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Video package recaps the Hogan/Warrior fued (and only 10 years past the expiration date) and short clips going over the other big matches on tape.

I've gotta mention I LOVE the Havoc set. That devil shaking the pumpkin's really neat.

Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, and Mike Tenay welcome us to the show. They state Hogan's lower than low for beating on Horace and because of this he'll do ANYTHING to the Warrior. Bobby puts on a mask while Tenay talks about DDP and Goldberg. Tony notices about 2 minutes later when Bobby yells "Boo! Trick or treat." So Tony sends it to Dave Penzer, but Penzer looks alot more like Nitro Girls to me. They dance. On PPV. That people paid money for.

Mean Gene interviews Rick Steiner. Rick says Scott's just another opponent. He's the hound in the pound and he's gonna get down. Buff Bagwell joins us. He says we're sick of Big Poppa Pump and offers himself to be in Rick's corner. The fans are booing him, cause they KNOW where this is going. Rick Steiner doesn't know if he can trust him. Bagwell barks like a dog to prove he's on his side. Steiner like an idiot agrees.

RAVEN vs. CHRIS JERICHO (for the World Television Title)

Tenay notes Raven's been losing alot lately and has even tapped out to the Liontamer despite being a guy who never taps out. Call me crazy (you're crazy) but I prefer Jericho's WCW music. Raven mentions the losing streak, calling himself a victim of circumstances. "What about me, what about Raven?" He went to bed at 11:00am and found out this afternoon he was scheduled in a match and is sick of WCW booking on the fly, so he walks out. Tony mentions they do everything on the fly in WCW. Jericho mentions he doesn't want to be there, and it's okay that he doesn't have to wrestle. However, the Jerichoholics want to see him because he equals buyrates, and butts in the seats. He also REALLY wanted to wrestle against an icon like Raven...the leader of the Flock. The biggest gang of morons and idiots in wrestling. Jericho thinks he can kick his rear end in 2 minutes cause Raven doesn't have what it takes anymore. Raven rushes the ring and Jericho starts kicking him in the corner. He rips off Raven's coat and whips him with it. Whip into the ropes, clothesline. Arrogant cover gets 2. Raven comes back with a kick to the midsection and a Cactus clothesline. Front suplex by Raven on Jericho onto the stairs. Raven stomps on him, runs up the steps and dropkicks Jericho. Raven tosses Jericho back in and poses. Jericho gets control with a sort of belly to belly into the ropes. Springboard dropkick, there goes Raven outside again. Jericho jumps off the apron and HITS HIS FACE right on the guardrail. I mean he smacked right into it. So Raven slams Jericho headfirst into the steel steps. Jericho comes back by throwing Raven into the guardrail. Raven gets Jericho in the corner and knaws on his face for awhile. Sleeperhold on Jericho, but Jericho gets a suplex and escapes. Backsplash senton on Raven and he exposes the turnbuckle. Jericho tries to toss Raven into it but Raven throws Jericho into the other corner. Powerbomb by Raven on Jericho and catapults Jericho into the exposed steel. Clothesline gets 2. Jericho attempts his kick, but Raven with a belly to belly for 2. They trade wastelocks, roll through, and Jericho gets control and there's the Liontamer! Raven tries to get to the ropes and gets there. Jericho throws a tantrum. Evenflow on Jericho out of nowhere, 1, 2, KICKOUT! Jericho rolls Raven up and gets 2. Jericho with the nutshot, German suplex, and gets 2. Here comes Kanyon, Jericho bumps into him on the ropes, Kanyon flies, Raven attempts the Evenflow again, but Jericho reverses into the Liontamer and Raven taps!

Time: 7:49

Voodoo Child plays and here comes our hero.... Oops, they change to nWo Black and White music. They only paid for 45 seconds tonight? Eric Bischoff is with him. Hogan says he beat everyone up in wrestling cause he loves Eric. He kisses Eric. Ewww. Bischoff says he feels like he's walking on a cloud. Bischoff says what he admires most about Hogan is the fact he represents family values. Hogan says people worship the ground he walks on. Hogan says Horace wasn't ready for the nWo so he crucified him. He has a message to that idiot bozo with the facepaint - tonight he's gonna know what he's all about. When ya mess with Hollywood you're gonna get beatup real bad 4 life.

DISCO INFERNO vs. JUVENTUD GUERRERA (for a World Cruiserweight Title shot later tonight)

Tony reminds us that it was Juventud who exposed Disco as just over the Cruiserweight limit in previous shows so they have a history. Disco takes control and kicks away in the corner. Sidewalk slam on Juvi, posing, gets 2. Juvi comes back with chops and knocks Disco down. Headscissors takeover, clothesline, and a you fucked up. They redo the spot and Juvi hits the Rocker Dropper. Chops in the corner, Disco with an elbow, charges and Juvi launches him over the top. Sloppy headscissors by Juvi on the outside. More chops, before Disco reverses and gets an inverted Atomic drop and a clothesline. Pick up and a slam, Disco up to the second turnbuckle, double axhandle, that gets 2. Disco puts on a sleeper. Juvi gets up, escapes and gets a rollup for 2. Juvi catches Disco and hits a spin kick. Ace crusher off the apron, Disco flies back. Disco rolls out before Juvi can do more damage, but here he comes with an over the top flying crossbody! Back in, Juvi gets a Frankensteiner. He motions for the Juvi Driver, reversed, reversed again, and Juvi gets slammed into the ropes, and gets caught with a swinging neckbreaker. Disco with a cover, gets 2. Juvi goes for a sunset flip, Disco blocks, he poses and gets caught with a rollup for 2. Disco swings Juvi around and dizzies himself. Disco gets a cover and Juvi with a foot in the ropes. Disco hooks a leg and gets 2. Vertical suplex, Disco goes up... He takes too long going up, Juvi catches him and crotches him. Juvi hits a hurricanrana, goes back up, hits a flying body attack for 2. Bulldog gets 2. Juvi mounts from behind, but Disco reverses and gets a jumping spike piledriver for 3. That was a sweet finish!

Time: 9:38

Since we just had a great match, it's time to keep the momentum going with Nitro Girls. *sigh* Thankfully it doesn't last long.

Here comes Scott Steiner. Steiner's been going for 30 days and 30 nights with 3 women. Tonight's a night off. Marcus Bagwell is a momma's boy. He wants to make the Steiner vs. Steiner match a tag-team match. Giant and Scott vs. Rick and Buff for the tag-team titles. Here comes JJ Dillon. If they lose the tag- team titles to Buff and Rick, Scott has to face Rick for 15 minutes. Scott agrees.

And here comes the Nitro Girls again, cause a match right about now wouldn't make sense right? I mean it IS Pay-Per-View. When *I* shell out my $30 I expect T&A.

DISCO INFERNO vs. BILLY KIDMAN (for the World Cruiserweight Title)

Side headlock from Kidman out of the lockup, toss off the ropes and Disco gets a hiptoss, but Kidman's up and hits a dropkick. Disco waits on the mat for a moment. Side headlock, Disco escapes, scoop slam, but Kidman comes back with a drop toe hold. Armbar on Disco. Wristlock, reversed by Disco. Disco takes him down a few times, but Kidman recovers, off the ropes and sends Disco down. Kidman on the apron and gets a slingshot headscissors takeover! Kidman stomps away at Disco. Disco comes back and sends Kidman throat first into the cable with a drop toe hold of his own. Boot to the stomach, swinging neckbreaker. He waits, then covers and gets 2. Disco sends Kidman HARD into the turnbuckle. Disco taunts Kidman. "Kidman, turn the music down.... Yes mom." Funny! Kidman charges at Disco, but he flies over the top rope and down the aisle. Kidman back with his tornado bulldog off the steps and to the floor. He rolls Disco back in, up top, and misses a splash. Disco covers and scores a 2 count. Headlock on the mat. Kidman comes back, off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Kidman tries to go off the ropes again but gets caught, tossed, and dropped. Disco dances and the crowd doesn't like it. Into the corner, boots to the midsection of Kidman. Back to posing and the crowd is getting really ticked. Belly to back suplex, the cover, only a 2 count. Disco yells "show me something you punk". Kidman tries to fight back but Disco rakes the eyes. Jawbreaker from the apron, back in and a scoop slam. Disco goes to the second rope, boogies, and misses a double axehandle. Kidman hits a short powerbomb and gets a 2. Powerslam by Kidman gets 2. Disco tossed into the ropes, holds the top and Kidman misses a dropkick. Disco goes to a powerbomb, but Kidman escapes, so Disco boots him in the stomach and hits the spike piledriver! Disco covers arrogantly, and gets 2! Disco flips out. Kidman comes back and hits his tornado bulldog but Disco reverses in MID AIR, comes back with a gourdbuster, and gets 2. He sets Kidman up for the powerbomb, does the Macarena, but can't powerbomb Kidman. Kidman up top, shooting star press, that's it!

Time: 10:48

Now if I'm WCW, I follow this up by giving Disco the TV Title tomorrow night. But I'm not WCW.


Giant takes a smoke break before the match. He then teases Charles Robinson by holding the belt way too high for him to reach. Giant immediately pounds away on Rick Steiner with chops, punches, and kicks. Atomic drop, Giant wants to tag out by Scott doesn't want in. Belly to back and Giant tags out to Scott. Scott immediately takes Rick to school. He throws Rick out of the ring, and Giant headbutts Rick. Buff gets in Giant's face, so Giant throws Rick back in. Side headlock with aid from the ropes. Scott pounds on Rick some more. Scott poses for the crowd, whip into the ropes, Rick back with an Atomic drop, a clothesline and starts to beat on him. 10 count punches in the corner, but it only makes 7 before Scott runs out, but Rick back with an Atomic drop, an a cover for 2. Buff tagged in and promptly turns on Rick. Buff jogs to the back leaving Rick all by himself with Scott and The Giant. Giant kicks Rick, Scott with a kick to the nuts. Scott looks proud of himself, which for some reason I find really funny. He chokes Rick on the ropes. Goldberg chant breaks out! Scott kicks Rick in the head, knocking him on his back. Scoop slam and Scott dances circles around Rick. Scott chokes Rick with his boot, and tags in Giant. Giant barks at Rick a whole lot and jumps up and down on Rick. I'm sorry, it's a bad match but I'm laughing here. Which I suppose is important if the wrestling sucks. :-) Rick rolls outside, so Scott throws him into the guardrail and rolls him back in. Russian legsweep by Giant who covers for one and picks him up. He does it again. The fans are getting noticeably pissed. The fans erupt as Rick tries a comeback. Scott with the lowblow and down goes Rick again. Giant shines up the turnbuckle, goes up top, which Heenan calls the jumbojet. MISSILE FREAKIN' DROPKICK from The Giant but he hits Scott instead, and Rick comes back on Giant. Top rope bulldog, he gets a 3 count.

Time: 8:24

Even though I hate Rick Steiner, it was a cool ending. So we immediately go to:


Charles Robinson starts a 10 count, so Scott simply walks away. Rick however catches him and starts to drag him back, but Giant goes after Rick. Rick escapes and goes back to Scott, and throws him into the stairs. He rolls Scott into the ring and Scott asks for a timeout. Rick BELTS him! Rick with a clothesline on Scott and the fans are really into this. Scott reverses a whip into the turnbuckle but Rick gets a boot up and knocks Scott down. Rick runs Scott upside down into the turnbuckle. Scott with a suplex on Rick and he takes over. Scott is NOT particularly happy right now. Rick manages to catch Scott in midair however and plants him. Belly to belly suplex gets 2. Some guy in a Bill Clinton mask runs in and hits Rick with a slapjack. It's Buff Bagwell again, and ring the bell a thousand times cause it's a DQ.

Time: 3:32

Buff tries to count down Rick himself, but he counts out. So Scott hits a Frankensteiner from the top rope and it again gets 2. Rick comes back with a clothesline, and then he takes out Buff as well. Up top he goes, bulldog, he covers Scott and they ring the bell again?

Time: 5:10
I'm not rating it twice!

We get a video package with Hall and Nash. Good history look.


Hall comes out with a drink in his hands. I can't tell what it is to be honest. Tony calls Nash Mr. Cool. As in Big Daddy? Hall throws the drink in Nash's eyes, so it isn't water! Hall kick away at Nash until he's out of the ring. He throws Nash into the guardrail, then into the post. He uses the microphone from Penzer and clocks Nash. Now he chokes Nash with a camera cable. The referee is trying to break it up, but can't. He throws Nash into the guardrail again, then smacks the taste out of his mouth. Hall back in, and asks for a microphone.

"Hey yo! Hey Big Sexy, look at you now. Hey Kev, did I burn your eyes there big fella? How's the world look Kev, through foggy eyes? Why don't you drag your big butt back to the locker, I'm through listening to you."

Nash comes back in and Hall immediately knocks him back down. Hall is dismantling him. The crowd chants Wolfpac. Scoop slam and Hall says it's all over. He goes for the Outsiders Edge, but Nash shoves him off. Up top, 10 punch count reaches 3 before Nash throws him away. Hall comes back, and only gets a 3 punch count again before being shoved off. Nash is telling Hall to come hit him. He won't fight back. So Hall continues kicking the crap out of him. Hall starts slapping Nash's face. Nash finally reverses some whips and gets Hall into the turnbuckle. Sidewalk slam on Hall, and they're both down. Mandatory 10 count reaches 6. On their knees they trade punches. Hall gets back to his feet and continues beating on Nash. Nash comes back with a knee, and punches Hall down. Nash goes for a powerbomb and Hall rolls out REALLY fast. Nash rips off his shirt, calls Hall back to the ring. They lockup, and Nash shoves Hall away. Hall gives Nash a look, charges and gets control. With a standing armbar, he slaps Nash around. Goes for a twist, and Nash clotheslines him down. Nash punches Hall some more. Nash plants him face first. Bobby Heenan starts howling as Nash hits that running leg thing on the ropes twice. The ref asks Hall if he wants to continue. Hall in the corner, takes knees to the midsection. Nash takes a picture and hits the elbow to the head. Nash takes him to another corner and does it again yelling "Take another drink baby. Wanna double?" Nash continues to punch Hall and asks him if he's had enough. Hall weakly tries to hit Nash, so Nash sends him into the ropes and hits a big boot. Down come the straps. Sets Hall up for the powerbomb, he hits it and Hall lands on the back of his neck. Nash looks at the crowd and asks if they want one more? He sets Hall up again, this one is smoother. Mickie Jay tells Nash to pin Hall already. Nash chops at his crotch, and walks away. He gets counted out, so Scott Hall is your winner.

Time: 14:16

Tony says this is how deep routed the hatred has become, clearly not understanding at all what they were trying to get across, unless it WAS hate they were trying to get across and they failed miserably cause it looked alot more like love to me?

The Nitro Girls are here to relieve tension by wearing colorful wigs!

BRET HART vs. STING (for the WCW US Heavyweight Title)

It's the Sharpshooter against the Scorpion Deathlock! I saw this matchup live in Toronto about a year after this show, and thought that match was really cool. So at a year younger, this match MUST rock! Well, at least by my logic it should?

Oh, right, I forgot Sting was in the Wolfpac. There's probably a reason for that. He looks like an idiot in red and black.

Bret keeps going where ever Sting isn't, pissing off the crowd. Bret rules. The bell sounds and we're off. Well, Bret's off anyway as he immediately jumps out of the ring again. Ha! Bret comes in, for about 2 seconds and goes back out again. Sting's had enough and chases him and slams him into the guardrail. Back in, Stin stomps away, and starts the 10 punch count along, but gets 6. So Sting clotheslines him. Sting throws him into the turnbuckle a couple times and shreiks at him. Atomic drop, goes for a pin and gets 2. Bret manages to get a kick to the midsection and takes control with a rake to the eyes. DDT , and that gets a 2 count. Another eye rake. Atomic drop, and a clothesline and Bret kinda stands there look at the crowd. He headbutts Sting in the groin. Legdrop, and it gets 2. Bret headbutts Sting's ass, and Tony declares them on target. Elbow to Sting's head, and he gets another 2. Side headlock on the mat. Sting elbows out of it, so Bret knees him in the stomach. Bret chokes him on the ropes, counting along with the ref to 4. Another eye rake, and a bulldog. Sting gets a cradle but Bret escapes and hits the Russian legsweep. Up to the second turnbuckle, misses the dropkick and Stin puts on the Scorpion Deathlock, but Bret gets the ropes. Sting calls to the crowd, and stomps at Bret. He pulls Bret to the middle of the ring, and covers for 2. Bret's groin injury starts flaring up, so Sting stomps at the groin. The ref tells Sting to back off, Bret reaches into his tights and has something in his hands. Bret drops the object when Sting clotheslines him, and Sting goes to waffle Bret with it. Billy Silverman stops him, and Sting gets hit with it! Bret stomps Sting in the groin, with a backbreaker followup. Double axehandle from the second rope, and it gets 2. Bret whines at the ref about the count, but Bret, has that move EVER pinned an opponent in your career? Sting tossed outside, and thrown into the guardrail. Now if I'm Bret, I rush back to the ring and wait for Sting to get counted out. At least that's how I used to win playing nWo Revenge on the N64 a few years back. Sure enough, that's what he does and the crowd boos him while he gives them a look. Sting elbows Billy Silverman accidently so Bret legdrops Silverman for good measure. Sting back in and takes Bret apart. Bret gets a foot up in the corner and knocks Sting down. Bret up top, and Sting catches him and Bret gets crotched! Sting with a superplex, and Silverman gets hit again. Stinger Splash in the corner but Sting's head hits the post. Bret grabs the baseball bat and starts hitting Sting over and over. Bret goes up top, and drops the bat across Sting's throat. Now he goes to wake up the referee and gets the Sharpshooter on Sting. Sting's out and can't answer.

Time: 15:04

Sting gets stretchered out of the arena. When he woke up, he found himself in Hollywood on the set of a movie and decided to stay for 6 months.

HOLLYWOOD HOGAN vs. THE WARRIOR (in a match 8 years in the making)

Warrior runs to the ring. Shake those ropes! My best friend is a huge Warrior mark and this kind of match is right up his alley. It's too bad HE'S not recapping it. Warrior knocks Hogan down and we're off. They circle around eachother and lockup. Hogan takes control and starts pounding away. They trade armdrags and Warrior pumps his arms around while Hogan holds his head. Fans chant You Suck at Hogan. For once in my life, I think they've got the wrong guy. Warrior asks for a test of strength. But Hogan will have none of it, and gets Warrior into the corner and pounds away at him. Knee to the throat. Hogan with a knuckle lock and Warrior powers out. Now we have a test of strength and Hogan kicks away at him. Warrior makes a comeback and Hogan kicks him back down again. This test of strength has gone on for about 5 minutes and the fans chant BORING! Warrior back up, and Hogan knocks him back down to a knee. Hogan with a powerslam on Warrior, he celebrates and Warrior is up. Warrior with a powerslam, and then drives Hogan over the top with a clothesline. The crowd reminds us that Hogan Sucks. Hogan to the eyes, and goes to drive Warrior into the guardrail but Warrior reverses and it's Hogan who goes in. Warrior drives Hogan face first into the ringpost. Hogan takes out Nick Patrick. Now he takes over with punches and he calls out the nWo. Giant comes out. He kicks Hogan in the face by accident, making him 0 for 2. Warrior drops Giant over the top. Stevie Ray, and Vincent run in and they're taken out. Warrior covers Hogan but Nick Patrick is still dead. Hogan with a belly to back suplex, Nick Patrick is alive and we get 2. Hogan drives his knee to Warrior's back. Hogan chokes Warrior and Nick Patrick warns him. Hogan takes off the belt and starts whipping Warrior. Now he chokes him with it and Patrick pulls Hogan off by the hair! Scoop slam, and he tries to drop an elbow but misses several times. Warrior managed to knock Hogan down a couple times, goes for the splash and misses. Warrior gets Hogan's belt and whips Hogan. He decks Hogan with the belt across the head and Hogan reaches deep into his tights. He's got a lighter, and it LOOKS like he was trying to throw a fireball at the Warrior but it didn't work. Warrior gets a double axehandle from the top, goes back up and hits it again. Hogan's bleeding now because the axehandle is such a devistating manouver. Hogan comes back and hits the legdrop out of nowhere. Horace comes ringside as Hogan tries to hit it again but he misses. Warrior is coming back and no selling everything. Clotheslines all around! Bischoff is out to distract the ref. Horace hits the Warrior with the chair and Hogan wins.

Time: 14:19

Horace has apparently passed The Test and pours lighter fluid all over the Warrior. The Green Streak (wearing burgandy tonight) runs out with his crew of security to make him stop. Bischoff tells Dillenger to get lost. The threesome head to the back.

Michael Buffer is out so it's time for our main event of the evening! This is make or break. The undercard was great, the uppercard has been off.

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE vs. GOLDBERG (for the WCW World Heavyweight Title)

Page runs through the crowd and delivers a BANG in the ring. Goldberg chants start up. Goldberg comes to the ring with a crew of security, as usual. Now that's a pop. He's apparently beaten 154 guys in a row at this point. Can't argue with Buffer, I'm not counting. Page looks intense tonight. The 2 men jaw for a bit. Page off the ropes, into Goldberg and gets thrown back on 3 occassions. They lock up again and Page gets an armdrag, and they're out to the floor together. Goldberg powers Page over in the ring, does a flip in midair but Page sweeps out his feet. Goldberg back up and hits Page. Flapjack, into an armbreaker and Page gets to the ropes. Jawbreaker from Page, he attempts a shoulderblock into a Diamond Cutter but Goldberg throws him out of the ring to the floor. Page comes back in as the 2 glare at eachother. Goldberg gets control but Page gets a droptoe hold but Goldberg's back up with a shoulderblock to the floor. Page out to the floor, but a jawbreaker from the apron, back in in a hurry, swinging neckbreaker, Russian legsweep and gets 2. Goldberg is dazed, and we've NEVER seen that from him before. Page hooks a front facelock on the mat. Goldberg manages to get out of that and knocks Page back down again. Goldberg gets a snap vertical suplex off and follows up with a sidewalk slam for a 2 count. Goldberg gets the armbar back on Page but Page again reaches the ropes. He goes for another sidewalk slam, but Page gets a headscissors takeover! Goldberg pops up, goes for the spear, but Page is out of the way and Goldberg hits the post! Page literally jumped over the ropes and out of the way. Page gets a top rope clothesline but Goldberg kicks out at 2. Page with a floatover DDT on Goldberg, and Page signals for the Diamond Cutter. However, Goldberg hits the spear while he's signalling, and Goldberg's shoulder is still in pain from the ringpost. Goldberg can't get the Jackhammer the first time, goes for a second time, but again it fails and Page hits the Diamond Cutter!!! However, he's down and doesn't follow up right away. Finally a cover, and Goldberg kicks out! Page tries a suplex but Goldberg counters with the Jackhammer and gets the win. That was a match!

Time: 10:28

The show itself was up and down but ending on that emotional little roller coaster is enough to tell you to get this show! Goldberg and Page do the show of respect after the show and everyone goes home happy. That's what wrestling is all about, and sometimes I think the promoters forget that as the belief is often that wrestling needs a big heel for a face to chase. Not the case during this match. Just 2 guys who went out there and busted their asses. The undercard offers some fantastic wrestling from the regular group whom the Internet was whining about a lack of elevation about. Overall, alot of fun. The only downpoint is Hogan and Warrior, which failed to live up to the hype surrounding it, but if you expected anything from that you're a sucker. :-)

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