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I managed to work a trade with a friend of mine that are sending four old Coliseum videos his way in exchange for Wrestlemania X7, and No Way Out 2001. But before I let 'em go, I REALLY want to know what it is I'm losing. And because I haven't written anything lately, you get to come along.

We'll start of with Best Of The WWF Vol. 18.

"Let me tell you something, nobody knows more about being cool than The Hitman, and let me tell you something, it is not cool to smoke. Be a survivor and don't (breaks cigarettes) smoke!"

Available soon, Wrestlemania V, and shrinkwrapped to every cassette is a limited edition Wrestlemania V timepiece! Watch for it - available April 19th (1989).

Distributed by Coliseum video.

Hi Sean Mooney! Over the next 90 minutes, we're going to watch some of the top matches in WWF history. From Paris, France - Sensational Sherri takes on Rockin Robin for the WWF Women's Title. Rick Rude meets Jake "The Snake" Roberts with clips involving Jake's wife! Brother Love gets all up in Hulk Hogan's area. The Brainbusters take on The Young Stallions, Brutus Beefcake sees Jacques Rougeau, and in a match for the WWF Title, Randy Savage defends against Ted DiBiase.


Gorilla Monsoon notes that Sherri has NOT defended the title in 29 days, and had she not defended tonight, she'd have been stripped of the title.

The referee hands the belt to the outside and calls for the bell - while Sherri attacks Robin from behind, shoving her into the turnbuckle. Sherri charges the corner - but Robin gets her legs up and Sherri runs right into them. Boot to the midsection - whip - spinning back elbow! Cover, Sherri's foot is on the ropes, no count. Scoop and a slam, elbow drop, 1, Sherri's out. Robin tries to roll Sherri up, but she's hooked onto the ropes, and Sherri just somersaults back with nobody in her arms. Sherri shrieks to the crowd - but Robin's up and dropkicks the champ over the top and to the floor. Robin picks her up by the hair and hangs her over the top ropes - and after a couple of forearm shots drags Sherri in by the hair. Cover, 1, Sherri's foot is on the ropes. Snapmare takeover, 1, Sherri has her shoulder up. Robin leans back on the side headlock, as Sherri tries to get a vertical base. She stands, but Robin's really pulling back on the headlock. Sherri starts talking about a hair pull, and as soon as she escapes the hold, she's yanked back by the hair. The referee ASKS Robin, which she denies, despite the fact everyone saw it. Again, Sherri escapes, and again she's held back by the hair. Once again the idiot referee is the only one in the building who missed it. Sherri is finally able to shove Robin off - ducks a leapfrog - but turns around right into the Clapping Behind Your Head! Sherri is in pain apparently. Whip - crossbody, 1, Sherri kicks out. Robin puts the headlock back on the champion again. She's working it - Sherri grabs some hair, so Robin counters with punches to the head. Sherri leaps to escape - but Robin holds on strong, following through with a snapmare into a pin, 1, 2, and she's out right away. Robin keeps working it - is shoved into the corner, but bulldogs her way out of it, hanging on, and pins. 1, 2, Sherri gets her shoulder up. Back down, 1, 2, again she's out. Robin keeps holding on, as they work on the ground. Sherri gets a foot on the ropes, Tim White orders a break. Robin takes a cheap shot as she's releasing the hold - and Sherri goes to complain. Robin rolls her up from behind, 1, Sherri kicks out. And we're back to the headlock. Finally, we go to something different with a hammerlock. It's reversed by Sherri, and she's cinching back. Hair pull, sets the arm on the ropes, and kicks at it. Referee wants a break. Full nelson is applied. Robin with a sweet dropdown to escape, followed by a kick to send Sherri into the ropes, and as she comes off Robin gets the full nelson. Sherri ducks down, goes for the kick, but Robin's stepped back, and Robin puts the full nelson back on. Sherri is trying to get to the ropes - and climbs a turnbuckle with her feet only. That's good for a break, so Robin complies by letting go, dropping Sherri on her head. Hah! Cover, 1, foot's on the rope. Robin tries to go back to the headlock one more time, but Sherri's not allowing it to happen this time by driving Robin right back into the turnbuckle. Kicks are delivered in the corner. Sherri grabs Robin and tries to run her across the ring into the turnbuckle - but it's reversed by Robin and Sherri's the one who gets planted. Robin calls for another corner - and delivers Sherri's head as promised. Corner #3 follows - and we have one more. Robin complies with the crowd's request - follows with a clothesline, and covers. 1, 2, Sherri's foot is on the ropes. Robin is PISSED, pulls Sherri to the middle, 1, Sherri kicks out. Sherri kicks Robin, and throws her to the outside of the ring. Sherri stands tall, claiming victory. Robin gets to the apron, Sherri runs, and hits a knee right to the head. Robin again gets to the turnbuckle, and Sherri hits her again. Robin's back in, and promptly gets choked by Sherri's boot, and again by the ropes. Sherri sends Robin into the corner head first - Robin jumps to the second rope, SUNSET FLIP! 1, 2, Sherri kicks Robin in the head to release the hold. Scoop and a slam - Sherri to the top rope - Robin catches her and slams her! Robin walks around waiting for Sherri to get to her feet. Boot to the midsection - climbs the turnbuckle. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Sherri drops, cover, 1, 2, she kicks out! Chop in the corner. Another one. Whip - Sherri jumps up on the opposite turnbuckle - goes for a crossbody but Robin ducks and Sherri hits nothing. Cover, 1, Sherri still gets away. Whip by Robin - hits a clothesline. 1, Sherri gets her foot on the ropes. Whip - Robin tries a dropkick but Sherri holds the top rope. Hey, this isn't bad. Sherri covers, 1, 2, Robin kicks out. Whip by Sherri - ducks down - Robin with a sunset flip, 1, can't hold on. Sherri's up, Russian legsweep. I'll let the fact Gorilla called it a neckbreaker pass, mostly because he's not JR. 1, 2, Robin kicks out. Sherri puts Robin on her shoulders - and sets her on the top rope. However, before she can do whatever it was she was planning, Robin hits a bulldog! 1, 2, 3!

Time: 12:32


We don't like heavy metal, we don't like rock 'n roll, all we like to listen to is Barry Manilow. Hah, I really like this theme. On the other hand, I don't like either one of these guys. I guess I'll root for Rougeau, mostly because he's pained me the least over the years.

Tons of stalling, in hopes of getting rid of the scissors from Beefcake. I don't blame Rougeau - I wouldn't much care to fight a guy with a foot long pair of scissors. Rougeau is ordered in anyway. Lockup, Rougeau is shoved into the ropes, and the break. Rougeau offers his hand, shakes, and we're all smiles. Lockup, Brutus is on the ropes, and we break again. Lockup, Rougeau raises a knee and gets Brutus in the face. Too bad that wasn't post boating accident, I'd kinda like to see that explosion the announcers talked about so much. Rougeau is shoved into the ropes, and hits a dropkick. Brutus staggers to his feet, Rougeau tries another one, but Beefcake backs up and Rougeau hits nothing. Brutus stomps away at Rougeau in the ropes. Whip - Brutus with a running kneelift, and Rougeau heads out to the floor. He needs a hug from Jimmy Hart. Awwwww. Rougeau in while Hart distracts Beefcake, and hits a double axehandle! Whip into the ropes - Rougeau comes at Beefcake with a running elbowsmash. Stomping away. Rougeau puts on a camel clutch and leans way back. Brutus gets to his feet, but Jacques stays on him. Backdrop into a Boston crab! Beefcake crawls to the ropes, and Rougeau has to break. Beefcake is tossed out to the floor. With the ref's back turned, Hart gets a shot to the back with the megaphone - and Beefcake slowly goes back in. Rougeau starts to work over the back now. From the corner, snapmare, and in the middle Rougeau drops a knee on the back. A bow and arrow is applied, and Brutus can't get out. Rougeau drops down on back. Brutus to his feet is whipped, and an abdominal stretch is put on. Rougeau pounds the ribs and lets go. Brutus shows signs of hulking up - and reverses a whip. Rougeau however was ready - jumps the turnbuckle - and comes away with a crossbody that doesn't connect. Beefcake celebrates. Rougeau is whipped, and nailed with a backdrop. Brutus ducks a clothesline - and nails an atomic drop. Head to the turnbuckle, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Down he goes - off the ropes - big splash is blocked by the knees! Beefcake reverses a whip from Rougeau while Hart distracts the ref - and when he hits the other side he runs right into Jimmy. Rougeau can't believe his misfortune, and is caught in a sleeper! Ray Rougeau rushes the ring at this point, it's a DQ win for Beefcake.

Time: 9:09

Brutus grabs his scissors to scare off the Rougeaus. The announcers celebrate this - though I have issues with a guy being allowed to run amuck with an object you can STAB PEOPLE with.


Arn Anderson and Jimmy Powers start. Arn takes him down - and both men back up. Boot to the midsection, and Arn goes to work in the corner. Both Paul Roma and Tully Blanchard get into the ring - and all four start fighting, leading to Arn and Tully on the floor. Back in, Powers and Tully are legal. Tully with a single leg takedown, but he gets shoved away before he can do anything with it. Another takedown, and another shove off. Make it three. Lockup - they battle towards the corner and Powers tags out. Tully off the ropes - Roma hits a dropkick as he comes off. Tully tags out. Lockup, Arn gets on a headlock - go behind into a hammerlock, reversed by Roma, and Arn's taken down. Arn tells the ref Roma was doing something illegal - Roma pleads his case, and Arn hits him from behind. That was cool. Roma tries a whip, Arn reverses - Roma leapfrogs a charging Arn - Arn turns, and meets the dropkick. Tully races in, but Roma's got a dropkick for him too. Arn charges, scoop and a slam from Roma! Tully gets a scoop slam as well, and the Brainbusters head back out. Tully gets in, and is legal. He goes for something, but gets caught by the leg, Powers comes in - and both guys pull apart the legs. Tully needs a minute to recover, but Roma won't give it to him. Blanchard gets hiptossed over the top from the ramp - and into the ring. Powers drops an elbow down on the leg of Blachard a couple of times, and Roma is tagged in. Single leg takedown, and Roma drops a knee on the groin. Both guys hit right hands on Tully, and Roma tosses him across the ring. Roma tries a headscissors takeover - but gets caught up top - Arn rushes in and knocks him down while the ref is busy with Powers. Arn starts stomping on the hand on Roma. Arn whips him - he ducks a clothesline - off the other side Arn hits the spinebuster!! 1, 2, Roma kicks out. Tully puts his knee up in the corner - and Arn sends Roma head first into it. Tully sends Roma out to the floor, and spits at Powers. Powers flips - and charges Tully which causes the ref a distraction. On the floor Blanchard whips Roma into Arm who runs him over. Arn rolls him in - heads up while Tully holds him hostage, and hits an axehandle. Abdominal stretch is put on Roma, and Tully gives Arn some help. Tully is tagged in while Arn has the hold on - comes off the ropes and nails the wide open Roma. Blanchard goes for an elbowdrop - misses, and is forced to tag in Arn to stop Roma from getting a tag on the other side. Arn does manage to cut off the ring. Inverted atomic drop, pin, 1, 2, kick out. Powering the shoulder down, 1, 2, Roma again gets his shoulder off the mat. They keep powering about with the test of strength. Arn leaps for leverage - but on his way down Roma's got the legs up and Arn takes it in the groin. He crawls over to tag in Tully before it's too late, and does so in time to cut off the ring. Tully sends Roma out to the floor, and drops an axehandle from the apron. Blanchard struts about back in the ring, then tags Arn as Roma gets to the apron. Roma is whipped - and he leaps for a sunset flip, hits it, 1, Arn tags out while on the ground. Tully stomps on Roma right away. European uppercuts follow. Vertical suplex is blocked and countered with one of his own. Roma crawls, so does Tully, tags on both ends! Powers starts to work over Arn and hits the dropkick! Tully comes at him, dropkick for him too! Whip for Arn into a scoop slam. Same for Tully! Double noggin knocker! Powers works over Tully while Roma works Arn in the other corner. Double whip - and the Brainbusters meet midring! Arn is sent into the corner and worked over, while Tully and Roma fight on the floor. The referee deals with getting Roma to his corner. Meanwhile, Tully heads up top - goes for the sunset flip, hits but can't take Powers down. Arn clotheslines him in a big way to make sure he DOES go down, and we have a pinning situation. Referee turns, 1, 2, 3!

Time: 12:15

Typical horsemen style tag-team match all the way.

It's the Brother Love show. I can't hear a word he's saying because Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura keep talking over him. Something against Hulk Hogan is all I can make out. I think the jist of it is Hulk Hogan was scheduled to be on the show, but he went and got himself a Real American in Slick.

So backstage, Mean Gene Okerlund has Hulk Hogan. "I don't believe this dude, oh I'm gonna show him what love is all about brother, Hulkamania style!"

Back in the ring, Brother Love sucks up to Slick, and wants to bring out a man who knows no love, Brother Hulkster. "You see Brother Hulkster, Brother Love is in control here tonight, yes I am. And I'm not afraid of you big boy. Now I wanna know something. How did it feel, how did it feel when the Big Bossman took that club and whipped you across your back, and you were handcuffed lying there like a jellyfish flopping all around. (Hogan starts to yell) I'll tell you how it felt. I'll tell you how it felt. It must have felt real good. It must have felt real good. What do you think Brother Slick?" "Well of course it did. And look at them beady eyes, look at that face, don't that look like a face of a criminal? And you're just losing control. But I bet you won't lose it no more will ya Hogan, huh?" (Hogan tries to get a word in.) "Of course he will not lose control. No, you won't lose control because you remember what happened last time. I remember it as I watched on the monitor back there. Now what I want to know is when the Bossman was beating you within an inch of your life, what exactly was going through your mind? (Hogan tries to get a word in again.) Oh I know what was going through your mind alright. I'll bet there were a lot of things going through your mind." "Eeeeexactly that! I tell ya what was going through your mind, and what's going through your mind right now. You remember that big body of yours, that big massive back while the Bossman brotha beat you until you were black and blue. Didn't he do it? Didn't he do it?" "Well I..." "Oh yeah, he beat him until he was black and blue alright. You know Brother Hulkster, I bet that you were the type of kid that back in school..." (Hulk grabs away the microphone.) "SHUT UP! Let me tell you something Brother Loves. The type of love you give is equal to the kind of love you receive. And so far, the love you've been giving isn't the kind you want to receive big boy. But as far as school goes, if you get out of control right here, I'm gonna show you what the School of Hard Knocks is all about, Hulkamania style. Let me ask you a question Slickster - you talk about me being black and blue, handcuffed out here and busted up by the Big Bossman with a nightstick. Well what would you do if one of my Hulkamaniacs out here was to tie you up, and start beating you with a stick, how would you like that? Oh yeah, wait a minute, I'll tell you how you'd like that. You wouldn't like it one bit, because after the first Hulkamania got the first lick in, all these other Hulkamaniacs would get in line to beat you too boy! Let me ask you something Brother Love. As far as I'm concerned, the love that you're trying to spread around here is as phony as those rings on your finger man. And one more thing, if I was the whole trial right now, and put you on the witness stand, all my Hulkamaniacs would pass sentence on you, I know it would be guilty as charged. And how would you like it if you were put on my witness stand?" "I'll tell ya..." "Wait a minute. I know you wouldn't like it one bit. Because after you would be charged guilty, I would be judge Hogan, and judge Hogan would also pass the execution on you. Slickster, I wanna ask you one thing man. Do you think that you're the only person that bosses people around, and do you think you're the only one who's got a pair of handcuffs." (Brother Love quickly grabs the microphone away.) "Well I can tell you are losing control. So let me tell you something Hogan, should you decide to lose control again, it will only take one call to the Bossman to bring you under control again." "Listen buster..." And with that Hogan, loses control and grabs Slick. Slick is tossed over the top rope, and Brother Love hits Hogan with the microphone from behind. Hogan's had enough of him, scoops him up, and slams him midring. Off with that shirt! Hogan pulls a pair of handcuffs out of his kneepad, and handcuffs Brother Love to the ropes. Cup those ears! Clothesline over the top - and Brother Love is hanging by an arm.

Have I even mentioned how INCREDIBLY ANNOYING Brother Love is? He makes me want to turn off the tape, he's that bad, and I can usually sit through almost anything.

Cheryl Roberts is handpicked by Rick Rude to be this week's Rude Awakening woman - but she wants nothing to do with it and slaps him. He starts to berate Cheryl, and Jake comes to her aid. So in the weeks that followed, Rude started wearing tights with Cheryl's face on them. Roberts promised if he ever wore them again, he's take them off. And sure enough, off came the tights next time he wore them - and we see a giant CENSORED circle over his crotch.

RICK RUDE (with Bobby Heenan) vs. JAKE ROBERTS (with Cheryl Roberts)

Rude's wearing the tights again, as a good heel would. Jesse Ventura continually calls Cheryl "Robin Givens", a name once used to describe Mick Foley's wife by Vince McMahon. Roberts has enough of the hip swivel and locksup stiffly right away. Rude puts Roberts in the corner and drives his shoulder into Roberts - but Roberts counters instantly with a knee to the face. Roberts goes to take the tights off, but Rude gets an armdrag - instantly countered with a punch and an armdrag by Roberts. The wristlock is put on hard - Rude tries to get to the apron, but Roberts yanks him back in. Rude shoves him off into the ropes - leapfrog by Rude, but when he turns Roberts is there with a fist to the midsection. DDT is ready...but Rude ducks down and out to the floor. Heenan and Rude chat - Rude heads in and rakes the eyes of Jake. Right, armdrag, reversed - goes for the shortarm clothesline, but Rude ducks and takes down Jake with one of his own. Rude picks up Roberts, and drives him into the turnbuckle a few times. Rude keeps firing with rights while Roberts' punches are missing, until Roberts is knocked down. Measure the elbow - it hits! Rude calls to Cheryl on the floor. Rude works over the small of the back with punches - then whips Jake into the corner which doesn't help things for Jake. Another shot to the back, then to the face, and a whip to the corner. Rude turns to yell at Cheryl - Jake is incensed, and runs over Rude with a clothesline! Jake hits the lefts, then the right takes down Rude. Gutbuster - and Rude is down. Jake holds Rude in place with a surfboard and calls Cheryl over to slap him. She complies happily, and Jesse starts calling for a DQ that never comes. Heenan too wants a DQ and screams at the referee, while Roberts explains why he did what he did. An obvious clip takes place, so we zoom ahead...

Roberts and Rude are brawling on the floor. Roberts has a headlock on Rude, but gets shoved off into the post. Rude yanks the arm of Jake and pulls him around the post. He hits it again for good measure, heads in and swivels the hips. Jake gets in, fires in some shots the midsection, and takes Rude down. Whip - backdrop. The DDT is called for - but Rude backdrops him, and drops an elbow. To the top rope he goes - and hits the kneedrop! Cover, 1, 2, Roberts kicks out! More hip swivelling. Rude turns and goes for the Rude Awakening, but Roberts BITES the hand that feeds the move! Rude is pissed - whips Jake into the ropes, but Jake stops. Rude comes forward, Roberts fakes a punch, he ducks, BAM! DDT! Heenan is screaming on the top rope for someone, and comes in to stop Roberts from pulling off the tights. DQ all the way.

Time: 7:23

Andre The Giant's the guy Heenan was calling for, and heads on down. Roberts grabs Heenan, but Andre hits the ring and takes Jake apart. A headbutt knocks him out on the floor. Andre goes to check on Rude. Meanwhile, Jake's got Damian, and when Andre turns he gets a look of complete fear on his face. Andre starts yelling for Heenan to help him. He keeps backing up, but Jake throws Damian on Andre. Andre freaks out trying to get the snake off of him. Jake keeps putting it onto Andre, and Andre starts having a heart attack. Andre passes out holding his chest. Heenan throws an absolute tantrum about the fact his Giant is out cold.

Mean Gene introduces The Bushwhackers, the newest WWF tag-team. I'm not EVEN going to try to transcribe it. Gene suggests the smell, and wonders what their cologne is. Gene offers them a drink, so Luke attacks the machine trying to get a drink. Luke opens the can by removing his teeth and pressing it down on the can.

Here's another Bushwhacker's interview. They're feeding eachother sardines. Butch tells us that the one thing he loves the USA is he gets to eat in lovely restaurants. They eat sardines for the breath, because it throws the opponents off.

Gene walks about in the woods looking for the Bushwhackers. They pop up from under a bunch of leaves, knocking Gene off his feet. They announce they wear camouflage so their opponents can't see them in the ring - and then bury Gene in the leaves.

TED DIBIASE (with Virgil) vs. RANDY SAVAGE (with Elizabeth) (in a Cage Match for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

DiBiase stomps away at Savage before the bell. He hammers Savage in the corner - then chops him on the ropes. Snap mare into a handstand kneedrop follow. Savage fires back and drops an elbow. DiBiase is sent into the corner, but he rakes the eyes to turn the tide. Whip by Ted - elbow takes down Savage. DiBiase goes to drop an elbow, but Savage moves. DiBiase stomps him down, and hits the elbow this time. Off the ropes - DiBiase misses the kneedrop. Savage to his feet, but DiBiase knocks him down with a punch. He starts heading to the top - but Savage grabs him, pulls him down, and drives the head of DiBiase into the turnbuckle ten times. Snapmare by Savage into a kneedrop follow. DiBiase is whipped - comes off and chops down Savage. Screw Hogan, THIS is what 80's wrestling is all about! DiBiase with a scoop into a backbreaker, drops a fist right onto the head of Savage, drops another, and starts heading to the top. Savage barely grabs a boot - then grabs the tights, and pulls DiBiase back in from the top rope. Double axehandle to the throat. Savage goes to slam DiBiase into the turnbuckle, but it's stopped and Savage goes in. This is vicious! Ted hammers at the forehead - then rakes Savage into the cage. Whip - DiBiase runs him over with a clothesline. Fistdrop follows, and DiBiase starts to climb out again. He makes it over the top rope and near the top this time, but Savage cuts him off. He tries hard to pull him in, but DiBiase is holding onto the cage. Finally he lets go and gets tied up in the ropes - and Savage has a clear path to the top! Luckily for DiBiase, Virgil scurries up the side and gets in a cheap shot to knock Savage down! DiBiase has a weakened Savage now, and works the punches. DiBiase goes to drive him headfirst into the cage, but it's reversed at the last second and DiBiase goes in! Savage again tries to climb out of the cage - but Virgil's there to stop it. The few shots he gets in stalls Savage - and DiBiase has enough time to stop Savage. He gets hung up in the tree of woe - but escapes before we get too much damage, then nails a savate kick! Again he heads up, but DiBiase stops him on the top rope, and slams him to the mat. DiBiase calls for the door to be opened - so Savage grabs onto the tights, and the door is closed. Whip by DiBiase is reversed - and both men run eachother over with clotheslines. Savage gets his senses first, and starts to climb towards the door but can't make it before DiBiase cuts him off. DiBiase has a prone Savage and works over him. Lots of punches. Whip - Savage ducks a clothesline and both men again each hit clotheslines on the other side. Savage is the first to his feet, and starts the climb. DiBiase manages to stand on the other side and starts his climb. Virgil's there to stop Savage, and he winds up hung up in the ropes. DiBiase makes the DUMBEST move of the match by heading over to work over Savage a little more. I mean he had it if he wanted it. Vertical suplex is blocked, and reversed by Savage. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB! The announcers state DiBiase might be shaken from the double clotheslines and isn't aware of what he's doing. I'll buy that. Big atomic drop is hit - and DiBiase bounces headfirst into the cage! Savage crawls around the ring, and calls for the door to be open. Virgil slams the door in the face of Savage before he can get out, and he takes some of it. DiBiase starts HIS climb, and almost makes it before Savage grabs the tights and pulls with everything he's got. DiBiase has the stairs and is REALLY pulling hard, but Savage is pulling harder. DiBiase hammers at the head of Savage, but Savage rallies and takes over. Headfirst into the cage goes DiBiase - and Savage starts a climb. Virgil stalks him on the cage, and they fight on it. Some fan comes over to even things up (sidenote: Why is it fans only ever seem to interfere in Savage's matches? Watch them - you'll see more interfering in HIS matches than anyone else's. Are fans stupid enough to step in the path of a psycho?) and security beats his ass. DiBiase, Savage, and Virgil all fight, and DiBiase and Virgil accidently belt eachother, knocking themselves down, and giving Savage enough to escape!

Time: 12:20

Holy crap, GIVE ME MORE! What a crazy fast paced match! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Total Matches: 5
Average Match Length: 10:44
Average Match Rating: 2.55 stars
Overall: ***1/2

I'm a sucker for Coliseum video, and the main event sealed it as a keeper! I'll probably dub myself a copy before I give it away until I find a replacement.

Up next, Best Of The WWF Vol. 19.

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