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Another Thursday evening with no wrestling. Well, that's easily cured. My best friend has a TON of tapes I haven't seen yet, and ordered most PPV's between 96 - present. So I dug into his tape collection and came up with this. Here we go...

It's a video package going over the history between Hogan and Nash. And by history, I mean the past month, completely ignoring the nWo stuff, touch of doom, etc. The match itself is career vs. career and at the time there was a lot of speculation this was Hogan's last match - due to the fact it was indeed a career match and the fact he had morphed back to the yellow and red just a week before the show - to solidify his going out the way he came in.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan are the announcers and they're dressed like a gang. A gang going to a costume party. They're giving away a motorcycle later tonight. The audio on this tape is a little off so I have a hard time making out everything they're saying. The graphic helpfully tells me Tony's shilling the hotline.

Let's take a look at the history between future Filthy Animals and The Dead Pool. This history includes a bunch of clips from Thunder.


The sun is still bright and the pyro looks strange during the day. Taking a look at the crowd - are these REALLY the people WCW are out to draw? The Animals attack right away and knock ICP out of the ring to go to work on Vampiro. Eddie poses while Kidman stomps on Vamp. Off the ropes, Kidman around with a short powerbomb. Eddie comes in with a slingshot senton, and Rey is off the top with a legdrop. Eddie knocks Eddie out to the floor and Kidman beats on him. He's rolled back in and Eddie takes him back down. European uppercut, whip into the corner and follows through with a monkey flip. He charges Vamp but Vampiro manages an enzigiri. The ICP gang up on Eddie and Vamp throws Eddie out so they can do their damage on the floor. Back in Vampiro tries to suplex him but fails. So he puts Eddie in the corner, and distracts the ref so the clowns can beat up Eddie. Violent J is tagged in and hits a clothesline and some punches on Eddie. He picks him up and hits a jawbreaker. Shaggy 2 Dope is tagged in. Vertical suplex takes Eddie to the floor, and he struts a bit before hitting an elbowdrop. Vampiro is tagged back in while Shaggy stomps a mudhole in Eddie. Kidman tries to rush their corner but is held back. Eddie tries to comeback, hits some kicks, springboard holding the arm, headscissors takeover! Eddie starts the crawl but Violent J is in to get Eddie back to the heel corner. Uranage suplex on Eddie, the cover and it gets 1 before he's pulled off. The clowns come in and double suplex Eddie. Shaggy goes up top but Eddie shakes the ropes and takes him off his feet. Eddie with a superplex! The animals are banging away on the turnbuckle begging for a tag. Violent J is tagged in but so is Rey who hits a Thesz press and follows with up with a moonsault but only gets 1 before Vamp rushes and pulls him off. Rey is tossed into the ropes but does that hold the ropes leg spinny thing before Raven pulls Rey out of the ring. Raven throws him into the steps and Vampiro follows up with the Nail In The Coffin. Rey is eventually thrown back in and Violent J hits a sidewalk slam that gets 2. Violent J tries to work the leg before throwing Rey into the turnbuckle chest first. Violent J drops an elbow and that gets a 2. Vampiro is tagged into the ring and he hits a running powerbomb. He follows that up with a kneedrop to the groin. Shaggy 2 Dope is in now and he beats down Rey. Running powerslam gets 2 because Eddie saved. Rey is thrown out to the floor where Raven sits in front of him saying EVIL THINGS. Vampiro finally comes over and kicks him in the head. Rey runs off the ropes getting momentum but Shaggy clotheslines him. He throws Rey into the corner but Rey gets a leg up, goes up top and hits a split legged moonsault. He tags in Kidman who dropkicks everything in sight. Eddie gets a tilt-a-whirl on Vampiro. Rey gives a broncobuster to Violent J. Alot of action tags place but the point is everyone is tossed except Kidman and Shaggy 2 Dope. Kidman heads up top, and hits the Shooting Star Press for the 3 count.

Time: 12:20

Let's take another special look at an upcoming match. A few weeks ago Stevie Ray axed his brother to be on his side, and Booker T accepted. And because of similar problems they have with The Triad, it's natural they'd want to have a match.

THE TRIAD vs. HARLEM HEAT (for the WCW World Tag-Team Titles)

Kanyon says the rednecks here cannot afford cable TV, so what he's gonna do is tell them what he usually does. The motorcycles start to rev and Kanyon can't get a word in. Kanyon says he asks a question to see if these people are as dumb as they look. He doesn't get a chance to ask the question though cause the fans are being dicks with their bikes. THIS is why Sturgis is a bad idea Eric Bischoff. Harlem Heat goes to work on The Triad right away including a rough Harlem Sidekick on Bam Bam. Is Robinson ever gonna ring the bell? The Triad try to stall for a bit while Booker stands ready to go. I guess there is no opening bell, cause Kanyon goes to work on Stevie Ray. I'll just time it from when that melee began. Stevie Ray picks Kanyon up with a gorilla press and then bodyslams Bam Bam. The Triad go out again and try to regroup. Kanyon's in and Booker is tagged back in. Now we're talking! They lockup and Booker gets Kanyon into the corner and absolutely beats him down. Booker's got his arm locked but Kanyon hits a back elbow and takes Booker to the ground. Kanyon with a couple of rights, whips Booker off the ropes, reverses and Booker hits a standing dropkick to Kanyon's jaw. Stevie Ray is tagged in, as is Bam Bam. You know, you'd THINK Bam Bam would appeal to these fans. Stevie Ray's getting jacked up sucka as Bigelow stalls. Finally they lock up, Stevie with a headlock, off the ropes, he comes at Bigelow but it's a standstill as neither man will fall. Bigelow comes off the ropes and Stevie holds his ground. They do it again and Stevie Ray takes Bigelow down with a clothesline but Bigelow gets a headbutt and tags in Kanyon who uses a double axehandle from the top, then hits elbowdrops repeatedly on Stevie Ray. He taunts Booker who comes in but the ref holds him back as Kanyon chokes Stevie. Kanyon whips Stevie into the corner, then he gets whipped by Bam Bam into the corner and hits Stevie, then Bam Bam charges as well. The fans rally behind Stevie Ray as Bam Bam goes to the chinlock. Stevie gets to his feet, manages to get away, off the ropes but a knee to the midsection sends him back to the mat, follows with a headbutt to the shoulders, and gets 2. He tags in Kanyon who stomps on Stevie and covers with his feet on the ropes and still only gets a 2 count. Stevie comes back with a bodyslam, then drops an elbow but misses. Kanyon holds Stevie while Bigelow goes up top, but Stevie reverses Kanyon's hold into a catapult and Kanyon flies into Bigelow knocking him off his feet. Stevie tags in Booker T who hits the flying axehandle on Kanyon, then the Harlem Sidekick and he gets a 2 count. He was going for the axekick but Bigelow holds down the ropes and Booker crashes to the floor. Bigelow slams Booker into the guardrail, then Booker is sent headfirst into the post. He's rolled in and Kanyon punches Booker, goes up top and hits a top rope Rocker Dropper which scores 2. Kanyon goes up top again but Booker catches him and hits a powerbomb. He crawls over tags Stevie but gets knocked out by Bam Bam. However, Stevie's good enough to take on the 2 guys at once, until Bigelow manages a punch that turns it all around. DDP is out, and they try to whip Stevie into Page but Bigelow is reversed and he goes crashing into him, Booker with the Missile Dropkick, 1, 2, 3! We have new tag-team champions!

Time: 13:18

Recently Curt Hennig accused Saturn of coming from Uranus. So naturally, a match that's gotten this personal could only be settled on Pay-Per-View.


There's this biker guy clapping along with I Hate Rap, which for some reason is one of the FUNNIEST things I've seen. I'm not kidding - it's absolutely hilarious cause the guy is completely into the song. This is Douglas' first PPV match since his return to WCW to rid them of the cancer. Saturn doesn't care about cowboys or Chad Brock, it's all about the opportunity. The Rednecks charge and the Revolution take them apart. Dean Malenko and Barry Windham are gonna start this off. Windham and Malenko slug it out with Malenko winning the exchange. He charges Windham in the corner, then tags out to Saturn. They hit a double elbowsmash and Saturn puts Windham in a headlock. Douglas is tagged in next but Barry gets to his corner and drags Douglas with him so the Rednecks pound on him. Duncum is in and connects with a big boot. Douglas comes out of the corner with a powerslam and Saturn is tagged in. He kicks away at Duncum in the corner. Duncum kicks him down and tas in Windham, but Saturn suplexes him all over the place, then punches away at Windham on the ground. Kendall interferes and Barry tags in Hennig who chops at Saturn in the corner. Headsnap knocks Saturn down and Duncam is in. Saturn's out to the floor where Kendall works over on him with the bell. Saturn comes back with a German suplex and tags in Malenko. Malenko hits a dropkick, then a vertical suplex. Malenko pounds away at Duncam and here comes Douglas. Malenko with the drop toe hold and Douglas follows up with an elbowdrop. Douglas goes for the Pittsburge Plunge but Hennig cuts him off. Hennig drags him out to the floor. Kendall's there to work him over then Hennig comes at him with chops. Douglas picks up Hennig and drops Hennig nut first on the pole. He rolls Hennig in and goes up top, but gets caught and tossed. Windham in and he hits a belly to back. This is a fast pace match but doesn't seem to have any real direction. Windham punches away at Douglas, then connects with a clothesline. That gets a 2 count before he lets go to look at Saturn. Duncam comes in and hits a shoulderbreaker and scores 2 before Malenko saves. Kendall and Hennig cheat some more while the ref doesn't pay attention. Hennig with a thumb to Douglas' eye. Duncam with a boot to the midsection, then a vertical floatover suplex for a 2. Barry in and he hits a DDT. He covers arrogantly and only scores a 2 count. Off the ropes, and they hit eachother, both flying back. Barry Windham tags out to Duncam but Douglas escapes and hot tags Saturn to no reaction. This is the worst crowd in the world. A pier six breaks out and Malenko gets a cloverleaf but Kendall comes in to break it up. Saturn meanwhile hits a DVD on Duncam and gets the win for the Revolution. The Rednecks attack to save their heat.

Time: 10:55

It wasn't a bad match by any means, just kind of dry, probably due to the fact the Rednecks can't decide whether they're heels or faces from week to week and the Revolution make such weak babyfaces.

Let's take a look at the feud between Buff Bagwell and Ernest Miller that later became a focal point in the feud between Sonny Onoo and WCW.


Sonny is dressed like a biker. That rocks! Sonny Onoo is one of the most underrated managers on the planet. Once again, the idiot fans rev their bikes so we have a hard time hearing Miller. He wants those stupid rednecks to turn those bikes off. He then threatens to whoop every redneck in here. Here comes Buff to save the day. He struts. Some ladies scream. Tony tells us what a great guy Buff Bagwell is. I guess they weren't around for the pre-match backstage scuffle. The story goes Miller was supposed to retain his heat after the loss by beating up Buff after the loss. Buff got angry and they had a fight. Other stuff was rumored to have happened but I won't get into it cause none of it was every confirmed so it would be pointless speculation. At least they appear to have settled their differences enough to work in the same ring reasonably well. Buff keeps going to talk, and Miller steals the mic everytime trying to get his words in to the fans who rev their bikes and won't listen. It's cute. Buff tells The Cat to kiss his ass and the crowd's ass. Sonny gives Miller some advice which the camera can't pick up on. And finally the match starts.

Miller hits a hiptoss and poses to the crowd. They boo. Miller slams Buff then poses again. The fans boo. The fans chant Pussycat. Buff hiptosses the Cat then slams him, and poses to cheers. The fans go back to chanting Pussycat. We're 3 minutes in and we've seen all of that. Posing. The Cat attacks Buff in the corner with punches and then chokes him. Buff comes back with 2 dropkicks, then goes up top and delivers a 9 count of punches before The Cat lowblows him, then delivers a standing sidekick, but poses instead of pinning. Sonny gets involved by choking Buff on the ropes. Now Cat covers and gets 2. He chokes Buff on the mat then picks him up and attacks with kicks. Sonny again chokes Buff on the ropes. The Cat goes to a chinlock now, and the fans chant for Buff. Buff gets up but Cat rakes the eyes. Miller attempts a suplex, but Buff reverses and hits a vertical floatover suplex but can't follow up. They're up and Buff hits a couple of atomic drops, then a crossbody and gets 2. Cat up and hits a jawbreaker. Onoo is up with the briefcase and clobbers Miller by mistake and Buff rolls him up for 3.

Time: 7:21

Postmatch, Miller beats up Buff to keep his heat. Onoo does the Buff strut over Buff and he gets in some shots before Miller gets some more in.

Chris Benoit and DDP have been involved in a series of matches lately. So here's the rubber match for the US Title, and Benoit wants no DQ.

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. CHRIS BENOIT (for the WCW United States Heavyweight Title in a No DQ Match)

DDP apologizes for talking about Benoit's mother. Benoit loves his mother. But so can anyone for $2.99 a minute. Ooooooh! Here comes Benoit and he's not happy. DDP talks down to Benoit so Benoit kicks him in the nuts. Lots of knees to the face and a punch knocks DDP off his feet. Benoit kicks away at Page, but DDP reverses off the ropes and gets a foot to the midsection. He goes for a powerbomb but Benoit rolls up and punches DDP in the head until he falls on his back. Benoit keeps punching away until Page rolls out. So Benoit hits him with a baseball slide right to the stomach. Benoit chases DDP off the levitated apron, so Page takes control outside and rolls Benoit back in. Benoit's on his feet and slams Page into the turnbuckle. He goes fro the other corner but Page reverses and slams Benoit. Page goes for a belly to belly and connects for a 2 count. Page continues to stomp on Benoit, then applies a camel clutch. Up top, Page with a fireman's carry into a slam. However, he poses before he covers and scores 2. He slaps at Benoit's head, then picks him up with a gutwrench gutbuster. Page drives his knee into Benoit's midsection repeatedly, throws him off the ropes but Benoit rolls him up by the knee before he can drive it into him again and gets 2. Page reverses and gets 2. Benoit's up and Page hits a hard clothesline to take Benoit off his feet. Page struts around the ring, occassionally stomping on Benoit. He slaps Benoit around but Benoit comes back with some punches however, DDP counters with a spinebuster and gets 2. He covers again and only gets 2. A third try gets 2. Page actually goes for a FOURTH attempt and gets 2 before Benoit counters and scores 2. Benoit's up but Page clotheslines him down again and covers for 2. Page gets in Robinson's face and tells him to count 3. More stalling and strutting. Tony calls Benoit a smallish US Champ. Good job Tony. Page punches at Benoit's head keeping him on the ground. Huge sidewalk slam gets 2 and Page is taking issue with Robinson again. Page goes for it again, but Benoit reverses, and goes for a backslide that Page escapes but Benoit gets a jawbreaker. He goes up top but Page cuts him off and he's in the tree of woe. Page kicks Benoit and then slaps Robinson and steals his belt. He whips at Benoit's body. He wraps it around Benoit's neck and strangles him. Page rolls him over, and half ass covers and gets 2. With the belt around Benoit's neck he snapmares him over twice, drags him to his feet, and puts him in a CRUCIFIX with the belt holding Benoit only! Benoit fights him off and gets the belt and whips Page stiffly. Benoit with a German suplex and gets 2. He holds on and tries a second time for 2. A third attempt hits and again gets 2. Thumb to the throat, and up top we go! Kanyon's in and pushes him off the top right into a belly to belly suplex. That gets 2. The Revolution watch monitors and do nothing. Some friends. Benoit whips Page into Kanyon and gets a two count off the rollup. Page takes him down with a clothesline and scores 2. Bigelow's up and splashes Benoit and Page only gets 2. Benoit continues getting beaten down. Benoit gets out of the way as we have heel miscommunication and everyone bumps into everyone. Benoit's up, diving headbutt, and scores a 3 count to retain the US Title.

Time: 12:32

The Revolution come out to show support for Benoit with lots of backslapping.

Tony says it's time to draw for the motorcycle. Bobby launches into a story of falling off his bike with training wheels. Meanwhile, at the booth Chad Damiani with American Ironhorse chicks draws a winner. The president of American Ironhorse says Darnell Potter is the winner. Listen, I've paid money to watch this, if I'm not winning the bike, I don't care.

Let's take a look at the horrible things Sid has done to Sting over the past few weeks.


Tenay says Sid has been back a month. I check the record books and he returned in June at the Great American Bash. Hah, I outsmarted Tenay. One doesn't get a chance to do THAT often. The motorcycles roar and Sid asks them to shut up. Sting screams at the crowd. They scream back. Now we lockup, and Sid drives Sting into the corner. He punches Sting in the midsection, and launches him across the ring, charges and misses. Now Sting kicks Sid 'til he's on the top turnbuckle and Stinger Splashes him twice, before clotheslining him to the outside. Sting chases Sid and throws him into the guardrail. Sid's in the front row now and Sting drags him back. Now he's tossed into a guardrail on the OTHER side of the arena so those fans gets a chance to see him close up. Sting rolls Sid back into the ring and tries a Stinger Splash but Sid moves and takes control. A kick to the midsection takes Sting down. Off the ropes, powerslam and Sid gets 2. Another boot to the midsection takes Sting does and now he chokes him on the ropes. Sid charges and drops his leg on Sting's head on the ropes. He picks Sting up, backbreaker into a pin, and Sting kicks out at 2. Chinlock on Sting in the middle of the ring. Sid throws Sting into the turnbuckle and follows with a clothesline then poses for boos. Sid drags Sting down to the floor and drops him chest first on the guardrail. Sid rolls Sting in and uses the ropes for leverage on a pin attempt but he gets caught. Back to the chinlock. Sting makes a superman comeback off the ropes and a shouldblock takes down Sid. Now Sting falls headfirst into Sid's crotch. Sid recovers, and goes up top but gets caught and tossed. Sting comes forward but Sid trips him up. Sid gets up and tries to punch Sting but Sting blocks it and bodyslams Sid and tries a splash but Sid gets his knees up. Sid covers Sting and gets 2. Sid picks up Sting and drops him headfirst on the turnbuckle. Sting is down on his knees. He goes to punch Sting but Sting blocks it, and attempts to comeback, off the ropes, but Sid gets the big boot up. Sid heads up top but gets caught again, then superplexed. He's up, but gets Stinger Splashed twice, and on the third attempt chokeslams Sting and gets the pin. That was, umm, unexpected.

Time: 10:47

Here's a special look at the return of Goldberg, with Megadeth. This looks alot like the package hyping Sid vs. Sting.

RICK STEINER vs. GOLDBERG (in a Non-Title Match)

The sun is starting to set so it's easier to see stuff. I imagine it's a bitch to wrestle with the sun glaring in your eyes. To be honest, I prefer Crush 'Em to his other entrance music. I think it adds alot of energy. So with my vote of confidence, a grand total of one person enjoy this entrance. Fans chant Goldberg. It's a punchfest with Steiner using the knee to take the advantage for 2 seconds before Goldberg clotheslines him. Goldberg throws him off the ropes and hits a shoulderblock to take Steiner down. Now the concussion career ending kick to Steiner's head and it sadly does not end his career. Steiner walks around a bit, comes back into the ring, and throws the ref into Goldberg which is enough distraction for Steiner to kick Goldberg in the midsection. Steiner jumps on Goldberg and takes off Goldberg's kneepad then beats on his kidneys. Steiner hits him with the kneepad into the head, then drives it down on Goldberg with an elbowdrop. So when did this match become no DQ? Or does Goldberg have the Hogan clause, in that all his matches are no DQ. Steiner rakes Goldberg's eyes on the ground, then goes to the kneepad again, puts it on his arm and runs Goldberg over with a clothesline. He punches away with the kneepad some more. He makes obscene gestures to the crowd and goes back to punching Goldberg. Now a belly to belly suplex and a pin attempt gets 2. Steiner again wallops Goldberg with the kneepad then DDT's him. A cover, only gets 2. Goldberg starts the comeback, gorilla press, spear, Jackhammer, that's all.

Time: 5:44

Here's a look at a VERY strange angle leading up to Rodman vs. Savage. Arliss was involved, and I really don't remember THE POINT of his involvement despite being crazy into watching Nitro at this point. I remember Tony Schiavone coming down to the ring or something to chase away thugs and it was all very confusing. Either way, a match was made out of all of this so let's just try and enjoy what's presented.

DENNIS RODMAN vs. RANDY SAVAGE (in a Grudge Match)

Rodman takes the stick and wonders where his bitch is. (That would be Gorgeous George) Savage says tonight Rodman's HIS bitch. Rodman gets a double axehandle on Savage and drags him to the floor and throws him into the ringpost. Now he throws Savage into the guardrail, and then the post that holds the lights. Rodman rolls him back in and throws him into the turnbuckle. If I'm Savage I rip out Rodman's piercings. Rodman runs him over with a back elbow and Rodman stands around waiting for Savage to gets to his feet. He hits him with a clothesline and Savage is back on the mat. Rodman drops an elbow but still doesn't cover as he'd rather play to the fans. Who's the heel here? Russian legsweep takes down Savage again and he covers arrogantly for 2. He threatens Silverman a whole lot then knocks him out cold. He drops an elbow on Silverman. I guess there's no DQ in THIS match either huh? Mickie Jay runs down and becomes the ref. Savage manages to take Rodman down with an eyepoke. He kicks Rodman and starts to choke him. Savage drapes him throat first over the ropes and chokes him there. Then he drops him to the mat and chokes him some more. Savage attempts a hotshot on the ropes, but he drops him forehead first. Ross Foreman is taking pictures ringside, so Savage decks him and steals his camera. Savage smacks Rodman with the camera and gets a 2 count. Savage takes out Mickie Jay, so Scott Dickenson comes in. Dickenson is promptly takes out by Savage. Rodman back bodydrops Savage over the top rope and to the floor. We have a new ref but I can't see who it is. Savage rakes Rodman's eyes which knocks him down. They head up the ramp and Savage drives Rodman into the guardrail. Double axehandle on Rodman knocks him to the floor. They continue their walk up the ramp and Rodman goes knee first into the guardrail. Tony says he's never seen 4 refs used in one match. Don't worry, Superbrawl 2000 will leave your jaw dropped Tony. Rodman gets a hiptoss out of nowhere and Savage rolls down the ramp on the otherside. They're headed to the parking lot. Savage throws Rodman into the trash, then runs over to the can. He throws the guy out of the portapotty and throws Rodman into it and pushes it over. There's crap literally coming out of it. Rodman gets out and throws Savage headfirst into a truck. Savage comes back looking psychotic and double axehandles Rodman from behind right down the ramp. He then tries to run Rodman into the light post but Rodman shoves him off and Savage does into it. Rodman rolls him in the ring and goes up top. A top rope clothesline takes out Johnny Boone. Rodman gets a sleeper on Savage as Gorgeous George storms the ring. She tends to Savage and hands him a chain. Nick Patrick is referee #5. Gorgeous George lowblows Rodman then Savage punches him with the chain and wins. This could have been ALOT worse than it was. Now I never want to watch it again.

Time: 11:30

Here's a look at Hogan promising to kick Nash's butt.

KEVIN NASH vs. HULK HOGAN (for the WCW World Heavyweight Title in a Career vs. Career Match)

Please be good, or be short. Buffer does the intros. This is the match my best friend has dubbed the best match of all time. For some reason I'm willing to bet our opinions will differ. The bell sounds and Hogan claps. My GOD he looks old without the black beard. Now he's nodding. He knows something. He flexes. Motorcycles roar. FEEL IT!!!! Nash shoves Hogan back off the lockup, twice. Hogan rips off his bandana, and on the lockup this time he's able to shove Nash. So he flexes and says KISS MY BUTT BROTHER! Side headlock on Hogan and Hogan waves the finger. Hogan comes back with punches and attempts to shove Nash off but fails. Hogan escapes with a belly to back suplex. Nash makes mean faces cause he's a heel. Nash asks for a test of strength. Hogan needs to consult his fans. If I'm Nash I kick his ass when his back is turned. Tony calls it a greco roman knuckle lock to piss me off. Nash has Hogan down to one knee. Now the other knee falls. He's pushing back with all his might though. And he's up, so Nash kicks him in the stomach. Big elbow to Hogan's head knocks him down and Nash starts to beat on him in the corner. Big punches to the spine now, then Nash goes into driving the knees into Hogan's midsection. Now the Nash big foot choke on the ropes. Elbows to Hogan's head. Nash takes a picture with his hands, but only after fixing his hair, chops at his crotch, and misses, so Hogan's alive! Big wind up punch to Nash which does excrutiating damage! Count along with Hogan as he punches Nash. Let's cup the ear, and then CHEAT with eyepokes. Nash then retaliates by poking Hogan's eyes. Nash is back to punching on his spine. A punch rocks Hogan. After some punches in the corner, he chokes him via big boot again. Sidewalk slam on Hogan gets a 2 count, and that's actually the first cover of the match, some 9 minutes in. Crowd chants for Hogan. They walk around outside the ring for a minute, then Nash rolls Hogan in. Nash off the ropes and jumps on Hogan who's on the ropes. Nash signals for the powerbomb. But instead of going for it, he punches Hogan in the corner to kill more time. Here's another picture, crotch chop, and elbow to Hogan. Off the ropes, big boot! Hit the legdrop and pin him! It's how Yokozuna got rid of him, follow the example. Please! Nash instead goes for the powerbomb, hits it, covers, and Hogan miraculously kicks out. My hero. Hogan's bleeding but he's alive and that's all that matters. YOU he screams! Punches to Nash, off the ropes, big boot. Legdrop, that's it. Thank god.

Time: 12:16

Total Matches: 9
Average Match Length: 10:45
Average Match Rating: 1.38
Overall: **

Now I'm not one to hand out DUD's freely. In fact, I refuse to give negative stars, because it's completely unfair and how do you judge terrible matches next to eachother? Honestly. This match, hits the bottom of the barrel though. I try to stay as positive as possible during these but this is rock bottom in terms of quality and was just plain hard to watch. I almost gave up recapping it on 2 seperate occassions because it was so brutal.
Unfortunately, worse is to come. Don't bother with this tape, the feuds are pointless and it leads to absolutely nothing other than Nash missing for 6 weeks.

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