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1999 R.S.P-W Awards

Best Organization

Best Organization

Award Description:

To be given to the organization/promotion that has the best product. This is
the organization whose TV and house shows you just can't miss. 

Previous Winners:

  1990: NWA 
  1991: WWF 
  1992: WCW 
  1993: SMW 
  1994: ECW 
  1995: WWF
  1996: WWF
  1997: WWF
  1998: WWF

**1999**: WWF

329 first place votes
311 second place votes
270 third place votes

230  46  18 1324   WWF
 53 155  65  860   ECW
 19  63 111  506   WCW
  7  20  16  127   AJPW
  3   9   7   56   Toryumon
  3   7   9   54   NJPW
  2   3   4   27   EMLL
  3   0   4   23   GAEA
  2   2   3   22   ARSION
  2   1   1   15   BattlArts
  0   2   4   14   NWA
  2   0   1   12   Grand Prix Wrestling
  0   2   3   12   OMEGA
  0   2   1    8   NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
  0   0   4    8   New Japan
  0   0   4    8   ECCW
  1   0   0    5   RINGS
  1   0   0    5   Mid American Wrestling
  1   0   0    5   Georgia Wrestling Alliance
  1   0   0    5   DX(NO)
  0   1   1    5   WWF(NO)
  0   0   2    4   APW
  0   1   0    3   NCW
  0   1   0    3   Michinoku Pro
  0   1   0    3   ECWA
  0   0   1    2   W*ING
  0   0   1    2   World Wrestling Alliance
  0   0   1    2   WOWF
  0   0   1    2   UFO
  0   0   1    2   Stampede Wrestling
  0   0   1    2   Seton Hall Wrestling Federation
  0   0   1    2   OVW
  0   0   1    2   NWA-Georgia
  0   0   1    2   NWA Worldwide
  0   0   1    2   MCW
  0   0   1    2   LWF
  0   0   1    2   IWA Mid-South
  0   0   1    2   GLCW
  0   0   1    2   Florida Championship Wrestling
  0   0   1    2   FMW
  0   0   1    2   Bloody Rage American
  0   0   1    2   AAA

CHRIS BIRD: ECW gets my top nod this year for making an entertaining
product out of VIRTUALLY NOTHING. That's brilliance. Toryumon put on
way-cool-beans stuff and made Tokyo Magnum's career. NJPW was good like

EDC: American wrestle hit rock bottom this year. Only ECW had a good year,
and much of that has to do with the big Two's failures. Toryumon is
hitting on all cylinders, and its only there first year!

AARON: WWF has had the superior product for the last 52 weeks plus, and
even with the new look WCW, doesn't look to be letting that go for a
while. ECW has fallen a bit since coming onto TNN, but are still higher
than WCW, who gets third almost by default, despite having the best T&A in
the bidness.

DON BECKER: Given the choice of any organization in wrestling, if I could
only choose one to watch from here on in, I'd vote for Toryumon in a
heartbeat.  If I could choose a second, I'd choose All Japan.  And if I
could chose a third, the WWF.  The first two put on some of the best
wrestling (though AJPW's booking leaves something to be desired, thank you
very much Mrs. Baba), and the WWF just does a great job of producing
entertaining television.

SHAWN MULLIN: They didn't do everything right, but the WWF was the most
successful wrestling company ever in 1999.  They've got to be doing
something right.

MAX CHITTISTER: The only organization I watch consistently is WWF, and
they haven't done well enough to deserve my vote.

JBELL55146: While not as good as last year, WWF still easily had the top
quality program in North America.  ECW had some really good moments this
year and with everybody coming back, should be back at the top of their
game next year. WCW was Beniot, Kidman, and Eddy and well....dat's about

BLOB: ECW just beat out the "Big 2" this year in terms of pure
wrestling/brawling/entertainment. WCW was weak for various portions of the
year, but had some great matches, improving considerably over last year.
NJPW was the hottest ticket in Japan.

GEORGE CARTER:  Well, overall the WWF had a better year, but since I am
'old fashioned' I wabt to see WRESTLING and not SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. But
3 hours of Nitro is just too much and I can stomach 2 hours of Raw.

JOHN C.:WWF gets the top spot over WCW because they had a better Monday
night show and better PPVs. In the short time I've seen ECW I like what
they offer so I think in the future they'll be moving up this list.

JON RICHARDSON:  For this one I needed to vote for the promotion which did
the most to please its fans and improve the quality of what it does.  
That could only be ECW.  ECW finally took the steps required to be a
national promotion and the deals with TNN and Acclaim can only help.

DUNCAN O'SULLIVAN: I only watch the big three hence only three
organisations between the best / worst category. Anyway ECW has gotten
better since last year. Both WCW and WWF have succeeded in a 17 year
wrestling fan in switching them off. WCW gets the nod as worst
organisation as I stopped watching them first.

DONALD SEMACK:  I don't think that anyone really deserved to be #1, but
the WWF seem to at least a direction compared to everybody else.

SEAN FLYNN: WWF had a wonderful year.  ECW went national and kept plugging
along despite some BIG road bumps.  No third place, since the only thing
I've seen otherwise is WCW, which deserves no votes here.

MARK SMITH:  Toryumon came out of NOWHERE this year to instantly become my
favorite foreign promotion.  Watching all the younger guys bust it out
with Sasuke, et al is just great stuff.

SUGAR RAY: As much as I love the WWF storytelling, when you wanna watch
wrestling, ECW is number 1 and no one else even comes close. Long live
ECW, the best that there is.

SELENA KYTE:  The Georgia Wrestling Alliance has been consistent this year
in regularly presenting women's matches alongside the men, and it is the
home of the only women's tag team champions in North America.

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