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I mentioned in my Excess recap that I wouldn't recap Foley vs. Michaels clipped version that night because I had a copy of Mind Games sitting around and I would recap the full thing later. Well, it's later and I have nothing better to do. Tomorrow's a full day though, so I may as well get this out of the way now while I have the time.


Mr. Perfect and Vince McMahon are at ringside to welcome us to the show. We're moments away from Jerry Lawler and Mark Henry from having a verbal altercation.

There's a big podium set up in the middle of the ring and Lawler's already there. Jim Ross is the moderator. Lawler tells McMahon to shut up - he's already been kicked off RAW and soon he'll be thrown off Pay-Per-Views if he's not careful.

He's not sexual baby, but he's getting a fairly warm reaction from the fans. I'm talking about Mark Henry.

The fans seem quite distracted by something - but we can't see what it is. I also catch a few ECW chants. Still don't know what it is I'm talking about? Well, you'll find out a little later on, once the PPV itself starts.

Lawler spends about 5 minutes yapping at Henry, targeting primarily his weight. Henry counters with "I'm gonna let all my talking happen in this ring." Lawler suckers Henry in close to hear something - then slaps him. Lawler scampers out of the ring and Henry glares at him.

Mr. Perfect doesn't believe that Michaels has what it takes to walk out of here tonight with the title. So this segues into a video package while the fans are hollering E-C-W! Package includes Michaels pinning Kevin Nash from "Good Friends - Better Enemies" in April 1996. After having the belt for so long he can't imagine his life without it.

MARTY JANNETTY (with Leif Cassidy) vs. SAVIO VEGA

Leif Cassidy is Al Snow. JR has now joined the commentary booth. They lock up, Jannety is sent off the ropes - leapfrog by Vega - and Jannetty is tossed with a half monkey flip. Vega gets back on the headlock - and keeps it on for about a minute before being shoved off into the ropes. Jannetty tries the monkey flip attempt - but Savio's ready and punches him instead. A small package gets 2. Off the ropes - and Savio runs feet first into Jannetty's awaiting knee. Oh yeah, and Bradshaw's yelling about something on the split screen about never being on Pay-Per-View's while Savio Vega is. I'm trying real hard to ignore him though because there is a match going on - no matter how pointless it is. Jannetty punches away at Vega and Leif talks to Savio for some reason. Jannetty hits a double axehandle and gets a 2. Now he works the headlock on Savio which Savio is completely no selling. E-C-W chant erupts again. I can't for the life of me first out why. Savio gets pounded in the corner - gets whipped but reverses. He charges blindly and eats Jannetty's boot in the corner. Jannetty covers and gets 2. Savio is sent off the ropes and takes a gutshot followed by a running kneelift. He covers quickly and Savio kicks out at 2. Vince notes that there's a local wrestling company in town that has a cult following - and JR's happy they decided to buy tickets and join them. Jannetty connects with a scoop and a slam, then a kneedrop - which again gets 2. Savio's sent to the floor and Leif kicks Savio in the gut. Savio rolls back in and gets his head slammed into the turnbuckle. He tries to chop his way out but Jannetty keeps him put - then hits a snap mare followed by a headlock. Savio fights out only to take a scoop slam. Jannetty on the second rope - poses - and tries to drop a fist but takes a boot to the face. He's up and now Savio's firing away! He knocks Jannetty to his feet - whips and charges int o the corner with a clothesline. Whip into the opposite corner - Jannetty leaps and comes off with a flying crossbody which Savio rolls through with a handful of tights and scores a 3!

Time: 5:22

Zebekiah's out at ringside to distract Savio - then Bradshaw charges from behind with a bullrope and beats the hell out of him.

If you want all the news, rumors, and interviews tonight, call the hotline! Get your parents permission.

Savio Vega has woken up and attacks Bradshaw with the bullrope. If he wants to fight him - he can face him TONIGHT! Dok Hendrix is telling him he has to talk to the officials.

Todd Pettingill reminds us to buy the Pay-Per-View. It's very simply to do - really. S L A M spells slam - Todd told me so.

Sunny is interviewed by Todd. Sunny wants the tag-team titles for the Smokin' Gunns - and there's nothing Bulldog and Owen can do about it because she's manager of the year. I'll give her credit - her mic skills are leaps and bounds ahead of any woman I've heard from since.

Vince tells us that Savio Vega and Bradshaw have been signed to a Carribean strap match. Why, that also happens to be my LEAST FAVORITE stipulation on the planet - aside from scaffold matches.

The Undertaker is taking on Goldust in a Final Curtain match. Here's a look at the feud. Goldust and Mankind have screwed with Undertaker for months now - and the feud between Taker and Goldust will come to an end. There must be a winner and it must be by pinfall.

Jim Ross is in the middle of the ring - and he's going to interview Mankind who has Paul Bearer by his side. Earlier today Shawn Michaels was almost run down by a casket backstage that was being pushed by Mankind. Bearer screams MIND GAMES repeatedly. Mankind can't stand Michaels and he can't wait to break his bones and make him scream. Have a nice day. Don't call Paul Bearer a traitor.

The Pay-Per-View is next!


Video package sets up tonight's show - focusing on the 2 big matches.

ECW chant welcomes us to the show. Our hosts are Jim Ross, Vince McMahon, and Mr. Perfect.

JUSTIN BRADSHAW (with Zebekiah) vs. SAVIO VEGA (in a Carribean Strap Match)

Kevin Kelly stands backstage with Savio Vega. If Bradshaw wants on a WWF Pay- Per-View he has to fight him. Then he says a bunch of stuff I can't make out the first time and don't care to go back over.

Vega runs to the ring, slides in and gets stomped and beaten on right away. Off the ropes, and Bradshaw nails him with a shoulderblock. Bradshaw whips at him, then snapmares him with the strap. Bradshaw keeps whipping - then the referee finally ties Savio to the strap. Bradshaw touches 3 corners SLOWLY then gets pulled away. Bradshaw stomps at him and Savio's rolled to the floor. Savio gets choked around the pole with the strap and the ref asks him to stop. Savio falls back and yanks the arm of Bradshaw around the post. He pulls again and his neck gets dragged down. Savio goes over to whip at Bradshaw - then out of nowhere someone spits beer at Savio. It's The Sandman in an ECW t-shirt. So THAT'S what all the hubbub is about. He smashes his head on the beer and the wrestlers kind of improvise. Tommy Dreamer is with him and Bradshaw dares them to come over the guardrail. They try but security is on them. The wrestlers make their way back into the ring and Bradshaw chokes at Savio with the strap. They get up - Savio's put in a headlock and Bradshaw tries to drag him around the ring and does manage to touch 3 turnbuckles - Bradshaw gets about an inch from the fourth and takes a belly to back suplexed. He could have leapt and touched it! Oh well. Apparently this is Savio's gimmick match and he NEVER loses. Savio gets up and starts whipping Bradshaw in the middle of the ring now. Vega touches 3 but Bradshaw manages to pull him back onto the canvas. Savio off the ropes with a couple of clotheslines - then a spinning heel kick. Come on - I wish they'd run faster as they tag. Savio again gets 3 before diving at 4 and getting pulled back. Savio gets up and comes off the ropes right into a big boot from Bradshaw. Clothesline (not from Hell) knocks Savio to his ass and Bradshaw calls to the crowd. He touches 1 and so does Savio right behind him. We keep going and they both touch 2. They both hit 3 now and Bradshaw gets into a tug of war with Savio - and Savio gets catapulted over Bradshaw into 4.

Time: 7:07

He took a whipping like a government mule says JR...for the second time this match.

Jose Lothario and James E. Cornette don't like eachother. Vader has released the beast in Cornette.


Backstage, Razor Ramon and Diesel beat the hell out of Savio Vega. We don't get a good look at the 2 of them before they scamper off though.

Cornette comes out to Vader's music. He's either wearing a ton of padding or Jimmy's put on some weight. Lothario comes out to Shawn Michaels' music. Man he's old.

Lothario starts to beat on Cornette with a series of punches. He's 62 according to Ross. UGH. Cornette gets his head slammed into the turnbuckle and bounces out to the middle of the ring. Lothario knocks him out and that's it.

Time: 0:57

Well - they smartly kept it short. The crowd popped, so it's all good.

Call the hotline! Interviews are uncensored, honestly.

Brian Pillman makes his way down to the ring. Bret Hart via satellite tells us that Brian Pillman and Owen Hart are both liars - Bret never promised to appear tonight. Pillman rips on Philly for awhile. It's a cesspool of battered women, and drugs. Take a look at the degenerates all around here. He asks Slammy Award Winner Owen Hart to join him in the ring. Pillman suggests he and Bret had patched things up - but Owen says that when Bret called them liars it was wrong. He PROMISED him he'd be there to make a speech to the fans. The only reason Owen can think Bret's away from the arena is he's scared of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Pillman needs to have a word with Austin as well in that case. Austin makes his way out. Pillman asks Austin why he thinks Bret didn't show. Austin says Bret's afraid, and that's the bottom line. As soon as he showed up in the WWF he packed his bags and ran away. If you put the letter S in front of Hitman you have his opinion of Bret Hart. Vince cuts him off and says we don't need to go there. Austin has never given a rats ass about anyone. Austin hopes he comes back - because somebody's gonna get his ass whipped. That's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold Says So. And Philly sucks, 'cause Brian Pillman says so.

Earlier today, Mark Henry made his way around Philly. He saw the sights and really enjoyed himself. For some reason, I liked that segment as really completely pointless as it was - it made him human. He honestly looked in awe of Philly's monuments and if he was acting he did a damn fine job.

Psycho Sid is talking to WWF fans online.

OWEN HART and THE BRITISH BULLDOG vs. THE SMOKIN' GUNNS (with Sunny) (for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles)

Cornette is too hurt to come to the ring with his team. Clarence Mason is there trying to see if he's okay - but to no avail.

Bart Gunn is already in the ring and asking Billy to hurry up. Billy meanwhile is hanging off of Sunny. A pyro goes off and a huge poster is dropped from the ceiling. It read: To Bulldog & Owen - All My Love, Sunny. They also colored over Sunny's face and hair with a beard, glasses and big hair. Sunny bursts into tears while Billy tells her it's all okay.

Billy and Owen are going to start this one off. Clarence Mason comes down which throws off Owen Hart - and he gets rolled up for 2. Owen asks Mason where Cornette is. Now back to the match and we go through a series of armdrag reversals until Owen gets knocked down with a shoulderblock off the ropes. Billy comes off the ropes now and Owen hiptosses him. A second time. He goes for a pin and gets 2, and Billy aggressively gets out and towards his corner. They lock up again and Owen gets on a headlock. Owen is shoved off into the ropes - and Owen gets a small package for 2. Billy gets up and kicks Owen in the midsection and tags in Bart. Scoop slam - followed by a missed elbow drop. Owen tags in Bulldog who winds up in a headlock. Bart is sent off and a shoulderbreaker knocks Bulldog down. Off the ropes once again Bulldog rolls up Bart - which scores 2. Dropkick from Bulldog then he goes to work with an armbar. He tags in Owen and Owen clips Bart. Owen pulls on the knee of Bart then sets him up on the ropes to get kicked at in the knee. Bulldog is tagged in and they pull at the legs apart together. Bulldog drops an elbow on the knee of Bart, then works it on the mat for awhile. Both men get up and Owen is tagged in again. Owen is kicking at the leg of Bart and Bart says out loud "wrong leg". Owen kicks at the other leg of Bart. Owen with a backsplash on Bart's leg then gets on a Boston crab. Bart gets to the ropes though and Owen has to let go. Bulldog is tagged in and he vertical suplexes Bart roughly. He goes a flip - big leg drop - and Billy breaks it up. Owen comes in without a tag while the ref isn't watching and works the knee some more on the mat. Spinning leg lock is reversed into a package for 2. Owen gets up and hits the enzuigiri and that gets 2 before Billy is in to break it up. Bulldog is tagged in - and gets reversed on the whip and goes right into Billy. Billy drags him out and the ref is distracted while Billy stomps on Bulldog. Billy shoves Bulldog into the steps and he's down. Clarence Mason is not pleased. Billy gets tagged in as Bulldog is sent back into the ring. He doesn't do much before Bart is tagged in. Bart sets Bulldog up in the corner and tags in Billy again - and they do an early version of Poetry In Motion using an axehandle instead of the whole body. Billy tags in Bart again. Bart has Bulldog in position for a Scoop Slam - and Billy comes off the top with a legdrop. He covers but Clarence Mason is distracting the referee. Owen comes off the top with a knee for Billy which knocks him silly. Bulldog manages a cover and Billy kicks out at 2. Sunny is relieved - she thought that was it. Billy stomps a mudhole in Bulldog then tags in Bart. He drops a knee on Bulldog - then scoop slams him - before driving the knee into him repeatedly. Billy gets tagged in and Billy punches Bulldog back to the mat. Billy steps on Bulldog's nose - then puts on a chinlock. He lets it go to punch Bulldog in the head - then tags back in Bart. Bart tries to pick up Bulldog - but Bulldog slithers off and shoves Bart into Billy. Bulldog's ready - hits the Powerslam and wins the titles!

Time: 11:00

Post match, Sunny lays into the Smokin' Gunns. Billy begs for forgiveness. She thought they could really be winners - but they're nothing but cowboy wanna-be's. She's had it - they're fired. Billy runs after her asking for her to come back - but no good.

Kevin Kelly is with Paul Bearer and Mankind. He wants to know if Mankind will be the champ. Bearer screams for the second time tonight about stuff - but the jist is Mankind will be champ. God I can't stand Bearer's voice twice in one night. Mankind wants everyone to feel the pain he has felt. It's his destiny to hold the title - and after that we'll all have a nice day.


Lawler tells the fans how lucky they are that he even came to this city. Lawler has tormented Henry for weeks now and Henry has been relatively passive about the whole thing. Lawler promises he's going to take Mark Henry to school.

Lawler promises to show us Henry can't even get out of a headlock. Some USA chants start. They lock up and Lawler gets a headlock on Henry. Henry escapes and gets a hammerlock on Lawler. Henry shuffles his feet now and Lawler's begging off in the corner. They lock up again and Henry gets a headlock on Lawler, then Lawler escapes and gets a hammerlock on Henry. Henry reverses and shoves Lawler right into the turnbuckle. Lawler looks frustrated now. They lock up a third time and Lawler goes to slam Henry - which he can't - so Henry press slams Lawler. Lawler comes off the ropes and runs right into Henry which does nothing and he falls. He does it again. He tries a third time and Henry throws Lawler through the ropes and he goes headfirst into the guard railing. It was quite a bump! Lawler gets in and reaches into his tights. Lawler wants to do a test of strength, then clocks Henry a couple of times. He puts whatever he had back in his tights. Henry has had enough and grabs Lawler and drives his knee into Lawler a number of times - then chops him. Lawler tries to escape - but Henry picks him up and puts him in a backbreaker submission.

Time: 5:18

Both of the New Rockers charge the ring and get thrown out by Henry. Then HHH tries to get a piece of Henry - and does for about 5 seconds before being press slammed over the top rope to the floor. We get a look at 4 guys lying in a heap on the floor. Henry struts a bit in the ring.

The next Pay-Per-View is Buried Alive, and will include a match between Undertaker and Mankind. The World Title, should Mankind win it WILL NOT be up for grabs because the Buried Alive match is unsanctioned.

Here's that video package hyping Undertaker and Goldust again.

GOLDUST (with Marlena) vs. THE UNDERTAKER (in a Final Curtain Match)

Undertaker hammers Goldust to start. He whips Goldust from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, then picks him up by the neck with both hands and drops him to the mat. Leg drop gets 2. Goldust rolls out to the floor and we watch Marlena smoke. Taker picks Goldust up on the apron but Goldust gets an Ace crusher that sends Taker back - and then Marlena slaps Taker. Goldust back in and Taker hits him with the big boot to the midsection. Goldust comes off the ropes and comes forward with a swinging neckbreaker. Taker is up first though and knocks Goldust down with a right hand. Off the ropes and Goldust runs into a big boot. Kick to the midsection - and Goldust takes a vertical suplex. A cover gets 2. Taker gets a knee up to the midsection of Goldust then hiptosses him. Taker picks him up in the corner and goes Old School. Goldust is tossed over the top rope out to the floor. Marlena comes over to Goldust and hands him a bad of something. Marlena distracts the referee and Goldust gets some gold powder in Taker's eyes. Goldust follows up by poking him in the eyes and choking him on the ropes. Goldust works over Taker on the floor and rubs Taker's face in the steps. He punches away at Taker and gets back in the ring. Goldust gets back on the apron - punches Taker, then comes down to the floor. Taker gets driven face first into the announce table. Goldust goes into the ring and poses while Taker slowly comes back to it. Taker is sent off the ropes and he holds on. But when he turns around he takes a clothesline - which Goldust gets 2 with. Taker set in the corner and Goldust punches at Taker in the eye region apparently. Goldust chokes Taker - then puts on a headlock. Taker manages to work his way out of it way a suplex. Both men are down. Goldust gets up and pokes Taker in the eyes again and gets to stomping on him. Hiptoss out of the corner and he gets 2. Goldust grabs Taker's head like a bowling ball driving his fingers into his eyes and nose. He's shoved off. Goldust gets up and gets Taker in the corner again, kicking him. He whips taker across the ring and feels himself up. He poses a little too much though and Taker grabs him and throws him into the corner beating the piss out of him. He tries to whip Goldust into the other corner but it's reversed and Taker's sent into the turnbuckle. Taker comes out of the corner and they hit eachother with elbows. Goldust follows through with a powerslam that gets 2. Zombie situp. They run off the ropes and Taker hits a flying clothesline. They're up and Goldust is thrown into the corner - Taker charges and takes an elbow. Goldust is up to the top rope but gets caught with the Chokeslam! Taker says that's it! Tombstone! That does it!

Time: 10:26

Vince was concerned Mankind was going to pop up from under the ring, but thankfully it didn't happen. Taker rolls his eyes back in his head.

Kevin Kelly has Shawn Michaels backstage. Shawn hasn't been really nervous since he won the belt going into a match - but he is tonight against Mankind because he's so weird. Shawn says they can try to play mind games all they want, but there's nothing upstairs to play with.

MANKIND (with Paul Bearer and Druids wheeling a casket) vs. SHAWN MICHAELS (with Jose Lothario) (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

Mankind is inside the casket. He comes out of it and it stays at ringside.

The 2 lock up, Michaels gets a headlock which turns into him getting sent off the ropes and he gets hit with a back elbow. Mankind stomps on Michaels' head then punches him in the neck. Up to his feet - and sent off the ropes - Mankind hits a big back bodydrop. Cactus clothesline sends both men over the top. Shawn tries to come after Mankind who shoves him back into the guardrail. Mankind picks up the mat around the ring to expose the concrete - but Michaels dropkicks him in the process and sends him under the mat to the concrete floor. Michaels jumps on him a few times for good measure. Michaels gets up to the top turnbuckle and crossbodies Mankind on the floor! Shawn is back in the ring for a moment - then comes off the steps and drives Mankind's head to the floor. Michaels throws Mankind back into the ring - goes up top and hits the double axehandle! Whip off the ropes is reversed - Mankind goes for a kick midring which is blocked by Michaels. Mankind is spun around - and Michaels punches away. Off the ropes comes Michaels - clothesline to Mankind. Scoop and a slam. Michaels goes back to the top - drops an elbow, and loads the boot. He goes for the Sweet Chin Music, but Mankind sees it and DIVES to the outside as quickly as possible. Mankind cuddles the urn on the outside while Michaels looks on annoyed. Mankind comes in and gets Shawn into the corner and delivers punches - but Shawn reverses and hammers at Mankind! Shawn sent to the other side but he leaps onto the second rope to avoid hitting the turnbuckle, then runs back to the other side to beat on Mankind some more. The 2 roll on the mat which leads to Michaels on top and he punches on Mankind. Both men get to their feet - and Michaels has Mankind in a Stunner style position only to fall back on top of Mankind. Mankind grabs him from behind in a chicken wing style position and tries to get the claw on Michaels. Michaels manages to squirm out of that somehow and wails away on Mankind. Mankind gets to his feet and hits a punch/clothesline. Michaels is grabbed and thrown to the outside of the ring. Mankind gets the Spanish announce table now and moves it towards the ring - however Michaels is on his feet and jumps over the tape and topes Mankind. They brawl past the casket and Michaels VIOLENTLY suplexes Mankind onto the steps. His leg hits REALLY awkwardly. Michaels is back in the ring now and as Mankind tries getting in he gets clipped. Mankind is on top of the casket and Michaels drives the knee HARD into the casket. This is really stiff! He kicks away at the back of the knee of Mankind. Earl Hebner gets in Shawn's face, so Shawn shoves him off. Mankind gets up and levels Michaels with a right. Mankind's knee is in pain but he still manages to kick Michaels - and tries a second time only to get legdragged. Michaels puts on the figure four and Mankind is in pain, almost getting counted down a few times. Mankind gets out and Michaels is sent off the ropes - and Michaels comes forward with a dropkick to Mankind's knee. He works on the knee with some knee drops - then puts on a half crab. Mankind tries to crawl to the ropes and makes it. Mankind gets up and punches Michaels. He comes forward - Mankind tries to scoop him up but Michaels weasels out and rolls him up for 2. Back up - Michaels charges onto the shoulders of Mankind but gets dropped neckfirst onto the ropes ala Stun Gun. Mankind slaps at his knee for awhile - then takes a pencil and stabs himself with it in the knee to get the feeling back in it. Mankind crawls in and chokes Michaels on the ropes. Michaels is then slammed onto the casket and he's on the floor. Mankind smacks his knee again some more - and when Michaels comes in he stomps at him. Michaels is set in the corner - and Mankind charges running a knee right into Michaels' face. Michaels gets punched a few more times - then Mankind gets down on his knees and bites Michaels. Up on their feet - Mankind sends Michaels face first to the mat. He does it a second time. Michaels manages a quick belly to back suplex and both men are down. Michaels and Mankind are up and Michaels hammers with a couple of punches until Mankind boots him in the stomach and gets control back. Mankind kicks him again - then sends him off the ropes - Shawn slides between Mankind's legs and trips him from behind. Michaels blocks his punches and delivers a few of his own. Michaels attempts a whip which Mankind reverses and Michaels bumps hard and winds up stuck in a Tree of Woe. Mankind runs at him and drops an elbow on his face. He goes over to the other side of the ring and does it again. Michaels falls off the ropes and Mankind rocks back and forth. He rolls Michaels over - and drops a leg on the back of his head. Mankind charges at him when they both get up - and kicks Michaels in the jaw sending him over the top. Mankind sees Michaels lying on the floor by the steps - charges and misses hitting his knee on the steps hard. He gets up and charges again this time taking a drop toe hold onto the steps. Mankind slowly climbs back on the apron - and they trade blocked suplexes until finally Mankind suplexes Michaels out to the apron. Mankind charges and runs into the post head first. Mankind is pulled in and sent off the ropes - and takes a back elbow. Michaels comes at Mankind in the corner - takes a back elbow - and Mankind then charges right into a powerslam that gets 2! Mankind sent off the ropes - Michaels telegraphs the back bodydrop and pays for it! Mankind charges at Michaels, but he sidesteps and Mankind ends up in the Hangman's Noose. Michaels comes over and Mankind, while being hung, gets the Mandible Claw on Michaels. Mankind finally falls to the floor and both men are down. Bearer calls to Mankind to get up and Michaels manages to crawl to the floor. Once out there Mankind again gets the Claw on Michaels, but Michaels sends him right into the guardrail hitting Carlos Cabrera on his way by. Michaels grabs the nearest chair and SMACKS Mankind upside the head, drives it into his fingers, and hits him on the head again. Back in, Michaels bites the Mandible Claw hand so he won't have to face that move again. He grabs the hand and slams it down into the mat - then stomps on the fingers. Michaels grabs a finger and breaks it. He brings Mankind over to the ropes and leaps onto the hand several times. Mankind shows his hand bent back. Owww. Michaels charges and gets back bodydropped HARD to the outside. Wow! Mankind gets on the apron and drops the elbow to the outside. Mankind comes in the ring - then runs back out again and hits a neckbreaker on Michaels to the floor. Michaels crawls back between the ropes and Mankind gives him a legdrop between the ropes - and follows with a double arm DDT. Mankind covers and NO, it gets 2! Mankind picks Michaels up by the tights and piledrives him again it ONLY gets 2. He covers a second time and that gets 2. Mankind crawls over and rolls Michaels over hooking the leg and again it gets 2. Mankind goes nuts and pulls out his own hair. He goes out to ringside and throws in a chair. The referee tries to get rid of it. Mankind opens the casket and rolls Mankind inside. Michaels comes back with punches - gets out of the casket - runs off the ropes and hits a double axehandle! Michaels punching away, and stomping in the corner. Scoop slam - Michaels heads up top - crossbody and THAT gets 2! Michaels goes back up, but gets caught and crotched. Mankind goes over and SUPLEXES HIM BACK AND BOTH GUYS GO THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE ON THE FLOOR! That was quite a visual! Mankind is up first and gets a chair while Michaels is in the ring. Mankind goes up top with the chair - but Michaels runs over another chair setup and Sweet Chin Music's the chair into Mankind's face. Mankind covers and gets 2. Vader rushes the ring and it's a DQ.

Time: 26:24

Vader is sent over the top by Michaels and he calls him in if he wants more. Paul Bearer hits Michaels from behind with the urn - and Sid runs down to chase Vader off to the back. The big men slug it out. Mankind gets up and gets the Mandible Claw on Michaels! Paul Bearer opens the casket at the request of Mankind and The Undertaker pops out! He sends Mankind over the top and chases Mankind to the back. Shawn Michaels is announced as the winner by disqualifications and that's the show!

Total Matches: 7
Average Match Length: 9:31
Average Match Rating: 1.18
Overall: ***

The show absolutely sucks until the main event - but the main event is one of the greatest matches that has EVER taken place. I'm still in awe of what I've just seen - despite having seen it a couple of times prior. It knocks the show up at LEAST 2 and a half stars.

If any show could sell a tape based on a main event - this one is it. GET THIS TAPE!

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