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1999 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Announcer

Worst Announcer

Award Description:

To be given to the commentator/announcer who makes the dumbest comments
while pushing his product. This person probably gets you to turn down the TV
when he/she is announcing. As of 1992, the difference between this and
colour commentator will be enforced. 

Previous Winners:

  1990: Vince McMahon 
  1991: Vince McMahon 
  1992: Vince McMahon 
  1993: Vince McMahon 
  1994: Eric Bischoff 
  1995: Eric Bischoff 
  1996: Eric Bischoff
  1997: Tony Schiavone
  1998: Tony Schiavone

**1999**: Tony Schiavone

321 first place votes
283 second place votes
246 third place votes

224 52 29 1334   Tony Schiavone
 34 76 38  474   Eric Bischoff
 15 54 62  361   Michael Cole
  8 31 33  199   Kevin Kelly
  8 22 35  176   Shane McMahon
 11  9  4   90   Jim Ross
  9  5 13   86   Randy Rosenblum
  3  8  4   47   Joey Styles
  3  4 10   47   Scott Hudson
  0  6  3   24   Mike Tenay
  0  1  0    3   Mark Smart (NWA New England)
  0  1  0    3   Bert Prentice
  0  0  1    2   Vince McMahon
  0  0  1    2   Dr. Alfonso Morales
  0  0  1    2   Al Isaacs

REJECTED - colour commentators are ineligible for this award

  0  8  8        Tony Schiavone (duplicates)
  5  1  2        Lilian Garcia 
  0  5  1        Larry Zbyszko
  1  1  3        Oklahoma (ineligible timeframe
  0  3  1        Jason Hervey
  0  0  2        Terry Taylor
  0  1  0        Road Dogg
  0  1  0        Joel Gertner
  0  1  0        Cyrus
  0  1  0        Bobby Heenan
  0  0  1        Michael Hayes
  0  0  1        Michael Cole (duplicate)
  0  0  1        Lee Marshall
  0  0  1        Kane

CHRIS BIRD: Neither Michael Cole nor Kevin Kelly has the slightest bit of
charisma, the slightest idea of how to call a match, neither one can build
excitement worth a damn, and they both call it "action adventure" rather
than wrestling, so screw them!

EDC: Worst Announcers are almost any of the WWF second stringers. Cole did
a little better this year, that's why I put him at the bottom of the list.

SVEN MASCARENHAS: My definition of hell: stuck in a room with Tony S.
Shane MacMahon and Eric Bischoff and forced to watch Heroes of Wrestling.

AARON: Whereas Gordon Solie was hyped before this classic PPV, we were
instead treated to this schmuck, who had trouble calling simple dropkicks.
Kevin Kelly looks like such a dork in those 1-800-COLLECT spots for Slam
Jam, so he gets number 2. Schiavone only third!? Get outta here...

DON BECKER: Who is Randy Rosenblum, and can someone promise me he'll never
be heard from again?  Joey Styles is no longer as interesting or as
exciting as he used to be.  And I'd say more about Tony Schiavone, but
FANS WE'RE OUT OF TIME! (I promise, no more of that joke for a LONG time)

Y2J MANIA: Tony Schivonne for helping the hardcore division get over by
explaining on the air how chair & garbage can shots make lots of noise but
don't really hurt.

MAX CHITTISTER: There's only three announcers left with enough personality
for me to hate them: throw the names in a hat and pick 'em.

PAUL SHOCK:  Schiavone and Bischoff are the easy top two.  Third is the
horribly overrated Joey Styles, who I got my first taste of from ECW on
TNN.  What I'll remember about Styles is when Joel Gertner introduced
himself as the colour commentator, Joey pitched a fit like a little
schoolgirl in the ring.  That sums up Styles for me.

BLOB: Michael Cole needs to be out a job and fast! Schiavone improved but
still calls many moves wrong. Jim Ross made a subpar showing this year and
deserves to be on this list. He doesn't know half the moves, and is way
too much of a face commentator.

ADNAN VIRK: I also believe that Tony Schiovani deserves the worst
announcer award

GEORGE CARTER:  Tony is a HORRIBLE announcer. I hate Jim Ross even more
but when Ross calls a match, he does it better than anyone else.

JOHN C.:Whenever the word "worst" comes up the name Eric Bischoff comes to

ELLIOT SPARKS: Worst announcer? Two words: Ear-ache Bischoff. Good Lord,
he might've had a decent grasp on fundamental wrestling commentary, but he
was the most annoying man to grace the booth in 1999. Whether he was
intentionally annoying is a matter for debate, but the end result was
still awful. Really awful.

NATE PERRY: I wasn't sure if Kevin Kelly was an announcer or a color
commentator, so I voted him in twice.

JAMES GOWDEY: Shiavone... you know he's bad when he tries to make a lame
comeback on TV to the smarks online making fun of him.

SEAN FLYNN: I don't think there's anyone else worthy of this award, which
ought to be called the Tony Schiavone memorial award.

B. SZPAKOWICZ: Who the fuck was Randy Rosenblum, anyway? A friend of the

SUGAR RAY: Fans were happy when Tony wasn't there for a little while. That
tells you all you need to know about how much Tony S-U-C-K-S!

JEREMY SORIA: It may sound like blasphemy, but even though Joey Styles
knows his stuff, he just isn't what he was four-five years ago.

MATT SPAULTING: Chris, in your Schiavone rant during a Nitro report
sometime last month (I don't have time to go back and see which one) , you
ran down all the announcers who "kick Schiavone's ass".  You forgot to
add, "...and once Michael Cole figures out the difference between a drop
toehold and a legsweep, HE'LL kick your ass."

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