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At the conclusion of Raw, I was troubled. I turned off the TV, walked around the room and screamed "ANGLE TURNED!" to my wife, who gave me an Austin-esque "WHAT?"

But then I had a realization, fell into a coma and had funky dreams about giant squid that looked kinda like that thing in the chair of the wrecked spaceship on Alien. Angle didn't really turn, a voice kept repeating in my head. Vince planted him on the Alliance team.

I'm going to go ahead and give it to you right here, right now: my prediction for Survivor Series. I can't believe I'm going to do this because anytime somebody figures out an angle or comes up with a good idea, Paul Bearer reads it on CRZ's site and passes it on to Jim Ross, who dips his booking sheet in barbecue sauce, eats it, and makes the writers come up with something else. Interesting conspiracy theory isn't it? Maybe that's why the WWF books at the last minute: Internet fans keep figuring out the storylines. NAH.

So here it is, even though now, by publishing it, I have ruined all hopes of it happening -

1. Vince plants Angle on the Alliance team. Angle agrees, because he sees it as his final blow to Austin and a fitting end to their violent fued. Angle is, after all, an American hero, so he can't be violent like say, Nikolai Volkoff or Tito Santana. Why do I believe this theory? Because the Angle turn makes no sense. I know what you're thinking and I agree: that never stopped 'em before! But hey, I have to believe that there is no reason to turn Angle heel, but every reason to pull a FALSE SWERVE. (Note: Austin and Shane celebrated like mad after crunching Team WWF last night, but Angle just kinda stood there...hmmmm....)

2. Angle loses the Survivor Series match for Team WCW. Yep, he rolls over on them, and becomes Vince's insurance policy. Think about it: Vince loves to do variations of the Montreal Screwjob at every Survivor Series. This time, he's going to screw the Alliance. Hehe! It would be cool if it came down to one WWF member (I'll tell you who in a second, but you already know) and Angle, and Angle pulled a Kevin Nash, laid down and gave away the pin. Now we have TWO historical aspects. Wonder if they'll do the Finger of Death angle? Oh, the suspense!

3. A slot on Team WWF is now open for...Triple H. I may be reaching now, but I'm hoping this is what they'll do. Who better to save the WWF than Trips himself? Maybe the WWF will keep us in suspense right up until match time, or have the Alliance beat down everyone the WWF selects for the position over the next two weeks. They could go through everybody...Funaki, Billy Gunn, Haku...until the whole locker room is exhausted. "Will it be five on four? Will the WWF lose?" No, by god. Triple H will save us all!

4. Austin (or Jericho) vs. Triple H is set up for Vengeance PPV. Ah, the Vengeance poster is a good one: a black-eyed Triple H clutching his trusty sledge hammer. If he embodies vengeance for the WWF, perhaps his vengeance will be exacted upon Austin...or Jericho. After all, Jericho has ridiculed, slapped, applied the Walls of Jericho to and even kissed Steph in Triple H's absense. Who was Triple H delivering a double-axehandle to when he tore his quad? Jericho. Who put Triple H in a painful submission hold after his injury? Jericho. Could be a great feud on the horizon, though I'm loving the Jericho/Rock battle.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for a good Survivor Series and beyond!

Marcus Blair

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