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My definition of insulting...where you sit there in stunned silence, pissed off, knowing that what is on your screen was never intended to attempt to entertain was either intended to purposely insult the "mark" sitting at home, or a product of an ego so large, that the creative forces involved never spent five seconds even thinking about whether anyone would actually like what they're creating. You're not just bored, you're's so bad, it's bad.

Although some of the writers suggested such things as The Dog, Dennis Rodman, Piper in an Alcatraz, etc. In my mind, they didn't qualify, as someone, somewhere in the WCW hierarchy genuinely thought it might be a good idea and catch on. Even Hogan/Warrior II falls in that was a BAD idea, but, giving the benefit of the (big) doubt, the intentions might have been good.

1. David Arquette winning the WCW World Heavyweight Title - Needs no explanation.

2. Master P - Almost took the number one spot on this list. Aside from pandering to a thug and making big payouts to his "posse", this defied any sort of common sense. Take a crowd with southern roots, and force rap down their throat. Take an unknown-to-the-crowd obnoxious jerk, have him bore everyone, and have his entourage outnumber the heel 10 to 1, and then be surprised that the fans don't take to him.

3. Russo shaving Ric Flair's head - Take one of the greatest champions of all time, and have a former video store owner shave his set up, no build up, and not even using it as an opportunity to get a WRESTLER over.

4. Ric Flair in an Insane Asylum - I was hesitant to put two "shit on Ric Flair" angles in the top five, but this rated special attention. Basically, "Let's take one of the most revered legends in professional wrestling, and make him into a laughingstock. The fans will hate it, but it will show that legends don't mean anything in this business anymore."

5. Oklahoma - A vanity angle. A way for spoiled children to poke fun at the competition. "Who cares if the fans like it or not? It's a great inside joke."

6. Scott Hall trashing the WCW TV Title - Pissing on over 20 years of history for a thirty-second film clip. Total disrespect for the long-time fan who follows title history.

7. Finger Poke Of Doom - The egos of the people involved were more important that entertaining the fans.

8. Jobbing Jushin Liger to a Tequila Bottle - Part of the bigger disrespect for cruiserweights. Ironically, what was WCW's strength was pissed away for cheap angles. What's put this specifically on the list is that one of the greatest cruiserweights of all time was brought in from Japan to take part in this debacle.

9. nWo Souled Out - Two hours and forty-five minutes with a bunch of people in front of the camera having no idea what they were trying to accomplish. Too bad hundreds of thousands of people paid $30 for the "privilege" of seeing it.

10. Torrie Wilson's Initial Pick Up of Someone Holding a Video Camera - Made it impossible to suspend disbelief, something that pro wrestling is based on. See also: Chucky

The following DDT Digest writers did the nominations for this: Aldo, Big Mike, Mike I., Xavier Doom. Bill did the final selections and rankings.

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