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October 21, 2001

The struggle for power! Austin, Angle, RVD - tonight!

We are live in St. Louis, Missouri. Our hosts tonight are Jim Ross and Paul Heyman. Look at all the RVD signs.

THE HARDY BOYZ (with Lita) vs. LANCE STORM (with Ivory) and THE HURRICANE (with Mighty Molly) (for the WCW World Tag-Team Titles)

Hurricane is still the European Champion coming into this match for reasons that completely baffle me. Matt kisses his tag-team title. Man, does he have any idea where it's been? Anything that's rubbed up against Judy Bagwell's lower region isn't getting anywhere near MY lips.

Hurricane starts off by posing a whole lot for Jeff. A go behind from Jeff leads to an over the shoulder snapmare from Hurricane. Hurricane puts on a chinlock that Jeff shoves off, only to have Hurricane come off the ropes with a shoulderblock. More posing from the Hurricane. Jeff comes back with a huge hiptoss and tags in brother Matt. The Hardys combine for a double leg takeover, and Matt covers for 2. Storm gets a blind tag and they hit a Fireman's Carry into a Diamond Cutter. Hurricane tagged back in and Hardy takes them both out with a double clothesline. Jeff is in and we have punches for everyone! Jeff gets a jawbreaker on Lance Storm, then grabs Hurricanes legs. Hurricane shoves him off into the ropes, and Ivory is more than happy to interfere on the behalf of her men. Why not, Lita does it all the time. Storm sends Jeff out to the floor, and holds him hostage for Hurricane. Hurricane comes off the ropes but Matt was waiting for him and connects with a clothesline. Storm starts a run to the ring but he takes a baseball slide dropkick from Matt. In the ring, Mighty Molly has made her presence felt and helps the Hurricane get his cape on. He heads up top and takes out everyone with a flying crossbody. Hurricane rolls Jeff in and beats on his head a bit, before tagging in Storm. Storm with a nice looking dropkick and that scores a 2 count for the Super Friends. Hurricane comes in and they use a double vertical suplex for a 2 count. A spinning backbreaker from Hurricane gets 2. Storm is tagged back into the ring. Jeff is whipped into the corner, but he climbs the turnbuckle and connects with a corkscrew bodyblock. Storm tags out and Hurricane tries to cut the ring off. Jeff however knows he's close and connects with an enzuigiri before tagging out to Matt. Top rope clothesline for Hurricane! Inverted bulldog for Storm! Neckbreaker for Hurricane! He covers for a 2 count. Storm is sent into the corner and he takes a Poetry In Motion. To the other side, Jeff misses as Hurricane ducks, and Hurricane rolls Matt up for 2! Matt's had enough and hits the second rope legdrop, and that gets a 2 count. Hooo screams Matt, but no Twist Of Fate and Storm is in to stop that and the Super Friends hit a double dropkick! Hurricane covers, and Jeff's in to make the save at 2. Jeff sends Storm out and to the floor. Mighty Molly comes in but Lita cuts her off at the pass. Ivory now is in and the women are able to get Lita out of the ring. Jeff stops Ivory before she can escape though and hits the double legdrop to the groin. Storm grabs Jeff and puts on the Canadian Maple Leaf. Jeff is tapping! Lita decides now's a good time to cheat, and uses a Hurricanrana on Storm. Matt hits Hurricane with a Twist Of Fate, Jeff connects with a Swanton Bomb, and the Hardys retain.

Time: 7:41

Match was just a bunch of spots, but extremely energetic. Don't let the rating through you off, it was a fun match, just not a lot of flow.

Rob Van Dam enters the arena. William Regal cuts him off. "Rob Van Dam. Now I assume the first thing you're going to do is go find Stone Cold Steve Austin and apologize for Frog Splashing him last Thursday on Smackdown!." "No." "Let me just hope last Thursday you had a temporary lapse in sanity and please, let me assume you have no way shape or form you have anything to do with Vince McMahon." "Look, I'm not on Vince's side. I'm only looking out for #1, and that's me, RVD." "Don't do anything silly, and anything that you might regret later." "Okay."

A long black limo arrives. Mr. McMahon exits. Michael Cole cuts him off and reminds him it's a big night. Michael puts Vince's jacket on him. He tells Mr. McMahon that RVD just arrived, and Vince promises he's here to make an impact. Oh, and the next time he drops Mr. McMahon's coat, Vince is going to drop him.


JR reminds us it was 4 years ago this month, in this arena that Kane first walked through hellfire and brimstone. That was a really cool moment.

The boys trade punches to get things going in what could only be described as a slobberknocker. This is a battle of studs and hosses. Kane knocks Test down with a back elbow and then drops an elbow. Test is sent from corner to corner eating clotheslines! Powerslam from Kane scores 2. Kane drops Test face first on the ropes, then military presses Test out to the floor. Wow! Test grabs the ringbell and clocks Kane upside the head. Nick Patrick has conveniently missed this. Hah. Test gets Kane back in the ring and starts to work him over with punches. Kane is set in the corner, and Kane starts to get choked out by a boot to the throat. To the middle of the ring, Kane gets hit with a vertical suplex. Test gets a 2 count out of the deal. A closeup reveals somewhere in here Test's lip got busted open. Kane clotheslines Test to the mat, but misses on the elbow drop attempt. Test gets to his feet and a he leaps from the second turnbuckle across the ring with a back elbow for 2. Sidewalk slam floors Kane, and Test heads to the top. Here it comes...the Big Elbow! Kane moves! He's up and hits a neckbreaker on Test and both men are down to the mat. Test is sent off the ropes and takes a big boot to the face. Belly to back suplex, and Kane gets a 2 count. Test gets up and sets up the pumphandle but it doesn't work. Kane reverses into a sidewalk slam. Now Test is clotheslined over the top rope and Kane follows him out to the floor. Test sends Kane into the ringpost and on the rebound connects with the Big Boot! Kane is rolled in and Test covers...for 2! Test is NOT happy and waits for Kane to get up. He misses the Big Boot the second time and Kane hits the Chokeslam! Kane takes his time rolling over, covers, 1, 2, Test kicks out! Both men are up now trading punches in the middle of the ring, and it leads to Kane hitting a powerslam on Test. Kane heads to the top, and MISSES the flying clothesline! Test connects with the pumphandle, and Kane KICKS OUT at 2! Test heads up and hits a Big Elbow, and AGAIN Kane kicks out!!! Test is getting really frustrated and grabs a chair. Into the ring, and Kane dropkicks it back in Test's face. Kane has the chair and Nick Patrick grabs it away. He goes to Chokeslam both of them, but Test with a lowblow and a Big Boot and THAT scores the 3!!!

Time: 10:13

MUCH better match than I anticipated.

Kane gets to his feet and grabs Nick Patrick before he can escape. Patrick takes a Chokeslam, and Kane leaves...oh wait, no he doesn't. Kane's back in the ring and Chokeslams him again! Kane leaves...or no, he's back a third time! Powerbomb for Patrick! Kane lights the turnbuckles on fire. JR calls Patrick a "shady referee" but it sounds much more like something else.

Jonathan Coachman *groan* is knocking on Austin's locker room. Debra asks Austin if he wants to talk to Coachman. (We can't see Steve, only hear him.) "No I don't want to talk to Coach. You can tell him I think Kurt Angle is a sorry son of a bitch." Debra repeats this. "Debra, while you've got him out there tell him RVD is a big piece of trash." Debra repeats it. "Debra, while you're at it tell him as far as Vince McMahon is concerned he's a bigger piece of trash than RVD, and there ain't no way, there ain't no way I'm gonna lose my WWF Title tonight." Debra repeats this. "Debra, thank him and get his ass out of here." She repeats that. Absolutely hilarious.

Stacy is walking around backstage. She wonders what Matt Hardy thinks about her lingerie. Matt says she looks really good, and off she wanders while he stares at her. Lita arrives and tells Lita she looks great and he kisses her, while rolling her eyes.

Sunny's music plays and hypes the lingerie match!

STACY KIEBLER vs. TORRIE WILSON (in a Lingerie Match)

No Tajiri or Dudleys are at ringside. Torrie looks great BEFORE she takes her clothes off.

Stacy does cartwheels around the ring showing off her garter belt. A shove to Torrie gets rid of her for awhile while Stacy takes off her clothes. She whips Torrie with some leather on the ass, then whips Jack Doan! He isn't quite sure how to react to that. The women roll around on the mat and Jack Doan gets rolled over! Torrie with a Nash boot to the throat in the corner on Torrie. That's, uhhhh, an interesting shot. Torrie hits a gorgeous sunset flip, which leads to a series of 2 count reversals. Holy hell, they're trying to wrestle! Stacy is sent into the corner, but she gets a headscissors on a charging Torrie. Stacy gets snapmared from the second rope, and Torrie gets a 2 count. Torrie hits her handspring elbow, rolls up Stacy and gets the pin! Not bad considering there was a stupid gimmick attached!

Time: 3:10

Michael Cole stands backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says that McMahon marches to a beat of a different drum. Tonight, he has his eyes set on both RVD and Steve Austin. Mr. McMahon enters the area and offers his hand to Kurt. They shake hands, and Kurt tells McMahon he doesn't need help.

Christian stands with Lillian Garcia. Remember when they were a tag-team and everyone said that Edge is going to be a star? What people fail to realize, no matter how good you are, there's always someone a little better. The people in St. Louis know this as well as anyone. Take Mark McGwire who set a record, only to have it shattered. Take the Cardinals who were beaten by a better team. Tonight, Edge will find out Christian is better.

Here's a video package highlighting the Edge and Christian feud!

CHRISTIAN vs. EDGE (in a Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Title)

They meet in the rampway and trade punches. Edge slams Christian headfirst into the steps, then throws him into the security wall. Christian is sent into the ring, and takes a back bodydrop. Edge kicks Christian's legs out everytime he gets to his feet. Christian escapes to the floor, then hits a jawbreaker on Edge to send him flying back. Christian tries to send the ladder into the ring, but Edge dropkicks it back at Christian. Edge throws Christian into the crowd. They brawl in there for awhile, before they work their way back to the wall, and Edge backdrops Christian over the wall. Edge catapults Christian face first into the ladder. Christian's on his hands and knees, so Edge takes this opportunity to...set the ladder up on the steps and wall. This is my problem with ladder matches now - rather than go after the belt they simply set up the ladder to do other things. Anyway, I digress. Edge is sent onto the ladder by Christian who's recovered, and his ribs are now hurting. Christian pulls Edge onto the ladder, and Edge drops him groin first onto one of the rungs. Owww! *I* felt that one. Christian is rolled into the ring and Edge gets the ladder into the ring. Well, halfway anyway, before Christian jumps on it and the ladder smacks Edge in the face. Christian sets the ladder up and starts the climb to the belt. Edge gets back in the ring and shoves the ladder over. Christian recovers quickly though and uses the ladder as a battering ram into Edge's ribs. Christian rolls out to the floor and the fans chant "Christian sucks". Christian gets a chair and heads back into the ring. He stands on the turnbuckle over where Edge is mashed in the corner, and Edge blocks the chairshot and sends Christian onto the ladder back first. JR once again serves to piss me off with his commentary, with the usual "someone's saying these guys know how to fall. How you learn to fall back first onto an aluminium ladder is beyond me." Edge sets the ladder on the ropes, picks Christian up on his shoulders, and tosses him onto the ladder. Edge crawls over to the ladder and sets it up on the ropes in the corner. Edge tries a whip into the corner, and Christian reverses it sending Edge right into the ladder. With Edge lying underneath the ladder, Christian catapults Edge into it. Christian goes and gets another ladder incase one wasn't enough. He sets it up mid ring and starts his climb. Edge sets the other ladder up right next to it and he starts his climb. Edge catches Christian by the hair and pulls him back in an inverted X-Factor. Edge pulls himself up with all his strength and starts his climb up the ladder. He grabs the belt, but Christian's up and punching away at Edge's back. Christian climbs and hits a reverse DDT on Edge. Christian goes out to the floor and gets a couple of chairs. He does this instead of climbing the ladder of course. Christian sets him up for a Conchairto but Edge shoves the chair back in Christian's face. Edge goes out to the floor and grabs a third ladder. Edge sets up the ladder on top of the 2 chairs, puts Christian on top, and hits a splash from the top onto that. Edge starts his climb up towards the belt after an eternity of lying on the mat, and Christian grabs the third ladder and simply pokes his brother off the ladder. Christian climbs towards the belt, but Edge has positioned himself on the top turnbuckle. Christian gets speared and is knocked goofy. They both get up and climb either side of one of the ladders. They meet at the top, trade punches, and the ladder's getting wobbly. It tips, and both guys go flying from the top of the ladder to the floor! Christian pulls himself back into the ring and climbs the ladder, but he's having serious trouble keeping a balance. He uses both ladders to help himself out, and Edge runs in with a chair and lowblows Christian with it! Edge climbs a ladder, and sets Christian lying on 2 others, with a chair under his face. Edge stands on top of the ladder, and hits a Conchairto! Christian rolls off the ladder and Edge grabs the belt!

Time: 22:17

I give it my usual "holy shit, now that was a spotfest" grade of ***1/2. Edge stands on top of the ladders posing.

A reminder Survivor Series is in the Greensboro, Coliseum. Remember to wear your Hurricanes jerseys!

Spike Dudley is getting loaded in WWF New York. JR wants to know how he's feeling. He feels like a hundred bucks. He can't wait to see The Big Show and Tajiri lay a beating on The Dudley Boyz. Some girl comes over to see Spike, and he says "Molly who?".

THE DUDLEY BOYZ vs. THE BIG SHOW and TAJIRI (for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles)

Man, the champs are coming out first in every championship match tonight.

Tajiri and Bubba are starting this one out. Bubba is 325 pounds this week according to JR. And no one wants to put HIM on a diet? Tajiri tries a series of kicks, but the Dudleys keep him in the corner. D-Von is tagged in and they hit a double shoulderblock. Tajiri gets a kick to D-Von's face, and a standing moonsault gets 2. Tajiri yells something in Japanese and tags in Show. Show rams D-Von with his ass a number of times. D-Von gets a thumb to Show's eye, and Bubba comes in. They send Show off the ropes and he hits them both with a clothesline. Scoop slam for D-Von. Tajiri hits a tope con hilo on D-Von to the floor! D-Von is rolled back in the ring and Show hits a sidewalk slam, which gets 2 count. Tajiri is tagged in and he kicks D-Von in the ribs. Bubba is tagged in, and here's a Bubbabomb for Tajiri! Rather than cover he'd rather stand around and yell a lot. D-Von is tagged in and he punches Tajiri in the corner. Double flapjack on Tajiri as Bubba is tagged in. Bubba drops a number of elbow which gets him a 2 count. D-Von again is tagged in and we're working a reverse chinlock on the mat now. D-Von goes to the second rope, and comes off only to be met with a mule kick. Show gets tagged in, but the referee misses it. Wassup Drop on Tajiri and the fans are booing. Bubba goes for a powerbomb, but Tajiri rolls up on Bubba's shoulder and connects with the DDT! Tajiri crawls to his corner, gets the tag and Show's in for real this time. Clotheslines for everyone! D-Von takes a boot to the face, then a heel kick! Show goes MeMeMeMe and signals for the Chokeslam! Before he can connect, D-Von clips him at the knees and Tajiri is tagged in. Tarantula to D- Von! Bubba breaks that up, and they go for the 3D. Tajiri has other ideas though and comes off the ropes with a handspring elbow to both of the Dudley Boyz. He goes for the mist, but Bubba ducks and the ref takes it to the face. Chokeslam for Bubba! He covers forever, and the ref's eyes are hurting. Rhyno runs in and Gores the Show! D-Von takes an enzuigiri from Tajiri, and hits his kick, but the ref's slow count only gets 2! Bubba is back to his feet, and the Dudleys hit 3D! That'll do it.

Time: 9:20

Regal tells Rhyno he did a bloody good job. Rhyno says he's sick of the Alliance being treated as a joke, and he'll change their minds, even if he has to do it single handedly.

Test and Booker T celebrate the tag-team win out there. All Booker has to do is take out Undertaker and the Alliance will have respect for him. The Taker has never been a 5 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight there's gonna be one dead sucka.


JR says Undertaker is about 295 pounds. See where the inconsistencies are coming in here? There is NO WAY he's 295 if Bubba is 325.

Booker meets Taker on the floor before the bell and attacks Taker before the bell. JR starts singing Booker's praises. The hell?!? Booker sends Taker into the security railing. Taker comes right back with a clothesline. They make their way into the ring and the bell rings to start this one officially. Booker eats Taker's boot about 10 seconds in and Taker gets an early 2 count. Booker comes off with a flying jalapeno for 2. Booker battles Taker in the corner until he gets him to the mat. He picks Taker up and drives his shoulder into Taker's midsection repeatedly. Booker whips him to the other side, charges, but Taker moves and Booker's shoulder meets the post. Taker grabs Booker's arm and starts to work over it with lots of jerking and pulling on the muscles. Taker picks Booker up by the arm, drops him down and puts on an armbar. Booker rolls over and gets 2. Taker rolls back to work the arm and gets a 2 count in there. Taker works the arm some more in the corner, and then goes Old School! Taker comes off the ropes with a hard clothesline for 1. Booker heads to the outside to get away from Taker. Taker follows and winds up getting sent knee first into the steel steps. Booker drives his face into the steps for good measure. Booker goes to level Taker with the ringbell but Tim White grabs it away, and it's soupbones for Booker! They battle out into the crowd temporarily. Taker delivers a kick to Booker's face and heads back into the ring. Well, not for long, he immediately heads back out again and winds up send into the ringpost. Taker is rolled in and Booker heads to the top rope. Missile Dropkick!! That should be it! It only gets 2. *grumble* Booker manages a sidekick on Taker which gets him a 2 count. Huge 110th street slam on Taker gets Booker 2. He drops a knee on Taker's face. Taker gets whipped into the corner and gets a boot up. Taker now sets up for a Tombstone, but Booker gets away and hits a neckbreaker which gets 2. Booker goes up top, sets for a double axehandle, but Taker gets a boot up to Booker's face. Booker comes off the ropes and runs face first into Taker's boot, which gets 2. Taker comes off the ropes and Booker gets a standing side kick which gets 2. Taker again off the ropes, and Booker lowers his head for a spinebuster, but Taker gets a DDT for a 2 count. Taker gets a legdrop on Booker T for a 2 count. Taker measures Booker, and charges from the opposite corner. Booker elevates him face first into the turnbuckle, and then connects with a Harlem sidekick! Taker rolls out to the floor while Booker makes a big deal about the spinaroonie. Taker comes back through the ropes and Booker's there with an axekick. Taker puts his foot on the ropes to avoid the 3. Taker is sent off the ropes and grabs Booker with a Chokeslam. Booker avoids it with a lowblow. 10 punch count along! Taker runs out of the corner with a Last Ride and finishes the match. That kinda came out of nowhere didn't it?

Time: 12:14

Aside from the finish, very good match.

Jonathan Coachman *groan* stands with Chris Jericho. "Excuse me. Right now, it's time to put up or shut the hell up. As much as I'd love to stick around and chat with you Coach, excuse me, I have to go win The Big One."

CHRIS JERICHO vs. THE ROCK (for the WCW World Heavyweight Title)

Champ enters second - about damn time.

They stare deeply at eachother. Jim Ross brings up the Black Scorpion for some reason. They reverse a series of holds and Jericho gets on a hammerlock. Off the ropes, Rocky gets a hiptoss and hang on with the armbar. Full arm drag and twist, (thanks Tony!) and Rocky puts on a side headlock. Rocky leaps off the ropes and gets hiptossed twice and Jericho goes for a cross armbreaker then drops his knee on the arm. Armdrag, and Jericho pulls on the arm for awhile. Jericho's whip is reversed and he takes a back elbow. Jericho slaps Rocky and drops him to the mat with a series of right hands! Jericho delivers chops, then sends Rocky off the ropes - leapfrogs, nobody home! Rocky comes flying with a right hand and punches away at Jericho on the ground. Jericho off the ropes, Rocky catches him and goes for an early Rock Bottom. Jericho escapes and tries to slap on the Walls Of Jericho, but Rocky makes it to the ropes. Jericho's not done, springboard dropkick to Rocky who's standing on the apron and out he goes to the floor. Jericho drops him on the security wall a couple of times before Rocky gets back in the ring. Jericho connects with a reverse elbow from the top, and gets a 2 count. Rocky throws Jericho off the ropes who comes forward with a forearm and gets 2. Jericho slaps Rocky, sets him in the corner, and delivers a series of chops. That third one was LOUD! Rocky comes back with chops briefly, but Jericho comes out of the corner with a spinning heel kick for a 2 count. Jericho lifts Rocky and connects with a couple of backbreakers, then falls forward with a running senton. That gets a 2 count and Rocky comes forward with a rollup of his own for 2. Jericho is up to his feet in a hurry and dropkicks Rocky on the mat. Jericho picks him up which is a mistake because Rocky hits the flying shoulderblock, but Jericho quickly hotshots him onto the top rope to stop the momentum. Scoop slam from Jericho - and up he goes. Rocky rushes over to the ropes and crotches him on the top. Rocky chops away at Jericho, and climbs the turnbuckle. He sets him up for a superplex and connects! Both men are down. Robinson gets to a 9 count before Jericho and Rocky both get to their feet. Rocky's firing away with right hands! Jericho off the ropes, overhead suplex from The Rock! Rocky hits a Samoan Drop now and reaches over for the cover. 1...2...Jericho kicks out at the last second. Jericho hits a short arm clothesline, but Rocky pops right up, right hands, spit in that one, Jericho over the top! Rocky sends Jericho face first into the announce table. Rocky rolls Jericho back into the ring and starts stomping away. Jericho gets to his feet and comes off with a couple of chops before Rocky clotheslines him back to the mat for 2. Vertical suplex from The Rock gets a quick 2 count. Jericho again gets to his feet and tries a series of chops, and charges. He ducks the clothesline, but on the return Rocky sends him over the top rope and to the floor. Rocky goes out, picks him up and rolls him back in. Snapmare takeover from Rocky, and he puts on a rear chinlock. Jericho starts fading out and Robinson's asking him if he wants to quit. Jericho keeps telling him no. The arm drops twice, but is awake on the third attempt. Jericho elbows out, sends Rocky off the ropes and MISSES the dropkick! Rocky is all over him like a hungry dog and catapults him right into the turnbuckle, then clotheslines him. I hear some boos. Rock sets Jericho up on the top rope in Shattered Dreams position, and goes up for a superplex. Jericho shoves him off, gets to his feet, and hits the missile dropkick! Both men are down to the mat and Robinson again starts the 10 count. Rocky gets up sort of at 7 before falling again. He gets to 1 this time before Jericho's up to his feet. Jericho blocks Rocky's punches and connects with his own. Reverse elbow knocks Rocky down! Swinging neckbreaker swings the momentum back to Jericho, and a Hurricanrana scores 2! Jericho chops at Rocky, and after a couple of quick reversals Jericho hits The Rock with a Rock Bottom. Lionsault!!! 1....2....NO! Rocky kicks out! Jericho can't believe it! Rocky stands up and Jericho hits a bulldog. Can you feel it? Jericho throws off his elbow pad into The Rock's face and misses the People's Elbow! Jericho tries to kick Rocky, but his leg is whipped out from under him and Rocky goes for the Sharpshooter! Jericho starts the long crawl to the ropes...and markes it! Rocky is forced to break the hold. Jericho collapses on the floor. Rocky follows him out and goes to the Spanish announce table. He rips off the cover and starts tearing out the monitors. Jericho crawls back into the ring but Rocky grabs him and sets him up on the announce table. ROCK BOTTOM through the announce table! The Rock stumbles about and breaks up the countout at 6, before heading back out to get Jericho. Rock rolls Jericho back into the ring and sees the elbow pad. He stands waiting for Jericho to get to his feet. The crowd is SPLIT at this point on whether to cheer or boo. He goes for the Rock Bottom but Jericho escapes, and takes a spinebuster instead. Rocky signals for it! He throws his pad out to the crowd, and gets CAUGHT with a Walls Of Jericho right before he hits it! Rocky crawls and Jericho pulls him right back out to the middle of the ring again! FUCK! STEPHANIE MCMAHON runs down and Jericho breaks the hold to knock her off the apron. She threw a chair in the ring. Rocky hits Jericho with a DDT. She cheers on The Rock and Rocky pulls her in and hits her with a Rock Bottom. Jericho meanwhile sneaks up behind Rocky and hits a Stroke on the chair! It scores the 3 count! We have a NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Time: 23:43

This would have been ***** EASILY if Stephanie hadn't gotten involved. There was NO excuse for that! Best pure wrestling match in MONTHS right there!

Jericho shows off his belt to Stephanie and she screams a lot. He poses, and Rocky grabs the chair. He is NOT HAPPY. Jericho turns and comes face to face with him. Jericho looks like a kid caught with his hands in the candy jar. Rock gives him the chair and leaves the ring in a huff. Jericho holds both up in the air and celebrates his title victory.

Here's a look at Mr. McMahon's dressing room. That's it.

KURT ANGLE vs. ROB VAN DAM vs. STEVE AUSTIN (in a No Disqualification Match for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

Austin walks into his seventh consecutive pay-per-view as the WWF Champion. That's the longest streak since Shawn Michaels did it from Wrestlemania 12 through to Survivor Series 1996. About time someone managed to restore some serious credibility to this title. A shame not EVERY title is treated as such.

Angle attacks with German suplexes for Austin and RVD! He hits a second German suplex on Austin and a belly to belly overhead on RVD. The Alliance boys stomp away on Angle and he winds up on the floor. Austin and RVD get set to square Angle's back on the apron, they have to dispose of him first. Austin flips off RVD, and RVD flips him off and reminds him he's RVD. Angle comes in and hits a Russian legsweep on RVD. Austin stomps on Angle and chokes him with his boot with help from the ropes. He now stomps on RVD, then turns back to Angle. He stomps on him in the corner, then runs back to working over RVD. Angle gets up and tries to fight but Austin uses a thumb to the eye. Angle shrugs it off and puts on the Anglelock. RVD breaks that up and jumps on RVD. 2 minutes in and the action's been wild. Austin attacks RVD, but RVD hits Austin with a sidekick. He leaps off the ropes and connects with a springboard heel kick. He continues to pound on Austin, but Kurt attacks and goes for a belly to back. RVD slips away and kicks him, then connects with Rolling Thunder! That gets a 2 count before Austin breaks it up. Austin throws Angle back out to the floor. RVD and Austin trade punches, and Austin hits RVD with a spinebuster! He covers and RVD kicks out at 2. Austin takes RVD down and works over his knee. Angle's up and Austin hits him with a jawbreaker on the apron, and goes back to RVD. He turns RVD over in a Boston crab, but Kurt's back in now to break that up. Angle is sent back over the top to the floor, and you start to get the feeling he's really not going to play any major role in this match other than to break stuff up. Austin goes to the STF now on RVD, and Angle comes back into break it up. Angle throws Austin to the floor and brawls with him down there. Austin pokes Angle in the eye and sends him face first into the ring post. Austin grabs RVD's legs and wraps them around the ringpost a few times, until Angle gets up and stops that. Angle and Austin brawl in the crowd, and Angle gets some chops away before throwing Austin back over the security wall and next to the ring. RVD perches on the top turnbuckle while they fight in front of him. A somersault splash takes both men down. RVD rolls Angle in and deals with Austin on the outside. A sidekick followed by a dropkick from the announce table to the floor grounds Austin, and now it's down to Angle and RVD. Angle throws him with a suplex, and hits the moonsault! They're both down and here's Austin to steal Kurt's cover. He gets 2 before Angle breaks that up. RVD lies dead while Kurt and Austin duke it out. Angle gets a sleeper on Austin. Austin sends him off the ropes and he knocks RVD to the ground. Austin goes for the Stunner, which Kurt shoves off. Kurt goes for a Stunner which Austin shoves off. Angle and Austin meet in the middle of the ring with twin clotheslines and they're both down! RVD heads up top and misses everyone with the Five Star Frog Splash. Angle hits a German suplex with a bridge on RVD for 2 before Austin breaks it up. Austin gets a Stunner on Angle, but RVD's there to break that up. RVD with a powerslam on Austin, followed by a split legged moonsault, and that gets 1 before Angle's there to break it up. Angle with an Olympic Slam on RVD and that gets 2 before Austin breaks it up. Angle is sent to the floor. Whew, what a sequence! Austin hits Kurt with some chops, but Kurt fires back with chops of his own. Kurt is sent face first into the announce table, and Austin starts ripping it apart, monitors and all. Austin sets Kurt up, but Angle reverses with a bodydrop that sees Austin fall back on the table and it DOESN'T break. RVD meanwhile flies out of nowhere with a clothesline on Angle. RVD goes face first into the table at the same time. Vince McMahon comes out. ARGH. Angle chops RVD and sends him back into the ring. He chops him on the ropes and punches at RVD's head. RVD whips Angle on the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick. RVD heads up top, and goes for a Frog Splash, but Kurt runs up the ropes and hits a superplex! They lie on the mat, and Austin crawls back into the ring. Stunner for Angle! Angle rolls out to the floor to avoid getting pinned, so Austin looks over at RVD. He waits for RVD to get to his feet, but Vince is in and cracks him over the back of the head with a chair. RVD heads up and hits the Five Star Frogsplash. McMahon meanwhile is telling Kurt to get in there. Angle runs in and breaks up the 3 count. Angle hits RVD with 4 German suplexes, then an Olympic Slam! Shane McMahon runs in now to break up Angle getting the pinfall. He sends Kurt into the ringpost and here's daddy to jump all over him. They brawl by the announce table. Austin meanwhile is in the ring and hits a Stunner on RVD to score the pinfall and retain the title. Austin is a bloody mess.

Time: 15:14

Well the match really did nothing to settle everything, but it was a pretty good brawl while it lasted. On to Survivor Series!

Total Matches: 8
Average Match Length: 12:59
Average Match Rating: 2.56
Overall: **3/4

It was a fairly forgettable show with one REALLY awesome match that should go down in the books. When it's out on video, the Rock vs. Jericho match is reason enough alone to pick up the tape. As for the feuds, looks like we'll probably have a lot of rematches at Survivor Series, or the weeks that follow that.

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