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Bracketology, Sports Entertainment Style

Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to fill out those sheets in your office pool and wonder why the secretaries who couldn't tell Hoya from a Hoosier do better than those who worship at the feet of Andy Katz and Rappin' Bill Raftery.

But we don't care about basketball here; we care about wrestling. And so we bring back the ever popular "Wrestling Field of Sixty Four," which will actually be running concurrent with Wrestlemania this year.

For those of you not around in years before, here's the skinny. There are four regions to choose from, although they are slightly different from earlier versions. Three are the same: Northeast (WWF), South (Mexico) and Far East (Japan). But in 2001, there is no WCW and no ECW. Our fourth region is this year we'll just call Parts Unknown, since it's made up of wrestlers that don't fit in the other three.

Some last minute juggling had to occur, due to some wrestlers changing companies. Eddy Guerrero was in the Misc. bracket until he worked this week for New Japan and changed brackets. A great deal of thinking went into just who was going to be in the Misc. bracket, with thousands of workers from which to pick. And thanks to thecubsfan for his input into the Lucha bracket. And those with injury issues were left out, for those asking where are Chris Benoit or Kenta Kobashi or Scott Steiner.

The tournament is run using the TNM7 wrestling simulator (more info can be found about this at Unlike previous years, ALL results will be shoots with no replays. A dirty little secret that can now be told is that the powers that be at Wrestleline didn't appreciate big name WWF superstars getting eliminated in the early rounds and certain match-ups were worked until the "correct winners" came out. But not this time around. If the Rock loses in Round One, so be it.

And now, onto the opening round match-ups:

Northeast Bracket

1. Steve Austin vs. 16. Hurricane Helms
2. The Rock vs. 15. Yoshihiro Tajiri
3. Chris Jericho vs. 14. Lance Storm
4. HHH vs. 13. Christian
5. Kurt Angle vs. 12. Rob Van Dam
6. Steve Regal vs. 11. Booker T
7. Edge vs. 10. Undertaker
8. Ric Flair vs. 9. Kane

Parts Unknown Bracket

1. Jeff Jarrett vs. 16. Disco Inferno
2. Christopher Daniels vs. 15. Shannon Moore
3. Michael Modest vs. 14. American Dragon
4. Brock Lesnar vs. 13. Donovan Morgan
5. Randy Orton vs. 12. Kid Kash
6. Low-Ki vs. 11. Mike Quackenbush
7. Jamie Knoble vs. 10. Simon Diamond
8. Rico Constantino vs. 9. Eddy Guerrero

South Bracket

1. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. 16. Brazo De Plata
2. Shocker vs. 15. Hector Garza
3. Black Tiger vs. 14. Tarzan Boy
4. Blue Panther vs. 13. Atlantis
5. Hijo Del Santo vs. 12. Juvy Guerrera
6. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. 11. El Satanico
7. Ultimo Guerrero vs. 10. Rey Bucanero
8. Black Warrior vs. Nicho El Millionaire

Far East Bracket

1. Keiji Mutoh vs. 16. Stoker Ichikawa
2. Toshiaki Kawada vs. 15. Taiyo Kea
3. Yugi Nagata vs. 14. Tatsuhito Taikiwa
4. Satoshi Kojima vs. 13. Minoru Tanaka
5. Cima vs. 12. Masato Tanaka
6. Genichiro Tenryu vs. 11. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
7. Mitsuharu Misawa vs. 10. Tokyo Magnum
8. Jun Akiyama vs. 9. Jushin Liger

Look for the first-round results later in the week. Remember when filling out your bracket sheets, there are always upsets, usually in the 5-12 match-up.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

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