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Greetings, salutations, howarya, and welcome to the Brew Spew!

Feedback on the Spew

Mr. Bill Dearth says: "i read your article for the first time today and really dig your format. I like hearing other people's opinions on the matches. Also, you were the only one to mention/notice that Test damn near lost his life last night. I'm glad whoever pushes the pyro button was paying attention."

I must give credit for my Spewin' On Raw format to my buddy HHHutch - I blatently stole it from him! As for Test - hey, I gotta look after my homey. Since Test is GOD, I doubt the flames would've hurt him, but if I'm somehow mistaken, remind me to buy the pyro guy a beer if I ever meet him.

Mr. Phil Monte Verde says: Nice job. It's good to read an article that isnt someone bitching for once. One thing I disagree with is about the Undertaker. Yea, he mentions his ten years a lot, but it's cool 'cause it makes him look like the Godfather (the italian one) of the WWF. Like all the rookies come to him to pay respect etc."

No matter how you slice it, picturing the Undertaker as the Godfather is pretty damn funny. "It's my yard, and it's got a built-in stop for the Hoooooooo Traaaain!".....ohhhhh, the ITALIAN Godfather! Well, that's pretty damn funny too.

Spewin' On Raw

Mick Foley Resigns

I guess that's Mick Foley's final farewell on WWF television. Assuming it is just that, I'm pretty disappointed. Mick deserved to go out on a better note than Vince saying "Bye Mick! Take care! And have a nice day!"

Vince Addresses The Crowd, Heyman FIRED, Lawler RETURNS!

Great start to the show. I'm sorry to see Heyman go, but he went out in true classic Heyman form, and he'll be missed on my TV. The mini-brawl with JR and being hauled out by security while Lawler made his way down to the commentary table was outstanding. However, I'm sure I'll cringe with the first crude Lawler joke.

Lita vs. Trish

I can't figure out the Hardyz shirts. Can you? Match wasn't great, and not much done to enhance the storyline at all. Lawler is in classic form. Whether that's good or bad is up to you, but I'm missing Heyman already. Trish has improved substantially, though. I can't figure out their new shirts.

The Remaing Alliance Members Talk With Vince

Vince is just soooo happy, isn't he? RVD and the Dudleyz aren't thrilled with the idea of fighting each other. Test is the only relatively happy guy, since he can't be fired. Christian trying to suck up was pretty funny.

RVD vs. Dudleyz - Handicap Tag Team Tables Match

How is it a tag team match when RVD's on his own? Isn't it just a Handicap Tables match? At any rate, this was really good - RVD took a BRUTAL beating - that 5-star through the table was SICK - especially since he barely reached the table in the first place. The Van Daminator and the neckbreaker off the top rope were also pretty vicious-lookin'. RVD is 50% rubber, I think. Lawler's drooling over Stacy makes me miss Heyman.

Angle Arrives and Insults a Backstage Boy

He's just sooo happy, isn't he? But who's HE callin' a dork?

Rock Talks to Angle

Well THAT was interesting. I guess Angle is still a heel? Rock making fun of Angle was pretty damn funny. So they don't censor "asshole" on live TV, but they DO censor "shit" on a Pay Per View?

Vince Gets Rid of Shane and Stephanie

This was pretty good. Shane took it like a man; surprising, and very cool. Steph whined like a 6-year-old and blamed Shane; well, what'd you expect? At least she's off TV for awhile....hopefully. Crowd dug Steph being dragged off by security.

Vince talks to Jericho

Not much done here to advance Jericho's heel persona - assuming he is a heel, that is. So far, Vince has made himself the entire show and a bigger babyface than almost everybody. That's not good.

Rock vs. Angle

Totally solid match - Rock stealing Angle's roll-out-of-the-anklelock spot kinda bugged me a bit, but still, it's a cool move, so I got over it. Angle is pretty over as a heel, which surprises me. Or maybe the Rock's just that massively over as a face. You be the judge - our lines are open. Jericho beating the living crap out of the Rock pretty much makes him a heel now...I guess.

Regal Kisses Vince's Ass - Literally

Y'know, I enjoy sports entertainment a lot. For instance, I very much enjoyed the Rock/Austin sing-a-long last week. But anytime they do a segment which completely embarrasses and humiliates somebody in a demeaning way, it really makes me mad. You want Regal to earn his job? Put him in a handicap match with Big Show and the Undertaker and let him get the crap kicked out of him before pulling out some sort of fluke victory, or something like that. This was complete and utter crap. This is the stuff that makes me change the channel if somebody else enters the room. This segment was even more tasteless than the "Trish The Barking Dog" segment for me. Lawler's dirty jokes and nearly having a heart-attack laughing made it even worse. Lawler says "Don't you just love sports-entertainment?" Yes I do - but this wasn't it. Next thing you know, Mae Young will be stripping again.

Everyone Laughs At Regal

A super-angry Regal is cool, but he's going to have to run over a few people now if anybody's going to take him seriously again. I suppose he'll wrestle Tazz later on. Wow, a win over Tazz - I don't think Tazz has won a match since he debuted.

Jericho vs. Kane

Jericho getting nasty is a good step in the right direction. Chair shot off the top rope was great! Still lots of work to do to get Jericho full-over as a heel, but this helped. Jericho screwing up the Walls Of Jericho a couple of times didn't.

Angle's Mad, And Complains To Edge

Good stuff. Edge showing an edge (pardon the pun) is not a bad's a good thing.

Regal vs. Tazz

Wow, Tazz loses to Regal, who's in his street clothes, in about 50 seconds in an almost-exact replica of his match with Austin, only an STF finishes him instead of a Stone Cold Stunner. Let Regal punk out somebody who's actually WON a match. They say Tazz has been retained as a colour commentator. Well then, leave him as that, because it's becoming impossible to take him seriously in the ring. Here's another thought - LET TAZZ WIN OCCASIONALLY!!

WOOOOO! Flair is Vince's new partner!

Seeing Flair was terrific - JR really under-sold it though. Putting Flair aside, that whole segment left me totally confused. So Austin's a face now? And Vince is a heel now? And Flair can just give Austin the WWF Championship? I kinda liked how they were able to change guys from heel to face strictly through storylines and not through character changes, but I'm still confused. Intrigued, but confused.

Overall: Well the ass-kissing bit ruined things for me, but otherwise, the show was......confusing. WAY too much Vince - hopefully this doesn't last long - and many other storylines were either barely advanced, or not advanced at all.. Lots of explaining left to do by the WWF, that's for sure....or am I just stupid? That's very possible - I DO live about 10 kilometers from a nuclear power plant...

Spewin' on Vengence

I'm sure everybody saw the ad for WWF Vengence, and how it prominently hints at (more like 'guarantees') the return of Le Jeu, Trois Fois H. Sledgehammer graphic was nice n' subtle, too. At least...he'd better show up, after THOSE ads. I know that The Fed's advertisements for events don't necessarily mean something is guaranteed to happen, and that's a little something I don't entirely agree with. Awhile back when the Undertaker was injured, there was a poster for a Pay Per View (I forget which one, as usual) with Kane on it, and somewhere in that poster was a very small Undertaker symbol, prompting big-time speculation that he'd be returning. He didn't. Would you call that false advertising? Technically, I guess not, but still - why psyche up people for a potential event for an erroneous reason? Now granted, that was a very small symbol on the poster, and the rumours (as they tend to do) took on a life of their own, but this time, HHH was the ENTIRE AD. So, he'd better show up!

Spewin' on "Biography"

On Sunday, the Biography Channel showed biographies of wrestlers all day, including Owen Hart, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Jesse Ventura, and Bret Hart's "Wrestling With Shadows". I'd seen the Owen one before (and it's very good), but I caught the Andre one and the Ventura one for the first time, and they are both outstanding; especially Andre's. If you get the chance, I very highly recommend you see them. Andre's is especially heart-warming; something I needed after reading Diana's gossip-riddled tripe. WWF Referee Tim White told stories about Andre that would almost bring you to tears. Ventura's really showed how smart and amazing with people this guy is. They showed clips of gubernatorial (is that right?) debates for Minnesota; Hubert Humphries (if I'm not mistaken), one of the prominant runners, insisted on Ventura being at all the televised debates becasue he figured every vote for Ventura would be one less vote for his major competitor. Well, Ventura owned EVERYbody in the debates, and there's a lot of video from his campaign which shows just how amazing this guy is with people. A big, hearty Canadian Pat On The Back for the people who made those shows.

A Final Thought: If you were Matt Hardy, who would you date; Lita, or Trish? If you were Jeff Hardy, who would you date; Saturn, or Goldberg?

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