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Nobody enjoys a good party more than I do.

Lance Storm

Everybody heard it! Party at Storm's house!

Well, "if I can be serious for a minute," I'd like to talk today about a superstar who's ready and deserving to break on through into the next level. After all, after last week's column X-Pac went on to win the WCWWF Light Cruiserweight title so somebody must be reading this.

This superstar's been with the WWF for almost ten years. He's won the tag team titles and the hardcore title. The fans love him. But he's just never made that big step.

I'm talking about Hardcore Holly.

Bob Holly started with the WWF in 1993 as "Sparky Thurman Plugg," a wrestling race car driver. When this flopped, the WWF changed his name to Spark Plug Bob Holly. Holly even won the tag titles alongside the 123 Kid (X-Pac) and lost them to the Smoking Gunns the next night. Still, nobody cared. Holly started vanishing.

In 1998, Holly reappeared with Bart Gunn as the New Midnight Express. Renamed either Bodacious or Bombastic Bob (not even the announcers seemed to know for sure), Holly and Gunn won the NWA tag team titles. The team split after Gunn defeated Holly in the Brawl for All.

Holly next wound up in Al Snow's JOB Squad, alongside the Blue Meanie and 2 Cold Scorpio. In February of 1999, at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV, Snow decided, that since his opponent (Road Dogg) wasn't there (in rehab) he would have a hardcore match with himself. Holly came out to keep Snow from hurting himself. The two wound up battling into the Mississippi River, where he won the hardcore title from Al Snow.

The new Hardcore Holly's next step was to declare himself a 6'6" over 400 lb. super heavyweight. Alongside his newly-introduced cousin Crash, they ran a popular program of forcing their opponents to weigh themselves before they wrestled.

Holly was climbing the WWF echelons quickly when, in a Smackdown match, Kurt Angle moonsaulted onto him and broke Holly's arm. Holly had to have pins inserted into his arm and was out for months, while Angle won the WWF championship. Holly is currently fighting alongside the Acolytes as a devoted member of Team WWF.

Holly has a great deal of potential. He's a real tough guy. He can do some great mic work. His "hardcore" and "super-heavyweight" characters were both very popular. He even got to say that Chyna qualified as a super-heavyweight just because of the size of her implants!

Unfortunately, now that Molly has gone with Spike Dudley, both he and Crash seem to have almost dropped off the radar. At Invasion, Holly was stationed at WWF New York, where his high point was ripping a WCW t-shirt off a fan.

Holly is over with the fans. He's got the charisma and the talent. He can take the mic and run with it. He's even gotten a new T-shirt - his first. Hopefully, this means that we could see Hardcore moving on up the ladder (and actually appearing on the shows). Maybe Hardcore could even lead a WWF infiltration team into WCW once their Saturday show comes about at the end of the month. I know that I can't wait to see a Super-Heavyweight IC champion (or maybe even world champion!)

So this wasn't the list of which ECW guys should be picked up. If you've just got to know, you can email me and I'll let you know who... just without the in-depth analysis you've come to expect from me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to quit laughing about writing the end of that last sentence. See you next week!

David B.

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