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Hey everybody, it has been awhile. I am getting accustomed to life here at the University of Washington, and haven't really had the time to express my views on wrestling. Hopefully, none of you knew loved ones who were harmed in the terrorist acts, and all of you are safe. If you really want to win a bet, the University of Washington football team will beat UCLA this week. You heard it here first, dawgs are the most underrated team in the nation and are a serious threat to the national title.

I think we can all agree that the wrestlers in the Alliance suck. The fans have no interest for any of them except for RVD and Austin. The funny thing is that those two boys aren't even from WCW. How is it that the WWF bought WCW and turned everybody into a jobber. Booker T., Chuck Palumbo, Sean O' Haire, Hurricane, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, I feel for you guys. This must be Vince's ultimate plan, to totally drag WCW's name into the ground. There is no other explanation. However, in the interest of ratings and not fairness, Vince realizes the stock he has invested into this angle, and is trying to breathe new life into it by talking to the true WCW superstars: Scott Steiner, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. Getting these guys into the WWF would be incredible and give the company a needed face-lift. Don't bring back Foley, Michaels, or used up WWF stars. The Outsiders and Steiner are solid entertainment.

However, one guy that none of us ever talk about is Bill Goldberg. He is one of the most hated men on the Internet. People claim that he hasn't paid his dues and doesn't respect the business. They say he doesn't have the heart. It is a fact that Goldberg is refusing to take a paycut or else he would be in the WWF right now. The truth is, while you all bash him and call him a son of a bitch, I don't have a problem with him.

If your boss told you that you could sit out for a couple years, and make 50% more than what you'd make if you worked, I'd say thanks for the free vacation. Lay off Goldberg in that respect, because a lot of people have a false impression about how precious money is.

Some would say that Goldberg is a cancer. From all that I've read about him, he is a role model to little kids. He probably does more charity work than any other wrestler. Shawn Michaels was a cancer too, Bret Hart, and these guys never got bashed the same way that Goldberg is now.

Many of you say he doesn't deserve the money. Well, for three years, he consistently put people on their feet. I am surprised why most of you don't admire him. He has no catchphrase and doesn't rely on interview skills. He is the most charismatic wrestler in the world right now. That's right, more than the Rock. While he may have apathy for the business outside the ring, in the ring, he looks like he is in a zone. He is a great athlete, and he has a lot of room for improvement in his wrestling.

While Goldberg continues to be the most hated man in the wrestling business, I can guess that Vince is just dreaming about the one day in March, where Goldberg will face Austin in a steel cage, headlining the #1 selling Wrestlemania of all time. Or that Summerslam, in which he'll face the Undertaker. Or that Royal Rumble, where people will tune in just to see if Goldberg will toss everybody out. Goldberg is truly a special wrestler. You can't argue that the fans will respond with money to Goldberg. That's more than what the alliance is doing right now. He might be an asshole to other wrestlers, and not care about the history of wrestling. Hell, I don't care about what Pat Patterson did in the 80s.

God have mercy on the innocent Afghan people caught in the crossfire.

Alex Chan
The Great One


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