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WWF In Your House VI

I've received e-mails from people who read my show reviews wondering why I've done so few reviews from my OWN tape collection. Well the reason is this - I've recently begun a serious search for a job in the radio industry which means chances are I'll be moving FAR away from home. It could be as close as Kingston and as far away Victoria, BC. That would mean the tape collection my best friend has would no longer be as easily accessible to me - and while I doubt he'd really care if I took off with a number of events on the pretence I'd return them down the line I REALLY don't want to burden him with that. Hence me getting as many shows that I don't have regular access to out of the way as quickly as I possibly can.

With the events that have transpired in the United States today, my mind has been completely out there. I'm not really sure what to make of the entire situation other than to pray that everyone involved in the terrorist attacks are okay. I don't know how much more of the news I can swallow today - it's all far too surreal. So rather I decided to pop in one of the tapes Brooks left here during his most recent visit and hope it's enough to get my mind of the violence and death.

God bless the victims and their families.

Here's a video package showing the history between Bret Hart and Diesel, and Diesel and The Undertaker. Taker has promised it'll be a cold day in hell before Diesel regains the WWF Championship. Bret meanwhile is just doing his damnedest to survive.


Todd Pettengill welcomes us to the Free For All. It'll be a big party tonight - because we'll have a cage match between Diesel and Bret Hart. Yup.

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler announce Jake The Snake and Tatanka are going to kick things off here on the Free For All, plus Vader has been re-instated.

Last November, Bret Hart won the WWF Title by playing possum. Diesel immediately responded by stating he's back and he's not taking anymore crap. Taker declared his intentions to get a World Title shot. Diesel went into the Royal Rumble but Shawn Michaels knocked him out to win the Rumble. Diesel lost it after the Rumble feeling the title shot was rightfully his. Then in the main event, Diesel ruined the match by attacking the Taker and then beating the hell out of Bret. Taker got a rematch on RAW but Diesel AGAIN ruined that one. Tonight - Bret and Diesel will meet inside a steel cage. Apparently Bret has never lost inside a steel cage. Note the shiner on Bret. Anyone with a sense of history want to let me in on what that came from?

Doc Hendrix interviews Bret Hart. Did Bret ever think it was going to come to this? Bret says people talk about him playing possum - but he didn't. He sucked it up and outsmarted him. Diesel was parked on the side of the road and was out of steam. Bret's never lost a cage match. Diesel's gonna find out he has nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Diesel can train in vain, but he refuses to lose.


At the Royal Rumble Jake released the snake into the ring and put it on Jerry Lawler. Jerry does NOT want that snake anywhere near him. Can anyone tell me if there was ever a superstar who DIDN'T show any fear towards the snakes? There had to have been at least one superstar who wasn't afraid of a snake.

The fans chant for the DDT and we're off. They lock up, and Tatanka goes for a sucker punch but Jake blocks and Tatanka begs off. DiBiase provides enough interference for Tatanka to knock Jake to his knees and take over with a wristlock and pound on Jake's back and shoulder. Jake gets to his feet though, and connects with a short arm clothesline. Jake goes for the DDT, but Tatanka sees it coming and rolls to the floor. The Million Dollar Man attempts to calm down Tatanka on the outside. They lock back up and Jake utilizes the wristlock. Hammerlock put on Tatanka is reversed. Jake elbows out and again goes for a DDT but Tatanka hits the mat as quickly as possible. Lawler starts telling tales of how slimy and long that snake was - while Jake kicks Tatanka in the midsection and works the side headlock. Tatanka escapes and they crisscross a bit before Jake goes out to the floor and goes after DiBiase. Tatanka chases but Jake hits him with a punch to the midsection. He rolls Tatanka back in and Tatanka takes over with punches and kicks to leave Jake lying. Tatanka connects with a powerslam - and follows with an elbow drop. Tatanka with a chop, and 2 punches to Jake's back. Jake tries to roll out, but Tatanka stands on his throat, and DiBiase gets in cheap shots where he can. Whip into the turnbuckle and Jake falls with a sore back. Tatanka again goes to the elbow drop - and misses. Second attempt - misses. Jake is alive with punches for Tatanka. DDT chant breaks out again. Jake with a whip on Tatanka into the corner, then charges but eats boot. Tatanka has Jake on the ropes, then sets him up in a fireman's carry position. Jake manages to escape and connects with the DDT! Jake takes his time rolling him over, covers and scores a 3!

Time: 5:32

Jake goes to his bag and gets the snake out. He drops it onto Tatanka who's out cold and can't feel it. Lawler declares it the ugliest snake he's seen in his life.

Sunny and Ray Rougeau are backstage. Sunny says she gets to interview the winner - until she's reminded he has a snake and then she gets worried. They shill the hotline to hear Sunny interviewing the winners, and Rougeau will interview the losers. Sunny really wants them to leave the snake outside.

Todd Pettengill continues to beg the people watching the Free For All to order the PPV. We review some of the matches coming up tonight, including Owen Hart taking on Shawn Michaels. Michaels is putting his WWF Title shot on the line in that match.

Here's a special video package highlighting what Shawn Michaels has been through over the past year - including the infamous collapse on an edition of RAW thanks to the enzuigiri. Shawn Michaels promises in a press conference he'd win the Royal Rumble and get the title shot. He did. Jim Cornette and Owen Hart set him off so much though that Shawn puts the title shot on the line in a match against Owen.

Doc Hendrix just happened to get a moment with Shawn Michaels here on the Free For All. Shawn promises tonight is the night the quest begins. Shawn will deflate Owen's hot air balloon.

Here's some great WWF merchandise!

Last month on RAW Vader went nuts. Gorilla Monsoon has had enough of Vader however and attacks him with a series of chops. Vader was then suspended.

Vader and Jim Cornette make their way to the ring - since they are re- instated. It took Cornette and Clarence Mason (AKA J. Biggs) to get Vader re- instated. Cornette is well on his way to owning the WWF because Vader is re- instated. They didn't want to give him a match, but one way or another he's going to be In Your House. If they don't have the guts to give him a match - he'll be here anyway. What time is it? Vader Time!

Here's that highlight package again from the top of the Free For All. Why, that means it's PPV TIME!


Here's another highlight package for Bret and Diesel.

Lawler and Vince spend a few more minutes hyping up some of the upcoming matches.

RAZOR RAMON vs. 123 KID (with Ted DiBiase) (In a Crybaby match)

In case you're not sure what a crybaby match is - the loser gets pampered and powdered. 123 Kid brought this on himself by beating Razor up with a stroller. The Kid brings a stroller and a teddy bear to the ring with him.

The Kid throws his teddy bear at Razor, so Razor throws his toothpick at The Kid. Slaps are traded, and Razor comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Punches knock The Kid to his ass, then he's clotheslined HARD over the top rope. Kid gets on the apron and hits a jawbreaker, and follows it up with a springboard flying clothesline onto Razor, which gets a 1. Kid goes back to stomping on Razor, and kicks him into the corner. He scurries up to the top rope to deliver a quick kick to Razor's head - then goes back to kicks to the midsection. Kid attempts a hiptoss out of the corner which is blocked, so he settles for pulling him off the ropes and getting a sidekick. Kid goes to the double chops, but Razor turns him around and chops himin the corner. Razor tosses Kid across the ring, then sends him hard into the corner which drops him. Off the ropes, Kid leaps into the arms of Razor which leads to a fallaway slam. Setting up for the Razor's Edge - but Kid escapes and rolls out to the apron, so Razor shoves him to the floor. DiBiase hands Kid some baby powder - which Razor gets in the eyes. The referee sees it but ignores it. Kid off the top with the Missile dropkick - but only gets 2. The Kid comes off the ropes and baseball slide dropkicks Razor in the middle of the ring a couple of times, then connects with the standing dropkick. Kid up top - big splash and it gets 2. Fans chant for Razor. Kid pulls Razor to his feet and comes at him with punches. Razor in the corner - Kid with a spinning kick and goes to the sleeper. Razor shoves him off, and goes for a sleeper but Kid moves so Razor goes to the kneelift. Off the ropes, Kid on Razor's back with a sleeper. He's fading fast. Razor finds enough to run backwards into the corner, but Kid leaps off the turnbuckle and back onto Razor's back. Razor tries to reach the ropes - and is having a hard time making it. Razor's down to the mat and rolls towards the centre of the ring. DiBiase yells that he's finished. Razor finally gets to his feet and drops Kid crotch first on the ropes. Both guys are down. Kid crawls over to Razor, and manages a cover for a 2 count. Kid goes to punch Razor as both get up, but Razor blocks his punches and connects with his own to knock Kid to his ass. Razor sets Kid up top, but Kid gets an elbow and connects with the twisting crossbody which gets 2. Razor up, and off the ropes - but eats a spinning heel kick and that gets 2. Kid tries a flying crossbody off the ropes, but he gets caught and Razor sets carries him to the middle turnbuckle and hits a super fallaway slam! Razor says he's finished! DiBiase leaves the powder on the side of the ring though then distracts everyone but Razor kicks the powder in Kid's face - and hits the Razor's Edge! Razor picks Kid up at 2 though. No one's sure what he's thinking. Razor goes for a second Edge - and hits it again! This time he covers for 3.

Time: 12:04

Post match Razor gets handed a bottle and a diaper. He feeds The Kid the bottle, then attempts to put on the diaper but DiBiase interferes. However, Razor throws the powder in DiBiase's eyes, and gets the diaper on Kid, then covers him in baby powder. Kid wakes up and DiBiase points out the diaper. He kicks away the powder and just about cries. He throws the diaper to the outside and yells at the cameras to get out of his face.

Ray Rougeau and Sunny are still backstage. Sunny is going to ask Razor "Hey chico, what'cho doin' later?" Jake arrived earlier - and scared the hell out of Sunny with the snake. Call the hotline!


Duke prior the match promises to take Hunter out like yesterday's garbage. Three weeks ago, Hunter cut off Duke's hair so Duke's ready for payback.

They slug it out right at the bell and Duke takes control. Huge right hand for Hunter in the corner. Duke takes Hunter by the hair and whips him to the corner. He's whipped in the other side and does a half Flair flip - then gets press slammed in the middle of the ring. Duke has Hunter begging off in the corner. He starts whipping Hunter with his belt. Stomps to Hunter. Dumpster throws Hunter off the ropes and connects with the big boot. Hunter again begs off to the corner. Duke does the 10 punch count along, but only gets 7 before he's dropped on his face on the turnbuckle. Hunter comes back with a boot to the midsection, then goes for a Pedigree but Duke trips him up. Duke with an atomic drop, and a clothesline sends Hunter down to the mat. Duke with the VICIOUS BACK RAKE! Duke charges Hunter but gets backdropped to the floor. Hunter goes out to the floor and throws Duke roughly into the steps. Hunter rolls in while the count starts. Hunter goes back to the floor again and throws Duke into the ring and covers him which gets 2. Hunter climbs on Duke and starts to punch away. European uppercut for Duke. Another one. Hunter gets a quick snap mare, then drops the knee to Duke's head which scores another 2. They trade punches and Hunter keeps control, then connects with a knee off the ropes which gets 2. Hunter punches at Duke again on the mat. Hunter hits a snap suplex which only scores 2. Hunter's getting annoyed with the referee. Hunter continues to work over Duke in the corner - and sends him hard into the corner. Hunter charges - but Duke gets a boot up. They come at eachother with clotheslines and both guys go down! Hunter tries to throw Duke into the ropes - reversed - and Hunter takes a spinebuster! Duke comes forward with punches, and hits a back bodydrop. Duke with some right hands that knock Hunter to his ass - then off the ropes and connects with a powerslam! Duke tells the fans it's time to take out the trash and the fans respond to that line. Duke with a Trash Compactor - but doesn't cover Hunter. Duke goes to get a trash can, but the ref throws it out. Meanwhile Hunter gets his hands on the lid and waffles Duke to score the 3 count!

Time: 9:45

Buy WWF merchandise!!!

2 weeks ago, Yokozuna got his ass kicked, so Cornette took him to task for stinking up the ring, and for being fat. Owen Hart and British Bulldog did their best to contain Yoko, but nothing could contain him.

Doc Hendrix gets the first interview with Yokozuna ever. Yokozuna strangely sounds an awful lot like Rikishi Phatu, which really isn't particularly Japanese. Yoko plans on burning Camp Cornette down to the ground, BANZAI!


They trade punches to start things - and Bulldog promptly gets back bodydropped. Yokozuna starts laying in the clotheslines - so Bulldog retreats to the corner. It's pointless though as Yoko chases and bodyslams him. Yoko charges with an elbowdrop but misses and Bulldog takes over with punches. It takes 3 running clotheslines to take him down. Bulldog chokes Yoko in the ropes. He and the ref argue, so Cornette belts Yoko with the tennis racket. Bulldog continues to work over Yoko with punches - then tries a whip into the corner but the big man reverses then clotheslines him. Yokozuna drags Bulldog to the corner and goes for the Banzai Drop. Cornette smartly pulls his man out of the ring. Yokozuna chases him and sends Bulldog back first into the post. Yoko charges though and runs into the post face first. Yoko rolls in and Bulldog waits up top. Bulldog connects with the double axehandle and gets 2. Bulldog hits another one but this one doesn't send Yoko down. Bulldog with punches and clotheslines - but nothing's working. Yoko hits a Samoan drop - which isn't particularly Japanese. Yoko hits hard with a belly to belly suplex. I notice my Word 2000 program doesn't like the word suplex. Tough. Jim Cornette runs in with the tennis racket to end this match in a DQ.

Time: 5:05

Yokozuna is not particularly pleased with this development and goes after Jimmy. However, Vader makes his presence felt and tries to beat on Yokozuna. Bulldog joins and they handcuff him to the corner. This continues for about an hour, so I get a chance to eat something while I watch a bunch of guys beat on the big fat guy. Oh crap, Yoko does stuff so I have to write about that. Well, not for long, he's handcuffed remember. Cornette and Bulldog take turns with the tennis racket. Clarence Mason PLEADS with Vader to stop. I'm really not sure why exactly.

Goldust and Marlena are backstage with some guy who's online. Goldust keeps rubbing him and I can't hear what he's saying. I DO make out that he and the Bad Guy (Razor Ramon) are gonna do something on RAW. I would assume have a match. Vince confirms this for me.

Let's go back to the video package we saw earlier to hype Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart.

OWEN HART (with Jim Cornette) vs. SHAWN MICHAELS (for a WWF Title Shot at Wrestlemania)

Shawn Michaels cuts a pre-match promo - stating if he doesn't win he'll lose the title shot. But that's not gonna happen tonight - he's going to Wrestlemania guaranteed. His music hits, and Shawn dances on the roof of the house. He goes Tarzan to get down - then skips to the ring and it's on.

With his music still playing, Shawn takes Owen out with punches and clotheslines him out of the ring. This leads to a whole lot of dancing and posing - thankfully the bell hasn't gone. There it is, and we're officially off. Owen tells Shawn he's going to give him an enzuigiri and take him out again. Owen shoves Shawn. Shawn shoves Owen. Shawn gets a headlock, shoved off, into the ropes, Shawn slides though Owen's legs and out to the floor. He poses with his fans and kisses some woman. Lawler says the women would LOVE to kiss Cornette, which I find really funny for some reason. Shawn gets back in and Owen gets on a headlock. He's shoved off, and they repeat the whole sequence with Owen sliding under Shawn's legs and to the floor. Owen poses with his fans. Unfortunately he has no fans. Shawn meanwhile is up top and hits a huge flying twisting crossbody press that knocks Owen down. Shawn's up right away though. Owen is rolled back in, and Shawn goes up top to hit a double axehandle which is as nice a double axehandle you'll see which scores a 2. Shawn gets on the headlock now, but Owen tries to suplex him off. Shawn lands on his feet and trips up Owen, then puts the headlock back on. Owen tries to shove him off but it's not happening. Cornette distracts the ref, so Shawn uses that to his advantage and pulls his hair. Owen finally shoves Michaels off and connects with a hiptoss. Both guys are down, and both guys nip. Michaels with a standing Frankensteiner into a series of punches. Owen comes back with an armwhip reversal which leads to an overhead powerslam to kill Shawn's momentum. Owen stomps away at Shawn. Huge backbreaker - and more stomps. Michaels gets whipped into the corner and takes a neckbreaker. Owen gets 2. Owen thinks it's time for the Sharpshooter but Shawn kicks him away. Owen drops a knee on Shawn's back and goes to an STF - which he moves into a camel clutch. Michaels manages to get back to his feet and punches his way out. Michaels comes off the ropes, and takes a knee to the midsection. Owen with a rolling bridge - and that scores 2. Lawler mentions that 11 of Stu and Helen's kids are disgraces as Owen applies the rear chinlock. Michaels escapes again and takes a rough dropkick to the chin that knocks him to the floor. The fans boo. Cornette runs over to smack Shawn with the tennis racket but he's caught and backs off. Owen attempts to suplex Shawn from the apron into the ring but he reverses and Owen lands on his feet but it has the effect of an atomic drop. Shawn leaps from the apron but Owen turns that into a powerslam. He's ordered into the ring by the referee. Owen gets Shawn into the ring, then comes off the top with a Missile dropkick which gets 2, but Owen thinks he's won and celebrates for a second. Owen with a European uppercut - make that 2. Michaels is sent into the other corner, but he leaps over Owen and rolls him up for 2. Michaels is sent into the corner and takes a REALLY HARD clothesline from Owen that Bradshaw would be jealous of. Owen kicks Shawn around - like he's dead. He puts on the Sharpshooter and Shawn's pretty far from the ropes. Michaels crawls with all he has but gets dragged back to the centre of the ring. Shawn makes another crawl and makes it to the ropes this time. Owen holds on for a 4 count. Owen goes immediately over to stomp on Shawn. Scoop and a slam. Owen blows the snot rockets on Shawn and gets rolled up for 2. Owen gets up and tries a kick - gets caught - and connects with the enzuigiri. Shawn is dead. Owen chases him to the outside and throws him back into the ring. Owen covers arrogantly and gets 2. Owen can't believe it! Owen drives the shoulder into Michaels in the corner - throws him into the other corner - charges and goes crotch first into the turnbuckle. Michaels with the atomic drop on Owen, but Owen rakes the eyes. Michaels comes off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline and both guys are down. Owen's up first - but then Michaels nips up and it's time to go to school. Owen's whipped into the corner - then hit with the flying axehandle. Scoop and a slam! Michaels heads up to the top and hits a big elbow. Cornette gets knocked off the aprong. Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music, Owen ducks and goes for an enzuigiri that misses, Sweet Chin Music hits and that's it! Shawn Michaels is going to Wrestlemania!

Time: 15:59

DAMN GOOD match! The psychology was brilliant - so I give it my general brilliant psychology rating of ****1/2. Some kid dances with Shawn in the ring. I assume it's not his since I'm of the impression the one he has with Whysper was his first.

Wrestlemania XII promo - which seems like hyping a movie.

Todd Pettengill is still here. Roddy Piper is out - he's the acting president of the WWF. Piper looks old. He would main event Starrcade that year. Piper takes his job seriously. He don't pull no punches. The #1 contender is Shawn Michaels. Piper's watched Shawn for a long time - but he'd better pull up his socks cause he's gonna face Bret Hart or Diesel. He's not stopping it until there's a winner. Piper doesn't feel sorry for Yokozuna. The reason? He's a big guy that's why. Piper says Vader's imbred. Someone should tell Vader jockstraps don't belong on their faces. Piper won't suspend him, no no no no no. He's going to keep him around - because at Wrestlemania we'll get Vader vs. Yokozuna. Here comes Jim Cornette to protest but Piper tells him to shut up and covers Clarence Mason's mouth. Piper asks Cornette if he played banjo as a kid. Cornette says apparently no one can scare Piper - but one man has, and that's Vader. The match at Wrestlemania is on his head. If Vader loses Cornette might find himself cheek to cheek with Vader, and Yoko's cheeks are about 320 pounds a piece.

DIESEL vs. BRET HART (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title in a Steel Cage match)

Diesel immediately goes to the knee, but Bret fires back with punches and gets Diesel in the corner. Bret lures Diesel into the opposite corner and kicks at his knee, but Diesel takes over with punches and a kneelift. Diesel tells Bret he's in for a long night. Here's a big boot to Bret's throat. Bret gets sent hard into the opposite corner back first. Bret goes back to kicking at Diesel's knee but it's pointless. Diesel takes control and attempts to run Bret face first into the cage, but Bret manages to send Diesel headfirst instead. Bret now with control and he runs Diesel into the cage again. Bret drops elbows to the back of Diesel's neck - and tries to escape. Diesel chases him up the cage though and runs his knee into Bret's midsection on the top rope. Diesel runs Bret back first into the cage. Diesel orders the door be opened, then strolls casually towards the exit giving Bret enough time to come forward and crotch him on the ropes. Bret hammers away and drops a knee on Diesel's groin. Bret orders the door open and crawls out - but Diesel stops him half way out, then Diesel tries but Bret pulls him back in. Bret sets Diesel's leg up on the rope and drops down on it. Bret extends Diesel's leg, then kicks at the knee again. Diesel gets up and connects with a sidewalk slam. The fans chant for Diesel - yet Bret is the face. Ladies and gents - meet Kevin Nash - cool heel extrodinaire. Diesel attempts to drop an elbow, but Bret rolls out of the way and starts a climb out of the cage. Meanwhile Diesel's crawling to the door and Bret dives back in to save the match. Bret goes back to working the knee. He tries to hyperextend the knee, and finally decides to head out. Bret gets over the top but Diesel catches him and pulls him back in, then connects with a super powerslam. Diesel sends Bret into the corner, but Bret gets a foot up as Diesel charges, then Bret hits a top rope bulldog. Bret again tries to climb out, but Diesel catches him again and drops him down with a belly to back. Bret crawls to the door and Diesel leaps on him to ensure he doesn't escape. Diesel drags him back to the middle of the ring and drives the elbow down hard. Diesel charges at Bret in the corner, but Bret moves and he runs knee first into the corner and Bret stomps on the knee immediately. Bret with a double axehandle onto Diesel's knee. Diesel gets sent headfirst into the turnbuckle, then Bret kicks at his knee some more. Bret tries to send Diesel into the corner - but Diesel reverses and Bret goes sternum first into the turnbuckle. Diesel punches away at Bret's back and knocks Bret to the ground. Diesel tosses Bret into the corner and starts driving the knee and elbow into Bret. Bret goes back to work on Diesel's knee and immediately scurries out of the cage as fast as he can, and JUST as he's about to hit the floor Diesel grabs him by the hair and pulls him back in. Diesel drives his fist into Bret while up top, then pulls him down and drives him into the cage. Nash signals for the Truckstop Powerbomb - and he gets a mixed reaction, but mostly boos. Bret Hart is again sent chest first into the corner, and Diesel starts making cocky Nash faces. Diesel does his dropping his weight onto Bret as he's on the ropes thing - then picks him up and is ready to drive him into the cage. Bret however slips off of Diesel's back and drives Diesel into the cage, and goes for the Sharpshooter. Diesel pokes Bret in the eyes though and Bret's down to the mat. LOUD Diesel chant breaks out. Bret headbutts Diesel in the back, then starts kidney punches. Russian legsweep - and it's time to start a climb out again. Bret is up, and he shoves Diesel away. Rather than escape - he drops an elbow, then starts his climb again. Diesel manages to catch him and give him a low blow - then Bret crotches on the ropes - then he falls to the mat. Diesel kicks at Bret, then heads to the cage door. Bret has him by ONE FOOT but Diesel kicks him off and he's just about out - but Undertaker comes up from under the ring and pulls Nash under! No one can figure out what just happened other than Bret escapes during this mess.

Time: 19:20

Diesel comes crawling out of the hole and Taker follows right behind him. Diesel goes over the cage as fast as he can. Diesel looks really spooked out by this - and who can blame him? Taker stands on top of the cage and raises his arms. They play The Undertaker's music and the lights go out. Vince declares anything can happen in the WWF. And we're out.

Total Matches: 6
Average Match Length: 9:38
Average Match Rating: 2.29
Overall: ***1/4

A relatively forgettable show - but by no means not entertaining. A lot of the matches dragged at times, but the show had a feel that they knew where they were going, with Wrestlemania right around the corner. All in all, a lot of fun.

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