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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Announcer

Worst Announcer                         

Award Description:

To be given to the commentator/announcer who makes the dumbest comments
while pushing his product. This person probably gets you to turn down the TV
when he/she is announcing. As of 1992, the difference between this and
colour commentator will be enforced. 

Previous Winners:

  1990: Vince McMahon 
  1991: Vince McMahon 
  1992: Vince McMahon 
  1993: Vince McMahon 
  1994: Eric Bischoff 
  1995: Eric Bischoff 
  1996: Eric Bischoff
  1997: Tony Schiavone
  1998: Tony Schiavone
  1999: Tony Schiavone

**2000**: Tony Schiavone

510 first place votes
440 second place votes
370 third place votes

363  60 27 2049   Tony Schiavone
 48 129 63  753   Michael Cole
 26  66 55  438   Lee Marshall (WOW)
 20  53 86  431   Kevin Kelly
  3  40 32  199   Scott Hudson
 18  14 12  156   Jim Ross
  3  14 28  113   Chris Cruise (WXO)
  4   8 17   78   Joey Styles
  0  19  9   75   Mike Tenay
  1   3 10   34   Jonathan Coachman
  2   1  1   15   Kris Kloss (XPW)
  1   0  0    5   That squicky dude from WCW with the mullet (?)
  0   1  0    3   David McLane (WOW)
  0   0  1    2   Brian Webster (IPW)

REJECTED - colour men and ring announcers are ineligible

 10   7  3        Mark Madden
  0  14 13        Duplicated votes
  4   0  0        "Any..." votes
  2   1  0        David Penzer
  1   2  0        Gene Okerlund
  0   1  3        Michael Hayes
  1   0  2        Lilian Garcia
  0   0  4        Stevie Ray
  1   0  1        Michael Buffer
  0   2  0        Jerry Lawler
  1   0  0        Tony Chimel
  1   0  0        Tazz
  0   0  2        Larry Zbyszko
  0   1  0        Triple H
  0   1  0        Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
  0   1  0        Stan Lane
  0   1  0        Michael Hayes
  0   1  0        Joel Gertner
  0   1  0        Cyrus
  0   0  1        Bobby Heenan

MATT CLEARY: Jim Ross is a cancer on WWF and a horrible announcer that
ruins any possible enjoyment of their subpar product.

HIRO: It seems the art of announcing matches has gone down the drain
lately. I'm surprised some more people weren't nominated like Jonathan
Coachman for example. Ross isn't really that bad, but he's just not the
same Good Ol' JR anymore.

CITRON: I almost put down Tony Schiavone for all three slots, because just
once dosen't do his crappiness justice.

ADAM FROM TORONTO: I can't have been the only one who voted like this.

ALEX GIPSON: Tony, Tony, Tony. *Sigh* At least in the new WWF No Mercy
game, I can slap Michael Cole around to my heart's content. With Tony,
well, I can only restate tired Internet jokes about the GREATEST whatever
in the HISTORY of whatever. What's sad is that I watched Starrcade'93 the
other day, and the son-of-a-gun was, IMO, on the top of his game. For some
reason, I just really enjoyed his commentary during the Flair-Vader title
match. Maybe Tony really is the ideal company man. just a
little too boring for my tastes, and his attempts to form a "character"
this year by being a hard-nose reporter while interviewing women were
dowright laughable.

GREAT SPORT!!  Just thought the two or three people who didn't already
know that would like to.

SCOTT W.: Tony sucks. Nuff sad.  This should be renamed the Tony Shiavone
award.  Lee Marshall is horrible too.  I would rather hear them 1 800
collect road reports.  Michael Cole getys under my skin.

REISMARK: All hail wrestling's worst announcer ever, Tony Schiavone.

JON WALTON: Wait, I found a category even easier to vote for Madden in.

JAMES HOWARD: Can someone ship *Michael Cole* down to Ohio Valley?
*Please*? ^_^;;

BOB MORRIS: I figure it's time to break tradition of naming the usual WCW
announcer the worst announcer of the year. No question that Tony Schiavone
is still bad, but Michael Cole is quickly catching up to his level of

NATHAN LONEY: Lee Marshall, Tony Schiavone, Michael Cole... put their
names into a hat, and pull them out for the placement, pretty much.  The
cream of the crap right here.

BILL LEHECKA: Has anyone checked Tony for the existence of a backbone?  
You might want to also check if he has his own free will.  At least every
Nitro now isn't the greatest Nitro ever, but c'mon, the hyperbole is

LAWRENCE BENEDETTO: Please fire him.

TANVIR RAQUIB: All 3 men are white and employees of the WWFE. And yes, one
of them is Jim Ross, that scumbag.

JOHN DONALDSON:  Lee Marshall is still trying to hang onto his glory days
filled with WCW Road Reports and Cheesy Weasel Jokes, I think he's jealous
of his replacement and his tye-dyed buddy.  Tony Schiavone is perhaps the
worst announcer in the history of our great sport.  Michael Cole, well
there isn't much you can say about that Bud Bundy lookalike accept isn't
there someone besides Kevin Kelly or The Coach that could fill in for him
so he can take the same route of Todd Pettengill.  That of the joining the
ranks of the third-rate morning drive unimaginative radio disc jockey.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: A write-in vote for the Coach.  Never pays any
attention to the matches on Jakked and has the charisma of a door knob.  
Fat Tony gets #2 by default.  Lee Marshall is still bad too.

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