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Even though he's had a history of attitude problems akin to Buff Bagwell, Rob Van Dam has been one well-behaved employee since coming to the WWF. Of course, since this is RVD we're talking about, the guy still has heat on him. The buzz is that RVD's high spots, crowd taunting and stiff style are rubbing a lot of the boys in the back the wrong way. Since he's been allowed by management to show a lot of his signature moves, some wrestlers are frustrated that his matches are really hard to follow. As well, some of the other former ECW workers in the company are miffed that Rob is given the green light to showcase his hardcore offense, but they have been stopped from doing theirs.

Okay, here's how I see it.

If his push goes correctly, Van Dam is one of the few additions to the WWF roster in 2001 that has a chance to be a seriously over, money drawing commodity in a short period of time. Management knows this, which is why he's been allowed to showcase a lot of what made people take notice of him in the first place.

While Van Dam won't be able to do some of his chair related maneuvers once he gets out of the hardcore division, his offense can still be modified enough to fit with the "WWF style". Guys like Tazz and Mike Awsome have been stripped of most of their high impact moves for the very simple reason that the WWF isn't ECW, kids. Do you really think it's in Vince McMahon's best interest to have Steve Austin get suplexed around the ring by Tazz, or to have The Rock work an intense programme with Mike Awsome? I don't think so. Vince isn't going to risk the health of his main draws with high impact moves they don't need to take in order to draw good money. While it's unfortunate that this hinders some of the former WCW and ECW performers, that's just the way it is.=20

The issue with RVD having heat with people because his matches are hard to follow is a very interesting one. I don't recall hearing about how Jeff Hardy had any heat in the back because of HIS high impact style that seems like a pretty tough act to follow. Oh wait, I forgot, Jeff Hardy is a tag wrestler who only hangs out in the mid-card with other future superstars" like Edge and Christian. No wonder they don't get any heat on them, they're in a safe little place in the pecking order. Since he's a single, I believe RVD is seen as a threat to some of the main eventers' spots on the card. He has been asked recently to remove any airbrushed images of skulls from his tights, as that is one of the main traits of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's character. That's all fine and good, but didn't Bret Hart AND Steve Austin both have skulls on their ring attire in the WWF in 1996-97?


Recently on Raw, Rob Van Dam got a (tainted) win over Kane. While I'd agree that it shows a certain level of faith by management to give him a win over The Big Red Machine, I won't be truly impressed until someone like The Undertaker lays down for him. Kane does play with the big boys in the WWF, but he always seems like he's on the lowest rung of that ladder. Lots of people have gotten wins over Kane - but does it mean anything much in the long run?=20

It might, but it depends on whether you continue to work your way up that ladder, or if you're put back down a level to work a programme with that Chris Jericho guy.

Of course, that's a whole other story.

Corey D

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