerous in the ring, and they bring that
advantage to the men that they accompany.  I rated Steph above him because
she just generates so much heat.

SAMUEL SKLAROFF: It's amazing that a woman who looks like Trish Stratus
can get as much heel heat as she does.

MARK POLISHUK: You may as well rename this category "hottest chick,"
because those are the only ones I voted for...through any manager who
brings back the Mr. Fuji salt-in-the-eyes would automatically be number

ADAM FROM TORONTO: Shane-O proves himself to be a real student of the game
whenever he puts on the sneaky, chickenshit persona and runs around the
ring like a madman. Reminds me of a juiced-up, 1980's Jimmy Hart.

MATTHEW HEMING:  If Vince was willing to be a manager, we would have a
clean sweep for the first family of sports entertainment.

J3R CR0WE: Lita is so amazingly hot, and she can wrestle too... so she's
worth a lot. Steph may be very obnoxious, but she is a fairly good manager
and can provide nacassary distractions. Shane is like that too. Must be a
McMahon thing.

SCOTT W.: Sinister Minister is #1 cause of this reason. He is a male
manger that is pretty over.  Never thought I would see that again.  Dawn
Marie always gets my vote.  She can get something else from me if she
wants me to vote for Simon Diamond more often.  Trish is looking fine for
number 3.

DONNIE VOMIT: I was not sold on Trish right away, but she's a presence at
ringside, is decent on the mic, and actually isn't horrible in the ring
either.  It's also hard to argue with such capital knockers.  Lita is
runner up, because even though I like her more than Trish, she looks
really awkward in the ring.  Cyrus, well, I dunno how the WWF missed with
this guy.

MARCUS SPARKS: I know some piece of T&A fluff is going to win this one.  
The Minister, Richards, and Trish all do the duties a good second should:
work the mic, liberally interfere when needed, and not be afraid to look
like a fool from time to time.

JOHN C.: Stephanie & Shane did a great job this year in following their
father's footsteps while Steve Richards crawled his way out of jobber hell
into a spot as a character that generates a ton of heat.

JOSEPH MICELI: Lita's fun to watch and nice to look at, perfect combo

SCOTT CRAWFORD: Backlund was AWESOME as Angle's "mentor" earlier in the

EZE4DA3747: mmmmmm Hancock is FINE!

JOE GAGNE: Being an effective manager is truly a lost art.

DOMINIC SEIBERT:  Best Second (con't.) Honorable Mention: Trish Stratus --
Getting better all the time, has shown a willingness to learn, and my god,
forget the sheep, start cloning her!

NATHAN LONEY: Sinister Minister kicks all sorts of ass.  He's a great
manager.  Trish gets my second place vote because... um... well, I'm a big
mark for Trish.  Same reason for giving Dawn Marie third place.

BILL LEHECKA: Granted her moveset scares me, but Lita is the best
"manager" out there.  I just wish she'd work a little harder so to not put
the fear of God in me when she performs that hurracanrana...

MATT SPAULDING: Cyrus was the most over heel in ECW this year.  'Nuff

BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: Stephanie, of course. Love her or hate her, she's
certainly had the best year of any manager type person. She's incredibly
over as a heel, and was the catalyst for the greatest heel WWF champion
run in years, probably ever. Lita and Dawn Marie, currently my two
favourite ladies in wrestling, round out the votes.

ERIC STRAGAND: I realized that there arent' too many traiditonal managers,
anymore (like Heenan, Slick, etc.), as most are just "eye candy". Seconds
don't seem to talk for their men, anymore. Like Heenan would talk for
Hercules and Andre.. Slick for Warlord, Bossman and Akeen, etc. Using this
system, I ranked them according to "hottest babe", or "Women I'd like to
Have Sex With", if you've seen "Throw Momma From the Train". For Papaya, I
was referring to the brunette who was there for about one week.

LAWRENCE BENEDETTO: Lovely Lita was best when she was mimicking Essa.

MIKE PLYLEY: Not nominating Daffney and Midajah borders on criminal.

JOHN DONALDSON:  Trish Stratus, the number one reason why Test and Albert
gets more TV time and jobs less and less nowadays.  She's beautiful and
smart, a double threat and she can make a difference in everyone of T &
A's matches.  Steven Richards is a mediocre wrestler with an awesome
superkick, but he's great on the mic and he's an excellent second for the
RTC.  Lita's a great fit for The Hardy Boyz and she can mix it up with the
guys and galz.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: Steph has a combination of girl-next-door looks and
McMahon heat that would make any wrestler want to have her for the added
boost in overness.  She played a HUGE role in getting HHH and Angle both
as over as they are.  Steven Richards has finally found a serious gimmick
for him that works very well as the evil cult leader.  I really like Super
Lucha Shane as a manager-type since he does a great job with it.

PHIL PRZYBYLO: Trish is number one.  She draws attention to herself and
her team.  She's not afraid to get down and dirty to help T & A out.  And
she actually interacts with her team unlike most "divas" who look like
they got better things to do.  Plus, she's hot, c'mon.

THE CUBS FAN: I think people figured, when the bWo was going strong, that
Richards would one day make it big in the WWF or WCW. But not like this.  
Which makes it all the cooler.

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