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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Organization

Worst Organization                      

Award Description:

To be given to the organization/promotion that has the worst product. This
is the organization whose TV and house shows you wouldn't even think of
attending. Probably not even as a freebie. 

Previous Winners:

  1990: WWF / AWA (tie) 
  1991: WCW 
  1992: WWF 
  1993: WCW 
  1994: WCW 
  1995: WCW 
  1996: AWF
  1997: WCW
  1998: WCW
  1999: WCW

**2000**: WCW

503 first place votes
404 second place votes
360 third place votes

317  62 54 1879   WCW
 79 102 53  807   XPW
 40  58 50  474   Juggalo Championshit Wrestling
 17  40 46  297   ECW
 16  39 50  297   WOW
 17  33 29  242   WXO
  8   8  8   80   WWF
  1   8  7   43   FMW
  0   6  4   26   Big Japan
  1   3  2   18   NWA
  1   1  5   18   NWA-UK Hammerlock
  1   2  2   15   Stampede
  0   3  3   15   CZW
  1   2  1   13   OVW
  0   0  4    8   New Japan
  0   1  2    7   AJPW
  1   0  0    5   XPO (?)
  0   0  2    4   UWA
  0   1  0    3   XPX (?)
  0   1  0    3   PWX
  0   1  0    3   NWA WV-OH
  0   1  0    3   NWA Florida
  0   1  0    3   Legends of Wrestling
  0   0  1    2   Superstars of Wrestling
  0   0  1    2   NWA Wildside
  0   0  1    2   NOAH
  0   0  1    2   MCW (Which one?)
  0   0  1    2   IWA
  0   0  1    2   EWF
  0   0  1    2   BattlArts
  0   0  1    2   AWF
  0   0  1    2   AWA
  0   0  1    2   APW
  0   0  1    2   AAA

REJECTED - most aren't wrestling organisations

  0  27 26        Duplicate votes
  1   0  0        PTC
  1   0  0        McMahon-Helmsley Era
  1   0  0        DX
  0   1  0        UAW
  0   1  0        RTC
  0   1  0        Heroes Of Wrestling (did not promote during eligible time period)
  0   1  0        Corporation
  0   0  1        Corporate-Ministry

C. JOSEPH HOFFMAN: Was the spelling on JCW a misprint or was it
intentional?  Aligning itself with the far-worse WCW did not help the

HIRO: WCW is undoubtly the worst organization right now. I don't know how
it manages to continue operating and bringing in millions of viewers each
week. They did some things right, only to throw it away a few weeks later.

MICHAEL BANKER: I know that I listed WCW as both the 3rd worst and 3rd
best organization, but I only have ever seen five of them, and WCW was in
the middle.  (So just how fucking bad does that make the other two????)

JASON:  Again, I don't exactly have a lot of choices.

BEN WEINER: Hey Chris, don't you mean worst "organisation"?

SCOTT W.: WCW is horrible.  Their shows are unwatchable.  I feel sorry for
CRZ still having the baggage that is Nitro.  Not even a WCW mark can watch
that show and defend them.  XPW is just a joke.  Bad porno with bad
wrestling.  Hey. lets rip off ECW, A promotion that many people don't know
about.  Also, when you invade ECW in yuour own territorym and the fans
chant pro ECW at you, then something is wrong with your crappy promotion.  
Women of Wrestling would be on the list if it were not fot the Insane
Clown Posse.  Thank you for JCW.  ChampionSHIT Wrestling huh?  It is
definite SHIT.....

JOSEPH MICELI: Yes, i actually like WOW better than WCW and ECW

STEVE SHIVES: Talk about lack of suspense ... Did anyone NOT vote for WCW?

MOSES GATES:  Perhaps I'm not sophisticated enough of a wrestling fan, but
having three "best organizations" and three "worst organizations" is three
more (at least) than anyone watches.

JON WALTON: Big Japan is consistently awful with a glimmer of goodness
every once in awhile.  XPW is just consistently awful.

JAMES HOWARD: Gee, it's... kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't
it? Not just fish; *dead* fish. ^_^;;

GEORGE JOHNSON: I've never seen JCW, but anything involving those f'ing
clowns gets my vote for worst ever.

JOE GAGNE: WCW has had one of the worst years ever in wrestling:
nonsensical angles and terrible matches (was there a **** in WCW this
year?) were the norm, which resulting in pitiful ratings, attendance, and
buyrates.  I hope they improve in ?01, but I don?t see how they can go
much lower.  XPW was unwatchable junk, mimicking the very worst aspects of
ECW and coming off as a pathetic copycat.

CHRISTOPHER SHEA: I've never seen JCW, but it sure sounds deserving of
this award.

BILL LEHECKA:  I almost put the Juggalo Championshit Wrestling
organization above WCW, but then again, WCW is in a class in itself when
it comes to disorganization.  It's like the bookers are playing "Can you
top this?" in the realm of suckdom.  WCW: We Can't Write, or, We Can't
Wrestle.  Take your pick.  I almost put that stupid Juggalo Championshit
Wrestling Federation in the top spot, but That would just be giving those
ICP idiots more attention.

BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: Though I've never actually watched any XPW, I feel
perfectly justified in voting for it here based purely on reputation.

OCTAVIAN: I didn't vote for WCW as any of the Best Organizations, but I
don't think anyone could vote for it as one of the Worst.  There must be
three promotions out there worse than WCW...right?

COLIN MacKINNON: Everything that could be said about WCW has probably
already been said, so I'll just keep it short...  The fed's turned into a
joke. Even when you see the odd bright spot here and there, usually those
angles/matches are quickly shot down.  I can remember a ton of WWF angles
and matches over the past year, but when it comes to WCW, I honestly can't
think of too much.  The glory days of WCW are now gone...  And there's
just too many pieces of the puzzle left to put together.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: WCW gets the vote.  I stay away from all the other bad
stuff ;o

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