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2000 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Major Show

Worst Major Show                        

Award Description:

To be given to the worst major event. This could be a pay-per-view, a TV
special, or any big arena event. In 1994, TV shows and major shows were
given separate award categories. 

Previous Winners:

  1991: 07/07/91: WCW Great American Bash 
  1992: 12/03/91: WWF This Tuesday In Texas 
  1993: 04/04/93: WWF WrestleMania IX 
  1994: 06/19/94: WWF King of the Ring 
  1995: 03/19/95: WCW Uncensored
  1996: 03/24/96: WCW Uncensored
  1997: 01/25/97: NWO Souled Out
  1998: 08/08/98: WCW Road Wild
  1999: 10/10/99: Heroes of Wrestling

**2000**: 10/29/00: WCW Halloween Havoc

386 first place votes
353 second place votes
318 third place votes

 73 25 35  510   10/29/00 WCW Halloween Havoc
 42 38 43  410   06/25/00 WWF King of the Ring
 41 41 35  398   08/13/00 WCW New Blood Rising
 35 41 27  352   06/11/00 WCW Great American Bash
 39 28 33  345   03/19/00 WCW Uncensored
 27 38 21  291   01/16/00 WCW Souled Out
 25 29 23  258   02/20/00 WCW SuperBrawl X
 23 23 22  228   07/09/00 WCW Bash at the Beach
 18 18 21  186   05/07/00 WCW Slamboree
  8  9  0   67   04/02/00 WWF Wrestlemania 2000
  2 10  3   46   03/12/00 ECW Living Dangerously
  3  4  6   39   08/27/00 WWF SummerSlam
  4  3  4   37   09/17/00 WCW Fall Brawl
  3  3  4   32   04/22/00 ECW Cyberslam
  4  1  3   29   01/23/00 WWF Royal Rumble
  1  6  3   29   12/19/99 WCW Starrcade
  1  4  5   27   05/21/00 WWF Judgment Day
  2  2  3   22   11/14/99 WWF Survivor Series
  2  2  0   16   09/24/00 WWF Unforgiven
  1  3  0   14   11/21/99 WCW Mayhem
  0  1  0    3   03/09/00 WCW Uncensored
  0  1  0    3   01/09/00 ECW Guilty As Charged
  0  0  1    2   12/12/99 WWF Armageddon
  0  0  1    2   10/01/00 ECW Anarchy Rulz
  1  1  3   14   11/07/99 ECW November to Remember
  1  1  2   12   03/11/00 Rikidozian Memorial Show
  1  0  3   11   04/16/00 WCW Spring Stampede
  1  0  1    7            I-Generation Wrestling (Hennig v. Rodman)
  0  2  0    6   05/06/00 WWF UK InsurreXtion
  1  0  0    5   07/23/00 WWF Full Loaded
  0  1  1    5   10/22/00 WWF No Mercy
  0  0  2    4   05/14/00 ECW Hardcore Heaven
  0  1  0    3            NJPW Choshu v. Onita PPV
  0  1  0    3   04/30/00 WWF Backlash

REJECTED - didn't occur between 11/02/99 and 11/01/00 or not "Major" show

 15  3  1                 WCW Monday Nitro
  9  3  0                 "Any..." votes
  1  6  0                 WCW Thunder
  3  0  0        10/10/99 Heroes of Wrestling
  1  1  0                 ECW on TNN
  0  2  1                 WWF Sunday Night Heat
  0  1  1                 Duplicate votes
  0  1  1                 ECW Hardcore TV
  0  0  2                 WWF RAW is WAR
  0  1  0        04/04/93 WWF Wrestlemania IX
  0  1  0        03/20/94 WWF Wrestlemania X
  0  0  1                 War Games (?)
  0  0  1                 Stampede Superstars (?)
  0  0  1                 ECW Barely Legal 2000 (no such PPV)
  0  0  1        11/19/00 WWF Survivor Series
  0  0  1        11/03/00 ECW November To Remember
  0  0  1        05/14/95 WWF In Your House I
  0  0  1                 "Tie" votes

CHRIS WILCOX: It was kind of disappointing to put down New Blood Rising as
the worst show of the year, since it fell on my birthday, but I've never
been more pissed off at a match as I was at Lance Storm vs Mike Awesome,
so I have to vote it first.  Russo, do us all a favor and kindly slit your
wrists, or drink some vodka and sleeping pills, or something.  Well, don't
do that, but please have nothing to do with wrestling ever again after you
inevitably get fired.  Thank you.

JUSTIN McGROTTY: didn't chose any because I am too lazy to go back and see
what all the shows were. but I am sure that WCW ones are all the top 3 for

JASON:  Still no PPV here.  :-(

ALEX GIPSON: Hey, any show like WCW Great American Bash that really
delivers on the "Vince McMahon can't do anything about it" Goldberg heel
turn needs no explanation. After all, we all know how well THAT turned

SCOTT W.: This past Halloween Havoc was a "Please can I have my money back
ppv. "  New Blood Rising SUCKED.. I mean.  I know they needed to reinvent
themselves, for like the zillion-th time, but I am not a fan of stripping
titles.  To be the champ, beat the champ.  Slamboree gets the other nod.  
I also still have those flashbacks called Heros of Wrestling PPV.  UGH!!!

BEANS: I don't think I've watched enough PPVs (about 4 this year) to
comment on this.

REISMARK: WCW saved the worst of its crap until three days before the date
for consideration. Whoopee.

AL RITCHIE: I haven't watched enough PPVs to render an honest judgement.  
I know you're disappointed.

JON WALTON: I wish I could have voted for "breaching of kayfabe,
intelligence and wrestling tradition." But instead I just voted for three
grievous examples of it (the shoots, Arquette and Smackdown the Vote"

SCOTT CRAWFORD: Having not seen a lot of major shows this year, I'm
skipping this one.

MARKUS: I *know* there's a WCW PPV that sucked ass more than KoTR, but not
having actually seen any, I can't really cast votes for them...but man,
what a disappointment KoTR was...

JAMES HOWARD: Ha! If I didn't pay money to see the shows listed under the
*Best* Major Show category, I sure as hell wasn't going to pay money to
see *this* list. :)

GEORGE JOHNSON: KoTR was the epitome of wasted potential.  Souled Out was
the culmination of the worst month in WCW's history.

LCDRKODIAS: Don't get to see PPV's since I work on Sunday nights.

JOE GAGNE: No WWF PPV I saw this year angered me enough to vote it as the
worst.  I?m sure WCW will clean up here, but I didn?t see any of their
PPVs, so I won?t vote for them (I?ll leave that to the poor dopes that
actually watched them).

RICK SCAIA: Souled Out is my choice for worst major show of the year.  On
one hand, it did feature Chris Benoit's World Title victory over Sid; but
on the other, it featured little to no good wrestling, and was the product
of a company in so much disarray (after Vince Russo parted ways with the
company) that Benoit didn't even want to stick around to defend the title
he won even one time (he instead tossed aside the WCW title and jumped to
the WWF with the rest of the Radicalz two weeks later).

CHRISTIAN HARRIS: I can only get WWF PPVs in Britain, so haven't seen
WCW/ECW PPVs.  I liked all the WWF PPVs in some way, so it's hard topick a
'wors' one.

BILL LEHECKA: Take your pick with any WCW show the past year.  Havoc gets
my 1st place vote since it's freshest in my mind.

MATT SPAULDING: This was literally a toss-up for me.  SubParBrawl won out
when the coin came up heads, though Uncensored may have actually been the
worse show.  New Blood Rising is an easy fourth.

LAWRENCE BENEDETTO: Pick a show, any wcw show.

MIKE PLYLEY: The genius that is Kevin Sullivan reared its ugly head for
hopefully the final time, with the first three WCW PPV's of the year not
coincidentally being the worst of the year.

JEFF "FRO" WAHLMAN: No vote here because WCW is so bad and uninteresting
it's hard to remember which PPV was the worst.

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