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1999 R.S.P-W Awards

Best Match

Best Match

Award Description:

To be given to the best wrestling match you've seen this year, either live,
on TV, PPV, or in an arena, or on tape. If it took place in the past year,
it is eligible. In 1994, this award was split into three: North American,
Non-North American, and overall.  In 1997, due to lack of participation on 
both the NA and non-NA sides, it was recombined.

Previous Winners:

  1990: 04/22/90: Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. Marty Janetty & Shawn
                  Michaels (SNME)
  1991: 03/21/91: Steiners vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Hiroshi Hase (Tokyo, aired 
                  on taped PPV)
  1992: 01/18/92: Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble)
  1993: 10/24/93: Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader (Halloween Havoc)
  1994: (overall/NA) 03/20/94: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (WrestleMania)
  1994: (non-NA)     04/16/94: Chris Benoit vs. Great Sasuke (Super J Cup)
  1995: (overall/NA) 08/27/95: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (SummerSlam)
  1995: (non-NA)     11/20/94: Aja Kong vs. Manami Toyota (AJW V*TOP Tourney)
  1996: (overall/NA) 03/31/96: Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania)
  1996: (non-NA)     03/17/96: Jushin Liger vs. Shinjiro Otani
  1997: 10/05/97: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker (Hell in the Cell cage)
  1998: 06/28/98: Undertaker v. Mankind (Hell in the Cell cage)

**1999**: 10/17/99: Brood (Matt & Jeff Hardy) v. Edge & Christian (ladder)
                    (No Mercy) 

335 first place votes
308 second place votes
296 third place votes

148 59 26  969   10/17/99 Brood v. Edge & Christian (ladder)
 64 58 27  548   10/04/99 Bret Hart v. Chris Benoit (Nitro)
 12 16 29  166   08/22/99 Test v. Shane McMahon (Love her or leave her)
  9 17 23  142   01/24/99 Rock v. Mankind (I quit WWF)
  5 19 17  116   02/14/99 Steve Austin v. Vince McMahon (cage)
  9 10  8   91   05/16/99 Rob Van Dam v. Jerry Lynn (TV, no time limit)
  6 11  7   77   10/08/99 Rob Van Dam v. Jerry Lynn (TNN TV)
  5 11  8   74   09/19/99 Taz v. Masato Tanaka v. Mike Awesome (ECW)
  5  5 11   62   04/11/99 Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko v. Raven & Perry Saturn
  6  4  7   56   12/29/98 Rock v. Mankind (WWF)
  4  7  7   55   03/21/99 Rob Van Dam v. Jerry Lynn (TV)
  9  1  3   54   06/13/99 Kenta Kobashi v. Mitsuharu Misawa
  3  7  7   50   04/11/99 Juventud Guerrera v. Blitzkrieg
  3  7  6   48   12/27/98 Kidman v. Rey Mysterio Jr. v. Juventud Guerrera (Cruiser triangle)
  5  6  2   47   03/28/99 Rock v. Steve Austin (WWF)
  1  8  7   43   01/17/99 Kidman v. Rey Mysterio Jr. v. Juventud Guerrara v. Psychosis (Nitro four corners Cruiser)
  5  0  8   41   02/14/99 Mankind v. Rock (last man standing WWF)
  3  2 10   41   04/25/99 Steve Austin v. Rock (WWF)
  4  4  1   34   01/22/99 Mitsuharu Misawa v. Toshiaki Kawada
  3  3  2   28   03/06/99 Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa v. Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama
  1  5  4   28   04/26/99 Diamond Dallas Page v. Sting (WCW Nitro Match 1)
  4  1  2   27   03/29/99 Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko v. Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr. (Nitro tag)
  2  2  5   26   09/27/99 Kidman v. Psychosis (Nitro mask vs. hair)
  0  5  4   23   09/19/99 Jerry Lynn v. Lance Storm
  0  3  6   21   09/19/99 Yoshihiro Tajiri v. Super Crazy v. Little Guido
  1  2  2   15   01/31/99 Rock v. Mankind (Halftime Heat WWF)
  0  3  3   15   09/26/99 Triple H v. Rock v. Big Show v. British Bulldog v. Mankind v. Kane (WWF)
  1  2  1   13   10/04/99 Dean Malenko v. Rey Mysterio Jr. (Nitro)
  2  0  1   12   07/22/99 Mona v. Brandi Alexander (Thunder)
  1  1  2   12   05/01/99 Vader v. Mitsuharu Misawa
  1  2  0   11   02/07/99 Great Sasuke v. Magnum Tokyo
  2  0  0   10   Rob Van Dam v. Jerry Lynn (TV) (which one?)
  1  1  1   10   07/05/99 Triple H v. Rock (RAW cage)
  0  2  2   10   09/26/99 Chris Jericho v. X-Pac
  1  0  2    9   10/23/99 Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama v. Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa
  0  1  3    9   04/25/99 Undertaker v. Ken Shamrock
  0  0  4    8   06/13/99 Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn v. Triad (tag)
  1  0  1    7   04/04/99 Suger Sato & Chikayo Nagashima & Kaori Nakayama v. Toshie Uematsu & Satura Hirota & Rie Tamada
  0  1  2    7   10/24/99 D'Lo Brown v. Chris Jericho (Euro Heat)
  0  1  2    7   10/23/99 Rob Van Dam v. Sabu (TV)
  0  2  0    6   04/19/99 Rey Mysterio Jr v. Blitzkrieg v. Psychosis v. Juventud (Nitro four corners Cruiser)
  0  0  3    6   06/27/99 Road Dogg v. Chyna (KotR Quarter)
  1  0  0    5   Taz v. Bam Bam Bigelow (ineligible?)
  1  0  0    5   Mankind v. Rock(which one?)
  1  0  0    5   10/30/99 Mitusuaru Misawa v. Vader
  1  0  0    5   09/06/99 Ivory v. Tori (RAW Women's hardcore)
  1  0  0    5   08/12/99 Danny Doring & Amish Roadkill v. Chris Chetti & Super Nova
  1  0  0    5   03/17/99 Jushin Liger v. Koji Kanemoto
  0  1  1    5   12/28/98 Rey Mysterio Jr. & Kidman v. Eddie Guerrero & Juventud Guerrera (Nitro)
  0  0  2    4   Rob Van Dam v. Jerry Lynn (which one?)
  0  1  0    3   09/23/99 Triple H v. Rock (SmackDown Brahma bullrope)
  0  1  0    3   09/13/99 Chris Jericho v. Gotch Gracie (RAW)
  0  1  0    3   09/13/99 Chris Benoit v. Dean Malenko (Nitro)
  0  1  0    3   09/09/99 Rock & Mankind v. Undertaker & Big Show (SmackDown Buried Alive)
  0  1  0    3   07/04/99 Chi-Chi Cruz v. Joe E. Legend
  0  1  0    3   03/21/99 Sabu v. Taz (FTW)
  0  1  0    3   03/14/99 Hollywood Hogan v. Ric Flair (WCW first blood cage)
  0  1  0    3   01/24/99 30 man Royal Rumble
  0  0  1    2            Rey Mysterio Jr. v. Kidman (Cruiser) (which one?)
  0  0  1    2            Perry Saturn & Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko v. Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon & Ric Flair (Thunder)
  0  0  1    2            Mr. Niebla v. IWRG Mr. Niebla, Mexico City
  0  0  1    2   12/27/98 Eric Bischoff v. Ric Flair
  0  0  1    2   11/01/99 Sting v. Brian Knobs (WCW Tourney)
  0  0  1    2   11/01/99 Chris Benoit v. Dean Malenko (cage)
  0  0  1    2   10/25/99 Test v. British Bulldog (RAW cage)
  0  0  1    2   09/06/99 Juventud Guerrera & Blitzkrieg & Psychosis v. Kidman & Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Eddie Guerrero
  0  0  1    2   08/22/99 Steve Austin v. Mankind v. Triple H (WWF)
  0  0  1    2   08/14/99 Hulk Hogan v. Kevin Nash (WCW retirement)
  0  0  1    2   07/23/99 Mitsuharu Misawa v. Toshiaki Kawada
  0  0  1    2   07/19/99 Eddie Guerrero v. Psychosis (Nitro)
  0  0  1    2   06/  /99 10-Man Elimination Torneo Cibenernetico
  0  0  1    2   05/17/99 Raven & Perry Saturn v. Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit (Nitro tag)
  0  0  1    2   04/22/99 Magnum Tokyo & Dragon Kid & Arai v. Shiima Nobunaga & Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji
  0  0  1    2   04/11/99 Ric Flair v. Hulk Hogan v. Sting v. Diamond Dallas Page (WCW)
  0  0  1    2   04/11/99 Rey Mysterio Jr. v. Kidman (Cruiser)
  0  0  1    2   03/ /99 Cuddley Berr v. F-f-f-fuzz
  0  0  1    2   01/29/99 Hardy Boyz v. Serial Thrillaz (OMEGA)
  0  0  1    2   01/17/99 Goldberg v. Scott Hall (ladder)
  0  0  1    2   01/10/99 Super Crazy v. Yoshihiro Tajiri

REJECTED - outside the period between 11/02/98 and 11/01/99

  2  1  0        11/07/99 Mike Awesome v. Masato Tanaka (ECW) 
  0  1  3                 "Tie" votes
  0  1  2        11/21/99 Bret Hart v. Chris Benoit (WCW Tourney Final) 
  0  1  0                 Mankind v. Rock (which one?) 
  0  1  0                 Jerry Lynn v. Rob Van Dam (which one?) 
  0  1  0        11/25/99 Hardys v. The New Age Outlaws (SmackDown cage) 
  0  1  0        11/14/99 Chyna v. Chris Jericho (IC) 
  0  1  0        11/07/99 Sabu v. Chris Candido
  0  1  0        10/25/98 Bret Hart v. Sting (US) 
  0  1  0        06/28/98 Undertaker v. Mankind (Hell in the Cell) 
  0  0  1        11/21/99 Chris Benoit v. Jeff Jarrett (WCW Tourney Semifinal)

CHRIS BIRD: The ladder match at No Mercy and the Owen Hart tribute match
on Nitro were so hard to decide between, but in the end, I gave the ladder
match the nod for #1 just because I enjoyed it that little tiny bit more
for no particular reason. #3 was the superb match between Jerry Lynn and
Lance Storm at Anarchy Rulz, which didn't need anything more than good
wrestling - no ladders, no special emotional significance - to be a
terrific match.

ALEX BECKERS:  Edge/Xian and the Hardys are my two favorite teams, and I
STILL haven't seen the ladder match!  AARGH!

EDC: The best match of the year, IMO, was the Three way at Anarchy Rulz
for the World Title. The New Brood vs. Old Brood was the best Light weight
match of the year. The First Toryumon Main Event was Awesome, a great
match for these rookies.

CYBERAL33: Misawa/Kawada from January was unreal...everything from Kawada
wrestling with a broken arm to the Ganso Bomb to the 2 INCREDIBLE shuchoku
rakka shikki no brainbusters! I love the announcer at the end...great
wrestling. The tag match from March was also incredible and Ogawa has
really stepped up when no one thought he could. The 3 x 3 survival match
from the 4/4/99 GAEA show was one of the best booked matches I have ever
seen, it had me (and the crowd) on my feet from the start to finish.

RFLAGG13: I admit it, I'm a sucker for high spots, and the spots don't get
much higher than those in the ladder match from No Mercy. I swear, all 4
people involved in this should get a huge ass pay raise, because they
really put their bodies on the line for that one. Next we go to an
underrated match from TNN TV featuring Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam on Oct.
8. I felt this one had better psychology than their Living Dangerously
meeting, and even though I knew the outcome, Jerry Lynn had me fooled into
thinking he might actually win it. 3rd goes to the unbelievably great
Benoit/Malenko vs. Raven/Saturn match from Spring Stampede. Tag team
wrestling doesn't get much better than that, folks.

K. CANZANELLA: Kobashi/Akiyama v. Misawa/Ogawa was a hell of a match. It
had great heat, tons of nearfalls, awesome psychology, and a great finish.
Sasuke v. Magnum Tokyo gets my second place vote. It was a great blend of
styles and had several awesome spots, and a well-planned finish. Those who
say the matwork didn't lead anywhere are missing the point of how Sasuke's
attacks to the legs and lower back affected the outcome of the finish. I'm
gonna give a Lucha Libre match the third place vote, and I will give it to
the Tornero Cibernetico over the Relevos Suicidas match, since the Torneo,
while meaning less than the masks match, was superior to the Relevos
Suicidas match, and gave the younger mildly pushed EMLL stars the chance
to show off their skills. And imagine, it could have been even better, but
the Black Warrior got injured so they had to take him out.

MARC LETZMANN: The 01/21/99 Mitsuharu Misawa v. Toshiaki Kawada (Ganso
Powerbomb match) was on 01.22.99, according to Pro Wrestling GONG

SVEN MASCARENHAS: I'm predisposed to like tag matches more than singles,
so the great match from the ACC on Nitro between the Horsemen and the
future Filthy Animals blew me away; it's lack of a gimmick is what raises
it above the ladder match. And Lynn vs. Storm was dammed good, too.

FALCONARROW: I loved the 3-Way at Slamboree. Sue me, I like some spot
fests :)

OCTAVIAN:  I hope I don't sound like a bastard for saying so but I'd be
disappointed if the Hart vs. Benoit memorial match on Nitro wins this one.  
The category is "Best Match" not "Match had for the Best Reason." Yes
Owen's death is tragic and yes it was touching and a wonderful gesture for
WCW to allow Hart and Benoit to put together a long wrestling match in his
honor, however the match in and of itself didn't even reach **** in my

JOHN ROMANO:  Test and Shane - sports entertainment at its best.

DON BECKER: Kobashi/Misawa from June was fantastic in terms of the match
flow and the psychology - two guys who know each other so well that they
know counters to the counters to the counters to the big moves...  
Hart/Benoit was a fantastic old-school match and an easy pick for NA MOTY.  
Brood/Blonds was a fantastic bit of a lucha/junior trainwreck, made
extra-sweet because the four of them got a standing ovation from the
ever-jaded WWF crowd simply for putting on a great match.

SHAWN MULLIN: I pick the ladder match about the Owen Tribute match, even
though Bret and Benoit are 2 of my top 3 favs.  The one reason I put it
ahead is that the Ladder match started off with a crowd who could care
less about 2 midcard teams and ended in a standing ovation.  They sucked
teh crowd in, and had them absolutely going crazy.  The Bret/Benoit match
was the best pure wrestling match we've seen in a long time, but they
level of interest, which was ok (heat I mean), never really increased
throughout the match.  They didn't suck them in.  My third choice, Rock
vs. Austin from Backlash, is here to represent the WWF Main Event brawl
that carried their PPVs all year, and this great, intense, perfectly
booked match was the best of the bunch.

MAX CHITTISTER: Three hot blowoffs (yes, feuds CAN end, WCW!). If Chyna
beats Road Dogg, this match goes from second-best to second-worst.

JBELL55146: No Match had me jumping off my seat more then the Ladder
Match.  Beniot/Hart<2nd>was the most technical sound match since
Hart/Michaels at Wrestlemania XIII.  And Foley/Rocky Last Man Standing
answered the question "How Many Chair Shots CAN Mick Foley Take in rabid

PAUL SHOCK:  I can only limit this to matches I've seen, and I rarely get
PPV.  So, the I Quit Match from the Royal Rumble gets it, despite the
crappy ending.  The only RVD/Lynn match I saw was by all Net reports one
of their weakest ones, but I still loved it.  Sting/Page from Nitro gets
third.  You know, this was really a poor year for actual wrestling.  
Thanks, Mr. Russo!

BLOB: The tribute match near the end of the year stole the spotlight from
other great matches that could've been in the top 3. Simply put, it was
30+ minutes of pure wrestling action. The Sting/DDP match had every
possible aspect of good wrestling a match could have. The crowd response
was exceptional, as was the wrestling, brawling, psychology, etc. The New
Brood vs Edge/Christian was the ultimate spotfest that made even the WWF
fans give a standing ovation for.

GEORGE CARTER: The tag team title match from the Nitro in Toronto was the
best match I have seen all year long. It had the intensity of
Steamboat/Savage, the pure wrestling of Bret/Benoit, the drama of
Rock/Austin and the high flying moves of Rey/Juvy. This was a pure
classic. Benoit/Hart had an excellent 30 minute match, something unheard
of in these 'Crash TV' days. That was probably the best 100 % pure
wrestling match since Hennig/Hart at SUmmerSlam 91. Sadly, I haven't seen
the Hardys/Edge & Christian ladder match yet, so I couldn't judge it yet.

JOHN C.:The best match was Hart/Benoit because it was in tribute to Owen,
it was given about thirty minutes and was on free TV. My second is the
ladder match from No Mercy cause I love ladder matches and this was very
original with plenty of fantastic highspots. Number three for me was
Juvi/Blitzkrieg from Spring Stampede since it was the best one on one PPV
match this year.

ELLIOT SPARKS: Best match is a fine category. Not too many
earth-shattering bouts this year, but plenty that qualify as great.
Standing atop the heap is Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi, and their
terrific 43 minute Triple Crown match. Maybe it was a bit repetetive
towards the end, but the bout still had everything: sensible build,
explosive false-finishes, killer bumps, and even a dash of psychology. The
crowd seemed to like it too. Second place goes to Bret Hart vs Chris
Benoit, from that edition of Nitro. Maybe this wouldn't have been quite as
memorable if it weren't for the situation surrounding the match, but the
situation was quite extraordinary, and made up for any tiny faults in the
wrestling itself. The emotion and reality of two guys performing in honour
of a fallen comrade will likely not be seen for many years to come. Third
spot goes to Rey Jr, Kidman, and Juvi Guroovy for their Starrcade '98
lucha clinic. Excellent timing and execution, this was a genuinely
king-sized wrestling match that didn't suffer from the stunt-styled
deficiencies of the Hardys/Blonds ladder match. Superb performances in
every respect. Also, special mention to the other real contenders for
MOTY: Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn from Hardcore Heaven and September's TNN
show, Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama vs Mitsuharu Misawa and Yoshi Ogawa
from AJPW's March 6th show, Juventud vs Blitzkrieg from Spring Stampede,
the No Mercy ladder match, and Vader vs Mitsuharu Misawa at AJPW's Tokyo
Dome show. Some excellent shit, if I say so myself.

JOE GAGNE: Hardys/Edge Christian ladder match has been labeled a spotfest,
but I have never seen such effort and spots in one match. Bravo.  
Hart/Benoit was a classic, a lengthy, well paced, beautifully wrestled
match.  Owen would be proud.  Shane/Test from Summerslam had a great
story, excellent booking, and a hell of an effort from both men. I have no
qualms with putting it third.

MYKLL42:Bret Hart v. Chris Benoit (Nitro. MYKLL42:... if it weren't for
commercial interruptions, this would be up there in Match of the Decade
rankings... as it is, we'll really never know.  Amazing technical match,
slow building of crowd heat with absolutely no backstory at all.  They
told their own story in the ring.  With Hart and Benoit, wrestling is no
longer sports entertainment, it's art.

SEAN FLYNN: The Ladder Match was incredible.  The Vince/Austin match was
tense and the perfect sports entertainment match.  And watching Mick take
the belt was a heartwarming moment.  I'm sorry, but the Bret/Benoit
tribute match just didn't do it for me, so it takes fourth.

MARK SMITH:  Woof.  Not a good year for America in this one.  Japanese
stuff took all three top spots this year.

LUKE JOHNSTON: The 10/04/99 Bret Hart v. Chris Benoit match from Nitro was
without a doubt the best match of 1999. In typical Internet smart fashion,
a lot of people tried to nitpick at it and attack WCW for little things
like showing commercials during the match, but when you got right down to
it, this match represented everything that pro wrestling is supposed to be
and more. If there was ever a single match that should be required viewing
for all wrestling fans, this is it.=20

BEN MILLER:  All hail Misawa for being as banged up as he is and giving
three out of this world performances against Vader, Kobashi and in a tag
match with Ogawa against Burning.

B. SZPAKOWICZ: Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz was *not* the best
ladder match of all time (it was still surpassed by both HBK/Razor ladder
matches, very easily) . It was, however, a breathtaking cavalcade of
incredible spots, and that's good enough for the top vote. Some people can
talk about it lacking psychology (and would be quite right to do so) , but
with this caliber of spots, the aforementioned people can stick their
psychology directly up Billy Gunn's namesake. RVD vs. Jerry Lynn match
#27452 (of their 47000 match series) gets number two (This being the no
time-limit one on 5/16) . Mankind vs. Rock from Royal Rumble was the best
of that particular 65000 match series, and it gets number three.

THERION: 07/22/99 Miss Madness v. Brandi Alexander (Thunder) gets
honorable mention as the only decent woman's match in any of the big 3
this year.

RYAN GRANT:  Blitzkreig is one of the most exciting cruiserweights in the
game today, IMO, and his match against Juventud was far and away the match
of the year to me.  Great highflying action that had me on my feet many a
time.  Second and third were sports entertainment matches: Austin vs.
McMahon from St. Valentine's Day Massacre, and Test vs. Shane McMahon from
Summerslam.  Neither match had any right being good, but they were both
very memorable encounters that didn't suck.

KEVIN PODSIADLIK: I couldn't bring myself to vote for Sting/Hogan (10/24)
, but in retrospect I can't think of a more poetically just way to
(perhaps) end Hogan's wrestling career.

BERT SNOOVEN: Chris Benoit wins the trifecta. His tag matches with Malenko
against Raven & Saturn and Mysterio & Kidman were marvelous. His singles
match with Bret Hart recently was a classic.

RICK SCAIA:  There's very little to say about the Edge/Christian vs. the
Hardys match that hasn't already been said, so I'll keep it simple: I
didn't even have to think twice about voting it as my personal Match of
the Year.  In second is the Taz vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome ECW
Title match from the September PPV; cool surprise appearance (and win) by
Awesome, and great drama and action all the way through.  Rounding out my
top three is a controversial choice:  I really liked the Austin/McMahon
cage match from St. Valentine's Day Massacre.  Not a wrestling
masterpiece, but there was high drama, the Big Show's debut, and a lot of
hard work none-the-less.  It was a very satisifying climax to the long
standing Austin/McMahon feud.

JEREMY SORIA: If only Bobby Heenan had been sent away during the
Hart/Benoit match, my only fault there. UT vs. Ken Shamrock? I got to see
this not too long ago, and hey - it was acutally surprisingly good!

JUSTIN JONES: I know there's lots of people who will refuse to vote for a
Match of the Year that featured Shane McMahon, but that's just silly. When
you consider the combination of ring-work, super high spots, and most
importantly, on-the-money booking and psychology, Shane/Test from
Summerslam was the MOTY.

MATT SPAULDING: 07/05/99 Triple H v. Rock (RAW cage) was a VERY close
fourth for me.  Additional props to:  10/04/99 Bret Hart v. Chris Benoit
(Nitro) , 01/24/99 Rock v. Mankind (I quit WWF)

HEATM:  Bret vs. Benoit in tribute to Owen was memorable in more than one
way, and it was easily the best pure wrestling match of the year.  In
terms of spotfests, Brood vs. Edge/Christian was slightly better than
anything from RVD and Jerry Lynn, who get #2 and #3 respectively.

ROB EVANS: Best Match - They hyped the ladder match as "best ladder match
ever." They were right.  Props to the Hardys, Edge, & Christian.

OTTO "HACK-MAN" HEUER: Best Match.  Keller and Meltzer keep talking about
the 4/11 Juvy/Blitzkreig match from a WCW PPV, but I can't for the life of
me remember it.  I was thinking about going back through the PPV matches I
rated for the past year, as that would be more fair (instead of the more
recent matches being more fresh in my mind) but I decided to go with what
I remembered being **** or better from the last year.

MDB: Bret v. Benoit in tribute to Owen Hart.  This match was what
wrestling can be and should be like.  My second fav match this year also
came on free TV.  The cruiser four way on Nitro had its faults, chief
among them Psic getting the belt without pinning the champ, but I'll take
20 minutes like that everytime.  Brood v. Brood gets third because I tend
to rate gimmick matches lower.

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