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After RAW on Monday, Stephanie McMahon is supposedly gone from the WWF "forever". I want to be the first to publicly thank Stephanie for all her wonderfully memorable moments. And I can think of no better way than to go back in time to the year 2000. Some may remember the year as a prosperous one, one of great profit and wrestling by the WWF. These people are wrong. The year 2000 was, simply put, the year of Stephanie McMahon (Helmsley). Anyway...

We start with a don't try this at home ad, followed by plugs for WWF Hardcore, Divas and Mick Foley home videos.

One World Leader, followed by the usual RAW opening.

Our host is of course the Coach, who promptly tells us this will supposedly cover the time from Survivor Series 1999 to Survivor Series 2000.

We start off with a rehashing of the Stephanie/Test relationship (I thought this was post-Survivor Series), showing Test propose, Stephanie accept, Bulldog getting mad and accidently hitting Steph with an amnesia-causing trashcan to the head and Steph struggling to regain her memory. Eventually, she proposes to Test (having regained her feelings for him and all), leading to their wedding on RAW. However, Triple H interrupts, showing the footage of his drive-thru wedding to an unconcious Stephanie. This segues nicely into...

The Vince McMahon vs Triple H feud. We jump from the wedding to an in ring interview between Triple H and Steph, laying out the stipulations of the Vince/Triple H street fight at Armageddon with Helmsley agreeing to anul the wedding should Vince win, but with Triple H getting a title shot should he win. Triple H closes things by kissing Steph, with Vince unable to do anything about it.

Sorry to go on a tangent here, but I just realized something. Vince McMahon the wrestler had one hell of a 1999. He started of by winning the Royal Rumble in January, eliminating Stone Cold Steve Austin. He then main evented the February PPV, St. Valentines Day Massacre. He was later revealed to be the higher power with the Corporate Ministry and main evented King of the Ring in June (actually beating Austin in a handicap ladder match). Then, even with all the evil things he had done, he still managed to turn face and win the WWF Title by pinning Triple H in September. He then closed the year by feuding with Triple H, main eventing December's Armageddon. And not once did he seem out of place. That's good booking.

We then see the end of the Armageddon match (hey...I thought this was the best of RAW), where it turns out Triple H and Steph were in cahoots all along, as she prevents Vince from hitting HHH with a sledgehammer, only to celeberate with Triple H when he picks up the win.

We then jump to RAW the next night, where Steph reminds Vince of the horrible experiences he put her through. She almost was forced to marry the Undertaker, just so he could get back at Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This takes us to the McMahon-Helmsley faction/regime/era, starting off with the pink slip on a pole match booked by Triple H on the Dec. 27 RAW between Mankind and The Rock. We jump to about the halfway point, where Mankind's friend Al Snow comes out and gives The Rock head, only to have Foley decide he won't win that way and turn around to give Al Snow the boot. Mankind the turns around right into a Rock Bottom. The match goes back and forth for a while, with both men almost winning, before Rock tosses Foley off the turnbuckle to the floor and grabs the slip, firing Mick Foley in the process.

A few minutes later from the same show, Mick Foley is going around the lockerroom saying his goodbyes, when Triple H kicks him out of the building. We then see a couple of the "Have a Bad Day" vignettes, with Mideon playing Mankind and Triple H in the first one playing unemployment office worker Harry Sacks (insulting Foley, of course) and then the owner of a bookstore where nobody shows up to a Mankind book signing.

Then, on January 10, the entire roster surrounds the ring with the Rock threatening a walkout if Foley is not reinstated. Triple H says fine, but not because Rock said to. They were planning on rehiring him today anyway. We then jump to the end of that show where we see Triple H pedigree twice (including once through the announcer's table) and pin Foley to win the match for DX over Mankind/The Rock/APA. However Foley gets up after, covered in blood, rips off the mask and starts taking it to the Game. Eventually we see Triple H escape, but not before a little foreshadowing with a Foley "Bang, Bang!" and a Cactus Clothesline.

Next up is the January 31 RAW, where we go backstage to see Cactus Jack welcoming the just-debuted Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn. Cactus takes the easy shots at WCW ("Our fans actually pay to be here"), and tells the soon-to-be Radicalz that to get over, they need to "make a lot of noise."

Next up is probably the best executed heel turn I have ever witnessed, as Triple H reveals he signed the Radicalz to contracts and they proceed to beat down Cactus Jack as a thank you. Along the way, Triple H and Foley agree to meet in a WWF Title Hell in the Cell match with Foley's career on the line. We see X-Pac give Cactus a Bronco Buster to go with Chris Benoit's Swandive Headbutt.

Now we change gears again, as we see one of Kurt Angle's introductory "Real Athlete" vignettes (which happened before Survivor Series). We skip over the Angle/Blackman story, going right to Tazz's debut at the Royal Rumble, only seeing the end of the match. We see Angle get choked out by the Tazzmission.

We then go to a week later, on the January 31 RAW, where Kurt ANgle goes in front of his hometown crowd in Pittsburgh and explains he is still undefeated because Tazz used an illegal chokehold. Later tonight he will face the Rock to prove his greatness.

We then go to the match, in progress of course, and see Rock use the People's Elbow (and an assist from Tazz as he chased Angle back to the ring when he tried to escape) to become the first person to pin Kurt Angle. That match actually looked to be quite good.

And we now back to the Royal Rumble, where we see the Rock win by grabbing the rope as The Big Show fell over the top rope. This leads to Big Show trying for weeks to prove to Triple H that Rock's feet actually hit first, eventually leading to a number one contender's match at No Way Out. It was there that Shane McMahon made his return, costing The Rock the match and sending The Big Show to Wrestlemania to meet Triple H.

Also at No Way Out, we see the end of the Triple H/Foley match, with Cactus flying through the cell and breaking the ring below him. He still manages to get up, however, but is met with a Triple H pedigree and pin, retiring Mick Foley from wrestling.

But back to this Rock guy. He was pretty pissed off, and demanded to be put back in the Wrestlemania main event. This led to a couple weeks of handicap matches and such for the Rock, before he too put his career on the line to egt a number one contender's rematch with The Big Show on the March 13 episode of RAW. During the match, Vince returns to take out guest Refferee Shane McMahon and counts the three for the Rock.

Then (complete with "Shane Changes The Main Event At Wrestlemania" lead-in), Shane changes the main event at Wrestlemania. He says that while the Rock won a title shot, The Big Show never actually lost his, so it is now a triple threat match for the title. But Linda soon announces it's not a triple threat match, it is a fatal fourway match with Triple H, The Rock, The Big Show and...Mick Foley.

>From there we go to the post-match activities at Wrestlemania, with Rock giving Stephanie the People's Elbow. We then see Triple H beating on The Rock in a steel cage on the April 10 RAW.

Next we see Chris Jericho standing at ringside talking to somebody. It turns out, he is challenging Triple H to put his WWF Title on the line in their match to open the April 17 RAW. Triple H agrees, and I think you know what happens. I wonder why Hebner fast counted the pin after the lionsault, seeing as how it was his finisher and probably would have gotten the three count anyway. So Triple H is pissed, some other ref tells Earl Hebner he screwed Triple H, and Hebner reverses his decision with one condition: as long as he's a WWF ref, nobody puts their damn hands on him again. Triple H agrees, and of course fires him right there and pedigrees him.

Now, with no segue or transition at all, we go back to the March 20 RAW for a match between Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, with Kurt Angle on color commentary. Angle agrees to put one of his titles on the line in a triple threat match with these two at Wrestlemania. We actually see this whole match, with Jericho winning with a nasty looking lionsault (he landed on Benoit's head) after Angle hit Benoit in the head with one of his title belts.

Up next is the Harecore Title situation, as we see Crash Holly in his never-ending escape from trouble thanks to the 24/7 rule he put into affect. Some of the people we see make an effort to win the belt are Ivory, the Headbangers, The Mean Street Posse and some referee. Eventually we see Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson on the June 19 RAW interupt a King of the Ring qualifying match between Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly as Patterson distracts Hardcore and Brisco hits Crash with a 2X4 to win the title. Then, as they celebrate backstage, Patterson hits Brosco over the head with a bottle and wins the title himself. Thankfully, we don't see "highlights" of the evening gown match at KOTR.

Now it's time for another type pf hardcore, as we see Mae Young and Mark Henry checking into a honeymoon sweet on Valentines Day. We also see a GTV scene where Henry describes his experience with Young, while she smokes a cigar and mocks his masculinity.

We then for no reason at all see Kurt Angle on the April 17 RAW in his "Angle for Abstinance" campaign. Angle's poster: "Oral Exams, Not Oral Sex."

Now we see Trish Stratus backstage in her underwear and a robe telling Bubba Ray Dudley why she likes tables. There is no explanation on the tape regarding why she did this (and don't e-mail me to explain, I already know).

Back to the popular April 17 RAW, where Eddy Guerrero is backstage before his match studying for his GED when he finds out Chyna is going to be in Playboy. He gets upset and visits the Playboy Mansion but gets tossed. He then gets Chyna to wrestle Rikishi on the Sept. 18 RAW for him feigning a cold, and watches as Rikishi gives her a banzai drop. Unfortunately, we don't see the match where Eddy simply hugs Chyna and lays down on her, getting the pin and the Intercontinental Title.

We now go to June 12 RAW, where tension is building between the Rock, Kane and The Undertaker. But Linda convinces them to work together against the McMahon-Helmsley faction, which leads to the 6 man tag at King of the Ring, where we see Taker chokeslam Shane from the turnbuckle through the announce table and the Rock pin Vince to win Triple H's WWF Title.

Then, the next night on RAW, Vince writes himself off TV once again, as he goes off to be Linda's "genetic jackhammer". But not before this Rock Bottom from the Rock.

We follow that up with Shawn Michaels announcing there is a new commisioner in the World Wrestling Federation: Mick Foley. We then see some of FOley's backstage antice with Edge and Christian ("Sodas Rule!").

For the next while, our subject is Kurt Angle. First, we see Kurt addressing the "peasant" workers backstage, dicussing different names of royalty. This leads to an Angle/Undertaker feud. We see, in order: Angle giving Taker a scooter to replace the motorcycle he spilled milk on, Angle decide he's not afraid of "a man who rides around on a bicycle" and proceed to attack Taker with a rediculously large wrench, and then Undertaker chokeslamming and powerbombing Angle to end the squash match at Fully Loaded.

For Angle's next bit, we go to the famous love triangle, as Angle was getting in the middle of Triple H and Stephanie's marriage. First, Angle is worried about facing Kane so he hugs Stephanie for support. Triple H sees it, so Steph says Kurt forced himself on her. Then, when Michael Cole questions Kurt's actions, he asks "friends can't hug each other?" and gives Cole a hug.

After a summary of the problems between Triple h and Steph (including Steph walking in on Triple H teaching Trish a wrestling hold, Triple H accidentaly calling Steph "Trish", Mick Foley's gross snot-looking fake tears and Triple H and Trish getting hit into the 69 position), we see Triple H and Kurt almost start fighting one the August 15 RAW before Shane breaks them up and tells them, for Stephanie's good, they need to stop fighting. Instead, they should team up to beat the Rock. So we go to RAW the following week where the two men team up to beat the APA, apparently working well on the same page.

With the Kurt/Triple H problem temporarily resolved, we shift our attention to another man. We see Steven Richards come out to stop Terri from taking off her top, later announcing it was part of his plan to censor the WWF. We see several shots of him collecting Ho's from the Godfather, all the while preaching morality ("You people don't know what is good for you. I do."). Eventually he gets Bull Buchanen to join the Right To Censor, and Bull proceeds to defeat the Godfather in a match forcing the Godfather to join as well. Then, on the Oct 23 RAW, after a Lita/Trish bra and panties match, Ivory is introdused as a member. She proceeds to bash the women who take their clothes off every week for WWF TV, but Trish and Lita seem quite proud of the fact that they do this.

Next we see, from the Sept. 18 RAW, the debut of Stephen William Regal. Regal attempts to teach the crown in Chicago some table manners but is interupted by Chris Jericho (returning to the arena where he made his WWF debut), who trashed his table set.

Another off topic comment: the number one sign at this time that the WWF was serious about pushing you was if Chris Jericho intrupted your promo. It doesn't happen anymore, but when he was a face Jericho was constently interupting heel interview sessions, whether he had issues with them or not. I guess it went with his whole "charismatic showman, here to save the WWF" attitude that he enetered the Fed with.

Back to Regal. We see Al Snow as European champ enter from Greece, making an entrance not relating to the country, but the movie. This infuriates Regal, who is on color commentary. We skip ahead to next week where Snow taps to the Regal Stretch, giving Regal the European Title.

We return to the Triple H, Stephanie and Kurt Angle show. It now appears to be after Unforgiven, as Triple H and Kurt Angle hate each other again. Backstage, getting ready for a match, Triple H makes fun of Angle's sexuality ("Can you go one match without 'accidentally' hitting your wife?", "Can you go one match without hitting on me?"). This leads to Triple H vs Kurt Angle, winner to get a title shot at No Mercy. Triple H asks Steph to stay in the back, where she runs into Chris Benoit. She slaps Benoit for unexplained reasons, and goes out to the ring. Benoit soon follows her out and attacks her, distracting Triple H and allowing Angle to hit the olympic slam for the pin and the title shot. We then go to the Sept. 25 RAW to see Benoit and Angle beat down the Rock and Triple H.

Now we go back to the Coach, who explains Stone Cold Steve Austin's absence all year (In kayfabe mode. He says it was a result of being run over, not a neck injury.). We then got to the first RAW on TNN, the Sept. 25 edition as Stone Cold makes his return. We see Austin investigate backstage, talking to Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Foley, Brisco and Patterson to see if anyone knows anything about the accident. Eventually, Foley gets Rikishi to admit to the crime, and Rikishi says he "did it for the Rock". This leads to Austin/Rock vs Angle/Rikishi one night, but The Rock gets jumped on his way to the ring and Austin goes at it alone. The nTriple H comes out to seemingly save Austin from a 2 on 1 beatdown, but he turns on Austin and reveals that he was the brains behind the rundown all along.

We close the show with the Dec. 18 RAW (that's after Survivor Series) as Mick Foley addresses Vince McMahon Stephanie and Kurt Angle. He sets up Vince vs Angle for the title, during which Foley beats on both men. However, Edge and Christian come in and hit Mick with the conchairto. Steph then runs out and announces that, with Linda deemed mentally incompetent, full CEO authority has been granted to Vince, who proceeds to fire Mick Foley on the spot.

The Coach wishes us goodbye and we are out.

Some things that were left off that I think should have been at least mentioned:
The Big Show's Title reign. They could have at least shown Triple H beating him for the title, as it did happen on RAW during the timespan this video was supposed to cover.
Chris Benoit vs The Rock. They should have shown Benoit getting his first WWF win by pinning Rocky.
Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho, IC Title feud. A stiff feud that didn't even get mentioned.

Other than that, this was a nice recap to all the year's big moments and angles. Kinda slow in parts, but I would love to have the version for 2001.

The Bucs Fan

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