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1999 R.S.P-W Awards


And now, the 'netter-suggested Awards...

Funniest Moments in Sports Entertainment 
1st: Hardcore Holly tells Gangrel, "Dracula you fat bastard" to get on the
scale and he does!!   
2nd: Mankind as Rocky's #1 fan during the 'Rise and Fall of the Rock and
Sock Connection'  
3rd: Rock's impersonations of other wrestlers

Best Online commentator:  (3 way tie) CRZ, Micasa, Netcop

Best Active Canadian Wrestler 
1st: Chris Jericho 
2nd: Edge 
3rd: Val Venis

The Owen Hart Award for the Wrestler with ****+ Workrate who has Actual
1st: Owen Hart 
2nd: Chris Jericho 
3rd: Chris Benoit

Best Booker 
1st: Vince McMahon 
2nd: Vince Russo 
3rd: Al Snow (credited with coming up with Socko)

Hottest Wrestling Chick 
1st: Ryan Shamrock 
2nd: Gorgeous George 
3rd: Sable

Best spot of the year: Chris Benoit's diving headbutt off the cage. The
first one, on Thunder.

Tears of Sorrow:  Hearing about the death of Owen Hart Hearing about the
death of Ravishing Rick Rude Hearing about the death of Gorilla Monsoon

Tears of Joy/Never been prouder:  Watching Mick Foley win the WWF title
Watching the WWF put on a non-gimmick card in memory of Owen Hart Watching
the Taz vs Shane Douglas match from the ECW arena

Worst Promotional Move (cross-promotional)  By the time this is printed,
there will be 19 World Title reigns in the last 12 months in both the WWF
and WCW, including 1 reign by a non-wrestler (Vince McMahon) and 1 really
undeserved reign from Hulk Hogan

Greatest Moments of the Year:  Foley winning the world title Ric Flair &
Arn Anderson reuinite the Horsemen (not sure if that was last year???)  
Chris Jericho's debut in the WWF The Sandman returns to the ECW Arena

Most Memorable Moment:  Chris Jericho Appears on RAW

Most Memorable Interview:  Mankind "This is your life" for the Rock

Most Unapreciated thing in wrestling: WWF Heat's Deja-Video

Most biased Internet reporter: Bob Ryder

worst internet reporter: Dave Sherer

Best Internet Reporter: None they all suck

Best Internet Wrestling Event: Scotsman's "Fool the net reporters"

Best Wrestler Website:  Chris Jericho

Best Wrestling Oppinion board: (wrestling

Worst Wrestling website:

Best (Catch)phrase: 
1st: Scott Steiner's "Big Bad Booty Daddy" 
2nd: Rock's "That Jabronie Juventud" 

Worst (Catch)phrase: 
1st: Rick Steiner's "Want Some? Come Get Some!" 
2nd: Chris Benoit's "Silent But Violent!" 
3rd: Taz's "Beat me if you can.  Survive if I let you."

Hottest Female: 
1st: Torrie Wilson 
2nd: Ryan Shamrock 
3rd: Miss Kitty

Nastiest Female: 
1st: Mae Young 
2nd: Fabulous Moolah 
3rd: Luna Vachon

Best Chat Area: 
1st: EFnet's #wrestling 
2nd: Dalnet's #wwf 
3rd: Undernet's #wrestling

Best Radio Show: 
1st: Between The Ropes (" 
2nd: WCW Live ( 
3rd: LAW (

Best News Reporter 
1st: CRZ 
2nd: CRZ 
3rd: CRZ 
(whoops, did I suck up just a little?) 
(I DARE you to find the last time I reported NEWS ;-) - CRZ)

Worst Utilization of Talent: WCW

The New York times shocker award: Mick Foley, Best Selling author...I
doubt anyone thought it would be this big.

The English as a Second Language award: La Parka and Kaz Hayashi, who
'learned' perfect english in less than a weeks time...

The Chinese Martial Arts Movie Dubbing award- Or look, the words don't
match their mouth movements- WCW...They make Jacky Chan movies seem well

The Don't you wish they were as over as Pokemon award: Kaientai and Kaz
Hayashi, who should be as over with wrestling fans as the other Japanese
import is over with Kids

The Ralphus Award:  Howard Finkel, who tried damn hard to be a good

MY Gawd, I can't believe he did that award:  Shared by Chris Benoit for
his two Top of the cage diving head butts, and Shane McMahon who proved to
be quite the little bump taker.

The pot Calling the Kettle black award: To the WWF, who actually had a
champion older than Hulk Hogan. You go Moolah!!

Best Ring Intro Music 
1st: Jericho 
2nd: HHH 
3rd: Godfather

I wouldn't mind seeing a category called "Best Markout Moment"  
1st:  Jericho debuts as countdown ends 
2nd:  Shane McMahon with top rope elbow onto Test/Spanish Announce Table 
3rd:  Mankind wins WWF title

Another cool category would be "Best/Worst Entrance Music" 
1st:  The Rock

2nd:  Jericho 
3rd:  HHH Worst 
1st:  Mr. Ass

longest running angle:  Who is selling out.  It all makes sense now back
at Summerslam 92 Randy Savage sold out and had Mr Perfect in his corner
thus he kept the title.  When he left to go to WCW and joined the NWO Curt
Hennig joined up.  Now with all that History clearly Curt Hennig drove the
hummer and he and Savage will soon join up to rule the wrestling
world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after Savage passes the torch to him at a big

Most Controversial Angle:  Undertaker/Ministry vs. WWF

Worst Champion 
1st: Rick Steiner (WCW TV)  
2nd: Mideon (WWF Euro)  
3rd: Barry & Kendall Windham (WCW Tag Team)

Best Entrance Music 
1st: D'Lo Brown 
2nd: Edge 
3rd: X-Pac

Biggest Upset 
1st: Lenny over Rey Mysterio Jr. (Thunder WCW Cruiserweight title)  
2nd: Hardy Boyz over Acolytes (RAW WWF Tag Team title)  
3rd: Val Venis over Mankind (WWF No Mercy)


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