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Hey everyone, once again I am your party host, this time under less secretive conditions. Yes, the feedback to my last column was so overwhelming that I have decided to return here to Slash. I got one, count 'em ONE, letter of non-stop, UNSOLICITED praise, and I would hate to keep my readers waiting! Before I get started, I would like to thank CRZ, both for allowing my stuff to be run on Slash, as well as for keeping this fine site together for two years.

With the recent turn of events in the WCW/ECW invasion, people have been arguing the value of bringing in some old WCW "big names". People like Flair, Goldberg, Steiner, and Smiley. OK, not many people have mentioned Norman, but it would be cool, wouldn't it? Well, I have the answers. But first, the candidates:

Ric Flair- Nobody says WCW like Ric Flair. You cannot have a list of the greats, not only WCW, but wrestling overall, and not mention Ric Flair. That being said, he sure looks gross without a shirt on doesn't he? I think towards WCW's final days, Flair was simply living off name recognition. He had pretty much retired as an active wrestler, but his promos were getting pointless and boring too. However, that could be due to the fact that WCW wasn't giving him anything interesting to talk about. Also, WWFE has his son David under contract.

Pontential Value:Commisioner. Brings instant cred. to WCW, but he problably will just take Time-Warner's money.

Bill Goldberg- He is again a recognizable star, one of the few WCW created on their own. However, he seems to overestimate his star power. To realistically expect VKM to pay him the same kind of cash guys like HHH, Rocky, and SCSA make is ridiculous. What has he done to earn it? Besides, how often does the WWF book a monster like Goldberg? We don't see squashes on WWF TV anymore, except the rare Big Show one, and this would force Goldilocks to develop an actual charecter. You saw how he handled doing that when he was a "heel". Speaking of which, he sure showed he was a company guy there, didn't he? To pay this guy the money he wants, which would cause other top guys' salaries to go up, just isn't worth the three PPV matchups they could earn big cash with (HHH, Austin, The Rock).

Potential Value:Crdibility to new WCW, but it just isn't worth it. WWF can create their own stars pretty easily.

Scott Steiner- Steiner is currently nursing a lot of injuries, and he isn't exactly young. He is pretty new to the main event scene, so a lot of people problably won't think of him as a world championship caliber performer. He cuts good promos, and can have good matches when put with good opponents, and, if you catch him in the right mood, is a company guy. But he has just a *bit* of a temper, and would problably ask for a lot of money to ignore his old WCW contract. Like I said, he's getting up there in years, and injuries are taking their toll, so if they brought him in they wouldn't get very much out of him. Too bad.

Potential Value:Credibility, someone who is already familiar with how the WWF likes to run their main events. But time is not on his side, and his history of being violent backstage doesn't help either. Not worth the investment.

Kevin Nash- OK, I hope nobody actually wants this, but I'll go over him anyway. He can't/won't wrestle, he thinks he's too good for everyone and everything, and he is a selfish jerk.

Potential Value:Toilet scrubber.

Scott Hall- He doesn't exactly scream WCW, since he wasn't there for the final year, but he can still go. And unlike Nash, Hall still puts forth effort. The only reason he wasn't snatched up by the WWF the *instant* WCW released him was because of his problems with alcohol. I know he has been main eventing over in some promotion in Japan lately, and if he gets his act together, I think we'll see him back on WWF programming soon.

Potential Value:Good wrestling, name recognition, you don't need to worry about competing with a Turner contract buy-out...what else do you need? If he's still a drunk, tell him to shape up because duty calls! I hope we see Hall soon, and I have a feeling we will eventually.

Jeff Jarrett- Jarrett is a good wrestler, and has proven to be an unselfish company guy. The WWF apparently holds a grudge because 2 years ago he asked for a little extra cash to not leave for WCW right away when the WWF let his contract ran out...while he was the Intercontinental champ! He also accused Jim Ross and Steve Austin of holding him down while he was there (and I believe it), and because Ross is the head of talent relations (or something like that), you can imagine Jarrett's chances of coming back. It's a shame, because, for the last 1-1 1/2 years, Jarrett was as synonomous with WCW as anyone. He's a good worker, a reliable and dependable guy with a strong work ethic, and he can work the mic.

Potential Value:New WCW main eventer upon entrance. He is versatile, and would problably be willing to lose a little cash on the buy-out to get back to wrestling.

There you have it. Any feedback is appreciated, on the EZBoard or an E-Mail.

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