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It's the WWF Survivor Series! It was at this event that...well you know. I won't say anything if THEY don't!

Opening video package showing a lot of the rich history of the WWF. Hogan, Piper, Andre, Warrior, Slaughter, Savage, Steele, Michaels, Austin, McMahons! My god, they ARE going out of their way not to, umm, right.

Set that pyro off! Welcome to the Survivor Series! This is the most important PPV in Sportz Entertainment history. Jim Ross, Paul Heyman! WWF New York is packed. Heyman's grinning. This is the final PPV by the WWF apparently. It's been miserable working with JR.

CHRISTIAN vs. AL SNOW (for the WWF European Title)

This match was set up on Heat when the two got into a heated argument about something or other. It was a couple nights ago, and as a typical WWF viewer I've long forgotten what it was about. Christian has the stick.

"Greetings to all my fans in South Carolina. And how psyched are you people because you get to see the champion of Europe live and in person? And how fitting is it that we're in Greensboro? The place where all of your hopes and dreams, and tonight the WWF, has come to die."

Lookit those Hurricane jerseys in the crowd. They know their hockey! Snow with a quick takedown and circles around Christian for awhile. Chinlock is shoved off and Snow comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock and a 1 count. Schoolboy from behind gets a 2 count and Christian begs off in the ropes. Snow follows and gets caught with some punches and kicks. Chops, WHOOOO! Snow slides under the legs of Christian and connects with the belly to back suplex. He hammers away, and gets caught for closed fists. As he argues with Teddy Long, Christian trips him face first into the turnbuckle in the corner. "We want head!" Well, that's not quite what one expects out of North Carolina! Christian with a side Russian legsweep on Snow, and covers for 2. Christian gets the rear chinlock on Snow. The ref checks on the man, as the seasons change and the Snow begins to fade. However, he stays alive, gets to his feet and trades some punches. Snow grabs Christian for the HEADbutts, but Christian hits a double underhook suplex and gets a 1. Christian chokes Snow on the mat, breaks at 4 and poses. Stomp to the head of Snow. Christian sets Snow in the corner and chokes him some more. Kick to the midsection of Christian, and Snow is out of the corner. He catches Christian midring to deliver punches ala Road Dogg. Snow again goes to the HEADbutts. Christian is sent into the turnbuckle, and Snow charges with a forearm to the head. Christian ducks a clothesline and goes for the Unprettier, but Snow counters with a mule kick. Christian escapes at 2. Christian is tossed into the corner, gets a boot up, charges, and is caught with a short powerbomb for 2! Christian sets for the Unprettier again and hits it this time! He doesn't cover though, and taunts Snow instead. He's caught with an inside cradle and that gets 2! Snow heads outside, trips Christian, comes off the top with a crossbody which is rolled through, and Christian gets 2! Snow is up and connects with the Snowplow! Christian manages a foot on the ropes at two though. Al starts celebrating, and the ref tells him he didn't win. Al chases Christian around the ring, and Christian kicks Snow as he gets in the ring, followed by the Unprettier for the win!

Time: 6:36

Pretty decent little affair.

Austin and Debra are in the arena! They enter his locker room. Stephanie wonders if he's joining the Alliance because Austin was smiling at Vince. He says he's not leaving. Angle volunteers to be the leader, but everyone tells him to shut up. RVD makes noise so they quickly quiet him. Austin's watch says it's time to stop being paranoid.

Vince and Linda are also in the arena! Linda's MONOTONE! Vince says "(bleep) happens" a couple of times to prove censors can't stop him! Michael Cole stops him, and Vince brags about taking risks or something. Linda stands there staring at her husband, probably wondering why she's with him in this storyline considering Vince drugged her last winter. Regal enters the picture, and he says words like Hogwash! He's loyal to the queen, and tonight belongs to the Alliance. Cheerio.

Survivor Series is brought to you by the Xbox. The future of video games has arrived.

On Smackdown William Regal hit a sweet looking double underhook powerbomb on Torrie. For those who are whining he's dangerous, come on, as long as she knows how to bump there was NO problem with that one!

WILLIAM REGAL vs. TAJIRI (in a non-title match)

Regal sneers! Regal sneers! Yeah, Tajiri has a title. I know it's tough to remember, but it IS the WCW World Cruiserweight Title. I hope Dean Malenko comes out of retirement, all but shatters Tajiri's leg, and still pins him with his feet on the ropes, just 'cause he can. I don't dislike Tajiri or anything, I'm just saying that would be cool.

Tajiri kicks away at Regal, so Regal punches him up side the head. Tajiri kicks Regal again, so Regal hits him with a fireman's carry roll! That move rules! Knee to the midsection a couple of times, and a running kneelift floors Tajiri. Tajiri ducks a clothesline and he dropkicks Regal in the knee. Regal doesn't appreciate that a whole lot and beats on Tajiri with some stiff punches and stuff. Regal gets caught in the Tarantula, and then hits a handspring elbow for 2. Again, Regal doesn't like that so he catches Tajiri with a hangman in the ropes, then PULLS THE LEGS to add more force! OWWW! Regal goes for the double underhook powerbomb, but it gets reversed into an armdrag, and Tajiri follows with a kick. Regal's nose starts to bleed. Tajiri waits for him to sit up, but Regal ducks the kick to the face, hits the double underhook powerbomb and scores the win!

Time: 2:57

That was about as good as the opener. If they added some time, ohh man! I could KILL to see Regal and Fit Finlay go all stiff and stuff on eachother right about now. Regal comes back and hits the powerbomb again. With that blood, all he needs is one of those nice white European shirts, and he could join the Brood! Torrie runs out, so Regal comes back to the ring AGAIN, and AGAIN hits the powerbomb! Ever get the feeling it's mighty cold in a lot of the arenas the WWF travels to?

Test and Edge have quite the history. In fact, it dates back as far as THREE WEEKS!

Janet greases up Test. The light out there doesn't catch his body the right way if the oil isn't rubbed in just right. Stacy enters the room and Test comes on to her. She checks out his ass. "Yeah, she wants me". Janet rolls her eyes. I'm with you Janet! The narcissistic thing is SO not working for Test.

The Coach *groan* stands with Edge. If he beats Test he'll have a job no matter what. If he loses and the WWF loses he's out of work. Edge mentions Test has been dumped by every chick on the planet. Edge does a really good impression of Test to end.

TEST vs. EDGE (in a match to unify the WWF Intercontinental Title and WCW United States Heavyweight Title)

They lock up. They fight to the corner, where Test is forced to break. They lock up again midring and this time Test is caught in the corner. Test goes for a HUGE punched, but Edge ducks, they bounce off the ropes and Edge catches Test with a crossbody, but even before the three starts Test kicks out. Test clotheslines Edge out of his boots, and stomps away. Test steps on Edge's throat, and that gets broken at 4 so Edge rolls out of the ring. Test heads outside, and drops Edge on the security railing, not once, but twice. Test gets Edge back in the ring, and Edge reverses an Irish whip, and hits with a hiptoss! A quick dropkick sends Test out to the floor. Edge comes off the ropes with a baseball slide dropkick and Test goes into the security railing back first. Test gets rolled in and Edge kicks him in the stomach, then hits a swinging neckbreaker for 1. Off the ropes, Edge gets elevated into the ropes throat first. Test leaps on Edge with a series of punches. Edge takes elbows to the head in the corner - gets whipped - and clotheslined in the opposite corner. Test steps on Edge's throat again for a 4 count. Snap mare grounds Edge so Test can work the rear chinlock. Edge's arm drops twice, but he's alive on the third! And what luck, he gets to take a boot to the midsection! That doesn't phase this young buck, who comes off the second rope with a missile dropkick for 2. Really close fall. Test ducks a clothesline, then hits a BIG powerslam for 2. Edge gets whipped into the corner, and leaps to the second rope. Crossbody misses and Edge lands midring with nothing to break his fall! Test places Edge on the tope rope, follows, and Edge hammers as much as possible. Test counters, so Edge blocks the superplex. Edge gets control, and tries a super sunset flip, but Test hangs on, shoves him away, goes for a something only to meet a dropkick in the stomach. Ref starts the 10 count, and they get up at 8. Edge ducks a clothesline, and hits one of his own. Spinning heel kick drops Edge, and a bulldog gets 2. Boot to the midsection, setup for the pumphandle, but Edge hits a reverse facebuster! 1, 2, NO!!! Test hits a spear of his own off the ropes, and IT gets 2! Test is aggravated with that one. He taps his knee for the Big Boot, which Edge ducks. Test avoids the spear, hits the pumphandle, and it gets 2!!! Test sets him up for a powerbomb and Edge counters with a headscissors takeover. SPEAR! 1, 2, NO!!!! Edge is waiting for Test. He goes for the Buzzkiller, but it's blocked! Test counters with a double underhook slam attempt, but Edge rolls through and GETS 3!!

Time: 11:17

That match was far better than I expected. Very nice!

Order the Hardy Boyz: Leap Of Faith on PPV this month. I didn't see all of it, because the card went out but it was fairly interesting.

Stephanie is all upset about the Alliance losing that match and Austin being Austin. Stephanie levels with Kurt. She'll become a regular person if the Alliance loses. She'll have to do everything herself. Kurt consoles her, telling her she's not a regular person. Kurt thinks Austin's with the Alliance, and if he's not, he'll make sure he gets what's coming to him.

Lita talks to Jeff about her relationship problems. Matt walks in on this. He thinks everyone should be acting strange because they're all out of a job if they don't win. If they win this match they have a job no matter what. And if Lita wins her match nobody can take her dream. Lita walks into the room that Matt Hardy came from, and Trish walks out. She wishes Lita good luck. Lita gets all frustrated. Good!

THE DUDLEY BOYZ (with Stacy Kiebler) vs. THE HARDY BOYZ (in a cage match to unify the WWF World Tag-Team Titles and WCW World Tag-Team Titles)

The cage door is shut and we're off. Bubba charges and runs right into the turnbuckle. Matt Hardy punches away. Okay, so it's a pinfalls only match I guess, because each guy is in the corner awaiting a tag. Hardy hits a clothesline, punches D-Von, and tags in Jeff. They hit a couple of elbows, then dualing legdrops. Bubba reverses a whip and drives Jeff to the mat with a sidewalk slam. D-Von comes in, and tries to clothesline Jeff, who ducks it and hits a dropkick. In comes Matt. He blocks a hiptoss and follows through with a backslide and gets 2. D-Von hits a spinning reverse vertical suplex on Matt, and hammers away. A dropkick leaves Matt in bad territory. Bubba gets tagged in. He drops some elbows on the head of Matt, then hits a neckbreaker. Big elbow drop and a double axehandle get 2. Matt blocks D-Von's attempt to scrape his face across the cage. D-Von hangs on though and tags Bubba back in. Bubba picks him up, but Matt slips off with a reverse DDT! Jeff is tagged in and he runs over Bubba with a clothesline. Dropkick for D-Von! A leaping clothesline gets 2. Poetry in Motion for Bubba. Poetry in Motion for D-Von. D- Von crawls around as the Hardys start to climb out. The hell? But just a second ago we were doing tags. You mean to tell me the partner could have climbed out the whole time? Matt gets caught on the top rope, so he hits D- Von with a Russian legsweep. Jeff on the other end takes a Bubba Bomb. Everyone's dead. Bubba starts to climb out, but Matt stops him, and press slams him to the middle of the ring. Matt covers for 2. So now pinfalls STILL count? I REALLY don't think Matt was the legal man. This is retarded, one second we were going for legal tags and the next everyone can stay in? ARGH! This is like a frustrating edition of Nitro! I can almost hear Tony trying to explain it to the fans. "Well you know, these teams are just such good sports neither one wanted to break away from the rules of a normal match." Heenan: "I WOULD! Their jobs are on the line! There's no sportsmanship tonight!" Schiavone: "We all know you would Brain. And coming up later tonight, Hollywood Hogan, yadda yadda yadda.". The Dudleys team up to drive Matt face first into the corner. Jeff gets tossed as well, but he grabs the cage and starts to climb out like a madman. Bubba catches him on his shoulders, and a doomsday device drops Jeff hard. The 2D (what does that stand for, Dudley Death?) is used on Jeff. That gets a 2 count before Matt breaks it up. Matt gets sent face first into the side of the cage. Bubba whips D-Von into Matt then HE runs into Matt as well and levels him HARD! He's damn lucky Matt didn't go through the cage with that one! Jeff again gets double teamed into the corner. The Dudleys drag Jeff midring, and climb to the top. D-Von misses the headbutt, and Bubba misses the buttdrop. Matt takes over and beats up the Dudleys, hitting a swinging neckbreaker on D-Von. Bubba goes to break up the count, but Matt moves and he drops an elbow on D- Von. Bubba takes a DDT from Matt, and he kicks out at 2. Jeff connects with a legdrop to the groin on D-Von. The Hardys double backdrop Bubba and now they each take a corner. Matt hits a legdrop and Jeff hits a splash. Jeff covers for 2 before D-Von breaks it up. Matt starts a climb out. D-Von stops him, and Matt winds upside by his foot. Meanwhile they hit the Wassup on Jeff. Matt is literally hanging. Bubba knocks him off and he drops down. Bubba calls for the table, and Stacy gets on. She shows her ass to Nick Patrick and picks his pocket while she whispers sweet nothings in his ear. She opens the cage and gets the table into the ring. Nick Patrick wanders back over and tells her off for opening the cage. The table is set up in the middle of the ring. Jeff is set to take a 3D but Matt drops D-Von while Bubba gets caught with a faceslam. Matt takes this opportunity to escape the cage. Bubba tries to stop him but to no avail. Jeff covers the fallen Bubba and gets 2. D-Von is up and fighting with Jeff, but Jeff is managing to hold his own in this 2 on 1. JR informs me that the cage doesn't taste like chocolate. Well DUH! Not until you unwrap it. What kind of a moron does he take me for? Jeff starts his climb out of the ring, and does indeed appear to have escaped as D-Von lies on a table. Jeff, proving to be the DUMBEST MAN ALIVE does a senton BACK INTO THE RING and through the table as D-Von moves. How fucking dumb can that guy be? Bubba covers and gets the win.

Time: 15:48

That match was terrible in comparison to what it should have been. Jeff had it won and came back. The hell? Not to mention the rules changing. This feud has been played out, move on, please! I'll take Snow vs. Christian 'til the cows come home over this. They may not take as many risks, but dammit if they don't wrestle their asses off to keep me happy.

Nothing beats the WWF live. They have a bunch of shows coming up. Go to one of them.

Mick Foley has pulled the assignment of eating food at WWF New York tonight. JR wonders why he's not at the show. He says he'd rather be in Greensboro. I guess no thumbs up for New York tonight. As long as the commissioner has to answer to Vince, the commissionership is kind of a joke. He's pulling for the WWF, but no matter what he's out of a job. He's going to see Vince tomorrow in Charlotte, so tune into RAW.

Scotty Too Hotty is running, and looks like a long lost cousin of DDP. Test asks him if he's in the Battle Royal, and Scotty says yeah. So Test kicks his ass, and apparently takes his place. Oh god, what now anyone can join the frey? This show is getting REALLY aggravating.

OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYAL (winner gets immunity)

Let's see... Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Raven, Diamond Dallas Page, Steven Richards, Tommy Dreamer, Billy Kidman, Shawn Stasiak, The Hurricane, and Test represent the Alliance. The WWF guys are Bradshaw, Faarooq, Crash Holly, Sho Funaki, Chuck Palumbo, Billy Gunn, Albert, and Saturn. Albert smartly waits on the floor. Stasiak takes all of 2 seconds to get eliminated. Test and Albert duke it out on the floor. Tazz wanders down, and he represents the announcers. Heyman is shocked by Tazz's appearance. Test lurks on the outside. Kidman looks a lot like Rhyno. It certainly confused the 6 or so people I watched this show with. I kept assuring them it was NOT Rhyno but had a hard time convincing myself. Hurricane goes to the top, and gets beaten on by Faarooq. Clothesline From Hell says goodbye. See ya Saturn! Faarooq is gone. Aww nuts. DDP is gone FOURTH?!? Chuck Palumbo follows. Hugh Morrus and Chavo come in and they represent, umm, the fans! Funaki and Raven are toast. I may have missed some now. I think I forgot to note Spike's in this match at the start. Chavo and Hugh Morrus are gone. Crash and Tommy Dreamer are gone thanks to Tazz. Storm takes care of Spike. Steven Richards is taken care of quickly. Tazz yells at Heyman and gets dumped by Bradshaw. Tazz immediately leaps at Heyman who hides behind JR. Albert is thrown out and he throws a fit. Kidman takes a Bradshaw fallaway slam to the floor. Storm superkicks Bradshaw, but he stays in. Gunn works Test on the ropes. Storm fights with Bradshaw on the ropes. Billy Gunn looks to be eliminated but he hangs on, (like Shawn Michaels at the rumble years ago). Bradshaw and Storm are tossed, leaving Gunn and Test. Gunn gets booted over the top and Test keeps his job for a year. That's right, a guy who entered himself won. If I wasn't such a wuss who's far from conditioned, I would have entered that match myself!

Time: 7:38

Creed knows all about My Sacrifice. I mean, I AM recapping this show.

Booker T and Shane McMahon are talking. Booker trusts Shane, but he doesn't trust Austin. He's all about the Alliance and not going to lose his job because of Steve Austin. Shane trusts Austin and thinks he's the guy to lead them to the promised land.


Jazz rushes the ring and hits a quick powerslam on Lita. He attacks with a double axehandle then a DDT. Molly is tagged in and so is Jackie. They do the test of strength, but Jackie takes her down and gets 2. Chops for Molly, but Molly comes off with a shoulderblock. Jackie then hiptosses Molly and dropkicks her. Molly tags to Ivory. Sunset flip attempt by Jackie leads to a hot series of reversals and Ivory catapults Jackie HARD into the ropes. Trish comes in and catapults Ivory into the ropes, then drops her with a flapjack. Ivory knocks Lita off the apron, so all the women run in and it's a big gang up on Trish. The WWF women take out Ivory with double clothesline, then Lita hits a springboard clothesline on Jackie. Molly is set in the other corner, and they go again but this time Jackie clothesline's Lita! Molly Go Round on Jackie! Twist Of Fate from Lita on Ivory! Lita heads up top, Litasault, and it's broken up by Jazz and Molly. Lita gets doubleteamed, but she takes both women down with a clothesline. Molly is tossed out, and so's Lita. Jazz waits for Trish, but Trish sends HER out too! This leaves Trish and Ivory. Trish gets a springboard bulldog, known as the Stratusfaction for the win!!

Time: 4:23

This match entertained me just a little more than the cage match earlier, and the wrestling was surprisingly good!

Heyman signs off for JR.

Vengeance takes place December 9th. Think HHH is involved? That graphic sure seemed to be tipped off.

Vince looks all his superstars up and down. Rocky REALLY has to go to the bathroom. That or he's got a pogo ball on his feet. Vince lets them know the repercussions of losing. He runs down NAMES! He wants everyone to believe that Austin jumping is BS, because they're fighting for survival. Rocky is the first one out the door, probably to hit the can before the match.

The Alliance walks to the entrance way.

Here's a video package hyping the past month of activity.


Ross suggests that Jim Cornette replace Paul Heyman on RAW. HEY, I think I can live with that!

Rocky and Austin trade punches right away! Austin chops at Rocky, but Rocky comes back with right hands. Rocky ducks a clothesline and eats a Thesz press. He drops an elbow and gets an early 2 count. Rocky comes back with a Thesz press of his own and repeats Austin to a t and gets a 2. Booker is tagged in and he takes the fight to Rocky. Clothesline sends Booker to the mat and gets 2. Booker is taken to the bad corner, and Jericho comes in. He chops at Booker, then drops him back with a flapjack. RVD is tagged in. They lockup and Jericho is shoved off but comes back with a shoulderblock. Jericho ducks a sidekick, and comes back with a spinning heel kick of his own. Vertical suplex! They trade punches, and Jericho wins. He sets RVD on the ropes for a series of chops. RVD sent into the ropes, but he hangs on while Jericho misses a dropkick. RVD does a cartwheel backsplash, which gets 2. Jericho runs face first into the turnbuckle, and RVD tries a headscissors takeover. Jericho turns that into the Walls Of Jericho which Shane breaks up. In comes Angle and Kane. Kane throws Kurt into the corner and beats on him. Kane runs a clothesline into Kurt. Vertical suplex is reversed into a German suplex. Kane does the zombie situp. Kane hits a sidewalk slam and heads up top. Huge flying clothesline is broken up at 1 by Shane McMahon. Undertaker is tagged in for the first time. He kicks Kurt in the gut. Set in the corner, back elbow. Kurt flies to his corner and gets Booker T back in. So it's Booger Red vs. Booker Red (his tights). Taker gets a big boot and a legdrop combo, which Shane breaks up. Taker starts pulling on Booker T's arm. He heads up top to go Old School. Taker lifts Booker up by the arm. That looks PAINFUL! Taker drops a leg on the arm and works an armbar. Booker rolls back and manages to roll Taker's shoulders on the mat for 2. Taker gets up and a clothesline gets 2 before Shane breaks that one up too. Austin gets tagged in and he stomps a mudhole in Taker. Fans chant What? Shane holds Taker on the ropes, but Taker escapes as Austin leaps and Taker takes back over. He goes Old School again!! That gets 1 before Shane breaks it up again! Austin drives Taker back to the corner and the WWF complain while they all beat on him. Booker T comes in again. Whoops, I spoke too soon, Kurt is legal. Swinging neckbreaker gets a 2 count and Taker kicks out. Angle goes for a German suplex, but Taker's too heavy, and Kurt takes a DDT. Big Show gets the tag and he runs over Kurt. I mean that literally as Kurt is a mess. He gets tossed across the ring. RVD runs in and he winds up gorilla pressed! Show goes for the Chokeslam on Show, but Kurt goes low and hits the Olympic Slam! Booker T comes in and hits the Scissors Kick on Show! Now RVD gets the tag and he hits the Five Star Frog Splash!!! Shane gets the tag, Flying Elbow! He covers and beats Show for the third time!

Time: 12:40

Shane dances while Rocky waits. He hammers Shane. Big forearm! Rocky tags in Kane. Feel the Chokeslam! Taker is now sent in. Taker sets him up, and YES!!!!!!!! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER and it's a NASTY one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jericho tagged in, Lionsault!!! He covers, 1, 2, 3! Shane is dead.

Time: 14:29

Kurt comes in and tries a suplex but Jericho hammers him away. Jericho hits a double underhook backbreaker which gets a 2 count before Austin breaks it up. Angle takes down Jericho and tags in Booker. Scoop and a slam. Make that 2, no 3! Booker drops a knee on the chest of Jericho and tags RVD. A replay shows how nasty that piledriver was. Oh man that was sweet! RVD whips Jericho across the ring, and drives a shoulder into his stomach. Jericho does a sunset flip and gets 2. Kane is in quickly now. Big boot to the fact of Van Dam. A couple of quick clotheslines send him down. Kane tries to break RVD's fingers, but RVD kicks him away. Shoulderblocks just make Kane mad and he hits a clothesline. He sets up Van Dam for a powerslam. Booker T is thrown in by Kane. Van Dam hits a spinning heel kick on Kane, and follows with the Five Star Frog Splash! He goes for a cover, but Kane sits up and grabs a Chokeslam setup! Everyone is in now, and leave RVD and Kane alone. RVD with a flying kick and Kane is eliminated!

Time: 18:18

Taker immediately goes after RVD. Booker and Austin are also beaten up by Taker. Angle runs in and all four men each take a corner. Taker clotheslines each of them one at a time. Booker and RVD are sent out. Kurt takes a Snake Eyes. Big boot on Austin! He sets up Kurt for a Last Ride powerbomb, and he hits it! Booker comes in with a chair, which distracts Taker and Austin hits a Stunner on Taker! He drags over Kurt, and it gets 3!!!

Time: 20:00

It's 4 on 2 now, not looking good for the WWF. Booker and Rocky are paired off. I notice a trend. Guys are getting eliminated in the same order they came in. Harlem sidekick drops Rocky. Booker says it's all over. Rocky hits the Layeth The Smackdown DDT, and Kurt breaks up the count at 2. Booker kicks at Rocky, but winds up in a Samoan Drop, which Austin breaks up at 2. Booker gets shoved into the ropes knocking Kurt off the apron, and gets rolled up for a 3 count!

Time: 22:33

RVD comes in right away to kick at Rocky in the corner. Whip is reversed, but RVD goes low. RVD goes up, but Rocky catches him and gets a 2 count. Jericho really wants a tag. He gets the tag into the ring and dropkicks RVD. Forearm smash grounds RVD and a swinging neckbreaker gets 2. Chops from Jericho on RVD. Jericho is sent into the corner, leapfrog and Jericho is behind RVD. Bulldog! He goes for the Lionsault, RVD moves, and Jericho lands on his feet! RVD is up to deliver a sidekick! He goes up and hits a split legged moonsault. However Jericho gets a leg up, delivers a Full Nelson front faceslam for the pin.

Time: 24:52

Kurt comes in quickly. Rocky squares with Austin as Angle and Jericho battle in the ring. Austin posts Rocky on the outside while Kurt works a chinlock on the mat. Jericho is fading fast. He comes to and there's no one in his corner. Kurt kicks at Jericho, hooks the ankle, and gets a 2 count. Austin gets tagged into the ring, and he sets Jericho up top. Big superplex and a cover get 2. Rocky begs for a tag. Austin hits a suplex on Jericho and follows with an elbowdrop for 2. Kurt gets tagged back into the ring and he chokes Jericho on the ropes. Angle whips Jericho off the ropes, back elbow, and a cover get 2. Jericho gets the Anglelock on Kurt! Kurt gets out of it quickly and tags in Austin. Scoop slam, and a vertical suplex leave Jericho lying. Austin to the second rope then decides again it. Reverse elbow on Jericho drops him and Austin stands on his throat. Kurt is tagged in again. Lots of punching for Jericho. Austin gets tagged in once again. Kurt holds Jericho on the ropes while Austin stomps on Jericho. Snap mare into a rear chinlock have Jericho on the mat. Jericho gets up and the two trade punches. Dualing clotheslines leave both on the mat. Austin tags Kurt and Jericho tags Rocky. Kurt takes a suplex and that leads to a Sharpshooter. He taps!

Time: 31:55

Austin dives on Rocky and Jericho tags himself in. He tries a springboard crossbody which Austin rolls through and gets a 2. Jericho tries a Walls Of Jericho on Austin, but Austin gets up and tries it on Jericho! Jericho whips him away. Austin heads up to the second rope and gets caught trying a double axehandle with a punch to the midsection. Jericho tries a Lionsault which Austin blocks with the knees in the air. Austin covers and it only gets a 2 count. Austin sets Jericho up to the top rope. He chops at Jericho. Superplex is blocked, and Austin is sent back to the middle of the ring. Jericho hits the missile dropkick. That gets 2! Jericho comes off the ropes with a rollup for 2, but Austin reverses it and scores 3!

Time: 34:32

Rocky goes straight for a spinebuster, and hits it, but Jericho is right behind him to hit his full nelson thing. Austin comes over for the cover, 1, 2, NO! Jericho can't believe it, so he starts to come back to the ring. Taker is right behind him though and pulls him to the back. Taker is far from a happy camper right now! Austin rolls on Rocky and punches away at him. Now he's stomping. Austin gives Earl the bird, and Earl shoves him back. Rocky tries to come back, but that's stopped short as he's thrown over the top and crashes into the announce table. Rocky gets chopped by the announce table. Rocky reverses that and beats the crap out of him on the table. Austin sends Rock into the post twice in a row. Austin wants them to make room by the table, but Rocky reverses and throws Austin over the announce table. He promptly leaps the table and beats the hell out of Austin. Austin gets rolled back into the ring and Rocky follows. Rocky chops Austin on the ropes. Austin comes back with a whip off the ropes and a spinebuster. Rocky gets caught in the Sharpshooter, and right now my stomach has a REALLY uneasy feeling. Rocky does crawl to the ropes as Heyman makes the proverbial "Hebner's called for the bell before" comment. Grrrr, we were SO close. Austin grabs the title belt, but misses hitting Rocky. Now Austin gets caught in the Sharpshooter. Austin crawls with everything he has and makes the ropes. Rocky doesn't break and drags him back to the middle of the ring and HEBNER DOESN'T BREAK! Come on! Austin again makes the ropes and he has to break the hold this time. Austin talks to Hebner and gives Rocky a low blow. It doesn't do much to Rocky though and he hits the Stunner on Austin. Both guys are down and Rocky doesn't cover right away. A looong crawl over, 1, 2, and Nick Patrick pulls Hebner out of the ring. He's the new official. Rocky tries to Rock Bottom Hebner, but Austin breaks it up and hits the move on Rocky! Rocky kicks out at 2! Austin's lip is busted wide open. Austin knocks out Patrick for the hell of it. He pulls in Hebner. He goes for the Stunner, but he's shoved off into Hebner. Rocky squares for the Rock Bottom, but it's countered by a Stunner!!! He covers, and Hebner's down! He goes over to wake up Hebner, and Kurt's back. He grabs the belt, and nails Austin! Rock Bottom!!!! Hebner with the slow count. 1.....2.....3!!!!!!!!!

Time: 44:59

Vince celebrates on the ramp and Rocky poses in the ring. Heyman is shocked. Stephanie bursts into tears.

Total Matches: 7
Average Match Length: 13:23
Average Match Rating: 2.38
Overall: **3/4

Something was missing... I can't really say what but I left feeling empty. Maybe it's because the show was closure and closure's never a lot of fun. Luckily, I didn't have overly high hopes coming in so I wasn't overly let down.

However, I can look ahead as fresh new storylines are in the works. Fingers crossed.

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