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I Too Get Letters

Just one this week, in response to my bashing of the WWF Shopzone.

Alert reader whitebacon sent the following: "I had the same problem with my Y2J shirt, and I live in California."

Aha, so it's not a Canadian bias as I'd originally thought. So it clears that up, Canadians DON'T be discouraged from ordering. EVERYONE should be discouraged. (I'm kidding, I'm sure it was simply an internal thing.)

They've NEVER Faced Competition Like This

Excuse me? I won't even get into it, we all know the story. But damn that's alot of gifted wrestlers in the ring. You know, I never realized until now just how many guys there was involved. The pop for Freddie Blassie, tells me there's a few more old school fans still watching than people online suggest. Not everyone's been watching since 98. Heyman promises wrestling will return. I hope he's not just saying that but he honestly believes in his heart what he's saying. Frankly, I'd rather have a 12 minute match between 2 midcarders, than a 3 minute match between the Dudleys and Hardys that runs through the motions.

A Look That Tells A Thousand Words?

I get the feeling the WWF is leaning towards an "out with the old" style angle after that comment by Jericho to Vince McMahon, where he called him senior. Maybe I'm reading too much into it? But the look Vince gave says they may follow it up, in my opinion.

When You're Getting Stale, Refresh Yourself With A Can Of WCW

Does Jericho not seem a little more comfortable since he's been working matches with WCW guys? His match with Booker T was outstanding as far as TV matches go, and a very solid followup with DDP on Smackdown. I suggested before a jump back to WCW wouldn't hurt him at all, and I stand by that now more than ever. Fans salivating for his move to uppercard status would get it if he went. That's why this WCW takeover is so cool - guys who didn't have a chance to main event before due to a lack of spots, suddenly have a chance to grab a hold of the ones in WCW, due to a lack of spots being filled.

Hello My Name Is Steven William Regal

Heyman actually seemed to be getting in Regal's head. And Regal promptly responds by getting over as a face to go along with the rest of his colleagues by adding cursing for the first time since he's been on WWF TV (this time around at the very least). Very good interaction between the 2, I'd like to see more!

If I Could Be Serious For A Minute

Why does Storm keep getting cut off? Cutting him off constantly it takes away time from him that he could be getting over on the mic. Of course, I suppose the argument COULD be made that he's getting over with his wrestling when he's not talking. So we have a clear babyface and heel for the referee match with Earl playing by the rules. He certainly doesn't have to, and I think he'd still be over as the face regardless, but it's nice to see Earl not stray too far from his character. (Aside from a certain Montreal incident, but I'm sure he'd like us to forget it as much as he'd like to.)

Pick Up That Phone

Tajiri is hilarious. Vince Russo can tell me all he wants that non-American wrestlers will never get over, but come on. I can name off a half dozen off the top of my head, and Tajiri's the latest. Sure it's a much more difficult task without the language but it can be done. Kane called him a freak! GREAT line!!! Do you know why he's over? Because he stays in character all the time, like I've mentioned about Angle in the past and criticized Jericho and Benoit for not doing.

It's All In The Tights

For some reason, I enjoy watching the Dudleys more when they're wearing the green camouflage over the brown and green. I can't explain it. I don't care how people say Tajiri's kicks make the noise they do, the fact remains the MAKE that noise and sound like they hurt like hell. Taker's looked very motivated lately moving at a speed I'm not accustomed to seeing from him. It's great to see, especially if this is his last year.

O'Haire And Bradshaw

This is what I was talking about on Monday. I kinda hope for a longterm program between these guys, cause both are very solid, and I think Bradshaw could do alot for the career of Sean O'Haire. That inverted fireman's carry slam, or whatever name that move has from O'Haire (some help here guys!) looks very good. O'Haire took some of that fallaway slam on his face, ouch! I hate the Clothesline From Hell, but from a guy who doesn't offer a whole lot of flash I suppose it's not bad.

And Now A Very Special Look At Lita

Am I the only person on the planet who can't stand watching Lita get so much hype? I realize she's probably the best, or second best female performer on the roster, but to hear her talk about how emotional the whole experience with the fans is, etc. is simply a replay from Chyna a few months ago during the Playboy thing. I don't think she has any kind of lasting appeal, and will wind up a flavor of the year. I'll be happy to be proved wrong.

Two Of These Ladies Will Be Stripped Down To Their Unmentionables (Psst, Bra And Panties)

What's the point of arm wrestling matches? It ALWAYS ends in the heel winning through cheating and never proves strength of any kind. Okay, so the brawl with Hebner and Patrick afterwards was kinda cool, followed by the ladies stomping Patrick down.

Get A New Wardrobe Jeff!

My main problem with the Invasion so far is the fact guys who hated eachother a month ago are teaming up suddenly. Just a month ago, X-Pac and Hardy were feuding. Now they're tag-team partners 'cause the WWF has to stick together. Jesus, those are the first face pops I've heard for X-Pac since he turned on Kane! Holy hell, these fans REALLY must hate WCW. Kidman pins X-Pac. That means this Sunday he'll return the job to X-Pac, right? Well, you'll find out below what I think.

Vince Is Out Of Tune

Vince doesn't seem as into playing the guitar as Austin and Angle were, so the joke is no longer as funny. OWWWW! I guess that wasn't Jeff Jarrett's guitar? This one didn't shatter, which leads me to believe Jarrett is a cheapskate. Either that or Austin hits like a child.

He Parted The Red Sea!

A little bit of an oversell JR? DDP is staying in his new character well by abducting Debra. Using wives to get under the skin of other wrestlers. Another wild brawl closes out the show and that should set up Invasion quite nicely this Sunday. There may be nothing on the line, but don't tell the WWF that! They'll never let you believe it.

Make Yer Picks

Okay, so here's the deal. I want YOU to send me your Invasion picks, and every one you get right, you get a point. I'll do this every month, so we'll see who comes out on top? I'll list mine here to cut down on claims that I'm cheating, and I'll be waiting to hear from you. Submissions should be in by Sunday afternoon at the very latest.

Booker T, The Dudley Boys, Rhyno, Diamond Dallas Page vs. Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho
My Pick: WWF

APA vs. Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo
My Pick: Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo

Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy
My Pick: Jeff Hardy

Trish Stratus and Lita vs. Torrie Wilson and Stacy Kiebler
My Pick: Trish Stratus and Lita

Edge and Christian vs. Lance Storm and Mike Awesome
My Pick: Lance Storm and Mike Awesome

X-Pac vs. Kidman
My Pick: X-Pac

Tazz vs. Tajiri
My Pick: Tazz

Earl Hebner vs. Nick Patrick
My Pick: Nick Patrick

I'll have the leaderboard up on Monday. Good luck to everyone and have a happy Invasion weekend!

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