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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst TV Show

Worst TV Show                           

Award Description:

To be given to what is on average the worst wrestling TV show. In 1994, TV
shows and major shows were given separate award categories. 

Previous Winners:

  1991: 07/07/91: WCW Great American Bash 
  1992: 12/03/91: WWF This Tuesday In Texas 
  1993: 04/04/93: WWF WrestleMania IX 
  1994: WCW World Wide 
  1995: WWF Mania
  1996: AWF Warriors of Wrestling
  1997: WWF LiveWire
  1998: WCW Worldwide
  1999: WCW Thunder

**2000**: WCW Thunder

479 first place votes
452 second place votes
392 third place votes

151 142  44 1269   WCW Thunder
107  99  61  954   WCW Monday Nitro
 50  36  42  442   WCW Worldwide
 46  23  32  363   XPW TV
 26  22  34  264   WOW Women of Wrestling
 24  24  21  234   WCW Saturday Night / Morning
 22  14  30  212   ECW on TNN
  7  24  31  169   WWF Sunday Night Heat
 10  20  24  158   WWF LiveWire
  8  16  18  124   WXO weekly TV
  4   7  28   95   WWF Superstars
  4   6  12   62   WWF Metal / Jakked
  7   1   1   40   WWF RAW is WAR
  3   5   4   38   ECW Hardcore TV
  2   8   2   38   WWF SmackDown!
  1   0   1    7   UWA weekly TV
  0   2   0    6   UPW TV
  1   0   0    5   NWA Worldwide/Music City Wrestling
  1   0   0    5   NWA Wildside
  0   1   0    3   WXO Syndicated


  1   0   0        WCW Pro (did not air in time period)
  3   2   2        Various non-wrestling TV shows
  1   0   1        "Anything by..." votes
  0   1   1        Duplicate votes
  0   0   1        WWF Shotgun Saturday Night (did not air in time period)
  0   0   1        GLOW (did not air in time period)
  0   0   1        "Tie" votes

MICHAEL BANKER: I've only seen the XPW crap once, so really it wasn't a
fair sample on which to base a decision for the content of every show, but
I don't care. It sucked.

JASON:  Again, I don't exactly have a lot of choices.

SCOTT W.: Nitro and Thunder are the Big 2 for this one.  XPW TV is the 3rd
choice.  XPW, what else could be said about these losers.  HA! Sal. E
kicked your asses.

STEPHEN TISZENKEL: If you haven't seen WOW yet, find it immediately.
Absolutely everything about it is terrible, from the announcing team to
the entrance videos. See it before it's too late!

CHRIS BURKE: The WWF has made Heat into the lamest show on TV.  I used to
catch it occasionally, but who in the WWF front office thought it would be
a good idea to book fourth-tier musical guests, have MTV rejects host the
show, and then have Tazz make a general ass of himself by just cracking
lame jokes?  There is NO point in watching that show anymore.

MATT CUMMINGS: I know most people bag WCW constantly, I am one of them,
and they will probably carry this category. But ECW has had hands down the
worst promotion this year, followed closely by their "rip-offs" at XPW.
The sheer stupidity of these two promotions cannot be overlooked. As much
as I detest Sean Shannon, any promotion that has wrestlers write to
complain to internet wrestlers is bush leaugue...thank God they are gone
from my television.

DREW HUNT: My #1 choice was that way because it was such a colossal
letdown after the magnificence of the week before, which actually made me
want to watch Nitro.

JAMES HOWARD: Like I said; dead fish in a barrel. It still applies, don't
you know. ^^;

GEORGE JOHNSON: A year ago Saturday Night was my favorite wrestling show.  
Damn you Russo.

BILL LEHECKA: What is WCW Thunder?  Is it a secondary show to work with
Monday Nitro?  Or is it a major show for the people who work on WCW
Saturday Night?  When you don't have a clear direction on a show, you're
in deep trouble.

BLAZEJ SZPAKOWICZ: Thunder, by a country mile. If the people producing it
don't give a damn about a program, why should we? It's (marginally) better
than it used to be, but it's still crap. Nitro's better, certainly, but
not by much. Its had some good bits over the year, but they've been few
and far between, and its bad is *really* bad. ECW on TNN gets third. It
never even came close to working well, and, appropriately, I never even
came close to caring.

ERIC STRAGAND: I was so excited that I'd finally be seeing ECW in Denver,
again! We had not received ECW here since early 1995. Then, I watched the
show and it was a complete disappointment. Horrible segments, a deluge of
commercials and a sub quality production.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: Nitro was just SO bad due to Russo killing it.  Why
does the WWF have TWO recap shows?

THE CUBS FAN: XPW! XPW! XPW! Yes, WCW and ECW sucked a lot - but XPW was
stuipd enough to think they could over by bashing ECW (which only works if
you don't look worse) and pretending they were allied with WCW. David
McLane wishes he could do skits so bad.

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