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No Mercy: 4-4. As in, I was right on four and wrong on four. Not as in "I got four of four matches predicted correct." I did not merely make a bold prediction on 50% of the PPV, but 100% of it. Which was eight matches. 4-4. 4-and-4. Four up, four down. Okay.

Megadeth, the Fantasy NBA Team Watch: I got SHAQ and MUTOMBO. And Antonio Davis, too. Folks, I have rebounds and blocked shots literally falling out of my ass. Also, poor free throw shooting percentage. I'll live, however! I traded Grant Hill for Reggie Miller, too, which may have weakened my team in many respects, but I have to have THE REG. That's what I call him, "The Reg". Also, I got Jalen Rose and Latrell Sprewell and Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway and Keith Van Horn and Kerry Kittles and rookies Shane Battier and Joe Johnson. What a draft it was! I feel confident.

Also, I drafted The Tangmeister Hamilton because his name is The Tangmeister. My designated awesome name selection was to be ZhiZhi Wang or Wang ZhiZhi or whichever order that goes in, but I announced that I had a great name of a person coming up, which sent fellow team owner Mike Lavieri into a frenzied search for the hilarious name I had run across. He was 100% accurate when he spoiled my party by selecting The Wang, and I was angered. Thankfully, The Tangmeister came to my rescue. I then dropped him once the league changed his name to just "Tang."

Anyhoo, The Things...

1. This Jericho-Rock program is DA BOMB. You heard me. It's DA BOMB. It's like I'm thinking, "Ooh Jericho's gonna SNAP getouttahisway," but then he does not. My anticipation for the moment he does is building hourly. Hourly during the times I'm watching Raw, anyhow.

2. What's up with THE MCMAHONS? Is it just me or is everyone sick of this family? Pundits such as Luke Johnston were well ahead of the curve on this one, noting a couple of weeks ago that the McMahon family takes up a lot of TV time and is usually involved in a major angle. I wish I was that fast, but here I am scraping the barrel of things said before.

3. Raw was good, I thought. The RVD-Big Show match was a treat and also BRADSHAW THE EUROPEAN CHAMPION. He should rename it the United States title and then have a hilarious argument with new United States champion Kurt Angle, which will end in them drinking beer. Kurt Angle would then remark that the beer is, "Pretty Tasty," at which the Acolytes Protection Agency would boisterously chuckle.

4. In relation to No. 3, suck it Hurricanus.

5. I can't wait for Triple H's return! People say "buried people" this and "didn't help others" that. They say "backstage politics" this and "had really awesome matches but fuck you" that. Triple H is awesome. I await his return far more than I do Chris Benoit's, and that's not to be all anti-internetty and say, "Oh hodgepodge Chris Benoit is stinky where's the ATTITUDE." No no, I love The Rabid Wolverine just like everyone else. But HHH, boy he is an impact player and I miss him.

6. Maven is a stupid dork. On Tough Enough, I thought he was pretty cool, and that he had a charisma about him, but no he does not. He just had more of a charisma about him than the other chumpstains had. The odds on Maven ever coming back to WWF TV are now set at 150-1. Whenever a guy starts talking about how he needs to work on his game, WOOSH that means they're on a short leash.

7. Putting William Regal and Mick Foley at a table together is brilliant. They give us humor AND important information, such as what matches are booked and which ones they are now booking.

8. Test is awful. I hate Test.

9. Everyone be sure to vote for Sting's Stinger Splash when you send in your ballots for this year's RSPW Awards. Hey, if you can name a cooler move, I'd like to see it.

10. I hear the WWF may reform The Impact Players. I also heard this a few months ago. Back then, I said, "Well that's a stupid idea." But people like Chris Turd of The Shooters would say, "Oh boy, the Impact Players those guys were GREAT." They were NOT great. Name one great thing they did. YOU CAN'T. They SUCKED, that's why.

11. Drowning Pool```````'s "Bodies" was used for SummerSlam, and Saliva's "Click Click Boom" for No Mercy. What's next for Survivor Series! I personally prefer they bring back "Deadly Game," but I'll bet on uhhh...some P.O.D. song. I should ask Feely what they might use, he knows more about numetal than I do.

12. Here is the site that CRZ did not know the URL of that I webmaster/write things for.

13. I'm watching Judgment Day of the year 2000. Rikishi and Too Cool just beat Edge and Christian and Kurt Angle. That's an awesome match. DANCE DUDES DANCE. YEAH. YEAH. YEAH YEAH. Ahh jeez now it's Shawn Michaels. Duhhhh I'm Shawn Michaels I'm Old duhh. Shawn Michaels``````

Top Thirteen Wrestlers of the Week

1. Bradshaw (1)
2. RVD (4)
3. Tajiri (2)
4. Stone Cold Steve Austin (5)
5. The Rock (6)
6. Edge (9)
7. The Big Show (3)
8. The Undertaker (7)
9. Chris Jericho (-)
10. Kurt Angle (11)
11. Booker T (8)
12. Kane (-)
13. Tazz (13)

See you next hmmm week, I suppose.

Scott Christ
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