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1999 R.S.P-W Awards

Best TV Show

Best TV Show

Award Description:

To be given to what is on average the best wrestling TV show. In 1994, TV
shows and major shows were given separate award categories. 

Previous Winners:

  1991: 03/21/91: WCW & New Japan Supershow (aired on tape) 
  1992: 01/18/92: WWF Royal Rumble 
  1993: WWF Monday Night RAW weekly TV 
  1994: WWF Monday Night RAW
  1995: WWF Monday Night RAW
  1996: WWF Monday Night RAW
  1997: WWF Monday Night RAW (WWF RAW is War / WWF RAW / WWF War Zone)
  1998: WWF RAW is WAR (RAW / War Zone)

**1999**: WWF RAW is WAR

328 first place votes
312 second place votes
297 third place votes

218  42  22 1260   WWF RAW is WAR
 27 112  53  577   WWF SmackDown!
 28  43  52  373   ECW on TNN
 17  48  56  341   WCW Monday Nitro
 12  26  18  174   ECW Hardcore TV
  8   5   8   71   All Japan 30
  1   3  28   70   WWF Sunday Night Heat
  4   5  15   65   WCW Saturday Night
  2   6  11   50   WCW Thunder
  1   5  10   40   WWF Jakked / Metal (Shotgun)
  3   2   2   25   EMLL Saturday Lucha Libre
  2   1   5   23   WWF Los SuperAstros
  2   2   3   22   Toryumon TV
  3   1   0   18   GAEA G-Panic TV
  0   4   3   18   NJPW TV
  1   1   0    8   AAA Lucha Lunes
  0   1   2    7   WWF LiveWire
  0   1   2    7   WCW Live
  0   2   0    6   WCW Nitro: Festival de Luche
  0   0   2    4   WCW Worldwide
  0   1   0    3   WWF Metal / Jakked
  0   1   0    3   Michinoku Pro TV
  0   1   0    3   GAEA Battle station
  0   0   1    2   Wrestling Power '99
  0   0   1    2   WWF SuperAstros
  0   0   1    2   UWA Wrestling Rampage (British show)
  0   0   1    2   NWA Wildside
  0   0   1    2   JWP
  0   0   1    2   Champ Forum (Japan)

CHRIS BIRD: ECW on TNN was a distinctly old-school show, so I loved every
minute of it. The Big Two only put out good wrestling on their unimportant
weekend shows, so that's what gets my other votes.

EDC: ECW's Hardcore TV was good when they weren't hyping anything. Nitro
proved it was that bad when they had the Spanish announcers on. Smakedown
had more speed than RAW, it just clicked more than RAW does or has.

SVEN MASCARENHAS: I only saw SuperAstros on four occasions, but I loved
every second of those two hours. It was something totally different, lucha
with WWF production values, and it was dammed fun while it lasted. Shotgun
was its usual consistent self, while WCWSN was a good mix of old-school
bookings and young flyers. Works for me.

DON BECKER: Again, based on my choices for best Organzation, All Japan 30
has the best televised wrestling around.  WWF Jakked/Metal/Shotgun is the
meeting point between sports entertainment and good wrestling, and Japan's
Champ Forum has a great format - bring in a wrestler, interview him/her,
show matches from his/her promotion.  Could work in the States if the WWF
and WCW would cooperate.

CAN00K: ECW on TNN was my first glimpse of ECW ever.  I likey velly much.

PAUL SHOCK:  Why was Heat not on the ballot?

BLOB: The TNN debut for ECW was one of its high points, as now they tried
harder to form a acceptable television show. Thunder showcased many of
WCW's luchadors and other young talents as WCW Saturday Night.

MIKE SCHIRO:  Toryumon TV kicks so much ass, the CrazyMAX/TOKYO fued
carried the promotion with stellar matches throughout the year.

SEAN FLYNN: Raw is Monday.  I'm told there's another show on that
night_.never heard of it though.  Bunch of mid-carders wrestle there ;)

B. SZPAKOWICZ: Under no circumstances will I vote for anything with the
letters W, C and W, in that order, in its name. Nope. Nu-huh.

JEREMY SORIA: The WWF is with a complete sweep this year. Raw takes its
place at number one, and SmackDown! gets the number 2 spot. And during PPV
Sundays, Heat becomes the Free-For-All, not the pre-taped crap they put on
the PPV Countdown show.

HEATM:  Tough to argue with RAW being the best TV show.  It may not be a
show primarily based in wrestling but it still had the best production,
the most intriguing talent, and the best storylines.

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