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TidBits and Non-Sequiturs - My Olympics Vote, etc.

Beijing should not be granted the chance to host the Olympics simply for the two following reasons:

1) Those who believe bringing the Olympics to Beijing will open China to newer ideas and act as a catalyst for positive change should remember that Berlin under Adolf Hitler hosted the 1936 Olympics. And despite being proven wrong by the most profound of all sports moments (Jesse Owens' 4 gold medals shoved the notion of Aryan superiority down Hitler's throat in his own backyard), the Olympics didn't stop Hitler from starting World War II 3 years later.

2) The Olympics are the greatest celebration of the human spirit in modern society. No other event, including the World Cup, assorted United Nations Conferences, etc. brings humanity together like the Olympics do every 4 years. How can we conceivably entrust the greatest celebration of the human spirit to one of the greatest violators of that very same human spirit?

Now on to other wrestling-related issues:

  • Those who've remained persistent critics of the WWF throughout the years are now finding new facades to hide behind, viz. legalities in order to present new opposition to the "Invasion" angle. Why can't they just acknowledge the possibility that Vince McMahon is open to subjugating his real-life ego in front of the cameras in order to put over the angle du jour? That takes guts. Yeah, hindsight tells us Vince defeated the Turner-era WCW and that ECW drowned because of its own financial woes and the politics of TNN. Yes, that also means Vince is Enemy #1 to the erstwhile independent WCW and that he had a not-too-small part to play in ECW's demise. But he has been magnanimous enough to allow those entities to be given their due on his time and his property, especially ECW - at the risk of letting them vent their real-life grievances against him in front of his own cameras. It does after all, serve the dual purpose of letting them vent as well as further the angle. But do I hear the credit he's due from the aforementioned critics? It seems Vince is not really the one who cannot put aside his ego for the sake of wrestling. Perhaps these are not critics we're dealing with, but cynics. And cynicism is not relevant in the realm of objectivity because it deals with subjective, personal opinions and has no place in credible journalism.

    Let's see: is there anything else that excites me about wrestling? Well, forgive me for being let down, but Monday night was so good in terms of surprise, excitement and just plain old stay-at-the-edge-of-your-seats intrigue that anything else just seems like a letdown. The only things that would have made it more memorable would have been for a truly established mainstream-wrestling star like Ric Flair, Sting or Goldberg to show up too. But I'm actually going to play hooky on martial arts training this evening to go see Smackdown live instead of taping it.

    In how many ways can one achieve submission from a topside position? *stuff to ponder over lunch* Until next time, I've said my peace. Buh bye.


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