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1999 R.S.P-W Awards

Best Announcer

Best Announcer

Award Description:

To be given to the commentator/announcer who makes the most insightful and
entertaining comments while pushing his product.  "Ring announcers" don't
qualify here.  As of 1992, the difference between this and colour commentator 
will be enforced. 

Previous Winners:

  1990: Jesse Ventura 
  1991: Jesse Ventura 
  1992: Jim Ross 
  1993: Jim Ross 
  1994: Jim Ross 
  1995: Jim Ross
  1996: Jim Ross
  1997: Jim Ross
  1998: Jim Ross

**1999**: Jim Ross

325 first place votes
294 second place votes
259 third place votes

191  68  17 1193   Jim Ross
 87 107  39  834   Joey Styles
 17  60  86  437   Scott Hudson
 14  39  44  275   Mike Tenay
  2   3  37   93   Michael Cole
  0   4  14   40   Kevin Kelly
  3   0   3   21   EMLL's announcing team
  1   2   4   19   Tony Schiavone
  2   0   4   18   Mark Madden
  1   2   2   15   Mauro Renallo (Stampede)
  0   2   2   10   Marcelo (SuperAstros) (eligible?)
  1   0   0    5   Gorilla Monsoon (eligible?)
  1   0   0    5   All Japan Announcer
  0   1   0    3   Carlos Cabrerra (WWF Spanish)
  0   0   1    2   Shoyuchi Arai
  0   0   1    2   Rock
  0   0   1    2   Les Thatcher
  0   0   1    2   Kenny McBride (UWA - British promotion)

REJECTED - colour commentators are ineligible for this award

  1   3   0        Jerry Lawler
  2   0   0        Oklahoma (ineligible - time)
  2   0   0        Howard Finkel
  0   2   0        Tony Chimel
  1   0   0        Cyrus
  0   0   2        Shane Douglas
  0   1   0        Vince McMahon
  0   1   0        Arnold Schwarzenegger
  0   0   1        Joel Gertner
  0   0   1        "Tie" votes

CHRIS BIRD: Cyrus rules it. Nuff said.

EDC: Usual Suspects agian....

CYBERAL33: An announcer makes the match. Or at least adds to it. The All
Japan announcer has such excitement/concern in his voice that he adds at
least a star to a main event. Go watch Misawa/Kawada again. Then watch it
without the sound. Different match, right? Jim Ross is always great at
getting over an angle and Joey Styles actually tries to learn about the
wrestlers and moves so props to both of those guys as well.

NATHAN LONEY:  I like Jim Ross.  Styles just grew on me, though.  Joey is
quite talented pumping up the TV audience, and I can't wait to see more of

SCOTT GRIFFITH:  Could be renamed to "Guy who least insults my
intelligence as a wrestling fan."

MARC LETZMANN: The AJPW Announce Team Should be listed. Even though they
speak Japanese, they provide the most intresting, most entertaining, and
best overall comentary.

SVEN MASCARENHAS: I like Tenay's work, particularly as a colour guy, but
he's a superb pbp man as well. Ross has slipped, but is still good, while
Joey Styles, the heir apparent, waits in ECW for his chance at the big

DON BECKER: Scott Hudson should be WCW's lead play-by-play guy.  He shills
for the company without being obnoxious, he's intelligent without being
boring, and sounds genuinely excited about the action.  His two-week stint
on Nitro made the show more interesting.  And I dig Spanish announcers
because they get into the program - Cabrerra goes over Marcelo because
I've heard more of Cabrerra.

SHAWN MULLIN: Ross is getting a bit annoying with his hyperbole lately,
but there's no one who makes a big match seem more important than Jim
Ross.  He sells things how they should be sold, and makes it exciting to
watch when he's on the mic. You can't say that about anyone else, but
Styles and Hudson are watcheable.

MAX CHITTISTER: There's only three decent announcers left: throw the names
in a hat and pick 'em.

BLOB: Joey Styles is the real deal! He completely outdistanced himself
from any real competition in this category as Ross had a mediocre at best
year. Hudson was a VERY capable backup for Schiavone and let's hope he
takes his job permanently. The master of knowledge Tenay was up to his
usual good commentating.

GEORGE CARTER:  Thank goodness for Scott Hudson !! I DON'T hate him unlike
my second choice, JR. Those 2/3 weeks that he was on Nitro were a Godsend.

JOHN C.:Ross had a tough year and I applaud him for being so successful
upon his return from Bells Pallsy because he did an admirable job. Joey
Styles, after only two months of listening to the guy, has won me over
with his great announcing. Tenay is my third pick cause he's the only
announcer that actually knows the name of every move.

DONALD SEMACK:  These two are the only reason I watch Stampede every week.  
Bad News is easily the best colour man since Jesse Ventura.

SEAN FLYNN: J.R. tells the story so well, you feel the intensity when he's
on (and screw you Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara) .  Joey is the voice in
one's head whenever thinking about ECW moments.  Scott Hudson gets my
third vote in the hopes that someone sees this and fires Tony's worthless

KEVIN WONG: Having finally watched ECW, I can safely say that Joey Styles
is a great play-by-play man.  He gets the top spot mostly because JR has
been doing more shilling, and less play-by-play over the past year.  And
Scott Hudson is probably the most underrated announcer in the Big 3 today.  
Too bad he's stuck doing Saturday Night.

RICK SCAIA:  Over the past several years, I've continuously flip-flopped
in the Best Announcer category.  This year, I'm doing it again:  going
back to Joey Styles as my top choice and Jim Ross as the close runner-up.  
Since both have gotten a bit away from playing it totally straight and
just calling play-by-play, in favor of a bit more attitude and
storytelling, the deciding factor here was the simple fact that Styles was
active all year long, while Ross missed over four months of TV due to
illness and backstage politics. This is as tough a call as I had to make
on this entire ballot, however: both men are excellent.  The distant third
on this list:  Scott Hudson, who impressed me as WCW's top commentator
during his brief run on Nitro this summer.

JEREMY SORIA: Jim Ross stands alone. Joey Styles isn't the same he was
four-five years ago.

HEATM:  Joey Styles is a solid announcer but he can get really annoying in
a hurry.  At least Scott Hudson doesn't have to beat you over the head
with his excitement.  Jim Ross should have no trouble winning this
category for the eighth straight year.

ROB EVANS: Best Announcer - JR, Joey, and Scott "I earned my spot on
Nitro" Hudson.

MDB: Scott Hudson got two weeks to show how good an announcer he was.  
His reward?  Rick Steiner punks him and he's sent back to WCWSN.  Screw
you, WCW.

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