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Hi, I would like to introduce myself to all of you reading this article. My name is Alex Chan, a 17-year old Asian dude from Seattle who loves men in tights fake punching each other. I work in a radio station in which I use the moniker, the GREAT ONE. No, I don't rip off the Rock's catchphrases but I do think radio and wrestling are very similar in that they both require personalities and talent. I would like to thank CRZ for giving me the opportunity to write and express my opinions about the #1 form of sports entertainment, pro wrestling. Currently, I will be attending the University of Washington next year, and I will be the first to tell you that Washington is not a hotbed for wrestling. However, I don't really care much for popular opinion as I hope to share with all of you my radical, crazy, and insane ideas for the WWF and wrestling in general.

In writing this inaugural article, I realize that the WWF is at crossroads. The Rock is possibly going to leave the industry for the bigger bucks of Hollywood, HHH is on the shelf, and wrestling is continuing to draw consistent and unimpressive 4.1 numbers on Monday nights. (These numbers should actually fall once Monday Night Football hits) Nevertheless, now is the time not to worry for WWF fans, as I do have a grand solution. This solution has been missing from the WWF for quite some time and that solution is CELEBRITY involvement in main events. I know what you are all thinking. I am crazy, which I probably am. But here me out anyway, as I believe a celebrity angle done well could lead to green pastures for Vince McMahon.

When the WWF was making its push in the aftermath of the Bret Hart incident at Survivor Series. They relied on the heels, Shawn Michaels and Degeneration X and the reluctant face, Stonecold Steve Austin. It all started once Austin won that Royal Rumble and faced off with Michaels at WrestleMania. It was one of the more memorable WrestleMania's and profitable as Stonecold won his first WWF World title. What most people forget is the role that one celebrity played in all of this: Mike Tyson. This guy truly grabbed my attention from the N.W.O-WCW angle when he showed up. The questions were raised. Was he on the side of Austin or DX? Tyson apparently made a deal with Michaels. He ended up refereeing at WrestleMania, and it was an awesome moment when he turned on Michaels by punching his lights out and rewarding Austin with the title.

Mike Tyson turned this angle into something truly special. Celebrities can bring a certain amount of respect to your product. Rappers benefit from athletes listening to their music. When a famous dude like Mike Tyson is asked to referee a match, it gives the impression to the public that this match is truly huge and significant and beyond the norm. There are other examples of Celebrities in main events that helped. Another example would be Dennis Rodman in WCW. During Uncensored, Rodman was involved in that three-team battle. Rodman was extremely popular at that time, and gave the N.W.O more legitimacy because he was a bad-ass trying to join a bad-ass group. Even though he couldn't wrestle, his presence made this PPV seem like a mainstream event. Jesse Ventura officiating a match during Summerslam a year ago really helped the match gain more importance than it actually was. Here was the Governor of the state of Minnesota in a wrestling ring officiating a gargantuan match. In ECW, Steve Corino going at it with Fred Durst made him more of annoying asshole than he was before.

Of course there are also examples of when celebrities in main events fizzled. Just look at the Vince Russo regime in WCW. David Arquette winning the world title definitely made us climb in the closet as wrestling fans. Seeing Jay Leno punching was embarrassing. In my opinion, the worst thing to do with a celebrity is have them wrestle. It looks too awkward, and doesn't make for intriguing television.

Finally, who is the celebrity that could spice up the WWF vs. WCW invasion angle? Who could truly cause the nation to take notice of the WWF again as this angle becomes mainstream? Ray Lewis, John Rocker, and other badassess are cool, but I have an even bigger idea! How about the Clintons?! They aren't doing anything right now, and Bill wouldn't be offended by the WWF's campaign for less morals. In fact, you could throw him on WCW's side, as he could run an angle on Kurt Angle, for how much of a hypocrite Kurt is! Or you could have Hilary run an interview on how Vince needs to respect women better. Anyway, it is all crazy talk. I am just simply giving Vince some crazy ideas. However, that would be pretty tight, wouldn't it?!

The Great One
Alex Chan


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