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Mailbag time...

I think you're pretty close on your Survivor Series prediction, 'cept for one little thing. HHH turns on the WWF to join Stephony in the Alliance. Triple H is Ric Flair you know and Ric Flair is WCW so it just follows logic that he join the alliance.
Or not.

University of Pittsburgh

While I don't believe Angle is a plant on the Alliance team, I do agree with you that the 5th member of Team WWF will be Triple H. Having any match involving Triple H at this point can't help but be good.
- John

Most of the response letters I received this week echoed these sentiments. There is a lot of speculation about the Angle-turn (though no one really seems to care about the result) but everyone seems to want Triple H to come back.

Now, as predicted, the WWF changed the storyline after my Wednesday column. What did I tell you? Ross reads CRZ, and every time we figure something out, it gets trashed. Now they have placed Big Poppa Vince on Team WWF, effectively ending our hopes of a Triple-H-is-our-savior angle at the Survivor Series. (Ummm....never mind. - CRZ)

But wait! Perhaps someone will get hurt...or someone will turn, allowing Trips to take his rightful place on the team...

"Or not," as Ed said in the first letter.

By the way, in an online poll on "another wrestling site," 59 percent of those responding think Angle with swerve the Alliance and turn back to the WWF. Thirty-one percent believe he will have no impact, while 10 percent think he will help the Alliance.

Darned marks.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a few things today that are not negative and do not bash the WWF. I think we (the Internet crowd) have heard more futile ranting in the last two months than ever before, and it's time we talked about the good things (*DDP smile*).

Granted, there are many things to gripe about these days: the Invasion, the women's division, the proliferation of titles, the lack of good tag teams, the mistreatment of Haku, the mistreatment of Kronik...or not.

But all of the deplorable decisions the WWF booking team has made in the past few months will not matter to me on Nov. 26 when Raw is broadcast live from Oklahoma City and I am there (with EZ-Boarder wudis).

It's been a while since wrestling has come to The Good Ol' J.R. State and I have had a chance to attend. In fact, it was on Feb. 12, 1998, when WCW Thunder was filmed at the Myriad Convention Center. I was there, but you woulnd't have been able to see me on TV because I was waaaaaaay at the top of the arena. In fact, I watched the tape and only saw myself once: I was one of three guys holding up neon green signs that read "SELF HIGH FIVE!" I was so far away I could hardly see what was going on and the smoke from the pyros collected in the upper bleachers and turned my eyes flaming red. But you know what? It was a lot of fun to just mark-out for once.

Hogan was the first person to the ring for a 10-minute promo and I couldn't hear him. But I didn't gripe about his mic skills, his wrestling skills (or lack thereof) or his creative control policy: I just screamed until I was hoarse.

It was a great time.

After the event, we ran into Raven and the Flock in the parking garage. They basically ran from us and drove away in their cars without giving us the time of day, but even being close to a bunch of mid-carders like Lodi was a lot of fun.

The last time I saw a WWF event live was back in the early 90s. The matches included Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango, Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels for the IC Championship, Money Inc. vs. the Natural Disasters for the tag titles, and Sgt. Slaughter vs. the Mountie.

With the exception of the excellent Hart/Michaels match, the event was pretty much a dud as far as wrestling talent goes, but I had a lot of fun. I got a high-five from Tito Santana and talked to Ted DiBiase, held up my "Hart Attack" sign and enjoyed the evening.

Since then, the Internet was invented, I grew up and I became a reader of dirt-sheets a critic of bookers. But on Nov. 26, I plan to buy a Jericho shirt, let myself get wrapped up in the storylines - however lame they are - and just enjoy what I have loved for so long.

Being a smart-fan can be a good thing, because it keeps the WWF accountable, but sometimes it's good to return to your first love and find some of the old feelings, like the way we felt when Bobby Heenan had to dress up like Santa Claus on Primetime Wresting, but told all the kids Santa didn't exist, and Roddy Piper gave him the beat-down of his life before telling the fans, "Santa is someone who loves you very much." Sounds cheesy on paper, doesn't it? I hate nostaliga columns, but I'm totally pumped to see RVD, Triple H, Steve Austin and Jericho live. Heck, I'm even pumped for the dark matches, because I love wrestling. Have a great weekend everybody, and by all means, WATCH ROCK vs. JERICHO on Monday night!

P.S. Wudis, you are going to pay for your EZ Board comments on Billy Gunn! HOW DARE YOU?!

Marcus Blair

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