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Tonight in my never ending quest to recap anything and everything related to wrestling I'll take you back to the only pay-per-view I've ever had a chance to attend. (Fingers crossed for Wrestlemania - though financial restraints may be what holds me back. Nevertheless I'll keep hope that anything can happen between now and March 17th.) 2 years ago WCW ventured up into Toronto for the second time. (The first being a Nitro on March 29, 1999.) Vince Russo was the new booker in town and this was the finals of a 32 man tournament. Booker T, Brian Knobbs, and The Cat were all first round victims which pissed me off royally at the time. So was Goldberg strangely enough. Or not so strangely in the land of Russo.

Anyway, I was deeply in love with WCW at the time (and I would start to quarrel regularly with my love not long following this show) so I walked out of there as though this show was the greatest thing I'd ever seen. Of course, live shows have a tendency to do that to me. I'll always have my memories of that night - and I have a feeling revisiting it may hurt some of those memories, but alas such is life.

I torment my soul for you.

Here's a video package reminding us about the tournament - including a paintless Sting. Of COURSE we ignore the Scorpion Deathdrop Sting gave JJ Dillon at the end of that segment. Oh my god, sportz entertainment had taken over worse than I thought. It seems EVERY SINGLE MATCH in this first round has some sort of storyline finish. And the second round…and the third round. Madusa also got 2 chances in the tournament, because the 1500 other wrestlers on the roster can't get over quite like OLD SAGGY IMPLANTS can! The plus from this tourney? Chris Benoit got over in a mad way! Anyway, we're down to our final four with Jarrett, Hart, Benoit, and Sting! I still have the final four t-shirt, and pull it out every once in awhile.

One other thing I recall about this era was CRZ's recaps were getting increasingly hilarious with every passing week.

It's Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan welcoming us to the show. Dig the guy sitting behind the announcers who gives The Brain a thumbs up, and Schiavone the thumbs down.

JEFF JARRETT vs. CHRIS BENOIT (in a semi-finals match in the World Title Tournament)

Chris Benoit is sporting his first new music in years. Jeff Jarrett's "Cowboy" also makes it's debut here.

Benoit kicks Jarrett, side headlock put on - Benoit shoved off into the ropes, and Jarrett catches him with a drop toe hold. Jarrett taunts, and Benoit stands and chops the hell out of Jarrett sending him down to the mat. Benoit with a whip - reversed - Jarrett charges and Benoit gets a boot up! Up to the second rope - TORNADO DDT! Holy hell this is all in the first 40 seconds. Benoit with a cover, 1, 2, and Jarrett kicks away. Punch to the midsection, whip, atomic drop, neckbreaker, cover, 1, 2, Jarrett kicks out. That was all in one motion as well! In the words of DDP - GOOD GAWD! Jarrett set up top, and Benoit climbs…superplex!! A cover, 1, 2, and Jarrett again kicks out. He rolls out to the floor, and Benoit goes for a baseball slide style dropkick which misses, but he's there to trade punches anyway. Benoit with the advantage and he starts to chop away at Jarrett. Jarrett ducks a chop, lifts Benoit and sends him groin first into the ringpost! Benoit picked up, and send face first into a steel chair. Now he's lifted again and dropped hard across the guardrailing. Benoit rolled in - Jarrett follows, and he stomps Benoit. Whip - ducks the clothesline, off the ropes, and Jarrett connects with a powerslam. 1, 2, and Benoit kicks out. Vertical suplex - hanging, dropped back, 1, 2, no! Off the ropes - Benoit with a sunset flip - Jarrett rolls over and covers 1, 2, Benoit flips him over 1, 2, and Jarrett kicks away. He runs over Benoit with a clothesline, 1, 2, Benoit's out. Off the ropes - ducks a clothesline, on the other end and Jarrett slaps on a sleeper hold. Benoit's down on the mat, and fading. Robinson checks the arm. Once…no. Twice…no. Three times…Benoit is still with us! He's to his feet, and he elbows out. Jarrett send off the ropes - and comes off with a shoulderblock to Benoit. Whip - reverse - and Benoit gets a sleeper on Jarrett! Jarrett jumps and hits a jawbreaker! Both men are down and Robinson is counting. They're both up, Benoit with a backbreaker! Chops, whooooo! Short arm clothesline from Jarrett is ducked and Benoit with the go behind and connects with a German suplex! Rolling up, here's the second! There's #3 with a bridge, 1, 2, and Jarrett is out! BOOOOOOOOO here comes Creative Control. Benoit in the ring with a snap suplex, then an elbow drop. Benoit charges and Jarrett hotshots Benoit to the ropes and he bounces off to the outside. Robinson is busy with his 10 count, but Jarrett gets Benoit anyway. Benoit is sent in - and Jarrett heads up top. Flying crossbody, rolled through, 1, 2, NO! Jarrett tries a sunset flip but Benoit sits down on his shoulders, 1, 2, and Jarrett's out! Jarrett whips Benoit into the opposite corner, face first, suplex attempted but Benoit lands feet first, belly to back of his own! Benoit heads up top - swandive! 1, 2, and one of the Harris twins pull Benoit off. The ref jaws with twin #1 while twin #2 is in and stomping away. Jarrett slaps on The Stroke, while we look at Dustin Rhodes coming out of the crowd. Jarrett covers, and Rhodes pulls Jarrett off at 2! He fights with Creative Control twin #1 while twin #2 has the guitar to Jarrett. Benoit knocks him off the apron, grabs the guitar and SMASHES JARRETT! Cover, 1, 2, 3!!! Benoit wins!

Time: 9:43

Interference aside, THAT was a hot opener! Here comes Doug Dillenger, named The Green Streak that night by my good friend Brooks. Every time trouble was brewing, The Green Streak was flashing down the aisle like a madman to break it up!

Let's go backstage with Mike Tenay.

Tenay has Disco and it's really hard to hear them thanks to the crew not turning down the crowd. However I'm fully aware they're capable of doing it - I seem to recall them bleeping out TONS of asshole chants, and even "(insert wrestling) sucks". I think the point here is that Disco's in debt and needs to win the next match to pay it off. Jarrett jumps the scene and attacks Disco because he's still pissed about his loss. For some reason Jerry Only and Konnan break this up. Why? Because they were there.

EVAN KARAGIAS (with Madusa) vs. DISCO INFERNO (with Tony Marinera) (for the WCW World Cruiserweight Title)

Alright, I suppose backstory is required. On the Thunder before the show, Evan Karagias had a match with Lash LeRoux. Disco Inferno was doing ringside commentary attempting to pick up Madusa, which led to Evan getting irritated and it cost him the match. Evan attacked Disco, so Disco who was greatly in debt to Tony Marinera's father challenged him to a match where the loser gives up $25,000. Evan demanded the belt be on the line, and Disco accepted. Then for no apparent reason Lash LeRoux took out the two of them with his really swanky finisher, the Whiplash. The underlying problem here was nobody bought Disco Inferno as the Cruiserweight champion, nor gave two shits about Karagias.

Disco is still recovering backstage, so is at a bit of a disadvantage heading into this one.

Evan meets Disco on the ramp and starts to beat on him. The bell RINGS before they're in the ring, then the ref demands they get in. *sigh* Disco whipped off the ropes - and met with a dropkick to the midsection. Evan covers, 1, 2, Disco kiks away. Something that resembles a double underhook DDT is sorta hit here, and Evan gets a 1 count. Another one, 1, 2, Disco kicks away. Something happens that gets a 2 count, but we're too busy looking at Marinera on color - who's GRINNING while in character. He also says "fuhget abou' it" about a MILLION times. Disco with an eyepoke, kick to the midsection, side headlock which gets shoved off, into the ropes, and Disco hits a shoulderblock. Off the ropes - LOUSY hiptoss from Evan. Kick to Disco's midsection, vertical suplex. Evan up - spring off the ropes, and connects with a crossbody. Evan hooks the leg, and gets 2. Evan leaps up on Disco's shoulders, and sorta rolls off the top in a hurricanrana. Either he's doing it on purpose - or Evan has screwed up EVERY move he's attempted here. Good job on his first PPV appearance since Slamboree 98! He tries the move again, and Disco hits an atomic drop. Evan gets sent into the corner headfirst, and Disco stomps away. Off the ropes, whip, and another atomic drop. Disco hits a clothesline, 1, 2, Evan kicks out. Disco smiles over in the direction of Madusa, who smiles back. And the camera crew caught it! Vertical suplex, and Disco dances for Madusa. Another vertical suplex, and he dances some more. He tries a third, but Evan slips away, crucifix rollup, and that gets 2! Disco's up and runs him over with a clothesline. Evan set - and Disco tries a powerbomb, but Evan slips off the back in a sunset flip which gets 2. Big back elbow from Evan leads to another pin, 1, 2, no dice. Let's watch Tony Marinera show off his big gold watch, how nice. Disco sent off the ropes, but he catches Evan with a Russian legsweep. Scoop and a slam, and Disco points the turnbuckle. He heads to the second turnbuckle, blows a kiss to Madusa, and hits a double axehandle. Off the ropes by Evan - and Disco sends him over the top ropes. Madusa comes over to feel him up, and as Disco goes for a double axehandle from the apron to the ground, Evan hits a dropkick to the midsection. Evan rolls him in and gets 2. Disco into the corner, and Evan chops away. Whip into the opposite corner, and Disco gets an elbow up. He charges, but eats a powerslam. 1, 2, Disco's out. Evan off the ropes - big splash, but Disco gets his knees up. BORING chant breaks out. I don't believe I was a part of that chant, but I should have been. Disco kicks Evan in the midsection, hits the DDT, 1, 2, no. Disco points at Madusa, and heads out to the floor. He says something, and gets slapped in the face. Evan comes off the apron and hits an axehandle, then punches at Disco's back. Disco rolled in, and we watch Tony Marinera come on to Madusa. Evan meanwhile does something which we miss the first half of, but I'll assume is a Lou Thesz press. Evan comes out to attack Marinera for messing with his girl. Disco runs over with a chair, but runs right over Marinera with it instead of Evan. Evan gets in some shots, rolls Disco in, slingshot crossbody, 1, 2, 3. Yay, we have a new Cruiserweight champion.

Time: 7:57

Sadly, the Cruiserweight division would get worse before it would get better.

Bret Hart is walking.

In the office of the Powers That Be, the Power gives Jarrett hell. He has the rest of the night to make it up to him - or else.

Mean Gene stands with Norman Smiley, who tonight will wrestle Brian Knobbs and the winner will be the first ever WCW Hardcore Champion. Norman freaks out at the sight of something. He's wearing a Leafs jersey to suck up to the locals. I can assure you it worked.

BRIAN KNOBBS (with Jimmy Hart) vs. NORMAN SMILEY (for the WCW Hardcore Title)

Knobbs attacks with the broomstick, then goes to the trashcan. Repeated shots to Norman's head have him woozy. Knobbs attacks with REALLY stiff trashcan lid shots and Norman is screaming. More trashcan shots. Norman is dragged to the middle, and gets attacked with the broom. Knobbs to the second rope with a trashcan…he leaps, and Norman moves. Norman gets a trashcan from Jimmy Hart, and decks Knobbs. He puts the can on Knobbs' head, then attacks the can with a hockey stick. Knobbs gets out, so Norman puts it back on. Another big shot to the head of the can, and Knobbs it out. Norman hits him once with the stick, then goes for the wiggle. Knobbs gets an elbow, then waffles Norman with the trashcan. Then he spends a minute untying Norman's goalie pads, and goes back to the trashcan attacks. Norman gets the lid of the trashcan and attacks Knobbs a couple of times before rolling out to the floor. Jimmy Hart leaps on the back of Norman, then Norman gets a trashcan thrown at him right on the head. Oww! Knobbs whacks him over the head with a couple of trashcan lid shots, and again goes back to the cans. They brawl down the aisle towards the back. Norman gets a chair right behind the camera, drives it into Knobbs' midsection then hits him on the back. Norman gets a broom and whacks Knobbs in the face. So Knobbs gets the trashcan and clobbers Norman. Knobbs gets the table and sets it against the wall. Norman gets thrown into it headfirst, and it half breaks. Norman gets up, set Knobbs on a rolling piece of luggage, and drives him into a Surge box. Once off the luggage, Knobbs takes a trip right into the wall headfirst. He picks up a crutch that was lying around, and cracks it over Norman's back. Norman gets taken to some empty boxes and thrown into them. Knobbs finds more boxes and throws Norman into those. Then he finds a plastic trash container and completely nails Norman square on the head. Knobbs is so unbelievably dangerous - which is why I love his matches, but pity the guys he's wrestling. Jimmy Hart throws cans of food at Norman while Knobbs gets sent into some empty boxes. Norman gets tossed on the door of an elevator, then it opens, they go in, and the door closes. Hah! The door opens again and Jimmy Hart waffles….Brian Knobbs who was the first guy out! Norman makes the pin, 1, 2, 3! We have ourselves the first Hardcore Champion!

Time: 7:28

An absolutely stupid match - but they kept brawling and never took a break. Post match Knobbs goes nuts and sends both Norman and Jimmy Hart into some buns.

Here's a highlight package of the issues between the Filthy Animals and the Revolution.

Mike Tenay stands with Shane Douglas, and wonders what'll happen if it comes down to Asya vs. The Animals. Douglas offers up a ton of different endings, and wonders what if Torrie Wilson gets abducted again. Malenko throws in a whole bunch of what ifs, and Saturn wonders what if the dinosaurs were still alive, trampling over stuff. He's basically the same character here as he is once he started getting hit in the head…minus the whole sleeping with a mop thing.

The Filthy Animals hang with Mean Gene. Konnan lets Mean Gene feel his hat - but then decides that's enough. Kidman says something, and Torrie promises that Asya's going down.

Disco apologizes to Tony Marinera about the chair shot. Tony tells Disco tomorrow he's bringing the boys.

Jarrett storms around backstage with a Harris brother and a 2 by 4.

THE REVOLUTION (with Shane Douglas) vs. THE FILTHY ANIMALS (with Konnan) (in a 6-person Elimination Match)

Kidman charges the ring and goes after Malenko, while Eddie takes out Saturn. The Animals then team up and double clothesline Asya. Malenko takes a double flapjack, and Saturn gets sent to the floor. Eddie and Malenko kick off. Malenko gets sent into the ropes, and back dropped across the ring. Malenko is sent face first into the corner, takes some punches, switch, whip attempt is blocked, and Malenko's in his own corner. Eddie climbs the turnbuckle, and Dean calmly places him on the apron. Eddie catches Dean with his legs and pulls him over the top to the floor. They trade punches, and Saturn does an Asai moonsault from the apron onto both of them. Beautiful! Kidman knocks Asya off the apron and hits a bodyblock of his own onto Saturn. Malenko is elsewhere and a Canadian flag wielding fan knocks him with the flagpole. He and Malenko jaw, and the fan jabs the stick into Malenko. Security rushes over and escorts him out of the arena. From where I was sitting, I saw the whole thing from the start and I thought it was actually a fan attack! Just remember that attack for later on. Asya and Torrie square off in the ring. Kidman rushes in, but Asya decks him. While her back is turned, Torrie jumps on her back and pulls hair. Then she drives her to the mat and knocks her head on the ground a bunch of times. Kidman saves as Asya JUST reverses, but Saturn's also in and he picks on Torrie. Eddie rushes over and dumps Saturn back over the top. Eddie makes sure Torrie's okay, and Kidman doesn't appreciate that. Eddie however is more concerned with Torrie, and elbows Kidman out of the way. Malenko, always thinking, is there and rolls him up, 1, 2, 3!

Time: 2:56

So it's 3 on 2 now. Kidman is NOT happy and starts to scream at Eddie, then shoves him not once, but twice. So Eddie shoves him back and the fans are backing Eddie. Konnan makes sure that Torrie's okay (the sneaky, slimy bastard) while Dean and Saturn both run over Eddie. Dean stays in the ring, and Eddie gets a side headlock. He's sent off the ropes - and Dean catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, however he's let down gently and held on the knee as Saturn comes off the top with a kneedrop that looks like it kills him! Konnan heads off to the back while we get a 2 count in the ring. Asya and Saturn whip Eddie off the ropes, and connect with a double back elbow. Asya with a vertical suplex and covers. 1, 2, Eddie escapes. Dean is tagged back in. He tries a vertical suplex, but Eddie escapes and rolls Dean up, 1, 2, Dean shoves him off right into the corner where he nails Saturn. Belly to back from Dean fails, and Eddie hits a dropkick. Dean charges out of the corner and gets met with a hurricanrana. Eddie hooks a leg, 1, 2, 3!

Time: 5:02

Saturn is too late breaking up the count. Eddie is picked in a gorilla press position and dropped right onto the ropes. Torrie cheers from the floor. Fisherman's suplex, and Asya is tagged in. She punches Eddie, whips him across the ring, kick in the gut, and a belly to belly. That gets 2. Clothesline, and she holds Eddie hostage. Saturn squares - Eddie ducks, and he hits the superkick on Asya! Eddie sends him out to the floor, heads up top - Froggie Splash! 1, 2, 3!

Time: 6:28

Saturn immediately hits a t-bone with a bridge, 1, 2, kickout. Sleeper is locked on. Eddie starts to fall…and hits a jawbreaker. Saturn again puts the sleeper back on. Eddie shoves him off into the ropes, and as Saturn comes off Eddie puts the sleeper on Saturn. Saturn just lifts him back with a belly to back. Saturn's punches are blocked and countered with Eddie's. Saturn set off the ropes, ducks Eddie's clothesline, springs off the ropes - and meets Eddie's dropkick right in the midsection. Eddie gets him in the corner, tornado DDT! 1, 2, Saturn gets a shoulder up. Off the ropes, reversed, Saturn catches Eddie with the Death Valley Driver, and Eddie kicks out!!! Saturn is not happy, so he heads up top, and misses a big elbow! Eddie wants a tag from Torrie, but then comes to his senses and tells her not to worry about it. He heads back over, hits a rana, 1, 2, Saturn kicks away. Eddie up top, and Saturn rolls away. He stands - Eddie hits a crossbody, but Saturn rolls through and hooks the Rings Of Saturn! Eddie does NOT want to give up…but has to.

Time: 10:18

Torrie Wilson realizes she's the only one left. She slowly climbs into the ring, so Saturn comes over and she cowers in the corner. He drags her to the middle of the ring - and she kicks him in the groin! 1, 2, Saturn kicks away. Douglas gets on the apron, and Saturn goes low on Torrie. 1, 2, 3.

Time: 11:15

Does that move really hurt chicks?

In the back, Creative Control and Jeff Jarrett are all involved in a Buff Bagwell beating, making them all just a little bit cooler.

CURT HENNIG vs. BUFF BAGWELL (in a Loser Must Retire match)

Buff's music plays, but there's no sign of him. Jeff Jarrett and Creative Control appear instead. Hennig is attacked by all three, and the opening bell sounds??? What the HELL is it with the timekeeper tonight? Buff rushes in with a 2 by 4 to chase them all off. So Hennig waffles him from behind when he's not looking. Hah!! Hennig takes a knee to the head of Bagwell. Lockup in the corner, and the ref forces Hennig to break. Hennig chops Bagwell, the pinches at a nerve on Bagwell's shoulder. Bagwell rolls out, and Hennig is right there. A "Perfect" chant breaks out in the crowd. Bagwell is sent into the guardrail in a couple of spots, then Hennig stops to tell Heenan that Bagwell's going down. Buff is sent back into the ring. Hennig talks more with Heenan while on the apron, and Buff shoves him off into the guardrail. Buff leaps off the apron with a double axehandle. Buff shoves him backfirst into the apron, so Hennig gets rid of him by going low. Hennig puts the nervehold on Buff's shoulder again, then shoves him into the guardrail. Hennig waits in the ring for Buff, and catches him on the apron. Buff drops down with a jawbreaker, and comes back in. Back elbow, and Buff chokes Hennig on the ropes. Whip into the corner, and Hennig gets a boot up as Buff charges. Hennig tries to put on an STF but Buff crawls to the ropes. Legdrop on the groin, and Hennig has the full crowd support. Whip off the ropes - and Hennig puts on a sleeper. Buff gets grounded, and Nick Partick checks the arm. It drops twice, and stays up the third. Buff gets up and elbows out. He comes off the ropes, and Hennig drives a knee right into his midsection. He puts the sleeper back on. Hennig finally has enough and hits Bagwell over the head. Bagwell up, and Hennig chops him right back down. Scoop slam, Hennig drops an elbow, 1, 2, Bagwell's out. Hennig whips Buff into the opposite corner, then charges with a clothesline. He looks at Buff, and slaps him. That wakes Buff right up as he rakes the eyes of Hennig. Scoop slam from Buff, and Bagwell poses. He comes off the ropes, drops a knee, but Hennig moves. Cradle, 1, 2, Buff is out. Hennig chops Buff. Whip into the opposite corner Hennig attacks. Whip to the other corner, Buff blocks the attack, heads up - Blockbuster. 1, 2, 3. Goodbye Curt.

Time: 8:11

In one of the greatest moments as a fan I've ever been a part of, everyone in the building stands up and applauds Hennig while chanting "Perfect" the whole time. It was a genuine display of emotion from the fans.

So of course WCW takes away the stipulation the very next night. Heaven forbid the fans get involved emotionally like this.

Mike Tenay stands with Sting. Sting says he's not happy about the fact he lost the title to start with - so technically he's still the champion. Tonight, in his hometown or not, Bret is going down.

BRET HART vs. STING (in a semi-finals match in the World Title Tournament)

Sting is CRAZY OVER as a heel in this match. These are the most boos he's received since he turned back at Fall Brawl 99, 2 months earlier - and the closest he'd ever be to being a true heel.

Bret and Sting circle eachother, and Bret uses various techniques to try and psyche out Sting. They lock up, and Sting winds up in the corner. Mickie Jay orders the break. Sting shoves Bret, and Bret shoves right back. Face to face jawing! They continue to shove eachother a little more. Finally Sting goes for a punch, but Bret blocks and counters with his own. Headbutt, followed by Sting's face being raked over the ropes. Kidney punch, headbutt, and toss to the outside. Bret follows him out and whips Sting into the guardrail. Sting gets thrown into the apron, and rolled back in. Bret drops an elbow to Sting's head, and headbutts his groin. Inverted atomic drop, Bret tries to follow up but Sting rakes the eyes. From behind, he's absolutely clawing at the eyes now. Stomp to the fingers! Sting looks to the fans and gets booed. Bret's head gets taken into the turnbuckle. Whip across the ring - and Bret meets the turnbuckle back first. Another whip - same result only Bret comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Vertical suplex, 1, 2, Sting kicks out. Sting gets the advantage back with a blatant nutshot. Sting again calls to the fans and gets soundly booed. Foot on Bret's throat, 1, 2, 3, Sting lets go. Scoop slam, elbowdrop, cover, 1, 2, Bret's out. Sting slaps on a rear chinlock. Bret keeps his hand up to let Mickie Jay know he's still in the game. Bret turns, and gets a waistlock on Sting…and hammers some punches to Sting to escape the hold. Bret off the ropes - and Sting meets him with a knee to the midsection. Elbowdrop, cover, 1, 2, Bret kicks out. Bret now thrown to the outside and Sting's right behind him. Bret gets thrown right into the announce table, and the second one sees him on top of the table. Sting charges, and Bret moves having Sting catch all table. Eyerake from Bret, but Sting immediately turns the momentum back and whips him into the guardrail. Sting rolls Bret into the ring. Whip - Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but gets met with a boot to the face. Bret heads to the top, and hits both Sting and the ref with an axehandle blow. Lex Luger and Liz make their presence felt and grab Sting's baseball bat. He nails Sting in the knees to a loud pop! Bret gets up, grabs the bat from Luger, and kicks his ass! Luger put in the Sharpshooter and he taps like crazy. Mickie Jay calls for the bell.

Time: 7:34

Mickie Jay calls the winner Bret Hart via disqualification. Bret is arguing like crazy about this and finally Jay lets the match continue. So we're still going. Punches to Sting's midsection, and Sting's hobbling on the sore knee. Another punch grounds Sting, so Bret grabs his legs and stomps at the midsection. Russian legsweep, cover, 1, 2, shoulder up. Backbreaker, Bret goes for a double axehandle but gets met with a boot to the face. Sting puts on the Scorpion Deathlock. Bret punches the bad leg…and Sting drops so Bret puts Sting in the Sharpshooter! Sting has nowhere to go, he's done!!

Time: 10:07

Sting calls Bret back to the ring. Bret gets back in the ring with Sting yelling. Mickie Jay tries to intervene, but Sting just wants to offer his hand. Bret shakes, offers a half hug, and Sting heads to the back so Bret can enjoy the moment.

Gene stands with Chris Benoit. He says he's waited 14 years for this opportunity, and it'll be an honor to wrestle Bret. Last time he faced Bret, it was for Owen. This time it's for the top position in wrestling. It'll be a true test to see if Bret really is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

Mike Tenay has Lex Luger backstage. Luger was so badly hurt by Bret's attack that he's wearing a neckbrace. Luger says Bret is careless, and he needs to wear the collar until further notice. He wants to compete tonight, but can't. He will write a personal cheque to every one of the Package fans out there so they get their money's worth.

VAMPIRO (with Jerry Only) vs. BERLYN (with The Wall) (in a Chain Match)

Berlyn's entrance was really something live. That's about all I remember from this match.

Oklahoma and Steve Williams are in the house to join us for commentary. Oklahoma still has Bell's Palsy at this point. He's carrying his barbecue sauce as usual.

Vamp throws the collar to Berlyn, but Berlyn isn't in the mood. He levels Charles Robinson with it then The Wall drops Vamp, and Berlyn whips him with the chain. Jerry Only and Berlyn fight on the outside. Nick Patrick takes over referee duties. Vamp somehow manages to crotch The Wall with the chain, goes to the second rope, and gets yanked off by The Wall. The match still hasn't officially started. Vamp headbutts The Wall, goes for the Nail In The Coffin, but Berlyn is in to clip him. The Wall puts the dog collar on for some reason. Vamp tries fighting both guys. Oklahoma yells "Would somebody please stop the damn match?" The Wall gets a chokeslam, covers, and Berlyn for some reason breaks it up. He gets all up in The Wall's area. Wall takes off his collar and throws it to Berlyn. Berlyn works over Vamp with the chain again while The Wall skulks at ringside before walking to sense. Boy oh boy, this match makes a TON OF SENSE! Until this match "officially" starts, I'm not calling anymore. Oklahoma rips off about every single JR cliché in the book during this. This non-match goes on for about an hour… It never gets started, but Vamp wins with a choke with the chain in a camel clutch position.

Time: About 5:00 according to CRZ's Quick 'N Dirty results DUD

Dr. Death kills Vampiro and Jerry Only after the match.

Mike Tenay stands with Scott Hall. Last Monday, Rick Steiner was powerbombed through a stage, so he can't wrestle Scott Hall tonight and forfeits the TV Title. Hall wonders if Big Poppa and Rick get a group rate in the hospital.

Curt Hennig walks backstage, and gets goodbyes from Norman Smiley and Konnan.

Kimberly arrives. She's late!

THE TOTAL PACKAGE (with Elizabeth) vs. MENG

Luger is still in great pain from earlier. He sells it like a kid who has a "sore throat" and has to stay home from school, meaning it's comic genius! Mickey Jay expressed concern.

Let's go back to the World Title tourney where Meng got screwed by Luger, so Meng turned around and did the same thing to him.

I swear, I was cheering my lungs out for Meng, and the whole section around me must have wondered what I was on.

Meng goes all animal on Luger with his fast kicks and punches. He rips off Luger's shirt and chops his back. Kicking away at the midsection now at rapid speed. He rakes the eyes of Meng, and Meng yells WHOOOWAH! He kicks Luger out of the ring and continues his punching and kicking out on the floor. Luger gets rolled in and Meng yells at Liz. Luger tries to stomp Meng in the ring, and runs him over with a clothesline. Meng pops right back up, and tries to get the Tongan Death Grip through the neckbrace. Luger's hurting, but it saves him. Meng chokes Luger in the corner with his boot, then with his hands. Meng again tries to scare Liz and he gets run over with a clothesline. Luger pulls on his afro - whip - and a powerslam! 1, 2, Meng's up. They trade punches in the corner, and Luger grabs the fro again and sends him into the corner. DON'T MESS WITH THE FRO! Meng gets slammed into every turnbuckle, but that just wakes him up and he slams his own head into one about 5 times. Luger's scared now. He kicks and punches all of which are no sold. Kick, kick, headbutt, headbutt, Luger's down! Clothesline, clothesline, kick, kick, he's down again! 1, 2, Luger kicks out. Meng chokes Luger on the ropes while Liz gets some spray. Meng moves and Luger takes it in the eyes. Meng rips the brace off of Luger while he can't see, and hits the Tongan Death Grip!!! Luger's down, 1, 2, 3!!

Time: 5:23

That result was certainly unexpected. Meng rules.

Mean Gene has Bret Hart backstage. He'll be facing Chris Benoit in the finals. He's going to put friendship aside for this match. They're not going to disappoint anyone. It's taken him 2 years, and he's going to prove without a shadow of a doubt he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Funny moment, during the interview Luger walks around looking frantically for Elizabeth.

David Flair polishes his crowbar.

Scott Hall makes his way out. He's in his wrasslin' gear and wearing both his belts. There's a Mark Madden look-a-like in the front row. "Hey yo. Like I said earlier, there's nothing I like better than beating somebody up in Toronto. The only thing better, is I just talked to Big Kev. He's on his way here, and we're gonna turn Toronto upside down. So if there's anybody in the back that wants some of Scott Hall, don't sing it, bring it."

I called the mystery opponent the SECOND I heard Steiner wasn't in the building. Needless to say, this is MORE than a decent replacement. Though I don't think anyone in Toronto really gives a crap about Booker T unfortunately.

SCOTT HALL vs. BOOKER T (for the WCW United States Heavyweight Title)

Booker T shoves Scott Hall. Hall didn't expect that, so he wiggles his fingers. Hall does the international "suck it" sign, then throws his toothpick at Booker. This is apparently the FUNNIEST thing he's ever seen. Lockup, Hall goes to the shouldblocks, goes for a hammerlock but can't get it, so he drives him over with a suplex. Booker T is up and immediately drags the arm of Scott Hall, then hits a Harlem Sidekick. Cover gets 1. Booker T punches and chops in the corner. A "Rocky" chant breaks out, for about the fourth time tonight, though I think the other times they managed to edit it out. Sidewalk slam, 1, 2, Hall gets out. Booker T charges, Scott Hall gets a drop toe hold and Booker goes face first into a turnbuckle. Whip - Booker ducks the clothesline, and comes off with a flying jalapeno which knocks Hall out of the ring. Hall gets a kick to the midsection back in. Booker tries a hiptoss, Hall blocks, can't hit his own, so goes to the chokeslam instead. 1, 2, Booker's out. Whip - Booker ducks the clothesline, tries a crossbody, but walks right into a fallaway slam. Booker gets clotheslined right over the top, and Hall follows. Face first to the steps. Hall throws him in, covers, 1, 2, kickout. Tornado punch from Hall, 1, 2, Booker is out. Whip to the ropes, and Booker gets caught in a sleeper hold. Booker down to one knee. Jeff Jarrett and Creative Control make their presense felt. Spinning belly to back is executed by Booker! Kick to the gut, off the ropes, axekick! Spinaroonie. He waits…Harlem Sidekick! Booker raises the roof. Scoop slam, and the Harris's have made their way in. They both take Harlem Sidekicks. Booker yells at Jarrett who had been distracting the refs, which allows Hall the chance to come over and hit him with the Outsider's Edge. 1, 2, 3.

Time: 6:04

Jarrett and Creative Control put the boots to Booker, but the lights go out. Mydnight strikes, and the duo take them all out.

The Total Package continues his search for Elizabeth.

Last month, Kimberly invited David Flair back to her hotel room, but Ric showed up instead. Hilarity ensues. DDP took out Flair at Havoc leading to the Filthy Animals burying him in the desert. David Flair goes insane, takes out DDP with a crowbar, and spends the next month stalking Kimberly. Bam Bam Bigelow, in a moment where I WOULDN'T want to be in his way, grabs a baseball bat and wants a piece of Flair. Flair takes him out with the crowbar, and continues his stalking. The Powers That Be seemed to get a real kick out of this woman being stalked. I'm as shocked as you are.


Kimberly comes to the ring confident. David Flair puts down the crowbar at the request of Nick Patrick. He comes to her corner and she kicks him in the nuts but he no sells. David grabs the crowbar and knocks out Nick Patrick. Kimberly cowers in front of David, then gets an idea…she's going to offer him a blowjob. I am NOT making this up. She goes into his underwear - and rips his protective cup right out. Kimberly nails David with the cup, and now she kicks him in the nuts again and he feels it. She kicks him in the head, and the midsection three times. She shoves the cup in his face, jumps on him choking, slapping, everything. David shoves her off, grabs the crowbar, and Kanyon runs in! A Russian legsweep drops him. He checks on Kimberly, gets up, kicks David in the midsection numerous times, then hits him with a Samoan Drop! DDP staggers down to ringside (and I should add to ZERO pop) while David hits Kanyon in the groin with the crowbar. DDP grabs David, hits a Diamond Cutter, and takes the crowbar. He goes to level David, but Arn runs in to stop it. Arm takes the crowbar away and protects David. Page and Kimberly leave while Arn helps David to his feet. He stupidly gives the crowbar back to David, who promptly turns on him, beating him in the lower back with it. Doug Dillenger is hot on the scene! Flair exits by the crowd, while Arn takes a stretcher job.

Time: No Match

Sid and Goldberg had issues dating back to before Halloween Havoc. At Havoc, Goldberg won the match when the referee stopped it due to blood loss on the part of Sid. So an I Quit Match was signed for Mayhem.

Mike Tenay has Sid with him. Sid says he'll never say the words I Quit to Bill Goldberg. He is the master and ruler of Bill Goldberg.

SID VICIOUS vs. GOLDBERG (in an "I Quit" Match)

Sid, the heel, gets a decent pop. Goldberg on the other hand is a heat seeking machine, with these fans wanting him dead. The Goldberg chants on the PPV and video release are completely pumped in, because there was NO such chant taking place at the show.

Sid attacks Goldberg on the apron before the match even starts. Into the ring - Sid gets whipped into the ropes, Goldberg has him up with a scoop slam. Clothesline to the floor. Goldberg follows punching the whole way. Sid gets whipped into the guardrail and Goldberg continues his assault. Sid is rolled in. As Goldberg gets in, Sid's up and kicking at Goldberg. Cobra clutch put on, and turned into a slam! Sid kicks away, and runs over Goldberg with a clothesline. He chokes Goldberg in the ropes and Mickie Jay orders a break. Fish hook, again forced to break. Punches in the corner - followed by a boot to the throat. Whip off the ropes, chokeslam is set, and hit! Sid picks Goldberg up a second time, and hits it again! Sid chokes Goldberg on the mat and Jay tries to break, but Sid realizes this is I Quit and doesn't have to. Goldberg rolls over and puts on a cross arm breaker! Sid gets to the ropes and Goldberg breaks the hold. Short arm clothesline, short arm clothesline, short arm clothesline. Crowd: "BOOOOO!" Goldberg punches Sid on the mat. In the corner, and Sid drops to the mat. Goldberg throws him right back up, and comes with kidney punches, as well as shots to the face. Sid still won't quit. Goldberg puts him in a cobra clutch on the mat, and Mickie Jay calls for the bell???

Time: 5:29

Umm, what the hell was that? Sid passes out in five and a half minutes? Wow, what a conclusion to this feud!

Gene has found The Total Package. He says since Liz has been hiding all night, she knows she screwed up. Luger won't get mad, he'll get even. So tomorrow night, Liz had better watch her back.

CHRIS BENOIT vs. BRET HART (for the WCW World Heavyweight Title)

If there's one thing Russo ISN'T given enough credit for, it's the fact that he made Chris Benoit a legitimate main eventer, so kudos to him for that. And it only took him a month to do so with this tournament. If there's ever been a pay-per-view that's been sold solely on its main event (or in this case, the tournament) this is definitely one of them!

They shake hands before the match. Circling around, and they tie up. Into the corner, and Robinson has a hard time separating them. They circle again, Benoit hits an armdrag. They're both slow to get up. Not because they're tired, but because they're careful. Tie up - Benoit tries to work the arm, but Bret gets it off and into the corner. They lock hands, Bret gets a knee to the midsection, and hammers home some punches to the back. He yanks on the arm, Benoit fires off a punch, so Bret drags him over and to the mat. Bret works the arm. Benoit gets him off, into the ropes, and drives a knee to the midsection. Whip off the ropes - and Benoit's there again with a knee in the midsection. Snapmare takeover, Benoit slaps on a headlock, Bret rolls him through, 1, and he's out. Benoit hangs on - shoved off into the ropes, and connects with a shoulderblock. Again he's off the ropes - ducks a clothesline - sunset flip but Bret is right there in the ropes. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter, but Benoit counters into the crossface, and Bret's in the ropes. They shake hands again once on their feet. They lock hands, Bret kicks Benoit in the midsection, and has him in the corner. Punch, punch, Benoit's down. Bret pulls Chris back to his feet, punch, whip, reversal, and Bret runs chest first into the turnbuckle. That guy with the Canadian flag who nailed Malenko earlier is back, and he hops the guardrail. Yeah, we're 5 minutes into a great wrestling match - what will we do without sportz entertainment? It's Dean Malenko under the paint, and he beats the hell out of Benoit who's on the floor with the Canadian flag. Bret gets on him and beats him until security shows up. Back in the ring, Bret drops an elbow. Ugh, was THAT necessary? Bret hits a spike piledriver, 1, 2, Benoit gets his foot on the bottom rope. Legdrop, he rolls Benoit over towards the ropes, leaps on his midsection, then chokes him with his boot. He breaks the hold, lifts Benoit up, and headbutts the lower back. Benoit chops out of the corner, and manages to knock Bret down. Benoit has him up - backbreaker! 1, 2, Bret kicks out. Bret sent off the ropes, and Benoit backdrops him. Pick up - belly to back! 1, 2, no! Bret kicks Benoit as he approaches him, and hits a DDT midring. 1, 2, Benoit gets a shoulder up. Bret has Benoit off the ropes, tries a tilt-a- whirl, Benoit reverses, tombstone!!! He heads up to the top rope - flying headbutt! And here comes Scott Hall lumbering down. 1, 2, Bret kicks out, and Hall pulls the ref out. Kevin Nash joins Hall. Benoit takes a fallaway slam from Hall, and Nash has Bret in the corner with a chair. Goldberg comes down to the ring, spear for Kevin! Bret was never touched by the way. Goldberg gets whacked in the back by Hall with the chair. Bret turns Hall around - atomic drop! Clothesline sends him down. Hall crawls out of the ring and Bret follows. A roll of toilet paper makes its way to the ring. Bret fights with Hall into the aisle, until Hall goes back to Nash. Goldberg is right behind them. Goldberg attacks them at the top of the ramp. This helped make this one of the saddest moments I've ever endured as a fan. I spent the rest of the match keeping an eye at the ramp to see who comes out next, rather than watching the match unfold. Benoit hits a legwhip on Bret, and works over the knee. Backstage Goldberg fights the Outsiders. Benoit drops an elbow on the knee of Bret. Stomp to the knee, single leg atomic drop, stomp, stomp, elbow drop. Benoit lifts Bret by the hair - and chops him back down. Benoit slaps on the figure four leglock! Bret crawls to the ropes and Benoit is forced to break the hold. Bret staggers to the corner, and Benoit boots him in the knee. Bret fights back with kicks. Backbreaker, 1, 2, Benoit's out. Bret sets Benoit up top - superplex! 1, 2, Benoit gets an arm on the ropes. Kick to the back, Bret pulls him to the middle, Russian legsweep, 1, 2, no! Headbutt to the lower back, another one, Benoit's down. Scoop, his leg gives out with Benoit on top, 1, 2, Bret gets out with Benoit flying to the floor on that kickout. Bret picks Benoit up, tries a suplex over the apron, but Benoit slips down the back and hits a German suplex!!! He's rolling through, up, hits a second! Sets for the dragon suplex, but Bret blocks, and Benoit tries a crossface. Bret fights out, they get up, Bret pulls him over to the mat, and gets on the Sharpshooter!!!!! Benoit taps!!! We have a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Time: 17:44 ***1/4

You know, this match probably would have hit **** at least without the dumbass interference. Bret celebrates with his five kids, (though the only one I know is Blade since he never talks about the other four), and his (ex-?) wife. Benoit gives Bret a hug and lets him celebrate. Bret holds the flag high in the air.

Total Matches: 11
Average Match Length: 8:35
Average Match Rating: 1.64 stars
Overall: **1/4

Nowhere near as good as I remember this show to be. It was Vince Russo's crash style booking though - so that's to be expected. Unless you're a Chris Benoit fan and want to see his first real main event, ignore this show. If you're a WCW fan, there's far better to cash in on than this.

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