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Hasn't Mongo lived a great life or what? He won a Super Bowl in 1985 and he is going to the hall of fame as one of the greatest defensive players ever. He came into wrestling and joined the most elite and respected faction ever in the 4 Horsemen. He won a US title and to top all of that, he got Debra in bed for a whole decade! Now, he's doing what everybody wishes they could do, embarrass a blind umpire in front of the whole world. He's in Wrigley Field, the greatest park on Earth!

Anyway, how are you guys doing? This invasion angle is really gaining steam. Summerslam is always an event in which you have to go in with a bang. Finally, the Rock has come back to Raw. You don't realize how great the Great One is until he's gone for an extended period of time. Hopefully, he's here to be a full-time wrestler until Summerslam. I don't know about Booker T. He is improving, but he seems like too much of a street dude. His interviews are so much weaker. Why doesn't he speak better? Does that dude have marbles stuck in his mouth or something? His interviews stink, and he's definitely not funny. This program will probably hurt one of these wrestlers, as Booker T. has a lot to lose if he were to do the job. Chris Jericho should just devote his whole career towards promos with Stephanie Mcmahon. He's above-average when it comes to other programs he has done with other wrestlers, but once he sees the Princess in the ring, his funny bone whispers something to his brain! RAW is Jericho whenever Stephanie is in the same ring. That segment about boobs was off the chains. Oh, by the way, in case you don't know, Austin is the shit. A lot of you guys are upset by the fact that Taker and Kane didn't sell for O'Haire and Palumbo. One thing to keep in mind is that O' Haire and Palumbo are just prospects and this is the topic for my column: most overblown wrestling prospects in the past decade.

Sure, O'Haire and Palumbo are good prospects, but they might turn out to be nothing. Kwame Brown (Washington Wizards #1 draft pick) may turn out to be Chris Washburn and Ryan Anderson (Top prospect for Seattle Mariners AAA team) may never do anything in the majors. You can't judge how good a prospect is going to be. You can't judge if a wrestler on WWF Jakked will turn out to be the next Hulk Hogan or Rock. This is the list I have compiled of WCW, WWF wrestlers whose talents were overblown by the bookers and the internet, and turned out to be nothing.

1) David Flair.: Bischoff thought he had the second coming. What he had was of the more personality-less wrestlers to ever cut a promo. To top that, he couldn't outwrestle the Tough Enough Crew.

2) D-Lo Brown: The WWF and the internet overblew this guy. At one point, held both the Euro and the IC title, but after dropping Droz on his head, D-Lo is nowhere to be found.

3) Alex Wright: Bischoff said this guy was going to become a main-eventer after his switch to Berlin. Berlyn was supposed to be bigger than the Rock if I heard Vince Russo's words correctly. All I saw was a Neo-Nazi lookalike who couldn't cut a promo or put on a *** match. Main event, what a good laugh.

4) Bart Gunn: It was a bad idea in the first place to have a real boxing tournament. But to fix it for Bart Gunn was a bigger mistake. He has about the same personality as David Duval. Both the Smoking Gunns have turned out to be terrible singles wrestlers.

5) Prince Iakeua: WCW labeled him as a future television champ for years to come. Problem was that he sucked so much that you couldn't put him on tv. His lack of mobility as a cruiserweight scared me. At least, he got Paisely in his pants.

6) Shane Douglass: To his credit, he had a great career in ECW. But when he got to WCW, he just disappointed everybody. They put him in great angles with Flair, with Torrie, with the Revolution, and he couldn't deliver. He is the perfect example of the internet failing to recognize what the typical fan likes in a wrestler.

Finally, the most overblown prospect this past decade is:

VAMPIRO: Yes, he was an untouchable at one point. WCW, Bischoff and Russo, missed the boat on this guy. I really don't know where to start. That angle was booked great, between him and Sting. Vampiro just dropped the ball and was simply not that talented. He was more interested in singing with the ICP than actually putting on a * star match. Other busts include the Shockmaster, Ken Shamrock, Eric Watts, Chris Candido, and many, many others. Hopefully, Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo are not busts, but for god sakes, give them a f'n name.

Alex Chan
The Great One


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