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The funniest piece of feedback I got from my last column was definitely from the guy who was insulted that I would compare Steve Buschemi to X-Pac. Hey, I DO like Steve Buschemi's work in Reservoir Dogs and Fargo, but that part he played in Armageddon was definitely his X-Factor.

Oh yeah - folks didn't like the "Shane-O-Mac hasn't paid his dues" thing either. To those people, I hearby dub thee McMarks.

But I digress..

The guy has a point

Tazz got pulled aside recently by Jim Ross and got a stern talking to about his recent complaints about losing his commentating duties as part of the invasion angle.

Hey man, the guy has a right to bitch.

I'd be miffed too if I went from beating Kurt Angle to jobbing to Jerry Lawler in six months. Of course, just when he starts to get used to the commentating game, the suits decide to yank him from that, with no plan on who to replace him with.

Of course, after a few weeks, Tazz (and Heyman) are put back in the booth to help sell that wacky invasion angle - even though they still shill for WWF sponsors for some reason.

If you want employees who will do anything you say, put Foley back out there.

Or maybe rehire Terry Taylor.

That Wonky Honky

Wayne Ferris sure doesn't like Jerry Lawler, eh?

While I respect the fact that he speaks his mind, it just comes across as a cry for attention. No wonder Hyatte thinks he's so super keen.

We know you held the intercontinental title for over a year. We know you drew good money at one time.

This isn't 1987-88 anymore, though.

If I want interesting commentary from a washed up wrestler, I'll take Tom Zenk, thank you very much.

I guess I've just got a thing against Elvis Impersonators.

To be the Booker Man.

We already know that Triple H is the smartest man in wrestling (getting injured so that he can spend the summer at the cottage), but now it seems there are others who want to be like him. Everyone from Kurt Angle to Chris Jericho to my little buddy X-Pac have been sitting in on the booking meetings as of late.

Maybe Angle will lobby the creative team hard enough that one of these days, his moonsault will actually hit somebody.

Maybe Jericho will lobby the creative team hard enough that one of these days, he will get to interrupt another Stephanie McMahon promo with one of his own.

Moppy Jalopy

Am I the only one who thinks Perry Saturn's mop gimmick blows goat cheese? Yeah, it gets some of those sign wavers to make some noise, but I don't see how it's going to make Vinnie Mac any of the green stuff.

Maybe that will happen when we see the epic Terri vs. Perry "Mop on a Pole" match at Wrestlemania next year.

Unless of course, Vince Russo does it first.

Working in the new catchphrases

Is "What in the blue hell.?" the only thing that Rocky came up with during his hiatus from the ring? Maybe that's to be expected of someone with a SAG card.

I know what a spinaroonie is, but I have no idea what a "blue hell" is.

The Pillman Show

How many times was the card changed?

(Seriously, somebody give me a number.)

Is Brian f'n Pillman somehow doing the booking?

Am I being rhetorical?

How Kevin Nash can make good on his promise to give the Pillman family $20, 000 without really trying

Step 1. Write a check for $20, 000

Step 2. Sign it "Kevin Nash"

Step 3. Send it to Melanie f'n Pillman

Step 4. Go back to bed - Scott ain't calling 'til later.

Well, I guess that'll do.

Corey D

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