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As is usual in the world of smarks, whining about wrestling is the number one item on the boards these days. Any number of topics could be whined about. Hell, this past Monday and Thursday I was whining about the World Tag-Team Title situation. However, the most frequently whined about item these days (now that Undertaker bashing seems to have cooled down somewhat with his two recent losses) is how the WWF has handled the whole Invasion process. The argument is that the only people in the Invasion who are getting any kind of spotlight aren't even from the WCW. It's all Steve Austin, and Rob Van Dam. The big stars apparently aren't willing to let WCW guys get into the mix and won't job for them.

Well can someone please tell me why WCW's big stars even should be mingling with the WWF's top stars?

Aside from Booker T, who arguably is not even seen as a big CROSSOVER star, who played in the main event back in WCW? Kanyon sure didn't. Neither did Billy Kidman or Hugh Morrus. I know alot of fans believe that they SHOULD HAVE been main eventers in WCW, but the fact remains that they were not, and nor were they even being groomed for that slot. WWF fans were NOT watching WCW at the end. They have no idea who the hell Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, or Mark Jindrak are.

These guys need to be started at the bottom - despite the fact most smarks despise hearing that.

Without any stars, the WWF should have never run with the Invasion. There was no way in the eyes of a WWF fan Lance Storm was going to match up with The Rock.

New stars are not an easy thing to be playing with - especially when they are supposed to be a huge force in a company. Take a look at the Natural Born Thrillers. *I* sure as hell did not want them on my television as a gang who was beating down star after star week in and week out. And that's exactly what WCW represents - a bunch of greenhorn wrestlers who are an unwelcomed group of newbies. You can't send Hurricane Helms out and tell the fans he's as exciting and as talented as The Hardy Boyz and have them accept it like the gospel truth. They will reject such a silly thought and move on to seeing The Hardy Boyz.

New characters are best created slowly - one or two at a time. Check back through wrestling archives - I'm willing to bet fans you'll find angry fan columns about the sudden burst of new blood onto the WCW scene at first as well about 18 months ago.

With smarks and WCW, you're in a no win situation. Smarks refuse to accept Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, and the rest as guys they want on TV. But when you GET what you want, you're left with the talent you're not happy with the way WCW looks when they're on WWF television.

A win over The Rock will not help Shawn Stasiak at this point in time. In fact, it would hurt The Rock's position. The WWF knows what it's doing with the handling of wins and losses at this point in time.

Sure, the momentum is incredibly strong in the WWF's direction at this point in time. But don't get completely negative and assume the WWF is burying the WCW because of an internal hatred Vince holds towards the promotion. Pushing WCW as a force on par with the WWF is completely ridiculous right now.

But they're getting stronger. And their stars are becoming more recognizable.

WCW and the WWF will be on par once again someday. And McMahon smartly understands the position Vince Russo used to TALK ABOUT but never PRACTICE - in that things take alot of time to develop. So let it develop. Quit whining.

And enjoy the best damn cards from top to bottom that we've ever seen.

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