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Hey everybody. I hope all is well with all of you. Thanks for the responses on my last article on Goldberg. This article will be short this week and hopefully kind of make sense.

Give it up for the Yankees. They are going to the World Series for the 5th time in 6 years, destroying my beloved Seattle Mariners. Don't even bother picking the Diamondbacks. Yankees in 5 games, winning the whole damn thing in New York. Rarely have we seen a dynasty as imposing as the Yankees. This brings me to the closest comparison to a wrestling dynasty. Ric Flair may have won 16 world titles, but the one era of dominance is Hulk Hogan's NWO title run for about two years. Think about the similarities between Hulk Hogan's run and the Yankee's run.

Everybody hates the Yankees and Hulk Hogan

Think about it. People hate the Yankees because they buy championships. Hogan uses his money and power to influence bookers to continue putting him in main events. This was so evident in during the run from 1996-1998.

The Yankees and Hulk Hogan cheated

If anybody saw the Boston Red Sox series a couple of years ago in the ALCS, just count the number of blown calls made by umpires that favored the Yankees. Roll back your tape to the NOW era and look at the run-ins and cheap endings that helped Hogan retain.

The Yankees and Hogan had different players

The Yankee nucleus has added Mussina, El Duque, Soriano, and Justice while getting rid of Nelson, Leyritz, and Wetteland. Hogan continued to switch up his NWO roster by adding Lex Luger, the Giant, and Horace while screwing Nash and Hall.

The Yankees and Hogan beat different opponents

The Yanks defeated the Mets, Mariners, Rangers, Orioles, Indians, Braves, Padres, and soon, the Diamondbacks. Hogan practically beat the whole WCW roster at the time, except for Goldberg. He scored wins over Flair, Sting, Piper, Savage, Giant, Ultimate Warrior, and I will sound like a broken record if I go further.

As you can see, Hogan's NWO dynasty in wrestling is comparable to the Yankees current run. You can hate or love Hogan and the Yanks, but you must respect their place in history. Have a good day, and please be careful when opening your mail.

Alex Chan
The Great One

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