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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Best TV Show

Best TV Show                            

Award Description:

To be given to what is on average the best wrestling TV show. In 1994, TV
shows and major shows were given separate award categories. 

Previous Winners:

  1991: 03/21/91: WCW & New Japan Supershow (aired on tape) 
  1992: 01/18/92: WWF Royal Rumble 
  1993: WWF Monday Night RAW weekly TV 
  1994: WWF Monday Night RAW
  1995: WWF Monday Night RAW
  1996: WWF Monday Night RAW
  1997: WWF Monday Night RAW (WWF RAW is War / WWF RAW / WWF War Zone)
  1998: WWF RAW is WAR (RAW / War Zone)
  1999: WWF RAW is WAR (RAW / War Zone)

**2000**: WWF RAW is WAR (RAW / War Zone)

540 first place votes
523 second place votes
476 third place votes

425  61  19 2346   WWF RAW is WAR
 54 368  42 1458   WWF SmackDown!
  9  18  95  289   ECW on TNN
  4  11 111  275   WWF Sunday Night Heat
  6  25  70  245   WCW Monday Nitro
  6   7  52  155   ECW Hardcore TV
  6   4   8   58   Toryumon TV on GAORA
  4   3  13   55   WCW Saturday Night
  6   2   8   52   AJPW 30
  6   1   2   37   GAEA G-Panic
  3   2   8   37   WCW Worldwide
  2   1   7   27   WWF Metal / Jakked
  0   1  12   27   Women of Wrestling weekly TV
  1   2   6   23   WCW Thunder
  1   3   3   20   Battlarts Battle Station
  1   4   1   19   Michinoku Pro TV on GAORA
  0   1   3    9   New Japan World Pro Wrestling
  1   1   0    8   FMW on SkyPerfecTV
  0   0   4    8   WWF Superstars
  1   0   1    7   Galavision Lucha Libre
  0   1   2    7   Oz Academy TV
  1   0   0    5   WCW Classics
  1   0   0    5   Battle Station Osaka Pro on Samurai TV
  0   1   1    5   Big Japan Pro Wrestling Battle Station
  0   1   0    3   XPW weekly TV
  0   1   0    3   JWP TV
  0   1   0    3   IWRG
  0   1   0    3   Colosseo (?)
  0   0   1    2   WWF LiveWire
  0   0   1    2   Slick Mick's Bodyslam Revue (?)
  0   0   1    2   JWF Jakks is Skkaj! (?)
  0   0   1    2   Battle Station Jd' Beauty Athlete (Yoshimoto Pro)


  2   3   2    5   Various non-wrestling shows
  1   0   1    7   "Tie" votes
  0   0   1    2   WWF Tuesday Night Titans 
  0   0   1    2   "Anything but..." votes

HIRO:WWF programming is tops once again. RAW is still the best Monday
night show, while SmackDown! keeps getting better and better, lots of
great TV matches happened on both RAW and SmackDown! Heat had a mixed
season, some great, some good while the rest was plain bad, but not as bad
as the worst shows.

MICHAEL BANKER: When I listed HeAT as #3, I was talking about HeAT BEFORE
MTV came along.  HeAT on MTV is not so good.

JASON:  I'm only able to see WWF, WCW, and WOW, so my rankings might seem
a bit odd.

SCOTT W.: Raw and SmackDown are the best tv shows today.  Hardcore TV gets
in cause it is better than anything WCW puts on and that TNN show thay
once had.

JOHN C.: Raw beats Smackdown because Raw airs live every Monday night
which allows us to actually be surprised when something big happens (see
"Best Angle" for more of what I mean). ECW on TNN gets my third vote
because of a few good matches here or there that were better than anything
we got regularly from WCW.

MOSES GATES:  All the people out there who keep complaining that there
isn't enough "wrestling" and too much "sports entertainment" should turn
off Raw and watch this show (at least the non-recap part of it).

JAMES HOWARD: RAW IS WAR'S A UNICORN PIE! Dun dun, duhduh dun dun, duhduh
dun dun, duhduh dun dun, dun dun! ^_^

JOE GAGNE: A clean sweep for the WWF.  RAW and Smackdown provided the big
matches and angles, and Sunday Night Heat being the sleeper show,
showcasing the mid-lower card guys and often having the best matches.

BILL LEHECKA: RAW is WAR, within this list of nominees, is the best show
simply based on production values.  Forget the in-ring aspect. The WWF
knows how to present a wrestling broadcast with a minimum of technical
snafus.  Any show that can do that, and they have me as a loyal viewer.

MATT SPAULDING: SmackDown! snuck up on everybody to become the best
wrestling show on television.  It wasn't always great, but it was often
quite good, and almost never bad.

BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: The WWF gets all three slots here, as RAW, the few
episodes of Smackdown! I've seen and Heat easily beat out Nitro, Thunder,
ECW on TNN and everything else. The WWF has better wrestling (ECW has some
great matches sure, but most of the other ones are crap), better
production values, better week-to-week storylines, and better everything
else than everyone else in the industry right now.

TANVIR RAQUIB: Worldwide gave us the chance to see wrestlers like Elix
Skipper, Mike Sanders and the Gay Thrillers a bit early. It also gave
their audience the chance to see a WONDERFUL match between Chris Candido
and Christopher Daniels. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS. Enough said.

RAVI MISRA:  While I like the "edgier" content on RAW, I am a bigger fan
of SmackDown!'s excellent editing, flow, and timeslot.  Working everyday,
it's nice to be able to do something after SmackDown! ends rather than
going straight to bed.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: Smackdown had better wrestling and angles than Raw,
for the most part.  ECW on TNN was a nice change of pace from the main
feds with longer matches.

ROB "R2K" EVANS: Best TV Show - Can anyone unseat RAW as the 7-time champ?  
Not this year.  But my vote would be for Smackdown to do it next year.

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