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I didn't think "My Two Centz" would originally be a "random thoughts" column, but it seems I'm nowhere near as deep as I thought I was. Geez, is it possible I'm not as good-looking as I think I am? Nah. Anyway, without further ado, here it is, My Two Centz, in random thought format, at least for now.

  • I'll weigh in now with my thoughts on the man behind stalking the Undertaker's wife. In case you haven't heard by now, somebody used some audio equipment to clean up the distortion of the voice-over of the stalking clips and sent over to It turns out it was Vinnie Mac's voice. But does that mean that he's the one behind it? I think not. It was probably done as a matter of convenience, since they don't know who's going to be the culprit in the storylines, yet. Here's my vote: Kurt Angle. Here's why: We've already seen he can have stalker tendencies (witness last years involvement with Stephanie MacMahon-Helmsley. His current feud with Shane O'Mac only serves as a thinly veiled pretext for the involvement of some WCW wrestlers in WWF affairs. So why not put him in a program with the Undertaker? Taker's still over big as a babyface, and I think he'd work well with Angle. A side note on Kurt Angle: As someone who painfully remembers watching Kurt Angle's WRETCHED sports reporting on Fox 53 here in Pittsburgh, I am amazed at how far he's come. When I heard he was going to the WWF, I thought it would be a short and embarrassing failure. However, I've never felt better about eating crow in my life. Kurt has done more in his first year in the WWF than anyone else in history (except maybe Ric Flair, but he wasn't a rookie, was he?) And his promo asking Kevin Kelly who the People's Champ really was before his No Way Out match with The Rock was one of the best promos EVER. Way to go, Kurt, and congrats on the Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame!

  • I personally am digging the new heel Steve Austin. It's something interesting and new. I wasn't regularly watching wrestling (my viewing was kind of sporadic, at best, from about '92 to '99) when the Stone Cold gimmick was fresh. I thought it had gotten stale. Sure fans were still buying the T-shirts and cheering rabidly for him, but this was a chance to go in a different direction. And I will give credit where credit is due: This heel turn is working not because he's hanging out with Vince or Triple H, but because Steve Austin is willing to do what it takes to get booed, be it running like a coward from the Undertaker or beating the living bejesus out of Lita with a steel chair. He's thrown himself into this wholeheartedly. So I say, good for him. It's good to have a top-drawer heel, especially now that Triple H is out for six months with an injury.

  • Speaking of The Game, he and his alleged politicking backstage were the big topic du jour a couple of weeks ago all across this great Internet of ours. Ironically, all that talk seemed to cease after his, frankly, AMAZING performance on RAW on 21 May. It boggles my mind to think about it. The man had a torn quadriceps tendon in his leg, and still managed to not only wrestle for 5 more minutes and finish the match, all the while in excruciating pain, he also managed to hit all his spots and contribute to one of the best matches on free TV in a long time. Is there anywhere else in the entertainment or sport universe where you can imagine someone going through that kind of pain in order to get the job done? I take nothing away from any other professional sport, but NO ONE in pro football, hockey, baseball, or basketball would play through that kind of injury. They're not supposed to. When they get hurt, they're told to stay still until the trainer can check them out. And can you picture an actor (other than Jackie Chan) continuing with the production of a movie in the face of a serious injury? I can't. Triple H was my favorite wrestler before that injury. Seeing what he was willing to go through for the sake of the fans and the show has cemented his standing in my mind as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. That's why our Fearless Leader calls him The New Man.

  • Where's Chyna been lately? Not that I really want to see more bad promos and squash matches from her, but she's taken the Women's Title with her into Limbo. The WWF need to ask themselves one question: Do they want a competitive women's wrestling division? If they do, they should turn Chyna heel, make her the evil, indestructible, unbeatable champ (hell, they're already doing 2/3 of that) which will help that much more when Lita or Molly or whomever they choose eventually upsets her. Of course, that all supposes that the WWF wants women wrestling, and not just for T&A, and that's not something I'm willing to grant. Especially after seeing Terri and Trish on the 4 June edition of RAW. I won't even get into Perry Saturn. *shudder*

  • I don't know if he's done it in the last two weeks, but Jim Ross can usually be counted on to devote some space in his Ross Report for promises that the WWF will be giving a push to the Light Heavyweight Division. Then, time goes by and the LHWs get a couple of matches on RAW and Smackdown!, then it's back to Jakked and Sunday Night Heat for anyone under 230 pounds not named Benoit, Jericho, or Hardy. Much like the Women's Division, the Light Heavyweight Division languishes in the margins of the WWF. Actually, it's worse than the marginalization of the Women's Division, because there's more and better talent available to the Light Heavyweight Division. And now we have Jeff Hardy as the Light Heavyweight Champ. Oh, joy! Rather than giving Jerry Lynn a chance with some actual TV time, they're giving the belt to _ of a tag team! [Dude, calm down and give it a chance.] Okay, fine. But if I don't see Hardy defending the LHW belt at RAW or King of the Ring, I'm gonna be a little upset!

  • This was originally supposed to be a column by itself, but it was too short. I wrote this directly after the events of the 28 May RAW from Calgary. My stance hasn't changed too much since then, except to say that if the Harts (most of them, anyway) are okay with what went on at that show, then so am I. But my basic point remains sound, I think. It should be, at least a little interesting to rock music fans, I hope. Read on.

    I'm inclined to forgive a lot of crap. I'm usually willing to believe in the best in people, unless they give me a reason not to. But unless you know the people involved, who's to say where the truth lies in the muddle of speculation?

    A little background first, for those who don't already know. David Lee Roth was kicked out of Van Halen by the Brothers Van Halen, Alex and Eddie, but mostly Eddie. The story from the Van Halens was that Dave quit voluntarily because he wanted to work on a solo career. Dave's story was that, yes, he wanted to do some solo stuff, but never wanted to quit the band until Eddie told him he was fired. So, having no reason not to, I bought the official Van Halen line that Dave left of his own accord. Flash forward several years to when Dave's replacement, Sammy Hagar, was forced out of the band. Sammy's story was that he didn't want to leave his pregnant wife's side in order to go to the studio, so Eddie fired him. Eddie's story was that Sammy wanted to go back to being a solo artist. Sound familiar?

    I know, I know. What does any of this have to do with wrestling? I'll tell you what: People have spoken to me, and I've read on the 'Net, about Vincent K. McMahon's spitefulness. I was always willing to shrug it off as "Oh, so-and-so's just got an axe to grind." I'm afraid I can't do that any longer.

    I was watching the end of the 28 May RAW, in which Chris Benoit, in Steve Austin's Crossface, did not tap out, yet Vinnie Mac called for the bell and announced the end of the match, with Austin getting the victory. This was done with Stu and Bruce Hart in attendance in the front row. I know, I know. Jericho came out and he and Benoit proceeded to beat on Vince and Austin, but the whole "Ring the damn bell" echoes of the Montreal Screwjob seemed unnecessarily crude.

    Did it really add that much to the show? Wouldn't the same end result have been achieved with Vinny Mac distracting the ref, allow Austin to waffle Benoit with the title belt, then Jericho enters and the faces clean house? Why open up that painful wound when it seemed like the one caused by the death of Owen Hart was just starting to heal?

    I was inclined to, while not really side with Vince in regards to Montreal, at least understand why he felt he had to do what he did. He felt he couldn't run the risk of Bret Hart showing up on WCW Monday Nitro with the WWF Heavyweight Championship Belt. So he did what he thought he had to do. It's not what I would've done if I were in his shoes, but there was a reason behind it. The Calgary Screwjob, for lack of a better term, just seemed tasteless and spiteful. When something happens once, you can rationalize it away. When the same thing happens twice, then it's time to re-evaluate the way you look at the personalities involved. Vince McMahon is an extraordinary businessman, but he's also a bitter and spiteful human being.

  • Earlier this year, Wrestleline's Rick Scaia [addendum: He's the only guy worth reading at Wrestleline anymore, since they dismissed our Fearless Leader,] did a Fantasy Road to WrestleMania. To read the whole thing, just click here. I thought it was really interesting. But there was one thing in particular that stuck out and I think the WWF could use. He had the creation of what he called a "Beat the Champ" Title. The gist of it was, the title would be filled in a "King of the Ring" style tournament, and then the champ would have to defend the title for a month. If he went undefeated, then he would get a shot at the WWF Heavyweight Champion on the RAW after the Pay-Per-View. I thought this was a really interesting idea. Rick explains how he got it in his wrap-up piece to the Fantasy Universe. What if the WWF used something similar, calling it, say the WWF TV Title? Fill it, then make the champ defend the title at least once per week, either on RAW or Smackdown! If he goes undefeated for one month (Pay-Per-View to Pay-Pay-View,) he gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. They could resurrect WCW's TV Title and use it in a similar role in the new WCW. I think this would be an interesting way to get a little more buzz going about WWF (or WCW) TV, in addition to a way to elevate a midcarder. Maybe decommission a title or two (Rick chose the European and Hardcore) in order to make room for a new title, but I think a title like this would be a breath of fresh air into wrestling.

    I'm Chip Boots, and this has been My Two Centz.

    Chip Boots

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