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Quick thanks to Aaron Brooks who ordered this show, and promptly turned around and lent me his copy. God, after all you've given me, I REALLY owe you a night of hard drinking. Or at the very least a thank you in a show review. :-)

Drowning Pool welcomes us to SummerSlam! Sweet video package, as has become the norm from the WWF. Watch as all those bodies hit the floor.

Light the pyro, and play that song one more time! They're hanging from the rafters says JR. I hope they're wearing harnesses or their arms are going to be REALLY tired by the end of the night.

LANCE STORM vs. EDGE (for the WWF Intercontinental Title)

Storm has the mic. "If I could be serious for a minute - (booo!) I've said from the start there's no place for offbeat shenanigans in this business. And if I could be extended the courtesy of no interuptions, I'll explain why. Splendid. The reason...." but Edge's music hits and here he comes, but I'm laughing at Storm saying splendid. A bunch of WWF Superstars with Christian leading the charge are rooting on Edge. The bell rings, and here we go.

They lockup and Edge looks REALLY intense. Storm with a go behind waistlokc, but Edge reverses. Storm gets away and locks a hammerlock but again Edge reverses. So Storm goes to the side headlock. Off the ropes, he knocks Edge down. Again, but Storm is flapjacked and then dropkicked. Storm is knocked over the ropes and to the floor. Storm back up on the apron, but Edge scoots between his legs and takes him down again. Punches to Storm and he rolls him back in. Both men on their feet, with Storm caught in the corner. Whip into the other corner, Edge charges but gets dropped back on the apron. Edge knocks Storm away, and heads up top and connects with the crossbody for 2. Both men slow to get up, Storm reverses a whip into the ropes. Edge goes for a suplex, but Storm reverses into a hotshot on the ropes. Storm then shoves Edge off the apron and Edge goes face first into the security wall. Storm heads out and kicks Edge while he's down. He rolls Edge back in and continues to kick Edge. Storm yells at Edge face to face and then picks him up. Knee to the midsection sends Edge down, and a cover gets 2. Storm picks Edge back up, and knees Edge in the midsection, but Edge comes off the ropes with a rollup for 2. Storm gets up and hits a face-first suplex on Edge that gets 2. Storm drives the knee into Edge some more and covers for 2. Storm nudges Edge and kicks him around in the head. Edge battles back to his feet with a series of punches, throws Storm off the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Storm stays put and Edge hits nothing. Storm signals for the Canadian Maple Leaf but Edge shoves him off then cradles him for 2. Storm kicks Edge in the midsection again then covers for 2. The stars continue to cheer. Storm shoulderblocks Edge in the midsection while in the corner, but Edge again battles out. Storm smartly knees him in the stomach again. Edge jumps on Storm's back however Storm has him caught and hits a rolling fireman's carry! That only gets 2. Storm kicks Edge in the spine and puts on a camel clutch. Edge escapes, so Storm kicks him in the groin area. Storm with a standing senton and covers for 2. Edge tries to battle back again, and goes for a whip but Storm reverses that and locks on an abdonimal stretch. Punches to the kidneys of Edge. Now Storm's pulling the tights for extra leverage. Edge finds the strength to hiptoss him onto the apron but Storm stands tall and when Edge comes forward Storm with a shoulderblock that sends Edge back down. Storm now with a springboard crossbody attempt but Edge catches him and powerslams him! Both men are down and the ref starts a 10 count. Ref makes it to 7 and both men are up. They exchange punches, and Edge gets control. A series of clotheslines knocks down Storm - and Storm is off the ropes then back bodydropped. Edge off the ropes, spinning heel kick, and he gets a 2 count. Edge picks Storm up but Storm with a jawbreaker. Suplex attempt but Edge escapes, and manages to pull down Storm hard from behind and scores a 2 count. Storm goes for a headscissors takeover, but Edge reverses into a short powerbomb for 2. Storm revereses a whip into the ropes, then rolls Edge up into the Canadian Maple Leaf. Edge is crawling to the ropes and makes it! Edge now gets the half crab on Storm! Here comes Christian as Storm escapes and the ref gets bumped. Christian with a spear, but Storm moves and he hits Edge! Storm with a Superkick on Christian and covers Edge! 1, 2, KICKOUT! The fans thought that was it! Storm waits for Edge to get back up, and goes for a Superkick but Edge blocks, and they do a series of reversals before Edge hits the Buzzkiller and gets 3! We have a new Intercontinental Champion!

Time: 11:17 ****

Fantastic opener. Very technically sound. The WWF boys love it, and cheer him on. Christian gets the belt for Edge and gives him a big hug. Edge poses for the crowd.

Michael Cole stops Test and the Dudley Boyz on the way to the ring. He wants to know why Test turned his back on the WWF. He says it was the WWF who turned their backs on him. Exactly. And THIS guy is supposed to be the heel?

Lillian Garcia stands with Chris Jericho. Tonight, he faces the one guy he has never beaten - Rhyno. He says there's a first time for everything - and then makes jokes about Stephanie and her first time. Christ, just get it on already! He makes a joke about being in Silicone Valley.


2 weeks ago Test cost the Acolytes the tag-team titles, so they have issues. And about 30 years ago, Spike Dudley was born, so he and his brothers have issues. Buh Buh and Faarooq start this one. The Dudleys immediately get a reverse 3D on Faarooq, but big Ron recovers in a hurry. D-Von is in. D-Von whipped into the corner, but he gets a boot up and sends Faarooq back. Clothesline takes him down, then a spinning heel kick for good measure. D-Von again off the ropes but Faarooq is ready this time with a spinebuster! D-Von comes back with a jawbreaker and tags in Test. Test gets Faarooq in the corner, charges but eats a back elbow. Bradshaw is in and we have us a double team. Double shoulderblocks, then Bradshaw drops some elbows and gets a 1. Bradshaw stays on him though and goes for a powerbomb but Buh Buh breaks it up. Test with the back bodydrop. Heels now pound on Brawshaw in their corner. D-Von tagged in but Bradshaw hits a DDT and gets 2. Spike is tagged in now and pounds on D-Von. A cradle gets 2. A rollup gets 2. Spinke continues to fight but he's hotshotted onto the ropes thanks to Buh Buh. Buh Buh is in and punches at Spike. Buh Buh sets him up in the tree of woe and Spike falls off. Test is tagged in and goes for an elbow but misses. Test comes back with a spinebuster. The Dudleys set up a table on the outside, and Test picks up Spike up in a press slam position but Spike rakes the eyes and covers for 2. Buh Buh drags Spike down, and Test punches away before tagging in D-Von. Buh Buh is promptly tagged in and they hit a double flapjack and Spike gets out at 2. Scoop slam by D-Von who was just tagged in. D-Von goes for a flying headbutt but Spike gets away. Test and Bradshaw are tagged in and Bradshaw's on fire, whipping Test into both corners, then hits a big boot on the Dudleys. Both Acolytes are in, and Buh Buh gets double chokeslammed. Test whips Bradshaw into the corner and charges but Bradshaw catches him. D-Von knocks Test loose, and Test goes for a big boot, but Bradshaw ducks and hits a powerbomb for 2. Spike is back in and Test throws him through the table on the outside. Bradshaw with a Clothesline From Hell on Test, but the ref is busy with Spike. Shane McMahon comes in with a chair and knocks out Bradshaw. Test covers and gets 3!

Time: 7:27

The WWF superstars are congratulating Edge, including Matt Hardy. Christian announces he got a match with Matt for the European Title on RAW tomorrow. Christian gets Grandma Edna on the phone but she wants to talk to Edge. When Edge gives the phone back to Christian Grandma hangs up.

Shawn Stasiak comes in to talk to Debra and says his problem has been the tights. He doesn't know what Mecca means. Debra's upset he's all worried about tights when Austin's got a big match later tonight. Stasiak's just trying to impress Austin. Debra suggests he just kick ass.

TAJIRI vs. X-PAC (for the WWF Lightheavyweight Title and the WCW World Cruiserweight Title)

Well, so much for that brief return to X-Pac's DX theme - as he comes out to X-Factor once again. They roll around a bit to start before locking up. A series of armbar reversals leads to Tajiri being hiptossed. X-Pac celebrates and the fans boo. Tajiri's up, and they go for the test of strength but X-Pac reverses his hands and Tajiri's in pain. Tajiri escapes, hits a variation of a Russian legsweep, standing moonsault, and gets 2. X-Pac takes down Tajiri and slaps his head a bit, but Tajiri grabs X-Pac's legs then does the same to him. X-Pac crawls away and yells at the crowd. X-Pac with a boot to the midsection, then off the ropes and hits a shoulderblock sending Tajiri down. Again off the ropes, they reverse a bunch of moves and Tajiri hits a headscissors takeover. X-pac rolls out to the floor and Tajiri hits a baseball slide, then a springboard moonsault. X-Pac is up and sends Tajiri crotch first into the pole as fans chant "ECdub!". X-Pac kicks Tajiri in the back and Tajiri slides off the pole. X-Pac is in the ring and posing. Tajiri on the apron and shoulderblocks X-Pac in the stomach a couple of times, then gets in and eats a boot from X-Pac. X-Pac gets on a surfboard but almost pins himself. X-Pac punches at Tajiri but he fights back and goes for a headscissors and X-Pac reverses into a short powerbomb for 2. X-Pac gets Tajiri in the corner and chokes him with his boot. X-Pac signals for the Bronco Buster but Tajiri gets up and kicks X-Pac so hard he falls right into the tree of woe position. Baseball slide dropkick right to the face of X-Pac! Now a punch sends X-Pac down to the mat. Mule kick to the face of X-Pac. Off the ropes, X-Pac reverses but Tajiri hits the springboard reverse elbow and gets 2! In the corner and Tajiri puts on the Tarantula. Tajiri heads up top, crossbody, but X-Pac rolls through and gets 2. X-Pac with a series of punches to Tajiri's head, and now X-Pac heads to the top. He gets crotched, and Tajiri climbs up. Tajiri backflips from the top and takes down X-Pac down face first and puts him in a pinning hold that I've never seen before. (Maybe someone can help me out?) It gets 2. X-Pac catapulted into the turnbuckle, then hit with a German suplex with a bridge for 2. Tajiri gets back bodydropped onto the apron, then knocked off onto the floor. X-Pac goes arial with a somersault plancha! Tajiri rolled in but he pokes X-Pac in the eyes. X- Pac comes back with an X-Factor, but doesn't cover right away. He gets 2. Tajiri then rolls up X-Pac and gets 2. Albert makes his way out. X-Pac with a sidekick to Tajiri. Powerbomb attempt is failed, and Tajiri kicks X-Pac to the mat. Albert runs to the apron, and Tajiri breaks out the burning red mist. He turns around and walks right into an X-Factor however, and gets pinned.

Time: 7:40

Perry Saturn is in WWF New York still looking for Moppy. "For over a week now, I've been searching for Moppy. She was kidnapped. Now I know Moppy didn't run away - she wouldn't do that. We're in love. I searched everywhere and I can't find her - and I need you fans to help me find her. The good people at the American Dairy Counsil have helped out by putting Moppy's face on the side of milk cartons. She's long, slender, in great shape, with beautiful hair you could spot a mile away. I've looked everywhere - I can't find her. Please, help me find Moppy. I miss you Moppy. You're welcome."

Tough Enough promo.

Rhyno and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley are backstage. She wants him to take out Chris Jericho once and for all. She wants him to Gore him through the ring. Rhyno says he's gonna finish him off.

Let's take a look at how this match between Chris Jericho and Rhyno got set up.

RHYNO (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. CHRIS JERICHO

Heyman says he hates obnoxious, loud mouthed people like Jericho. They bell rings and we're off. They stand on opposite sides of the ring staring at eachother, before circling and locking up. Rhyno gets Jericho in the corner, but the ref breaks it up - so they slug it out. Rhyno with a sideheadlock, shoved off into the ropes, and crashes into Jericho knocking him down. Jericho off the ropes and connects with a flying forearm. Chops to Rhyno! Jericho tossed over the ropes but landing on the apron, and hits a flying eblow to Rhyno's head knocking him down. Jericho with a spinning heel kick - and he gets 2. Walls of Jericho attempted, but Rhyno makes it to the ropes. Rhyno kicks him away to the eyes. Rhyno charges forward but he gets back bodydropped to the floor. Back on the apron, Rhyno takes a springboard missile dropkick. Stephanie gets up on the apron when Jericho goes up top again, but he kicks her away. Jericho leaps... right into a Gore. Both men take their time getting to their feet, before Rhyno rolls Jericho back into the ring. He covers and gets 2, as Jericho gets his feet on the ropes. Jericho gets hotshotted on the top rope. Jericho gets his ribs stomped on now. Stephanie sees her chance - and slaps Jericho. Rhyno picks him up and punches him. Now Rhyno brings out a bodyscissors submission. Nice! He rolls Jericho back with his legs and gets 1, still hanging on. Jericho shoots elbows at Rhyno and Rhyno lets go. Fireman's carry, into an airplane spin, then he follows up with a TKO which gets 2. Jericho back on the mat and into a chinlock. Stephanie's grinning. Jericho elbows out, and escapes. Chops from Jericho! Jericho off the ropes, but he sneaks behind and rolls Rhyno up for 2. Rhyno quickly recovers and gets a snap suplex. JR says Rhyno would look good in WWF colors - and Heyman promptly disagrees. Rhyno up top(!) and misses a splash. A double clothesline knocks both men down. Both men get up at a 9 count. Rhyno chops Jericho, but he quickly pulls out a backslide for 2. Jericho punching at Rhyno now. Off the ropes, flying forarm. Off the ropes again, shoulderblock. He's back to chopping away at Rhyno. Jericho slips on the ropes attempting a springboard moonsault, but he hits it anyway and gets a 2 count. More chopping. Whip into the corner, Jericho gets a boot up. Jericho heads up top, and tries something but falls right off the top rope. Rhyno scoots over and gets a 2 count. Heyman: "Jericho has no equalibrium left. Rhyno has beaten the snot out of Jericho." Jericho sent into the corner, but Jericho jumps up and gets both feet up to Rhyno's face. Jericho up to the second rope and gets a missile dropkick. He covers forever, but Stephanie is on the apron distracting the ref. Jericho comes over, and she goes for a slap - but he blocks and kisses her! Jericho hits a bulldog, while Stephanie looks to be vomitting. Attempt at the Lionsault, but Rhyno's up and Jericho lands on his feet anyway. Jericho with an elbow, and goes for the Lionsault again which completely misses it's mark but he covers anyway and Rhyno kicks out at 2. Stephanie is still sick. Both men are up, Rhyno with a spinebuster , and goes for a Liontamer and has it on! Jericho reaches the ropes. Enzuigiri from Jericho, but Rhyno follows with a belly to belly suplex. Rhyno has the Gore ready - but Jericho sidesteps and rolls him up for - no he's going for the Walls Of Jericho. Rhyno taps!

Time: 12:42

Had Rhyno not tapped, and wound up winning the match - I guarantee this would have been the match that would have made him a star. He was dominant from start to finish and looked like a wrecking machine. Stephanie bursts into tears and throws a fit.

The Rock is in the building. William Regal wants to make sure The Rock is alright after what happened on Thursday. The Rock is pissed off about the fact Regal would ask that. He's also pissed off at Booker T for Rock Bottoming him through a table. Rock asks Regal if he hears it. Regal hears it. Rock asks Regal if he feels it. Regal feels it. Rock has one more question. Rock asks Regal if he smells it. Stasiak runs passed the 2 of them right into the wall - and no one notices. Does he smell what The Rock is cooking? Regal smells it.

Hard Knocks And Cheap Pops - only on PPV!

ROB VAN DAM vs. JEFF HARDY (for the WWF Hardcore Title in a ladder match)

They lockup and exchange holds for a bit. The counters get a round of applause. Van Dam goes to the kicks, Hardy ducks the spin kick, and then avoids a dropkick. Hardy with a legdrop to RVD's groin area. RVD comes back with an attempted scoop slam which Jeff wiggles out of, then Jeff tries to shove RVD out to the floor but RVD stays put. RVD backdrops Jeff to the apron, then Jeff hiptossed Van Dam to the floor. Jeff hits a springboard twisting moonsault! RVD is sent face first into the pole, and Jeff heads up top. Jeff jumps - but hits the security wall face first. Van Dam kicks Jeff for good measure. Jeff is hotshotted onto the wall, then RVD legdrops Jeff. Van Dam goes to get the ladder while a fan yells "Fuck him up!" Jeff comes running across the wall and hits a crossbody on RVD who lands on the ladder. Jeff gets the ladder into the ring, and leaves it exposed enough for Van Dam to jump on it and have it smack Hardy in the face. Van Dam tries to get the ladder into the ring, as it's still partway through the ropes, and Jeff flies over Van Dam and lands on the ladder having it smack Van Dam in the face! Jeff comes back in via double springboard moonsault. Hardy gets RVD in a position where his legs are behind his head, then double legdrops bending his legs way back. Nice! Had he hung on and covered it would have been perfect. Van Dam whipped into the corner, but he gets an elbow up. He ties Jeff up in the tree of woe and does stuff to him including a leaping shoulderblock. The ladder is setup in the corner on the bottom rope, then RVD sets Jeff on top of that. RVD goes up top across the ring on the OTHER turnbuckle, leaps forward with a double somersault senton onto Jeff! Back up, a reverse heel kick sends Jeff back to the mat. Standing sidekick to Jeff's face knocks him back on the ladder. His head is partially through the ropes, and RVD hits a slingshot legdrop onto Jeff! RVD picks up the ladder but Jeff comes forward with a dropkick and the ladder is jammed right into Van Dam's chest. Hardy goes and sets up the ladder for the first time in this match, and he's almost at the top, but RVD is on the top turnbuckle and flies forward knocking him off with a flying clothesline. The ladder falls down. RVD with a scoopslam, and sets up the ladder on Jeff. Off the ropes, twisting cartwheel standing moonsault! (Yes, I'm making up names for moves now - but it's exactly what I said it was.) RVD finally gets a chance to climb the ladder, and he's near the top when Jeff dropkicks the ladder, and knocking him off. RVD lands on top of Jeff. Jeff manages to get up and hit a DDT on RVD - and heads up top. Swanton Bomb misses and Van Dam is up. Up top, Five Star Frogsplash also misses. Jeff manages to set back up the ladder and starts his second climb. He's within reach, but Van Dam's on the other side and catches him - and suplexes him from the top to the mat. RVD starts another climb - and he's almost there but Jeff is climbing as well, and stops him. They're battling on top of the ladder, and Jeff goes over the top and hits a sunset flip. If he had manages to grab the belt on the way over, the ending would have ROCKED! Jeff starts his way back up again, but RVD is stirring. Jeff has the belt, but RVD removes the ladder. He's hanging from the belt - will he come down with it? RVD is pulling on Jeff, then attempts a flying dropkick but misses by about a foot. Gotta give him points for guts though. Jeff falls down anyway, and sets up the ladder again to go after the belt. He's climbing as fast as he can, but Van Dam shoves the ladder over and Jeff goes right into the ropes and to the mat. Van Dam climbs quickly and is at the belt, but Jeff is coming after him. However he gets it and wins the title back! We have a new Hardcore Champion!

Time: 16:46

As far as wrestling goes - it wasn't great. But the spots were top notch, so I figure ***1/2 is a nice medium. Don't get me wrong - this was a very exciting match.

Shane McMahon catches up to Booker T in the lockerroom. He has a present for him. Booker opens it up - and it's bookends made out of the announce table The Rock went through last week. Booker is all smiles and gives Shane a quick hug. Tonight, Booker dedicates his match with The Rock to Shane.

The Brothers Of Destruction are walking backstage with Sarah.

Now it's time to take a special look at the story behind Diamond Dallas Page and The Undertaker.

KANYON and DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION (with Sarah) (for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles and the WCW World Tag-Team Titles in a steel cage match)

JR goes over the history of people inside of Hell In A Cell with The Undertaker and wonders what's in store for Page. The bell rings so DDP and Kanyon immediately try to escape. Kanyon almost makes it over, but Kane catches him and throws him back in from the top of the cage. Meanwhile, Taker gives DDP a big boot to the face. Page tries to do battle with Taker, but it's not working. Taker is one pissed off mofo! Taker kicks at Page in the corner. Meanwhile, Kanyon and Kane are kinda doing stuff in the corner. Page manages to get control long enough to ram Taker into the cage a couple of times. Off the ropes, Page clotheslines him. It gets 2. I'm watching Kane and Kanyon just do stuff to kill time so the focus is on Page and Taker. Hah! Kanyon comes over to help Page with Undertaker, but after a whip into the corner, Page eats his boot. They trade partners, so Taker stomps at Kanyon in the corner, while DDP works over Kane. Page is off the ropes and takes his third consecutive boot, this time from Kane! They trade off partners again, so Page is back with the Taker. Kanyon gets thrown over the rope into the cage, while Undertaker beats Page in the corner. Kanyon send into the corner, but he comes back enough to throw Kane into the cage, then heads up top only to get caught and chokeslammed. Page is sent into the side of the cage, then rammed face first into the other side. Kanyon in a powerbomb position from Kane, but he's run onto the top turnbuckle and smacks his head on the corner. Kanyon may want to lie there for awhile. Page is run into full body by The Undertaker twice, then BOOT FIRST INTO THE CAGE! The crowd pops huge for that! It was a great spot! Taker runs at DDP again, but Kanyon hits a flying clothesline to knock him down. Kanyon tries to escape, but Kane catches him. So Kanon gets on top of Kane and hits a top turnbuckle Rocker Dropper! DDP hits a DDT on The Undertaker. The Alliance guys decide it's time to go and they start to climb. However, the brothers both do the zombie situp and the fans pop. Both guys are caught on top. Kanyon's hanging upside down facing the inside of the cage. Taker stands on top of the cage and sends Page crotch first back in on the rope. Kanyon still hangs upside down. Taker tells Kane to let Kanyon go. Kanyon escapes. Undertaker grabs the chain that was holding up the cage and throws it in. Kanyon decides just to get the hell out of there. Time for DDP to go to school! The brothers take turns clotheslining him in the corner, then Taker sidewalk slams Page onto the mat. Page is desperately seeking a way out. Punches to Page from The Undertaker in the corner. Kane sits in the other corner just watching. Page is sent headfirst into the cage, then set up for a Chokeslam and is begging for his life. Taker tells him to get out of here - and if he EVER does it again, he's a dead man. Taker tells him never to come back. Page starts to climb out, while Kane argues with his brother. Oh what the hell, Taker goes after Page and Chokeslams him from the top turnbuckle! Kane picks up Page and hands him to Taker. Taker with the Last Ride, goodnight! 1, 2, 3, we have NEW WWF World Tag-Team Champions.

Time: 10:14

That was alot better than I expected - after hearing reviews this match stunk. I'm sorry, that match told one helluva story and wrapped up the stalker storyline nicely. Sure, it embarrassed Page, but if this was the payoff match, it HAD to be booked that way. And by no means did Kanyon suffer in the booking at all.

The Rock is backstage with his doctor. He's saying no Rock Bottom through a table's gonna stop him. Stasiak comes flying through the room and over the table, missing The Rock again. No one flinches. Great bit.

Tough Enough promo.

The WWF lockerroom is packed now, with more superstars than before. And WCW has guys watching TV now. They're all psyched for the WWF World Title match.

Let's take a look back at Steve Austin's betrayal on the WWF, costing them the big match at InVasion and setting up of this World Title match. Fantastic video package. I don't think I've seen a bad video package from the WWF in ages to be honest. But I didn't see Judgement Day or King Of The Ring, so either of those could have been bad I suppose. :-)

KURT ANGLE vs. STEVE AUSTIN (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

They meet in the aisle and exchange punches until Austin thumbs Angle's eye. Austin chops away, then beats on Angle on the floor some more. Austin tells Angle the belt will never be his, then rolls him in the ring and this match is officially underway. Angle gets control by jumping on Austin and punching away. Austin rolls over and punches on Angle, but Angle rolls over and whales away on him. In the corner now, Angle's taking Austin to school. Austin gets a poke to the eyes and now Angle's the one in the corner. After working over him a bit, Angle escapes and goes back to working on Austin. Angle gets whipped into the corner, but comes back with a clothesline that takes Austin off his feet. Angle off the ropes, crossbody and gets a 2 count. Angle waits to backdrop Austin on a whip attempt but Austin punches him instead. Austin grabs Angle's leg and starts pulling and jerking on the leg. On the ropes, Austin starts working over Angle's injured ankle. Austin kneedrops the ankle. Now Austin's holding it hard and twists on it. Angle gets out and gets on the Ankle Lock but Austin makes it to the ropes. On the outside they go, and Austin clotheslines Angle. Back in, Angle punches at Austin again, but he gets backdropped over the top rope and lands HARD on the outside. Austin gets Angle and rolls him back in. Snap suplex by Austin, and another. Austin slaps Angle in the back of the head. Austin with a third snap suplex, covers, and gets 2. Austin's not happy. Snap suplex attempt #4 but Angle escapes and hits 3 German suplexes in a row! Austin escapes before a fourth, but Angle gets it back on again and German suplexes him 2 more times! Austin makes the ropes, and Angle hits numbers 6 and 7! Olympic Slam attempt but Austin escapes and rakes Angle's eyes then drives him face first into the turnbuckle. Austin sets Angle up top and chops away. Suplex attempt - but Angle shoves him off. Austin comes back again and tries a second suplex - this time hitting the superplex. Both men are down. Austin gets to his feet first and hits a Stunner! Angle kicks out!!! Austin is PISSED! Second Stunner and Angle rolls out smartly! Austin goes and gets Angle and drives him headfirst into the post. Austin barks at the crowd a bit. Angle again is sent face first into the post, and is bleeding. Shot #3 into the post. Austin goes and gets his belt, but Earl Hebner steals it away from Austin. So Austin throws Angle into the post for a fourth time! And a fifth! Austin climbs on Angle's fallen body and punches away, and talks trash. Austin smacks Angle a bunch of times and Angles chances are not looking good. Austin rolls Angle in and covers. He gets 2 and Angle weakly manages to kick out. Austin sends Angle back to the floor again and sends him AGAIN into the post. (6) Austin drags Angle over to the announce table and sends him face first into it. Now Austin picks him up, but Angle wiggles out and shoves Austin hard over the security wall. Austin decides to suplex Angle over the wall and onto the concrete floor. Angle is sent back over the wall and gives Austin time to catch his breath. As he climbs over the wall though, Angle catches him and puts on the Ankle Lock with blood STREAMING down Angle's face! Angle pulls Austin with EVERYTHING he's got back into the ring and gets him in the middle of the ring with the Ankle Lock!!! Austin manages to crawl to the ropes though. Austin crawls on his hands and knees outside the ring so Angle chases him and hits a belly to back on the floor! Austin reaches under the ring, but I can't see if he grabbed anything. Nope. Austin punches at Angle, but Angle gets a belly to back on Austin again! Angle is a wreck, but battling with everything he has and slams Austin into the table. Austin is rolled in. Angle goes up top and goes for a moonsault AND HITS IT! (That's about the first time I've ever seen that!) Austin kicks out at 2. Angle continues to work on Austin, and sets him up for a piledriver, but Austin escapes and puts on a camel clutch. JR brings up The Ringmaster! Kurt's eyes are bulging from his head. Kurt gets to his feet, runs up the turnbuckle and falls back onto Steve and gets 2. Austin hangs onto the camel clutch. Angle's arm drops 2 times, but he hangs on on the third try, and fights with everything he's got to toss Austin out, and to the floor. Austin hurries back to the ring though and waits for Angle to get to his feet. Kick, wham, Stunner! Austin covers, and ANGLE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Austin throws a crazy fit! Angle is using Austin to get to his feet. Austin slaps Angle around, and goes for a kick, but Angle blocks and hits the OLYMPIC SLAM! Angle can't cover right away though, and when he does only gets a 2. Austin crawls to the ropes, and Angle puts on the Ankle Lock but it's too late. Austin knocks out Earl Hebner for no apparent reason. Angle hits a DDT on Austin, and covers. Here comes a new referee - Angle gets 2. Austin gets a lowblow on Kurt, then Stunner's the referee! He baseball slide dropkicks him for measure. Austin grabs the belt and gets ready to hit Angle - but Tim White is in and stops him. So Austin waffles Timmy! Angle gets the Olympic Slam on Austin again! Where's a ref? The crowd counts, 1, 2, 3. Here comes Nick Patrick. He counts 1, 2, and rings the bell? Steve Austin is disqualified for beating up referees. The crowd is PISSED as Austin retains!

Time: 22:30

3 words: WHAT A MATCH! That was a crazy emotional rollercoaster. Angle puts on the Ankle Lock on Nick Patrick, lets go and screams "SON OF A BITCH" at the top of his lungs.


JR yells at Heyman saying Austin knows he can't be Angle. So Heyman promptly plugs Excess. HAH! That was great! JR tries to bring up the match again, and Heyman again turns back to Excess.

A video package hypes Rocky and Booker T.

Both lockerrooms are still watching TV.

BOOKER T (with Shane McMahon) vs. THE ROCK (for the WCW World Heavyweight Title)

I never thought I'd see the day the WCW World Title would be defended in the main event of SummerSlam. ESPECIALLY after David Arquette won it. But here we are. The WWF has alot of faith that fans buy the value of this title - or the drawing power of The Rock. Welcome to the show Booker T.

Booker T attacks and it's on. Rocky comes back with a quick back elbow, then chases Shane McMahon around the ring. Back in and Booker T was waiting with a double axhandle. Booker T shoved off into Shane McMahon. Samoan drop - scores a 2 count! Rock has Booker on the ropes, reveresed and Booker drives a knee into Rocky's midsection. Booker has Rock up and gets him in the corner. Chops for Rocky. (And chants for Rocky.) Rock reverses and punches away with the right hand in the corner. Off the ropes, Rock with a clothesline. A punch drops Booker - and Rock gets La Magistral for 2. Booker with a sidekick to The Rock and gets 2. Rocky comes back with punches and tosses Booker over the top rope. Rocky drags Booker over to the announce table and drops him on it. Rock spreads Booker's legs, and punches him in the nuts. Booker T recovers and drives Rocky headfirst into the steel steps. Kick to the midsection, and Booker picks him up and drops him testicle first on the security railing. Rock is shoved off the wall and into the crowd. Rock fires back, but is send into another wall and is clotheslined on the rebound. Hotshot chest first onto the wall. Rocky is holding his chest on the floor. Chops to Rocky! Rock is sent back over the wall. Booker takes apart the announce table - but Rock attacks him. Booker throws Rocky headfirst into the post. Another hotshot on the security wall. Booker T lets the fans know he's the champ. Rock is rolled back into the ring - and Rock recovers. Right hands - off the ropes - and right into Booker T's Harlem Sidekick. It gets a 2 count. Short clothesline for The Rock. Now Booker drops the knee down on Rocky and the fans are getting uneasy. The Rock comes back again with right hands, but Booker manages a flying forearm smash to knock him back down again. Now Booker goes to the chinlock. Fans continue to chant for Rocky. The announcers argue over the Spinaroonie. JR: "If the WWF gets wiped out by the Spinaroonie - then by god we deserve to be wiped out." Rock's arm drops twice, but he's still in it on the third. Back up, Rock hits a weak spinebuster and puts the Sharpshooter on Booker. Shane's on the apron and distracts the ref. Rock hiptosses Shane into the ring, and gets kicked in the face by Booker T. That gets 2. Rock gets a short clothesline on Booker, then hits a beautiful catapult on Booker. DDT scores a 2 count on Booker. Shane has a chair and puts it in the ring. He gets the World Title and walks around with it for awhile. Booker crawls over to the chair, so the ref throws it out and Shane nails Rocky with the World Title. Here comes the APA to chase off Shane, and Shane gets caught with a Clothesline From Hell from Bradshaw. Charles Robinson tells the APA to get lost, but the fans are happy. Man that was a nice clothesline! Booker T hits the Bookend but he's too hurt to cover! He drapes an arm over Rocky, and gets 2. Both men are back up - and Rocky fights off Booker with right hands. Flying clothesline takes Booker down, and a belly to belly throw gets a 2 count. Booker knees Rock and comes forward, but Rock has a spinebuster ready! He throws the elbow pad, and hits the People's Elbow. Cover, 1, 2, and Shane harrasses the ref. Rocky hits a Rock Bottom on Shane outside. Back in, right hands for Booker, but Booker has a spinebuster of his own ready. Fans chant for Rocky. Booker with a boot to the midsection, then a scissors kick. Here it comes - Spinaroonie. Rocky it up though, and catches him with a Rock Bottom. We have a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Time: 15:22

Total Matches: 8 Average Match Length: 13:00 Average Match Rating: 3.47 stars Overall: ****3/4

Alright - who the HELL was ragging on this show? I have **1/2 clocked as the lowest on the night! This is right up there with the Royal Rumble as one of the tops on the year. GET A COPY OF THIS SHOW!

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