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1999 R.S.P-W Awards

Worst Major Show

Worst Major Show

Award Description:

To be given to the worst major event. This could be a pay-per-view, a TV
special, or any big arena event. In 1994, TV shows and major shows were
given separate award categories. 

Previous Winners:

  1991: 07/07/91: WCW Great American Bash 
  1992: 12/03/91: WWF This Tuesday In Texas 
  1993: 04/04/93: WWF WrestleMania IX 
  1994: 06/19/94: WWF King of the Ring 
  1995: 03/19/95: WCW Uncensored
  1996: 03/24/96: WCW Uncensored
  1997: 01/25/97: NWO Souled Out
  1998: 08/08/98: WCW Road Wild

**1999**: 10/10/99: Heroes of Wrestling

271 first place votes
231 second place votes
216 third place votes

126  8  9  672   10/10/99 Heroes of Wrestling
 22 41 36  305   07/11/99 WCW Bash at the Beach
 18 38 21  246   08/14/99 WCW Road Wild
 19 24 17  201   05/23/99 WWF Over the Edge
  9 13  9  102   09/26/99 WWF Unforgiven
  3 13 23  100   06/27/99 WWF King of the Ring
  8 10 12   94   09/12/99 WCW Fall Brawl
  8  9 12   91   01/17/99 WCW Souled Out
  9 10  7   89   10/24/99 WCW Halloween Havoc
  9  6  7   77   11/15/98 WWF Survivor Series
  3 12 11   73   03/14/99 WCW Uncensored
  7  9  5   72   03/28/99 WWF WrestleMania XV
  5  5 15   70   01/24/99 WWF Royal Rumble
  3 11  4   56   06/13/99 WCW Great American Bash
  4  5  6   47   02/21/99 WCW Superbrawl IX
  2  5  1   27   12/27/98 WCW Starrcade
  0  1  4   11   05/16/99 ECW Hardcore Heaven
  2  0  0   10   05/16/99 WWF UK No Mercy
  0  1  3    9   05/09/99 WCW Slamboree
  1  0  1    7   04/11/99 WCW Spring Stampede
  1  0  0    5   11/22/98 WCW World War III
  1  0  0    5   10/11/99 WWF RAW is WAR (Atlanta)
  0  0  2    4   08/03/99 WCW Nitro Girls
  0  0  2    4   03/21/99 ECW Living Dangerously
  0  1  0    3   10/17/99 WWF No Mercy
  0  0  1    2   09/28/99 New Japan Jingu Stadium
  0  0  1    2   08/02/99 ECW Heat Wave
  0  0  1    2   04/25/99 WWF Backlash

REJECTED - either not a "Major Show" or not within 11/02/98-11/01/99

  4  1  1                 WCW Thunder
  4  0  0                 WCW Monday Nitro
  1  2  0                 "Tie" votes
  1  0  1        11/07/99 WCW Mayhem
  0  2  0                 WWF SmackDown!
  0  2  0        11/14/99 WWF Survivor Series
  1  0  0                 ECW on TNN
  0  1  1        10/10/99 Heroes of Wrestling
  0  1  0                 War Games
  0  1  0                 WWF RAW is WAR
  0  0  1                 WWF Sunday Night Heat
  0  0  1                 WCW Saturday Night
  0  0  1                 NWO (?)
  0  0  1                 ECW Hardcore TV

CHRIS BIRD: Heroes of Wrestling was bad comedy. WrestleMania XV was a
travesty and the worst Mania since the dreaded #9. The Royal Rumble didn't
have any good matches and Vince McMahon won the damn thing.

EDC: I didn't even bother watching the bad shows, so how would I know...

K. CANZANELLA: WWF King of the Ring had no good matches. It was 3 hours of
nothingness. For a show named WrestleMania, there sure wasn't a lot of

SVEN MASCARENHAS: The Royal Rumble was an embarrassment, from the missed
three count in the European Title match to the disturbing ending to the
Rock / Mankind match. Road Wild and BatB were the two most prominent
Nash-booked shows: 'nuff said.

AARON: Heroes Of Wrestling was the worst PPV I'd ever had the displeasure
of watching. The only saving point was Jake making a fool of himself. Bad
matches, bad announcing, bad editing and really bad facelifts (Sherri).
Over The Edge will hopefully be the last time it's ever called that, and
The Royal Rumble almost caused a riot at my house.

DON BECKER: Is there any doubt that Heroes Of Wrestling will win this one?  
WWF Over The Edge simply should not have continued, with Owen Hart's death
casting a pall over the rest of the show.  WCW Bash At The Beach had
little redeeming qualities.

MAX CHITTISTER: It's not the WWF's fault, but I had to vote for Over the
Edge. But it still wasn't as bad as Heroes of Wrestling.

BLOB: WWF OTE cost Owen Hart his life and therefore is the worst PPV of
the year. Wrestlemania XV was the weakest Wrestlemania ever with the
exception of WM 11. WCW Bash At The Beach was terrible as a crapppy
Hardcore Battle Royal and tag match main event pretty much sealed its

GEORGE CARTER:  The worst pay per view of all-time, Over the Edge.

JOHN C.:Please no more mention of the Heroes of Wrestling PPV. Road Wild
had Hogan, Nash, Sid, Savage and Rodman in "big" matches so how could that
not be the worst one of the year? I put Over The Edge number three because
we lost Owen Hart on what was the saddest day in wrestling this year for

RUTGERSGYM: Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am probably one of the
biggest '80s buffs there is.  But Heroes of Wrestling was not nostalgia,
it was an endless parade of flabby thighs, pot bellies, and worse puppies
than Mae Young's.  And of course bad wrestling.  When Jim Neidhart and
King Kong Bundy are the only guys on the card who actually still look like
wrestlers, you know you have a problem.

JOE GAGNE: I only voted for Heroes of Wrestling, because nothing else came
close to its awfulness.  It's like the AWF all over again.

SEAN FLYNN:  HoW sucked so bad.  The summer this year of WCW
was atrocious, into summer of 91 levels bad.  Piper and Bagwell boxing.  
Master P and the No Talent soldiers_HOOTY HOO!

B. SZPAKOWICZ: Heroes of Wrestling, of course. Over the Edge was, aside
from the obvious, just a really crappy wrestling show to boot. (I refuse
to comment on the show continuing. What the hell would *you* have done if
you were in Vince's position, people? In my case, I really don't know.)
Halloween Havoc gets third on account of just really, really sucking in
the typical WCW way.

SIMON ROBERTS: May not be a major show but it was the biggest waste of
money ever (I get US PPV's for Free BTW) It opened with Tiger Ali Singh v.
Gillberg and did not get much better

SUGAR RAY: I knew Heroes of wrestling would suck. I just knew it. I could
smell it from miles away. I mean come on now, for years we have been
whining about the old guys holding the spotlight. So when they decided to
make a pay per view with seniors only, my conclusion was that only a
complete moron would actually buy that shit. It turned out even worse than
expected. Hey oldies, thanks for the memories, but now, retire and don't
come back, E-V-E-R.

RICK SCAIA:  Perhaps the easiest no-brainer on the entire ballot: picking
the Heroes of Wrestling PPV as the Worst Major Show of 1999.  Everything
about it was awful, from the production to the match quality to the
announcing. In fact, it was so bad that it actually crossed over to the
point where I was glad I saw it.  So awful it was actually funny, the HOW
event joins some very select company such as the old AWF weekly show and
some of the old WCW mini-movies.  Just dreadful.  And yet, I could not
turn away!

JEREMY SORIA: Heroes of Wrestling would have been good if they only wanted
to wax nostalgic and not try to relive the early-mid '80s. (Also if Jake
Roberts stayed on the wagon.)  The Royal Rumble was ruined by Russo and
Ferrara in 1999. Shame.  And the whole tragedy of Over the Edge got a lot
of criticism for a lot of folks, but hey, it's true what they say, the
show MUST go on.

OTTO "HACK-MAN" HEUER: Worst Major Show.  I went through my old PPV
ratings and took the three I rated as the worst. 1st: 10/24/99 WCW
Halloween Havoc, 2nd: 07/25/99 WWF Fully Loaded (write-in, so I'll
probably be the only one voting on this one) , 3rd: 09/12/99 WCW Fall
Brawl.  Well crap, man.  Guess there goes my title of being so WCW-biased
that I can't be objective.  Guess the one-third that claim I'm WWF-biased
were right after all. ;-)

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