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I really liked Raw this week. This probably means that next week's show will not be quite as good - or just plain stink like food from Taco Bell. Maybe in another three weeks, we'll have another hot show, though.

On with the newz and viewz.

Sing it from the rooftops

The verdict is in.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley-Finkel got a boob job.

Everybody can finally settle up with their bookies now.

Personally, I just sat on the fence on this one. Although, that's because she could have been stuffing when she wore those tops that, while tight, didn't show a lot of skin. I know enough about physics to know what I saw last night - even before Professor Jericho's Boobology 101 class.

Pandas vs. Powerbombs

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) won a court battle with the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). As a result, Vince and Co. may have to vacate and hand over said address to the tree hippies.

Hey, I like both organisations (I got a citation from the wildlife gang in 1990 for money I raised at my elementary school) but doesn't it seem odd that Vince would lose this court battle? I mean, when it comes to brand loyalty, the World Wildlife Fund can't hold a candle to the other WWF.

I guess it goes to show ya how effective fierce partisan political lobbying can be, huh?

The funny thing is, I don't think that George W. guy knows what that last sentence means. You Yankees are sure lucky you got Cheney as a backup - if you had Quayle in that spot, I think my fellow Canadians and I could take over your country with only a few dozen Jell-o shooters.

Grand Master Pricey

Since he is such a world famous wrestler and major draw, Jerry's kid has put a price tag of $2500 per appearance on himself.

I can't wait to drive down to Detroit and see the Grandmaster live after he sells out the Silverdome with that grudge match against Jake Roberts as the main event.

If you haven't heard of this event at all, it's due to the fact no promotion was needed to sell this card to anybody.

Same Lawler website, Same Lawler shill job

Hey yo, girls - wanna be famous like Stacey Carter? Check out this tasty tidbit from!

We will be announcing a contest for's new Queen in the upcoming weeks! We will promote a nation wide search for some of the hottest babes to send in their puppies, I mean pics to see who will qualify as The King's New Queen! We will post as many of the pics as possible on the site and might even have a public vote on who should win. We haven't decided yet what the winner will win. (The winner of course will have to take a few photo shoots!) Suggestions are appreciated.

Wouldn't that be really nifty if you won? I bet that would be a real great thing to add to your resume. Maybe I could get my girlfriend to send Jerry some topless pics!

Oh yeah, also be on the lookout for Jerry Lawler and Stacy Carter items on E-bay in the near future. There's no word on whether Stacy wants her ring gear back - so maybe she will get into a bidding war with some teenager on E-bay!

Yadda Yadda, Jibber Jabba, Here Comes Some More Filla

If Dean Malenko retires in a forest, does anybody care?

Howard Finkel announced Raw this week because.

1.. Lilian Garcia called Vince "Stumpy" and got fired
2.. Lilian Garcia got lost on the way to the arena with Mick Foley's directions
3.. Stephanie wanted her husband to announce her name
4.. It was either The Fink or The Big Show

Why doesn't the creative team make Billy Gunn and Shawn Stasiak into a team called "Ass Meat"?

Any conspiracy theorists out there think that maybe Trish Stratus got "another job done" besides her ankle surgery?

How many days a year does Shawn Michaels work?

When was the last time that Undertaker jobbed totally clean in a singles match on TV or PPV?

Can anyone remember anything during his career that would make Buff Bagwell think he's a bigger star than Steve Austin and The Rock put together?

Wouldn't it be cool to have Tom Zenk as a WWF colour man?

Smell ya later.

Corey D

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