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If you found out that your recaps were being stolen and posted on another site with credit to your name - but chopped up to exclude a lot of stuff YOU wanted included, how would you react? If you've ever dealt with this before - how did you react? I'll leave it at that for now.

Continuing with Wrestlemania week on Off The Record - Triple H. Bring it on.

Is he shocked that he's sitting here talking about Wrestlemania after his quad injury? Sort of - he didn't realize it was as bad as it was at the time. Over the next couple of days they found out it was terrible, and it was a fight as to whether or not his career was over.

Unlike other sports players - they're not stopping the match. They show the clip of the injury - and he knew he was hurt. Why didn't he stop? It never entered his mind to stop. He just had to continue, because it's part of the show. That was the longest minute of his life. Why they do that - he doesn't know, but it never dawned on him to stop. He thinks most guys in the locker room would have done that. There's a pride in what they do - and the show goes on no matter what.

If you're the one guy to say "stop" would you be given heat? It depends on the situation. If Bob Holly had stopped his match with a broken arm no one would have questioned it. He's seen guys take a week off with a tummy ache, or a sore knee, and that gets heat, because guys like Taker have gone to the ring with broken ribs.

In 1996 in Madison Square Garden, he got into a lot of heat with Vince McMahon for hugging his friends. What was up? The four of them hugged to say goodbye to Hall and Nash - which was out of control. They were supposed to stand from far away and point to each other, but they went too far. He got all the heat.

Was he pissed about the fact he took all the heat? Yes and no - but punishing Shawn too wouldn't have solved anything. He made his bed, and he slept in it.

Shawn Michaels was supposed to come back last year, and showed up in no condition to perform. How did he feel? He went to Vince to get Shawn to come back and got it taken care of - and then the company made the decision not to bring him back. That was their position. Without getting into the specifics, nobody who was there couldn't have sided with the company.

Who in their right mind starts dating Vince's daughter? It started when they were around each other all the time. When he saw that she has a huge passion for the biz, he couldn't help it. It was a big thing, but he didn't break it to Vince. Vince kinda clued in before they started dating.

Backstage do they act like boyfriend/girlfriend? Not around the company, no. It's weird, but you can't control who you fall for. They're very professional backstage.

Is he ever worried about what others think? Vince convinced him not to worry, and so did The Undertaker. He told Triple H that nobody can deny he got to where he is because of hard work. Anybody that wants to question him can come hang with him.

If things go sour - is he concerned? That's a question, but he and Vince have talked about it, and hopefully it never comes up. They'll cross that bridge when they get there. He's beat Vince's ass once before, he'll do it again.

Chyna was on the show, and she talked about the breakup. Here's a clip.

She blames Paul for breaking up.

If she wants to blame him - that's fine. Their relationship had taken a bad turn before that, and he doesn't think she sees that. That's okay, and if she blames him and has anger, that's fine. It happens. She made career decisions from there - and wasn't forced into anything.

Is he making a mistake by living out his private life in public again? He feels there's the question of finding someone who's not with you because of who you are, and is able to understand the business. It's easier to find someone that's in the business.

QUIRKY FACT: One of Triple H's first valet's in the WWF was an unknown woman named Sable.

It's e-mail time!

Who is your favourite person to work with in the ring?
St. John's, NFLD.

That's a tough question. He and Ric Flair were chatting about their favourite opponents - and everyone has a different style. He loves Mick Foley, The Rock, Steve Austin, and The Undertaker.

Does he study Ric Flair's tapes? Yeah - nobody's influenced him more than Ric Flair. In the ring, he's the greatest of all time.

Who's the toughest guy in the locker room? Who would win that ultimate brawl for it all?
Traci H
Saskatoon, SASK.

It's hard to say because there's so many different styles. It might be Kurt Angle, but can he take down The Big Show and beat him up? There's a lot of tough guys - Bradshaw, Ron Simmons. He doesn't think he'd still be standing. He's a performer.

Are you disappointed that The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan match is the headlining match of Wrestlemania X8 instead of you and Jericho?
Denny Rahaman

He wishes they'd had a stronger build to their match. He feels it will be in its proper place. Hulk Hogan deserves his spot at the top.

What safety net does the WWF have to prevent itself from having bookers who push themselves? It did happen in the WCW.
Manuel Ruiz

Vince McMahon is the net. Dirtsheet writers don't have a clue. Nothing happens without going through Vince. He's the filter, and there's control. They have to make money with each other. He helps out with some of the writing.

Why isn't Jericho at the top yet? He thinks there's a small piece missing - but Chris is going to find it. It'll take a few shots to get it.

Who's up and coming? Test is a strong candidate, and so's Edge. There's always the one guy you're not watching who's going to become a big name.

When he first came in, he was at the tail end of the guys with the gimmicks. It took awhile to get away from the snob. Everybody just wants to be themselves.

And that's that.

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