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Greetings sports entertainment fans! I didn't get a chance to preview InVasion but that's okay, it's been pretty much dissected all over the place. Think I'll step over its carcass and proceed on. I will say that I saw the Stone Cold turn coming a mile away-it was the most obvious but logical angle. How else were you going to keep Stone Cold a heel? And how else were you going to present the whole WECW faction as a credible company?  Merc Oz made an excellent point in his column and I shall quote: "The WWF pushed WCW as inferior crap for years on end and now they have to convince their same audience that it's worth watching". Truer words never written. My niece and nephew know almost nothing about WCW, yet as WWF fans even they sneer when ANY of the WCW guys are in the ring. Now that SCSA's in the mix, it might be respected a bit more.

And as big ECW mark that I am, I was a little disappointed that Paul E. stepped in-wait, no, let me put that another way. I was disappointed at how little time the WCW was given to prove themselves-
not unlike Jerry Lynn, but I'll get to THAT later. I think the bottom line of the so-called failure of the original idea for InVasion was the lack of any kind development of the WCW guys. Aside from DDP and Booker T, NONE of the guys cut any kind of promos. If you didn't watch WCW programming, you didn't know WHO these guys were! The promos that Shane cut were laughable (and I love Shane but geez!)

The WCW needed a much better mouthpiece-instead of putting Arn Anderson at that table ringside, they should've had him in the ring representing for his fed! Or maybe Vince should've put out the money for Ric Flair-really put THE face on WCW! Or they should've just let the WCW guys do vignettes and promos and given the people an idea of who they were. As it was, they were set up to fail. Look at RAW last week, all that brawling and all it took was a bald guy with a pool stick to beat ALL the WECW guys! I always knew SCSA was Superman but damn!!! Way to make them look like a bunch of punks!

Anyway-I enjoyed the PPV aside from the pointless bra & panties match. *sigh* I just read a remark in one the columns that Lita was the ONLY professional female wrestler in the WWF right now. Yeah? Coulda fooled me! I don't consider those sloppy moves REAL wrestling. Last time I checked there 4 REAL female wrestlers on the roster-Jacky, Ivory, Molly and Tori. Of course as rare as you actually see them wrestle, I'm not surprised this guy forgot about them. All 4 have had intensive training-Molly being trained by Dean Malenko(!) and relatively long careers. Hey, they're trusting Jacky & Tori to train wrestlers on Tough Enough-that says something about their abilities!

But I believe just as the WWF has trained their fans to look at the women as eye candy, they can train them to accept them as real competitors. Give them enough good real wrestling matches and the women can be as popular as the guys but keep putting them in stupid bra & panty matches or wrestling in bikinis and implants will continue to rule that part of the roster!

And btw, Booker T does NOT suck! And to have Steiner make an insulting remark about Ebonics seems really ironic considering HE stole his catchphrase from a rapper!

Now can someone tell me what the HELL is going on with Jerry Lynn? I can't believe they'd rather put Billy Gunn & Big Show at a restaurant than have Jerry on the big show (no pun intended)! The guy does nothing but put on good matches and do good promos yet he gets relegated to Jakked duty while sloths like Billy Bitchcakes & Big Slow pollute my tv screen! Way to go, Vince!

On that depressing note, I'm outta here!

Until next time.........

First Lady of the Oracles

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