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Buff Bagwell in Main Event

Okay, I realize WCW is a little short on star power at this point, or are trying to save the biggest surprises until later on in the invasion, but they really could have plucked any other midcarder to put in that match than Buff Bagwell. This is the FIRST time WCW's had a match on RAW and they can only do the first match once. I realize this won't have any long term effects or anything, but I was in a little bit of shock with the fact they chose a guy who beat up a ring worker backstage just a year ago and has been a general big head backstage. Of course, everything I hear is probably a little more inflated than I believe his head to be, but nonetheless....

And Your Official is

So we've got our main event, and Nick Patrick gets the most heat? What the hell did he do to the people in Tacoma? I laughed out loud that a WCW official was more over as a heel, even if for a minute, than say Goldberg during his entire run after he turned.

The Announce Team

I loved what I heard out of the WCW announce team. I'm a loyal wrestling fan, and enjoy certain aspects of both companies, and hearing Arn Anderson's soothing yet knowledgeable voice on the microphone gave it an 80's southern feel. And I loved it. This is what wrestling has been lacking. An alternative. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to blend in with the lights and electricity as perhaps he would on an old school set. Scott Hudson was back to his WCW Saturday Night was, being the guy in charge and not having to deal with Tony, while having a good guy on color.


Poor guys... Their first night in the WWF and they're getting chanted boring at. The WWF fans have been trained to accept a certain style of wrestling, with a certain crew of guys. They do not want WCW on their turf - not guys that have not been established as big time players anyway. Booker T has been the World Champion on and off for the past year but never had a platform to perform on until now. Him and Buff are not seen as superstars. It's the guys the smarks dislike, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan that are on that level. Over time Booker T will become a name, but not right now. The fans probably felt ripped off.

Booker T is Potentially the Greatest in WCW of All Time?

I've gotta question what Arn Anderson was on when he made that statement. Isn't Ric Flair his best friend? I realize that Arn was trying to sell Booker T, but I almost choked when I heard that coming from AA of all people. He knows better!

Vince McMahon Plays Kissy Face

I know some fans are going to be screaming outrage at the fact Mr. McMahon once again took a beautiful woman and made out with her, but why the heck not? His character has been established to go in that direction. He lusts after gorgeous young women and gorgeous young women are smitten with him. And it will lead to McMahon getting embarrassed in the end, which is something we all love and cherish.

Cousin v. Cousin

JR seemed so shocked that cousins could fight on TV! Sure, it was female v. male which is something we don't actually see a whole lot of in the cousin department, but it's not the first time cousins have done battle. We've seen Rikishi v. The Rock (actual cousins, unlike this case) in recent history. We've had father v. son with the McMahon's. Why JR is still shocked by ANYTHING he sees anymore is beyond me.

Mole Hunting

So Test isn't the mole. I was going to use this section as RAW was starting to say that going with Test rather than taking the SHOCKING SWERVE route would probably do the federation good. They never go with the obvious which certainly leaves fans guessing, but never at the most obvious person which is a shame. Training us to be swerved does not make the swerve special, but rather expected. Well, since we're without a mole, perhaps Jericho? He's not really doing anything, and doesn't appear to be in much of a position to go anywhere after that KOTR bust. Send him back to WCW, and let him do his thing his way. If he could pull the same stuff he was during 1998, he'll be fine and those salivating for an elevation will finally get one.

You Thought He Was Bad Before

I leave you tonight with this thought... Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, and Tommy Gunn all got the best of Rocky at one time or another, before he came back, beat the stuffing out of them and won/defended the World Title. If there was a thorn in his side, he beat it. Hulk Hogan was the ONLY opponent he never eventually beat. Damn that creative control card!

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