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Back before the Invasion days, the WWF had a different July pay-per-view event and it was called Fully Loaded. Never really a major show on a big 5 type level, it was one of the more solid events (along with No Way Out) to count on.

Their best showing was in fact one year ago when the WWF decided to test the waters with 3 new superstars by pitting them in a triple main event with the established stars. With that, let's start the show.

JR and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show and we're off!


A video package reminds us of the horrible torment Trish has put Lita through. Pier 6 to kick things off. Lita chases Trish but Test gets in her way. Matt Hardy starts to punch away on Albert, and tries to whip him into the turnbuckle, but Albert reverses, and Matt escapes. Matt slams Albert's head into the turnbuckle repeatedly but Albert comes back with a front suplex. Albert goes off to the corner to recouperate. Matt comes over, and Albert kicks him in the midsection a few times, and Albert goes for a pin 3 times in a row. Matt gets up and climbs the turnbuckle, off the top, and an armdrag. Matt charges Albert in the corner and Albert tosses Matt over the top. Matt back in, and Test is tagged in. Test slams Matt in the corner, then whips him into the other. Test charges, Matt gets a boot up. Matt goes up to the second rope, but Test catches him and starts to hit him, but Matt shoves him off, comes back with a legdrop and tags out to Jeff. The two double team Test with elbowdrops that gets 2. Jeff up, but gets caught with a 720 sidewalk slam. Jeff slides out, Test chases, Jeff back in and hits a swinging baseball slide dropkick that takes Test off his feet. Matt follows it up with a slingshot crossbody. Back in, Jeff stomps him down, and throws him into the corner to tag out to Matt. They double team him in the corner as the crowd chants for Lita. Test tries to suplex Matt, but Matt gets a cradle for 2. Test comes back off the ropes and clotheslines Matt. Trish is tagged in and slaps Matt while Test holds him. However, a second attempt nails Test, and Matt rolls up Trish for 2. Test takes Matt back out and Trish misses an elbowdrop. Matt tags in Lita, so Trish tags in Albert. Albert starts pointing at Lita, so she rolls out, he chases her, she's back in and caught in the corner, but here comes Hardys to save her and double team Albert. They hit a double suplex, then do a TRIPLE suplex on Test and Trish! THAT was cool. Team Xtreme celebrate by removing their shirts. (Yes, Lita too.) Lawler claims to remove his shirt. Albert back in and gorilla presses Jeff to the outside. Test stomps on Jeff on the outside. Jeff is rolled back in by Test. Double arm floatover suplex gets 2. Test is tagged in. The 2 backdrop Hardy and Test manages a 2. Jeff fights back against Test, gets a sunset flip out of the corner for 2 so Test gets up and hits a double arm front slam. (I don't know what it's called.) Test with a short powerbomb that hits HARD and Test goes up top. The elbow misses. Jeff tries a tag, hits a heel kick on Test and tags Matt in. Matt gets a top rope clothesline, then takes Test down with punches. Bulldog from the top, then he knocks down Albert and gets caught with the pumphandle slam before Jeff saves with a Swanton Bomb, and Matt gets 2 off that before Albert saves. Matt hits a tornado DDT on Albert, and tags in Lita. She goes up top and hits a tornado DDT of her own on Test. Then up top again, crossbody onto Albert on the floor. She goes up top a third time. Hurricanrana on Test, it gets 2 and the fans thought that was it! She goes off the ropes and Albert cheap shots her, Test with a gutwrench powerbomb on Lita, and tags in Trish. Trish goes for the pin and gets 2. Trish with a bulldog, and goes for another pinfall that gets 2. Lita reverses Trish's whip, but Trish gets an elbow up as Lita comes in. Trish up top, but Lita catches her. Lita with a superplex on Trish! She rolls over and gets 2 before Albert saves. Hardys run in again to save her and get rid of Albert. Lita drags Trish to the corner. Up top, Litasault, we have a 3 count!

Time: 13:13

That was one hell of an opener! Non stop action from start to finish. T&A get their heat back by doing what they SHOULD have done during the match and kick the crap out of Team Xtreme. Trish whips Lita with a leather belt.

Backstage, Edge tells Mick Foley Christian is REALLY sick. He has food poisoning. Mick doesn't believe Edge this time around. Mick calls for a doctor to take a look.

The Undertaker arrives at the arena looking for Kurt Angle. Angle sees the Taker and runs away while Taker drives his bike after him. They're going through the halls of the building. Kurt's trapped in a room and Taker goes right in with the bike. Angle manages to escape, this time around.


Tazz has randomly attacked people for weeks, so who better to go after Tazz than Al Snow? Snow's in the ring and they start slugging away. Snow with a back elbow and stomps away on Tazz. Snow gets a Russian legsweep and Tazz rolls out. Snow chases him and punches him a few times before rolling him back in. Tazz comes back and we've got a slugfest. Tazz slams Snow to the mat, picks him up and goes for a suplex, but Snow escapes. Snow with a kick to Tazz, followed up by a uranage powerbomb for 2. Snow gets caught up top with a Flashback and Tazz is now in control. They work on the mat, but Snow comes back with a clothesline, and scoop slam. Up top, he hits the legdrop, and he goes back up again. Moonsault connects, and Tazz kicks out at 2. Boring chant breaks out cause people suck. Snow holds up head, and Tazz clips him. Tazz with punches to Snow, and catches him off the ropes with a drop toe hold. Snow comes back with HEADbutts, but gets caught with a T-Bone. Tazz goes for the Tazzmission, Snow escapes. Tazz puts it on again and Snow has no choice but to tap.

Time: 5:20

We go to the bathroom where Christian is apparently puking. Mick Foley comes by with a doctor. Christian insists on defending the titles, but the doctor decides he's not ready to go. Foley apologizes for not believing them.

Some flowers are delivered to Stephanie, to go along with a ton of others already in there. HHH gets annoyed saying they're not from him. Stephanie's upset that they're not from him. HHH finds a card with the flowers that says "Best of luck to you and your man tonight, It's True, It's True."

EDDIE GUERRERO (with Chyna) vs. SATURN (with Terri) (for the WWF European Title)

Chyna wants to chase Terri, but Eddie keeps holding her back. Finally, she's let loose, nails Saturn and chases Terri to the back. Eddie takes the fight to Saturn on the floor, whipping him into the guardrail and rolling him in. Eddie stomps away at Saturn in the corner. Belly to back suplex, and a slingshot senton has Saturn winded. Whip into the ropes, followed up by a back elbow and Saturn's out to the floor. Chyna nails Saturn and rolls him back in. Eddie sets Saturn up top, and hits a Frankensteiner. Eddie continues to pound away on Saturn, keeping him grounded. Clothesline, followed up by an armbar by Eddie. He throws Saturn back out to the floor, and Chyna throws him into the steel steps. Chyna decks Saturn, then Eddie comes off the top with a splash. He rolls Saturn back in and stops to kiss Chyna. Back up to the top, and Eddie hits a springboard head scissors takeover. Saturn finally catches Eddie coming off the ropes with an overhead powerbomb. Eddie comes back in the corner, but Saturn pokes the eye and takes control with various chops and punches. Eddie again recovers and hits a tornado DDT. Eddie makes a cover and gets 2. Saturn reverse a whip into the corner, and catches Eddie with his feet up, and gently tosses him halfway across the ring. Eddie off the ropes, and is launched into the air. Saturn gets 2. Eddie hits a headscissors and tries to suplex Saturn, but he reverses into a suplex of his own which Eddie reverses with a sunset flip rollup for 2. Eddie leaps at Saturn off the ropes but a powerbomb takes him out again. Saturn drags Eddie to the corner, goes up top and misses a moonsault. Eddie with a nasty brainbuster on Saturn, and he heads up top. Eddie misses a senton bomb, gets up, leaps on Saturn's shoulders but gets faceplanted. Saturn scores a 2 count. Saturn with a vertical suplex into a front slam. He heads up top and gets caught by Eddie. Eddie hits a dropkick and sends Saturn out to the floor. Chyna comes over again, but Saturn decks her and she falls back through the announce table. Here comes Terri bouncing down the aisle. Eddie won't hit Saturn with Terri in the way, so Terri hits a low blow. Saturn rolls him back in, and goes up top. Flying elbow scores a 3 count and we have a new European Champion!

Time: 8:10

Edge and Christian are packing up happily, and Mick Foley walks in on them. Christian suddenly gets sick again and runs to the stall. Mick climbs on top of the stall and sees Christian pouring water into the toilet bowl. Foley says they're going to get their asses kicked when they defend the belts against the Acolytes.

Michael Cole interviews The Undertaker. Taker spits tobacco and says Angle's gonna need a doctor to surgically remove his foot from his ass. Angle can be seen on Takers bike, so Taker runs after him. Kurt gets off the bike and runs like hell. Taker chases him through the arena as we go back to the action.

EDGE and CHRISTIAN vs. THE ACOLYTES (for the WWF World Tag-Team Titles)

Edge says Christian really is sick.....of being in Dallas Texas. They run down the Stars, and the Cowboys. Christian follows it up by saying if JFK had spent 5 more minutes in Dallas he'd have committed suicide anyway. The Acolytes come out and Bradshaw is PISSED. Bradshaw goes over big championship wins Dallas has had. Bradshaw makes fun of Canada, making him a heel to everyone up here instantly. The Acolytes go after Edge and Christian on the outside. Farooq slams Christian with the steel steps, then Edge. They roll them back in and Bradshaw takes control temporarily. Christian comes back in and they do the double team thing until Christian is caught and taken up for a super fallaway slam. Farooq comes in and takes down Edge and covers for 2. Bradshaw tagged back in, double clothesline and he gets a 1. Edge whipped into the corner, Bradshaw sets him up for a powerbomb, but Edge escapes twice. Bradshaw sends him off the ropes, and now he's caught with a powerbomb. Bradshaw sets up for a second but Christian flies off the top with a missile dropkick. Christian tagged in and he stomps Bradshaw all the way to the outside where Edge gets in some cheap shots. Bradshaw rolled back in and Edge is tagged in. Edge hits a neckbreaker that gets 2. He stomps on Bradshaw some more, and tags in Christian. Christian chokes Bradshaw in the corner, then while Edge holds him he stomps him down. Edge is tagged back in. Edge sets him up for a suplex, tags in Christian, and they set him up for for a double superplex attempt, however Bradshaw knocks them down and takes Edge out with a flying shoulderblock. Bradshaw crawls to his corner, here comes Farooq. Powerslam for Christian, spinebuster for Edge, that gets 2. Bradshaw takes Edge outside but Edge slams his head into the table. Farooq hits the dominator on Christian but Edge comes in with the title belt to break it up and we have a DQ. Well, that was pointless.

Time: 5:32

In WWF New York, Bossman checks some ID and threatens someone.

HHH figures the card came from Kurt, so HHH goes off to find him.

Meanwhile, Kurt's being chased by Taker and Kurt's apologizing the whole way. Taker loses him, and Angle bumrushes him and attacks Taker's knee with a giant wrench.

RIKISHI vs. VAL VENIS (with Trish Stratus) (for the WWF Intercontinental Title inside a steel cage)

Tazz cost Rikishi the title a few weeks ago, therefore this is his rematch. JR speculates Rikishi will look for a pinfall cause he probably can't climb out. Val tries to climb out right away, but Rikishi's catches him and pulls him back down. Clotheslines for Val! Rikishi then rams Val onto every side of the cage. Rikishi tries to climb out but he's too slow and Val catches him. Rikishi's able to shrug him off and Val flies back. Rikishi continues his SLOW climb, so Val goes to the door, and Rikishi decides to come back in and drag him back. Belly to back suplex for Val. Rikishi slowly heads to the door and Val clips Rikishi. Val rams Rikishi into the cage twice, then kicks away at him in the corner. Val gets reversed into the turnbuckle and drops. So Rikishi pats his ass, but Val hits a lowblow to avoid the stinkface. Val with a second rope bulldog and stomps away. Back elbow has Rikishi staggering, and a clothesline sends him down and Val gets 2. Val starts a climb out, and Rikishi does the same next to him. They trade punches from the top rope, and Rikishi gets his head slammed and falls back. Val with a springboard elbow drop but only gets 2. Ra-Ki-Shi chant breaks out. Val gets all the way up to the top of the cage and is partially over the top but Rikishi somehow manages to pull Val back into the cage. They slam eachother's heads into the cage and both get crotched. Val starts bleeding from a cut just above his eye. Rikishi starts heading out the door, but Val manages to catch him in time. Rikishi sends Val flying into the cage then hits a Samoan drop. Rikishi runs his ass into Val in the corner. Banzai Drop on Val! (That stops hearts!) Val gets his foot on the rope at 2. Rikishi starts heading out the door but Trish slams it on Rikishi's head. Val with a neckbreaker. Val goes up top, Money Shot! Rikishi kicks out at 2. Lita runs in to distract us incase we were enjoying the wrestling. She strips down Trish to her bra and starts whipping her with the belt. She then chokes her and Trish crawls like a dog to the back with Lita chasing her all the way. Meanwhile, Val's up and climbing out, but so is Rikishi. Rikishi finally is able to knock Val down after failing earlier and he continues his climb up the cage... but rather than climb over, for some reason that leaves me wondering about his mental health he hits a SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF THE FREAKIN' CAGE! Holy mother of god. Okay, so I'm Val Venis. I see a REALLY fat guy on top of the cage coming down at me, I roll ANYWHERE ELSE. Damn that was cool. Tazz runs in to smack Rikishi with a TV camera. Val manages to drape an arm over Rikishi and retain. Hey, if you can't win us over with the wrestling, send a fat guy off the top of a cage. :-)

Time: 14:09

HHH finds Harvey Wippleman with more flowers. Harvey points out the door they came from. HHH says "Kurt Angle's about to get his ass kicked." Wippleman mouths "Kurt Angle?" Alot of pounding goes on in the room, and Jericho comes out having set him up.

Incase we were feeling ripped off by spending our money and NOT getting a 20 minute interview like other WWF shows, here comes Shane McMahon. Shane's A Pussy breaks out. Shane says he's not a pussy, and he calls out The Rock. The sad part? I can actually see Shane going over. Shane says this isn't for the title, because Benoit will walk out with the title later. Here comes The Rock. The Rock makes sure to keep an eye out on his way to the ring. Lawler points out that The Rock is wearing Shane's shirt. The Rock calls Shane McMahon a pussy. The Rock says he knows it's a setup, and wants to know where Benoit is. He says we don't have to wait 'til later, we do it now. Chris Benoit appears on the TitanTron and he's RIPPING UP The Rock's clothing. He pours what looks like gas all over it and The Rock runs back to his locker room.

Video package recaps Kurt Angle seriously pissing off The Undertaker by pouring milk on his bike and offering a scooter in exchange. Well, that's not ALL that happened, but it's pretty much the point.


Angle carries the wrench with him to the ring. Taker comes out without music and blocks Kurt when he goes to hit him with the wrench. They brawl through the crowd. Taker is totally ripping Kurt apart. Kurt is slammed into the steel steps and finally rolled in so we can start this match. Kurt gets in some shots, but a whip into the ropes with a big boot follow up takes him down. He drops an elbow and gets 2 but picks Kurt up. Long vertical suplex gets 2 and again he picks Kurt up. The ref yells at Taker and he responds with "Fuck you". Taker continues his Kurt beating. Angle finally gets a leg up in the corner and leaps onto Takers back with a sleeper hold. Taker knocks him off and hits elbows in the corner, and then charges into the other side with a clothesline. Sidewalk slam gets a 2 for real this time. Angle is sent through the ropes and to the outside. Angle hits Taker with the wrench and rolls him back in. Taker with some rights, so Kurt goes after the knee. Taker manages to knock him down. Angle knocks Taker off his feet by attacking the knee and starts to work over it with various submission holds. Crowd chants Angle Sucks. Lawler screams "Angle DOES NOT suck". They're up and exchanging punches. Kurt gets caught in the chokeslam position but knocks Taker off with a kick to the knee. He quickly goes back to working the knee with holds and almost pins him at one point when Taker lay back. Taker tries shoving Kurt's head and fishhooks him. It doesn't get rid of Kurt. He keeps the holds going strong and Taker's writhing. Taker counters and slams Angle's knee into the canvas. They trade punches again but Taker collapses. Taker from his knees hits a bunch of bodyshots and hits the chokeslam this time. Taker says that's not enough and signals for the Last Ride. He hits it and pins Kurt.

Time: 7:36

Moments ago, The Rock got to his dressing room and sees his clothing ripped to shreds. He storms out of the dressing room. Jim Ross declares the situation sick.

We take a look at the long feud between Chris Jericho and HHH. My favorite part of the whole thing is the Brooklyn Brawler defeating HHH. As far as swerves go, that was a good one.

HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. CHRIS JERICHO (in a Last Man Standing match)

Jericho in and starts whaling on HHH. He gets him in the corner and stomps away, picks him up to continue his assault, hits 2 clotheslines and a dropkick before HHH is sent out of the ring. HHH on the apron, springboard dropkick sends HHH back out. Jericho goes out and slams HHH with a piece of the announce table. HHH manages to briefly get control and slam Jericho into the security wall but Jericho battles back. HHH sent back in, Jericho's on the apron and he hits a headbutt gutshot sending HHH back! Jericho up top, reverse flying elbow catches HHH as he's getting up. He punches on HHH some more. HHH off the ropes, and catches Jericho with the knee. Jericho sent over the top with a clothesline and HHH follows. Jericho slams HHH's face into the steel steps. Jericho charges but gets hotshotted onto the security wall. Jericho thrown into the wall again. HHH rolls Jericho back into the ring and kicks him in the injured ribs. HHH rips off the protective bandage for Jericho's ribs. He drops the knee on the ribs a couple of times. Jericho sent headfirst into the turnbuckle. HHH with shoulderblocks to Jericho's midsection repeatedly. Jericho off the ropes and takes a knee right into the ribs. HHH rips off the some more of the bandage and uses it to choke Jericho. HHH stomps away on the rips. Huge kneedrop on Jericho's back. He drops an elbow while Ross and Lawler argue about calling Stephanie a trashbag ho. It's actually quite funny as JR gets pissed with Lawler. Jericho sent outside. HHH holds him up while Stephanie slaps him. HHH suplexes Jericho onto the ramp. HHH goes back to kiss Stephanie. He goes and gets Jericho, rolls him in and Jericho battles back with a series of rights. HHH gets an abdonimal stretch on Jericho and pounds on his exposed ribs while the hold is on. HHH uses the ropes for support and the ref kicks his arms off and Jericho hip tosses HHH. HHH is PISSED and starts shoving the ref. Jericho with a number of rights, and a spinning heel kick. He gets up, goes for the Lionsault but HHH gets into position with the knees up injuring the ribs further. HHH connects with a DDT. He relaxes on the ropes while the ref counts. Lawler says it's the slowest count in the history of the world, claiming he could have counted to 60 during that time period. HHH gets a sleeper on Jericho and follows it up with a full body scissors on the mat. Lawler's singing. Stephanie's smiling. HHH goes over to Stephanie for some more kissing while Jericho gets counted down. Jericho stirs at 8. He's up at 9. He tells HHH to come get him. So HHH comes and gets him, leveling him twice. Jericho's got a goofy look on his face, completely knocked silly. He crotch chops HHH so HHH Pedigrees him. HHH uses the ropes as a hammock awaiting the 10 count. He starts moving at 8 again and HHH freaks out. He gets up and 9 while HHH gets a chair. He drives the chair into Jericho's ribs and hits him on the back. He drops the chair, and sets Jericho up for a Pedigree that will hit the chair. The ref gets in his face, giving Jericho room for a lowblow. Now watch this: You can see HHH blading as Jericho waffles him in the head with the chair. I think the shot drove the blade into HHH's forehead cause he's bleeding a gusher! I mean, he's covered in blood in seconds and there's more just pouring down from his forehead. Jericho manages to find the strength to punch HHH a few times, and even knock him to his ass. Jericho with a flying axehandle and goes to school on HHH in the corner. Whip, reversal but Jericho gets a leg up as HHH charges. Jericho hits a dropkick on HHH. He whips HHH into the corner, bulldog onto the chair! Jericho breaks up the 10 count cause he's a moron, and sends HHH to the outside. Jericho's whip attempt is reversed and he's sent into the steel steps. HHH sets Jericho up for a Pedigree onto the steps, but Jericho backdrops him to the floor. HHH gets a TV monitor, so does Jericho and they level eachother with them. Stephanie's almost in tears. Both guys get up at 9. HHH with a gutshot, Pedigree setup, however Jericho reverses and hooks the Walls Of Jericho! HHH is tapping like crazy but it doesn't matter in this match. HHH reaches the ropes but the ref can't do anything about it. Jericho drags him back out to the centre of the ring. Stephanie comes in and grabs him by the hair and off HHH. So he puts *her* in the Walls Of Jericho. She's screaming like mad. HHH breaks that up and knocks Jericho out of the ring. Jericho thrown into the security wall a couple of times, and HHH goes under the ring for his sledgehammer. He swings and misses, and a loud klunk hits the ringpost. I saw a spark too. Jericho catapults HHH into the ringpost. Jericho grabs the sledgehammer and nails HHH in the stomach. Jericho up on the announce table, but HHH is up as well and catches him. HHH dives with Jericho in his arms through the announce table and they're both down. Well, HHH went through the table, Jericho just kinda went right to the concrete. HHH gets up at the absolute last tenth of a second to win the match before collapsing again.

Time: 23:10

That did NOT feel like 23 minutes! Honest to god, it felt like 10, tops. Stephanie totally freaks out at the sight of a bloody HHH. She runs her hands in the blood and starts crying. HHH is a mess, no 2 ways about it. He needs to be helped out of the arena.

Video package recaps Benoit and The Rock. This was during Benoit's best run in the WWF to date as he looked like a serious threat to the WWF title and alot of people felt he could walk out of Fully Loaded with it. He was booked as a killer, plain and simple.

CHRIS BENOIT (with Shane McMahon) vs. THE ROCK (for the WWF World Heavyweight Title)

Shane distracts Rock long enough for Benoit to punch away at the back of The Rock. The Rock comes back with a back elbow. Benoit rolls out and Rock chases. Benoit is sent headfirst into the steps. Benoit rolled back in. Rock chases Shane all over the ring and nails Benoit the first time through, hitting an atomic drop the second. He knocks Shane off the apron, and attempts to put a crossface on Benoit. Benoit escapes and heads to the floor. Rock with rights to Benoit, off the ropes and Benoit hits a knee to the midsection. Into the turnbuckle, gutwrench into a gutbuster. Benoit stomps at Rock. The ref pulls him away so Shane cheap shots The Rock. Benoit back to stomping so Rock rolls out. Benoit chops Rock. Fans chant Shane's a pussy. Benoit rolls Rock back in. Benoit Sucks say the fans. Drop dead. Another knee to the midsection keeps Rock down. First pinfall attempt gets a 2. Rock turns it around with a hotshot onto the ropes, and kicks him in the mouth. Benoit tries to go up top but gets crotched. The Rock with a superplex and both guys are down. Benoit is handed the World Title from Shane, and decks The Rock while Shane distracts the ref. It only gets 2. Benoit with a snap suplex, cover, and Rock's out at 2. Rock slammed headfirst into the turnbuckle. The Rock comes back with a powerslam and it gets 2. Benoit with a belly to back suplex, and he goes for the Sharpshooter. Ross mentions Stu Hart. Lawler does not mention Helen. Rock gets to the ropes and Benoit lets go. He drives Rock's knee hard to the mat, and goes for the Sharpshooter again but Rock punches until Benoit lets do. The Rock comes back with rights, but Benoit whips him into the ropes and Shane is conviniently holding the ropes open. Rock flies all the way to the security wall. The Rock up and reverses a whip into the steps. Benoit slammed head first into the security wall, and then Rock picks up Benoit and sends him testicle first into the ringpost. Rock with a legdrag takedown on Benoit back in the ring and puts on a figure four. Shane distracts the ref while Benoit gets to the ropes. Benoit with a punch to Rock's midsection, and a clothesline sends him out. Shane hits a clothesline of his own on the outside. Benoit stomps on Rock. The ref sends him back in, so Shane clotheslines Rock over the security wall. Benoit chases, but Rock tosses him back over the wall. Benoit suplexes Rock over the wall to join him and they're both down. Benoit up first and sends Rock into the wall twice. Benoit rolls Rock in and stomps away. Rock manages a quick kick to the midsection and DDT for a 2 count. Benoit gets up hits a clothesline which gets 2. Benoit with a backbreaker on Rock, and again only gets 2. Shane chokes The Rock while Benoit keeps the ref busy. Benoit with a neckbreaker but The Rock kicks out at 2. The Rock starts a comeback by countering with some rights. He goes for a powerbomb but his momentum carries Benoit right over and on to the ropes. The Rock is down, so's Benoit. Rock manages to drape an arm and gets 2 while Benoit puts his leg on the rope. Benoit knocks down Rock off the ropes and gets 2. Scoop slam, followed up by a flying headbutt. Benoit takes his time to recover before crawling over for a 2 count. They're both up and Rock starts countering Benoit's punches. Spinebuster, and it's time for the MOST electrifying move in Sportz Entertainment. He connects but Shane's distracting the ref. Hebner finally comes over but Benoit's able to kick out at 2. The Rock gets whipped into the turnbuckle. Benoit sets him up top. Superplex! Both guys are down again. Benoit manages to make a cover but Rock kicks out. Benoit gets vicious and kick away in the corner on The Rock. The Rock charges forward with a clothesline but Benoit quickly comes back with a short clothesline of his own. Benoit gets a chair and the ref gets in his face. Rock grabs the chair and the ref can only see Benoit. Shane runs in and chairs the ref. Rock chases away Shane with a chair, and the ref comes to and sees it. Rock with a Crippler Crossface on Benoit, Benoit is tapping! The ref calls for the bell. But Benoit is the winner by disqualification. We have a NEW World Wrestling Federation Champion!

Time: 19:31

Shane McMahon chairs The Rock as trash flies. The 2 celebrate Benoit's first World Title. But wait, Mick Foley's a party pooper and demands the match restart cause he didn't see a DQ. Well, *I* saw one. Not the one that was apparently called, but I saw one nonetheless so Foley's blind or stupid. The match is restarted, so Benoit's first reign lasts 3:05. Benoit back in and hits 3 German suplexes, but Rock manages to kick out at 2. Benoit continues his assault. Rock sent into the turnbuckle and Benoit's just taking him apart now. You can see he's pissed. Crossface attempt, Rock makes the ropes. Benoit puts it back on in the centre of the ring. Rock manages to crawl to the ropes. Benoit stomps on Rock some more. Rock stands up, hits a Rock Bottom out of nowhere and wins the match.

Time: 25:13

Total Matches: 8
Average Match Length: 12:47
Average Match Rating: 2.84
Overall: ****

Okay, so Benoit didn't win but it doesn't matter. 2 GREAT matches at the end of this card, and a fantastic opening match make this card hard to beat. The middle drags a little, but the Rikishi bump is enough to keep interests perked even during the least appealing of matches. I'd call it one of the top cards of 2000, but it seemed everything the WWF did in 2000 was a top card. Pick this one up!

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