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Hey everyone, once again it's me, it's me, it's Bucs792. Typing once again from the C-to the-O-to the-M-to the-P(uter). OK, that was lame, but I hope you understood the parody. I'm here to discuss a topic that sends chills down an Internet wrestling fan's spine. I want to talk about Billy Gunn.

Starting the night after King of the Ring, Billy Gunn has been the recipient of a small push. First he interrupted newly crowned King Edge during his first speech as royalty. He presented his new bitter, resentful character that was angry after two years of wasted opportunities. Then he teamed with the Big Show to form what Michael Cole dubbed "The Underachievers." The team then beat the Hardys. Gunn's interaction with Edge that night, and the matches that followed it, are better than anything the former Mr. Ass has done in years.

However, did people see it that way? Of course not. All they saw was Billy Gunn, and remembered that it is their duty to hate him. People refuse to look objectively and see he may have changed, much like they do to Albert.

Perhaps the most common argument against Gunn is that last December, he almost dropped Benoit right on his head. You know what? Almost two years ago, D'Lo Brown did drop someone on his head, and Droz hasn't walked since. Does that stop people from whining that Brown is underutilized and should be back on TV?

Another argument against Gunn is that he runs out of gas to early into his matches. While this may have been true in the past, have you Gunn-control advocates been watching his recent matches? Between the Smoking Gunns and the Outlaws, Gunn has always been a tagteam wrestler, and probably wasn't in shape or prepared to make a singles run when he first tried. Give him another chance now.

Another personal favorite goes something like this: "When fans boo him, that's not heel heat, it's 'get off my TV' heat!" What a bunch of shit! What did you call it when he consistently recieved loud face pops before turning heel? "Get off my TV" cheers? If everyone would stop looking for excuses to hate this man, and allow themselves to enjoy his work, I think people would be pleasently surprised.

As always, feedback is appreciated.                                                            

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