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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Second

Worst Second

Award Description:

To be given to the manager whose presence at ringside and during interviews
is really unnecessary. This person does little to enhance the matches in
which his/her wrestler(s) participates. 

Previous Winners:

  1990: Mr. Fuji 
  1991: Coach John Tolos 
  1992: Harvey Wippleman 
  1993: Harvey Wippleman 
  1994: Harvey Wippleman 
  1995: Harvey Wippleman 
  1996: Teddy Long
  1997: Uncle Cletus
  1998: Eric Bischoff
  1999: Curtis Hughes

**2000*: Mae Young

478 first place votes
452 second place votes
424 third place votes

 54 47 36  483   Mae Young
 46 33 40  409   Judy Bagwell
 36 40 26  352   Insane Clown Posse
 42 28 16  326   Chyna
 35 29 26  314   Vince Russo
 22 16 17  192   Sal E. Graziano
 22 13 17  183   Major Gunns
 19 13 18  170   Terri
 14 15 13  141   Pops (Morrus)
 15  7  9  114   Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
 13 11  8  114   Jerry Only (Misfits)
 10  9 10   97   Judge Jeff Jones
  4 18  7   88   Paisley
  7  8 12   83   Kevin Nash
  6  9 11   79   Tygress
  5 12  9   79   Eric Bischoff
  7  7 10   76   Elektra
  9  8  1   71   Trish Stratus
  8  6  6   70   Bill Alfonso
  5  7 12   70   Jack Victory
  4  8 13   70   Ralphus
  7  6  7   67   Daffney
  4 11  7   67   Torrie Wilson
  4  7 13   67   Midajah
  5 10  5   65   Paul Bearer
  8  3  3   55   Ms. Jones
  4  7  7   55   Midnight
  4  5 10   55   Tammy Sytch
  5  4  8   53   Lou E. Dangerously
  3  6  6   45   Mandy & Victoria
  6  3  2   43   Francine
  5  3  2   38   Jimmy Hart
  4  3  3   35   Steven Richards
  2  6  3   34   Kimberly Page
  4  2  1   28   Leia Meow
  2  4  0   22   Ms. Hancock
  2  1  3   19   Tori
  2  2  0   16   Kat
  1  1  4   16   Lita
  3  0  0   15   David Arquette
  2  1  0   13   Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  2  0  1   12   Oklahoma
  0  4  0   12   Disqo
  1  2  0   11   Sinister Minister
  1  0  3   11   Shane McMahon
  2  0  0   10   Elizabeth
  1  1  1   10   Tazz
  1  0  2    9   Linda McMahon
  0  0  4    8   Symphony
  1  0  1    7   Tank Abbott
  0  2  0    6   Vince McMahon
  0  2  0    6   Fabulous Moolah
  1  0  0    5   Ms. Elisabeth
  1  0  0    5   Jeremy Crowe
  1  0  0    5   Head
  1  0  0    5   Debra
  0  1  1    5   Ivory
  0  1  1    5   Cyrus
  0  1  1    5   Chyna(NO)
  0  1  1    5   "Tie" votes(NO)
  0  1  0    3   Phil Baker
  0  1  0    3   Pat Patterson
  0  1  0    3   Disqo Goose
  0  1  0    3   Dawn Marie
  0  0  1    2   Too Cool
  0  0  1    2   Shakira
  0  0  1    2   Palphus
  0  0  1    2   Jason
  0  0  1    2   Jackie

REJECTED - ineligible (time)

  5  4  2        Tiger Ali Singh

HIRO: Terri somehow ends up top, since she is somewhat ineffective as a
manager besides providing the T&A. The WWF also never explained why she
turned on the Hardyz at No Way Out. She does take bumps, and now that
she's the R4dicalz second, hopefully she will be of some help to them. I
still don't like Stephanie, she has bad hair, bad dress sense (wear a bra,
please) and her voice sound like fingernails screeching on a blackboard.

CHRIS BIRD: They just keep coming back. That's all you can say about the
Insane Clown Posse, those instant locker-room cancers with delusions of
grandeur. Nobody likes them - not the fans, not the wrestlers. Even their
best buddy Vampiro seems leery of them sometimes, and who wouldn't be? For
the last two spots on the ballot, WCW offers up a horde of cheap T&A (no,
not Test and Albert), each chick more boring and dull than the last -
Paisley and Tygress get my vote for being the least interesting of the
lot, which says something.

SCOTT W.: Vice Russo.  I mean, he didn't want to be on tv.  He didn't.  
Kevin Nash is an asshole and has no business being in the ring, let alone
on the outside of it.  Shit, he should not even watch it on tv. Mae Young
actually made me sick when I looked at her anywhere.  Lou E. Dangerously
gets a honorable mention here.  Can only vote for 3 people.  Too bad on
that one.

DONNIE VOMIT: Kevin Nash was the most useless, ass slapping excuse for a
manager ever. Mike Sanders talking circles around him lately is proof of
that.  Elektra is not only deceptively ugly, but is also incredibly boring
as well.  It amazes me that Big Sal even makes enough to feed himself, let
alone buy anything else.

MARCUS SPARKS: Pops Morrus was just idiotic.  Steph was only a second
because of the angle she was involved in.  Other than that, I can't really
remember her doing anything notable.  And with all the cellphone shots
he's missed, why would anybody want Lou E. in their corner?

PETE GOODRICH: Terri...even as T&A goes...she's a skanky metal mom type of
woman.  Maybe from a distance she's hot, but TV gets awful close...

MATTHEW HUBARTT: Terri is nothing more then life support for her tits.
However, unlike Midajah, she's at least somewhat attractive. Sigh.. I miss
Sunny before she became a fat crack whore.

MOSES GATES:  This question made me realize that there really aren't a
whole lot of managers (especially non-valets) out there anymore.

JOE GAGNE: Daffney, Tygress, and Kimberly all annoy the hell out of me.

TROY OLSON'S BROTHER: Pretty funny that Judy Bagwell was a better second
than Nash....of course if I saw the title worst for any award, Nash's name
was first.

NATHAN LONEY: Maybe ICP can now mess up their own "wrestling" company, and
maybe even quit 14 or 15 times.  Pathetic.  Fat assed Sal E.  Yeah, nobody
ever expects him to get involved in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MATCH that Little
Guido is in.  Judge Jeff Jones was another waste.  Mike Awesome didn't
need a second!

BILL LEHECKA: How pathetic can you be when you have your mother as your
manager?  Not only is it Buff's mom, but a loud, obnoxious mother.  

BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: That Big, Fat, Useless Piece of Shit, erm, sorry, Big
Sal E. Graziano gets an easy vote here. No charisma, no ability, no
anything; the only reason he has a job is because he's the size of a grand
piano. Mae Young gets second just because.

ERIC STRAGAND: Used the regular rule for worst second. These three just
don't do anything when they're out there. Torrie misses cues consistently,
Minister just stinks as a character, and Terri is just disgusting to look

LAWRENCE BENEDETTO: Mae Young made me change the channel. Chyna's voice is
disgusting. Russo is an idiot.

TANVIR RAQUIB: Miss Jones was better off as Kanyon's ho. At least, we got
to score some skin. Now, we see nothing...except that ugly face. Valets
are supposed to be BEAUTIFUL, damnit.

MIKE PLYLEY: Was anyone, anywhere awaitinng the return of Judy Bagwell?  
Mae Young and Chyna get 2nd and 3rd out of the general principle of my
hating them.

JOHN DONALDSON:  So when Mike Awesome won the ECW World Title, he needed a
mouthpiece, enter Judge Jeff Jones.  This guy is a disgrace to managing,
this ECW cronie is just not entertaining in any shape or form.  The only
good thing about Mike Awesome breaching his contract to go to WCW was that
Jeff Jones TV exposure would go from frequent to slim to nothing.  Judy
Bagwell, to think someone this dull gave birth to someone as obnoxious and
full of himself as Buff The Stuff.  To reiterate the sentiments of male
chauvinists everywhere, this woman should stay in the home, cook, clean
and raise the children barefoot.  Electra is just a overtanned woman who
looks like she just won a beauty pageant run by the Mafia, she is one of
the worst valets I've seen in wrestling ever.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: What was the deal with that OLD GUY in MIA?  What was
the deal with the whole Mark Henry/Mae Young angle? At least I know that
Major Gunns is just a piece of bad T&A and nothing more.

PHIL PRZYBYLO: It's pretty sad that Tammy's fallen this low.  Useless,
bloated, and irresponsible.  SMH seems a little too concerned with her
annoying self, which doesn't add anything to the match or HHH.

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